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  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 20, 2018 03:06
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 14 | And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    TJP1122   Congrats Gurgs :)
    Shiniquax   Most Dramatic thank you <3
    JohnTheGreat   Congratulations Gurgs! I trully recommend everyone of you to apply for season 2! This is a very stressfull but fun game!  Best choice game I have played
    Patrick71101   Grats Gurgs! 
    Gurgs   Thanks Everyone <3 And thanks to Hosts TJ and Patrick this was so much fun and I def recommend applying for season 2... If there is even one ;)
    Jqred   I'm caked at host Gurgs winning! Congrats! 
    Taekwondo10   woop woop 3 awards!
    congratulations @Gurgs!!
    iiAmySunshine   Congrats Gurgs! You both played really well! :D
    Micks   oh thank god
    JeremyHLikesFood   this is cute all around
    WildDawg1948   #MostScrewedByAFugitive
    ChrisDWa   Hey I mean...I'll take most strategic, thank you very much :p
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 18, 2018 01:04
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 13 | Can Y'all Just End This Now?
    Spoiler alert!
    iiAmySunshine   @JohnTheGreat why would you say that you hold behind his back if you had immunity? You had no reason to lie and I don't think you did in the episode. I think you are trying to do damage control now
    JohnTheGreat   Lol were I admitted I hid in mcquires back, I didnt. Gurgs did :)
    survivorallstar   Gurgs shuld win
    Riot   I'm gonna vote Gurgs, bc John even admited he hid behind McQuire.. yikes
    08SaraR   Well played guys! Good luck!! :)
    Micks   Gurgs for the win!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 16, 2018 06:53
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 12 | Donuts On The Crime Scene
    Spoiler alert!
    Gurgs   Ty everyone in the jury for those awesome comments <3
    ArcturusDean   Nobody likes a bitter jury... Guess I should have mentioned my fake confessionals with subliminal messages in them to get out threats... Oh wait... They'd probably assume that was BS too. At least the host knew the truth and not the bitterass jury.
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 15, 2018 04:52
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 11 | Take Me Out Of My Misery!
    Spoiler alert!
    evanw919   Noooo
    Parrish101   Sara was robbed </3
    Player2014   Plussed 4 to even it out
    ArcturusDean   Sara was playing the best game from the get go, the jury knew it and the public knew it. Sara definitely deserved Most Robbed, but her actual eviction wasn't shocking. But she still deserved this win, as she not only played a great social game, she played a great detective game.
    NestorR   Robbed
    McQuire   a 4-1 vote is not robbed
    NestorR   Sara was deprive unjustly of something belonging to, desired by
    McQuire   a 4-1 vote is not robbed
    survivorallstar   @McQuire Robbed: To deprive unjustly of something belonging to, desired by
    ExoticSimmer   omg this is so sad :(
    JeremyHLikesFood   robbed. and i think dean lost both arguments by a long shot
    McQuire   what makes her robbed then?
    survivorallstar   @McQuire because was a target doesn’t mean she wasn’t robbed...
    McQuire   i dont think she was robbed cuz she was the obv target but she was the powerhouse of the season xD
    Patrick71101   #Robbed   
    08SaraR   Thanks for the nice messages guys!!! This was an incredibly fun game, I'd encourage everyone to apply next season!!!
    jasonthesurvivor   robbed
    ChrisDWa   Booo! RIP Sara <3
    Wadz13   sara no </3
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 13, 2018 21:21
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Endgame Rounds
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    evanw919   Bring home the chips for me Sara :)
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 13, 2018 19:06
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 10 | I'm Actually Speechless
    Spoiler alert!
    ArcturusDean   Me when I was the only person (beside Micks) to evict Sara... Fun I know
    JeremyHLikesFood   ok me when sara is obviously winning & they still sheep her... rip micks & gg sara
    Taekwondo10   and also you don't want to seem like an idiot but you forget step 3?? what??
    Taekwondo10   i dont even know what just happened. the 100% chance sara had of winning turned into 200.
    Patrick71101   Thanks for playing Micks!  
