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  • Clash
    ClashDecember 04, 2018 17:28
    Coming Soon
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   I’m the next winner.
    Nates_great   dont hate eberyone lol. i played season one and Clash was very well organized porfessional host and the game went great. defenitley a game to apply for :)
    AwesomeLion   :D!!
    OhEm0507   Wil def apply
    Ryguy292   Sake 
    who in their right mind would play in your game?!
    RussellvsRob2019   Returnees?
    ArcturusDean   @Clash lmao I've had 9 successful seasons that were entertaining and fun. I wasn't coming for you , just stating that you picked two very controversial cohosts, but that could be a good thing
    ETitanic12   You can count on an application from me 
    Clash   @ArcturusDean Thank you but your entitled opinion wasn't needed becase all my games have been successful not people bullying each other, adding some random twists to favour Kyler and hitting 150+ points unless like yours... sorry but you came for me bud.
    ArcturusDean   The hosts are gonna cause more drama than the actual cast.
    Clash   @Sake - I have hosted 4 choices and 2 group games before as well as co hosting several of games with way worst behaviour, I am very serious when it comes to hosting.
    Sake   who in their right mind would play in your game?!
    Clash   @Vlatemier fuck
    Vlatemier   what the
  • Clash
    ClashSeptember 17, 2018 15:56
    CBBUS Placements
    Spoiler alert!
    RussellvsRob2019   eduardo245 
    Congrats to the F2! And Sarah congrats on making it so far in this very fair game  [heart]  and good job 5th-14th place as well!
    eduardo245   Congrats to the F2! And Sarah congrats on making it so far in this very fair game  and good job 5th-14th place as well!

    TJP- glad I could come through for you

    Thanks SurvivorFanGirl!

    SurvivorFanGirl   Also grats @therollingak!
    SurvivorFanGirl   Meople needs to actually go on a reality game show,  I can agree he is the best player on zwooper
    Trinity2000   @wwxcrunner1, just shows you and everybody else I can slay at these games. What isn't known is that Mepole floated the entire game, Sarah aka RussellvsRob used POV on him twice because she thought she was going to be in F2 with him and would have an easy win. He had absolutely no social game, and only made F2 when Sarah was evicted for the second time and he decided he needed to actually play the comps.
    TJP1122   Way to go my pick to win!
    Xenia   Grats @therollingAK & @mepole
    therollingAK   Thanks @Jqred!
    wwxcrunner1   Lets go @Trinitity2000 for finally doing well in a group game ;) 
    Jqred   Congrats! @therollingAK
    Trinity2000   I am shocked
    NestorR   Big_Brother_Fan 
    mepole making it to finals is not a shock!
    Peyton   mepole making it to finals is not a shock!
  • Clash
    ClashAugust 31, 2018 16:48
    Clash's BBUS '10k Chips Jackpot' - Episode 2 and 3 - "GIF WW3"
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   #TeamTexasTornado
    Im rooting 4 ya girl
    Trinity2000   Nate you got what you deserved. You betrayed me, unlike you you I didn't have to throw anybody under the bus. I told you houseguests wanted you out for being a rat. Next time use a better strategy.
    Trinity2000   #TeamTexasTornado
    RussellvsRob2019   #TeamSarah
  • Clash
    ClashAugust 28, 2018 01:30
    Clash's BBUS '10k Chips Jackpot' - Episode 1 - "you are dead to me bitch"
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   @Dolphin_Swag No replacements sorry. 
    Gemini   very interesting !! :))
    Dolphin_Swag   Can I replace Sara? I’d be iconic
    Trinity2000   Sarah had to cheat and use premades to win
    doobee   Electra Queen of Prejury management 
    xFalsify   robbed queen
    RussellvsRob2019   #TeamSarah
  • Clash
    ClashAugust 24, 2018 20:30
    CBBUS - Key Ceremony 13-14
    Spoiler alert!
    Dolphin_Swag   Wow rejected twice... YIKES!
    emem14   I honestly feel like I'm never gonna get casted for anything so Imma just stop...
    TJP1122   Lol @Jqred. I wish!
    Good luck to those casted! I think it’ll be a great game :)
    DankDrake   Guess I'm applying for season 2. Good luck cast!
    wwxcrunner1   But goodluck
    wwxcrunner1   Shocked I didn't get casted...
    Clash   @Phoenix723 that’s the spirit!
    Phoenix723   I’ll apply*
    Phoenix723   Electra was already in ZBBUS??????? He got a chance to play already???????

    also I guess I’ll for season 2 :/
    Nickg24689   Go get em electra!
    doobee   Electra Icon 
    Jqred   ....... is TJP the twist?
    McKenna   uhh
    therollingAK   I accept! Let's go!
  • Clash
    ClashAugust 24, 2018 20:20
    CBBUS - Key Ceremony 9-12
    Spoiler alert!
    Reece   Accepted! 
    Nates_great   I accept!
    RussellvsRob2019    Accept !!
    doobee   Rooting for @RussellvsRob2019
    Ryguy292   #Teameveryone! 
    ChrisDWa   Screams
    Go Jess and Sarah!
    Jqred   Oh right I forgot 
    boojess   Oh I accept 100% 
    BostonRobby   Only 2 keys left though.....Crazy. 
    therollingAK   Good luck all!
    McKenna   Jqred 
    Hope the next 4 keys are @TJP1122@xeniah@TheBreeze@DankDrake
    Jqred   Hope the next 4 keys are @TJP1122 @xeniah @TheBreeze @DankDrake
    queen1212   #teamsarah
    McKenna   oh god im supporting like the whole cast

  • Clash
    ClashAugust 24, 2018 20:10
    CBBUS - Key Ceremony 5-8
    Spoiler alert!
    08SaraR   Oh man, I have to play w/ these cRaZiEs!?! :P

    Xcepted! :)
    TheBeatyBee   this is gonna be totally epic
    Vin014   Omg I’m loving Sara’s avatar #TeamSaraR
    iiAmySunshine   @xStqqd how could you not be #TeamAmy? :( and I gladly accept thank you <3
    Ryguy292   #Teameveryone
    Arceus   Oldies NOT allowed.. Uhmmm @08SaraR
    ChrisDWa   Screams
    Go mepole and Sara!
    queen1212   sammy flop
    Sammy   I accept
    Jqred   Literally rooting for all 4 of them 
    McKenna   #TeamSara
  • Clash
    ClashAugust 24, 2018 20:00
    CBBUS - Key Ceremony 1-4
    Spoiler alert!
    Nathanswag9   #TeamJoey
    BostonRobby   Goes without saying, but I accept. Thank you!!
    pantherking21   I accept omg tysm!!!
    Ryguy292   #Teameveryone! 
    Trinity2000   I accept, tysm for selecting me!
    McKenna   #TeamTrinity
    Aaron_A   great choice:)best of luck to these four:)
    Riot   Ugh yes, Brxan finally getting into a group game.

    his mind.
    Brxan   OMG!!! I ACCEPT!!!
    doobee   Already legendary cast 
    Bryce   Omg love these ppl!! Logo

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