    Micks   thank you guys for having me, this was a very fun game
    Runaways   What a dumbass whoever the fuck didn't send Sara home
    ChrisDWa   I'm like actually crying from a screenshot of my comment being posted in the main chat
    mepole   I am very concerned that the plan to get a threat out is missing step 3.
    jbeaudry3   Well that was stupid on the houses part 
    WildDawg1948   How did Sara stay! Fools!!!! Sara, you go girl because you are crushing it! #Iconic
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 11, 2018 04:50
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 9 | Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead
    Spoiler alert!
    ChrisDWa   Queen Sara popping up in confessionals everywhere
    Taekwondo10   Ahh thank you hosts for the opportunity!! 

    boojess   FINALLY. I was honestly getting to the point where I was starting to root for Taekwando for making it super far..
    Patrick71101   Likely sometime in March I think 
    Swish   Love it! When’s s2 planned ?
    Patrick71101   You better believe it 
    evanw919   Definitely hoping for a season 2!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 09, 2018 05:33
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 8 | They Have NO Power
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   @Swish I like Caleb but he did virtually nothing this game 
    McQuire   caleb posted nothing the whole game so patrick doesnt need to
    ArcturusDean   *discovering fugitives
    ArcturusDean   The problem is, I played this game as a detective, not to be the best social player... After all, the game is about discovering detectives, not a popularity contest
    Swish   No comment pat really? thats kind of rude considering you posted this
    jbeaudry3   caleb robbed
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 07, 2018 09:44
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 7 | Thank God This Isn't A Jury Game
    Spoiler alert!
    Jqred   Go Sara 
    xStqqd   rip the final fugitive. Imagine if they win
    Micks   if someone thinks sara, dean, and me are a friend group, then they clearly have  no awareness of the different friend groups on this website
    McQuire   what trio lol
    CristinaMihaela   @cmgorilla shut up tbh
    cmgorilla   Someone forgot to vote? wtf!! People are too inactive these days
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 05, 2018 08:28
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 6 | Do I Still Have To Be Nice?
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   @Geri, it’s the tribal council song from Game Changers 
    Geri   omg what is the music in the background of your profile, @Patrick71101 ?
    boojess   @JonJ ... To be fair, Chris was playing one of the arguebly best games when I was in the game. He was the one who pushed for me to go and ended up leaving right after me. That's karma. 
    JonJ   @boojess and her twisted version of karma in reality:
    08SaraR   @Jqred My favorite cheerleader!!
    boojess   Karma is a wicked... witch.. I mean bitch. Chris ;)
    Jqred   Go Sara 
    ChrisDWa   Me when I’ve argued with Sara on numerous occasions on what we should do. But I guess in a fugitive’s eyes I’m her lapdog 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 03, 2018 05:05
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 5 | I Need To Be A Magician... Or A Hooker
    Spoiler alert!
    Jqred   Go Sara !
    JonJ   Karma?

    boojess   Screw this cast. They never gave me the chance. It was a bunch of friends who never really wanted anything to do with me. Good luck to Sara and Chris winning the game!
    Patrick71101   I agree 
    ExoticSimmer   robbed :-(
    WildDawg1948   Not Jess!!  Those fugitives are going to pull out the win though! Just wait and see!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 31, 2017 07:30
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 4 | If This Isn't the Episode Title I'm Suing
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   @Jqred you better believe there will be 
    And thank you!!!
    Jqred   I really hope there is a season 2 of this. Because I won't hesitate to apply if there is. :) 

    Love the great work put into the episodes. 
    kongowongo   I think this is the first time a song autoplayed and I knew what it was XD.  I need a hero... otherwise I'll never win a Pick to Win.
    TJDawgiestlye   Sara with the claws
    xStqqd   Micks is a fugitive im callin it right now
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 29, 2017 01:49
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 3 | I'm Wanted Dead or Alive
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   I agree completely @Arceus and @xStqqd 
    Arceus   @lilmaq2 was hecka robbed.
    IrishCraic   i thought @breeze and @finesse were friends?
    WildDawg1948   i flopped so hard lol  Rooting for the fugitives!!!!!!!!  So many dirty cops in the game.
    lilmaq2   Advice for the other three fugitives: think carefully before you decide to use an advantage or you'll end up like me :)
    xStqqd   Michael was robbed...
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 27, 2017 01:54
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 2 | Detective... More like Defective
    Spoiler alert!
    Helenor1000   this game seems so fun!!
    RobbedGodess   Thanks Patrick! Cams just a little jealous because once again he went home before me in a game :) he can suck on that for the REST of his life!!!!!’ 
    Patrick71101   I think you played very well @RobbedGodess, anyone who saw your confessionals would think the same.
    And the haters can hate, but oof that was crafty @CameronElite 
    Taekwondo10   nice blue bloods reference :P
    RobbedGodess   So because I decided to celebrate the holidays with my family and cover for my coworker for Christmas so that she could go see her dying mom in the hospital I’m a shit player? Thanks guys. 
    JaMarcus_Russell   carterlinke01 
    The only reason Shawn was evicted so early was because Riot wasn’t there to help him...
    carterlinke01   The only reason Shawn was evicted so early was because Riot wasn’t there to help him...
    CameronElite   [12/23/2017 8:12:57 PM] Shawn: Am I still a shit player? :)

    The answer is yes. Since you took it upon yourself to be petty after I was out- I took it upon myself to be petty and send screenshots to somone in the game. Next time don't talk in a dead alliance chat that someone you took out is still in, dumbass.
    JourdanCameBack   disappointed
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 24, 2017 03:49
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 1 | I've Got Some Arse Kissing To Do
    Spoiler alert!
    cmgorilla   He made a mistake on Memory Wall
    This is the real memory wall
    Patrick71101   Fixed, thanks for catching that 
    Sparky44   ripppp
    20th? you mean 16th
    Micks   oop, I think I know who said that
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 22, 2017 04:10
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Pick To Win
    Spoiler alert!
    michaelfessler   thank you!
    Patrick71101                                                                                          CLOSED
    There were some duplicate picks, so it was first come first serve. @michaelfessler sorry about that, it's fixed now 
    Wadz13   John
    Brofesser   Shini
    michaelfessler   i signed up for caleb first but ok
    Disaacsp   Taek 
    Coreyrw   John. 
    Jqred   Dean
    dcg786   teak
    Icelina   John!
    Bye   Gurgs
    riddler7900   Taekwondo10
    Nicolas   chris
    jbeaudry3   Dean
    nikias   Gurgs
    Patrick71101   Picks Remaining: 
    Taek- 1
    Shini- 1
    John- 2
    Gurgs- 2
    Chris- 1
    Dean- 2
    kkoster001   mcccccqquire
    TheBreeze   ...
    Patrick71101   Margaret beat you to it @TheBreeze 
    TheBreeze   JESS
    Margaret   Jess
    Chilltown56   Cmgorilla
    Patrick71101   12 picks remaining 
    mepole   I will also go with matthew
    km1997   omg Matthew! 1000% give me Matthew. Even if someone else has chosen him, I choose matthew
    joey2121   Micks
    JonJ   Taekwondo
    ExoticSimmer   Jess
    JaMarcus_Russell   Cameron lol
    winter0509   caleb <3
    Arceus   me when @a07strand cannot read 
    NestorR   Christopher*
    NestorR   Christipher
    Swish   McQuire 
    Swish   Michael 
    michaelfessler   cmgorilla
    Helenor1000   @RobbedGodess
    WildDawg1948   It's 2 people per person lol
    a07strand   He is mine i said it first just tagged him correctly the second time 
    BlueStar1367   wild 
    kongowongo   Shiniquax
    JourdanCameBack   shawn
    a07strand   @lilmaq2
    Arceus   a lilmaq
    Nightgem677   Sara
    evanw919   Forgot it's two people per player, but it's too awkward to switch now :P

    Sticking with Sara
    BuyAchair   wild
    a07strand   i WANT @lilmamaq
    Big_Brother_Fan   too bad Evan, suck it up and stop bringing your bad vibes onto this queen's blog!
    survivorallstar   Micks
    Patrick71101   Each person is backed by two people @evanw919 
    evanw919   I was gonna pick Cameron, Peyton! I'll go with Sara
    Big_Brother_Fan   A lot of great people but I have to go with Cameron!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 03, 2017 21:12
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Applications, Format, Twists, Dates, Prizes and More :)

    Brofesser   I was to late
    Patrick71101   CLOSED 
    08SaraR   Name: Sara
    Age: Older than everyone that has applied so far! D:
    Skype: ZwooperSara
    What Survivor or Big Brother player best describes you: Tina Wesson
    What can you bring to this game: Every game that I join, I always try and switch things up so you never know what you're going to get with me. I may not be outspoken/dramatic & causing controversy, but I'm always 'playing'!
    Would you want to be a fugitive: I'd be fine with that!
    cmgorilla   Name: Caleb
    Age: 16
    Survivor/BB Player: GARY BBCAN1 and BBCAN5
    What can I bring into this game: Excitement, Entertainment, Fights, Freakouts, Callouts, Drama and loads of fun. I am a social player and when I need to be I'll be cut-throat and competitive 
    Fugitive: YESSSSS 
    lilmaq2   Name - Michael
    Age: 22
    Skype: mquinoy
    Survivor/BB Player: Todd Herzog (Survivor: China)
    What can you bring to the game: I'm a strong social player and can get along with pretty much anyone! I'm sure I'll be high on everyone's trust lists, and if I'm not, I'll find a way to get rid of those who don't trust me :) I get far in every group game I play and I can see myself doing really well in this! 
    Fugitive: I'm down for anything. This game sounds fun regardless of what role I'm given!
    Big_Brother_Fan   Name - Peyton
    Age - 13
    Skype - both of you have it! :D
    BB / Survivor Player - Vanessa (BB17) or Ika (BBCan 2 / 5). I am a good social and strategic player, and my comp skills are decent. However, with that said I do freak out a lot and my mouth gets me into a ton of trouble!
    What can I bring to the game? My emotional breakdowns and callouts!
    Fugitive: I'd rather be a fugitive, so please, hell yas!
    michaelfessler   ***Skype is live:michaelpfessler1 (or just search up Michael Fessler and it will come up)***
    michaelfessler   Name: Michael
    Age: 16
    Skype: live.michaelpfessler1
    BB/Survivor Player: Russell Hantz (not so much in the way that he tormented everyone but in the way that he never stops strategizing and will do whatever it takes)
    What can I bring to the game: I am always strategizing and always thinking two steps ahead. (trying at least) I am relatively unknown on the site so this game more than others I will be looking to prove myself by making big moves. There will be no shortage of drama if I am in the house.
    Fugitive: I will be anything as long as I am in the game lol. I think that it would be cool to be a fugitive but also I would be happy to be a detective.
    pantherking21   Name: Jayden
    Age: 15
    Skype: You have it
    Bb/Survivor player: Russell (BB11)
    What can you bring ti the game? Drama, fights episode material
    Be a fugitvie? Sure
    Shiniquax   Name : Shiniqua (Jack)
    Age : 14
    Skype :
    Which Big Brother/Survivor player best described you?: DEBORAH from BBUK18! Deborah was that bitch that was nice and fair, but when people crossed her she got low, and she was ruthless! That's me! I'm nice, but cross me and I'll make you cry and cut up your wigs!
    What can you bring to this game?: UNPREDICTABILITY!  I love keeping people on their feet and that's what I do in every game I play! I let obody know what I'm doing!
    Would you want to be a fugative - YAS! THAT'S WHAT I WANT THE MOST! I LOVE LYING, I LOVE PEOPLE FALSLEY TRUSTING ME! It stimulates me!
    ChrisDWa   Name: Chris
    Age: 14
    Skype: cw10oc
    The player that Describes Me: Brian from Thailand. I feel I can sell an idea like a used car salesman and get the ball rolling for a big move to happen!
    What Can You Bring To This Game: I can bring big moves and a good social game that would propel me deep into the game! I think that my social game would be used best in this game because it relies on having good relationships which is something that I'm good at!
    Would I Want To Be A Fugitive: Are you kidding me!? Of course, I would! I already love the social aspect of the game but getting people to trust you even though you are a fugitive! I think that as a fugitive I would keep people on their toes and use the advantages unexpectedly to add an extra element of shock to the game! 
    boojess   Name: Jess
    Skype: boojess123
    What survivor or big brother player best describes me? Survivor Player: Kelly Wentworth. Big Brother Player: Sarah Hanlon
    What I can bring to the game? For some reason drama loves to follow me. I'm also not afraid to make big moves and I am extremely loyal to those who I am with. 
    Would I want to be a fugitive? I'd love to be a fugitive to really mess things up. I'm down with whatever you'd like to give me though!
    Coreyrw   Name: Corey
    Age: 26
    Skype: I don't have one
    What survivor or big brother player best describes me? I would have to say Susan from season 1.
    What I can bring to the game? I bring my fun loving personality...... 
    Would I want to be a fugitive? In real life no. In the game I could see it being a totally awesome experiance. 
    Swish   Name: Marcus
    Age: 15
    Skype: derfred32
    Survivor Player: Todd Survivor China
    What can you bring to the game: I want to play badly and I want to be the ultimate winner 
    Would you want to be a fugitive: It would be my dream to be a fugitive it would be so much fun
    Dolphin_Swag   what you can bring to this game?: I know you want interesting episodes... if you pick me that won't be a problem. ;)
    Would you want to be a fugitive: It doesn't matter to me I feel I can work with either role, so no matter which you choose I won't fuss :)
    Dolphin_Swag   Name: Dolphin
    Age: 17
    Skype: bigbrotherfan0563
    Big brother player- Ika Wong- fierce, iconic, and not afraid to make big moves and call out the snakes
    Gurgs   Name: George
    Age: 16
    Skype: Gurgs123
    Survivor Player: Michaela Bradshaw-Plays a big game and comes up with some bomb ass quotes
    What can you bring to this game: This game looks super fun and unique. I am a great liar and can spin some massive yarns. So I'd love to see how far I can get with my lies and frame others to further my game. If I have to lie to progress further, I'll lie twice.
    Would you want to be a fugitive: YES! I love being the one being caught rather than the ones trying to catch others so being a fugitive sounds like so much fun.  
    Wadz13   Wadz
    Luke from Australian survivor (he crazy)
    Talking shit and if I’m bored I’ll stir drama
    yes because I love to fuck things up and a exaple of that is cmgorillas cacino when o practically saved my alliance from a double eviction and instead nominated myself yet still staying. Also I risked going home in a challenge to fuck David prince up
    BuyAchair   @ArcturusDean Literally same by you, but I try to test my skill and actually try and do unsolved cases which is so tricky but I enjoy and love doing them. So like power duo right here?
    ArcturusDean   @BuyAchair I can read people easily. I use my knowledge of solving mysteries (I've been reading mystery novels since I was 6) to solve crimes. So by "smart" I mean have knowledge that can help me progress in the game
    BuyAchair   @ArcturusDean Define "Smart" for me please
    Disaacsp   Name: David
    Age: 15
    Skype: disaacsp
    Player that best describes me: Stephen Fischbach
    What can you bring to this game?: I will be the token latino that your game obvs needs and I will also bring strategy and great gameplay
    Would you want to be fugitive: I've been running away from my problems all my life so I guess I already am
    ArcturusDean   Name: Dean
    Age: 18
    Skype: ArcturusDean
    Player that best describes me: I'm a mix of Dr Will (from BB) because I don't need to be physical to get to the end, and Spencer Bledsoe (from Survivor) because I'm strategic and smart, and most people underestimate me.
    What can you bring to this game?: I'm smart, I believe I can paly both fugitive and detective really well. I already have some strategies in mind to win at both. So don't waste this potential :P
    Would you want to be fugitive: hell yeah! sounds fun
    carterlinke01   I’m sorry I have to withdraw my app
    Matthew13   name: matthew
    skype: matthew13.tengaged
    Player that best describes me: whoever is able to survive round after round 
    what can you bring to this game: i will bring my all because this seems like a type of game that i would really like. im fun but can be harsh at times
    would you want to be a fugitive: yes i would be down for that
    CameronElite   NAME: Jared/Cameron
    AGE: 18
    SKYPE: live:smokeydragon14
    WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THIS GAME? An excellent ability to fuck up miserably, have it work out somehow, and look like I meant for it to happen that way.
    WOULD YOU WANT TO BE A FUGITIVE? Hell nah bit I ain't built that way
    Stefandabeast   Alright I am out then. Good luck with the game though!
    Patrick71101   Thanks Stefan! And yes, it does require skype 
    Stefandabeast   Does this require skype guys:) This is an awesome idea way to go!!!
    RobbedGodess   Shawn 
    I play my hardest in games that I find interesting and games that I am having fun in I am not afraid of making the big girl moves
    Entertainment and a Bomb Ass pUssY 
    I stole a slushy one time from a conveniance store my accident so technically every day of my life I am living as a fugitive 

    Amsss   Name: Amra
    Age: 17
    Skype: Amra Janisilla (live:cb38a5b2a2a3658a) 
    Player that best describes me: I think i am like Cirie from survivor because i have a very good social game and will do the blindsides if i have too, i may not appear like the best player but i think i am pretty good and have a good chance to win even thogh Cirie never won ;)
    what can you bring to this game: A positive attitude and a good social game :) 
    would you want to be fugitive: If i get chosen I think I could do a very good job :) 
    DynomiteKid4000   I'm sorry I said I would apply but now things came up and I can't if you have seaon two I'll 100% do it because it looks like a blast 
    turkeygoodridge   Name: Tyler
    Age: 17
    Skype: TurkeyGoodie
    Player that best describes me: Sandra, i'm good at staying in even if im not always the center of attention.
    What can you bring to this game: A fun and fiesty personality and a winner!
    Would you want to be a fugitive: Hell yes! This kid is a fantastic liar! I wouldnt be playing a game if i wasnt lying ;)
    Micks   Name: Michael
    Age: 16
    Skype: Micks_Zwooper
    Player that describes me: I'm shelby from BBOTT
    What can I bring to the game: I am a very strategic player, and would do whatever it take for me to get to the end and be announced the winner
    Would I want to be a fugitive: I would do either role, whichever you wanted me to be
    carterlinke01   Name: Carter
    Age: 16
    Skype: Carter Linke
    What player best describes me: Ermmmmm I guess Rachel Reilly?
    What can you bring to this game: Anyone who knows me can attest for my unique approach to a game. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to have everyone in that game trust me, like me, and overall feel connected with me. So why not cast me?
    Would you like to be a fugitive?: ERM YES!!
    lucasmaximo11   Name: Lucas
    Age: 18
    What player best describes me: I will say Ozzy, because im good at challenges, im good at social game, im good at strategy, im loyal people trust me i always go far in the games but i never win, i play i lot of group games and never win, so im obviusly ozzy lol 
    What can you bring to this game: I can bring i lot of funny confecionals, maybe some drama because im the type of person who likes to fight but overall i can bring someone who is gonna give 100% in the game, im gonna be active, have attention at the game, and gonna give my all to win this game.
    Would you want to be a fugitive? Yeah im hoping i am one of the fugitives
    JohnTheGreat   Name: John
    Age: 16
    skype: you guys have it
    What player best describes me:  I can say Ciera from Blood vs Water. Why? She was a total underdog and no one expected her to get so far. She got in a alliance that helped her to get far in the game. She was a great social player and when she needed to make a move she made it, Draw rocks and voted out her mom. Which is what i will do. If i need to take a strong person that is not helping to my game i will do it. 
    What can you bring to this game: I can bring alot of surprises. I am a box with plenty of them.  I can bring and show my social skills. 
    Would you want to be a fugitive? Yea sure :) why not
    Taekwondo10   Name: Sam
    Age: 12
    What player best describes me?: I would say Hannah from Millenials vs. Gen X. I'm kind of an oddball, and I get stressed over these types of things, but I think I'm pretty well-rounded.
    What can I bring to the game: I am kind of a mess, but in a good way, and I also am not stupid. I watch NCIS and Blue Bloods. Just kidding. Kind of. But I think I have a pretty good sense of humor and I am knowledgeable, and I know what it means to fend for myself in a scenario in which I need too.
    Would I want to be a fugitive: Sure :D
    Riot   Name: Justin / @Riot
    Age: 17
    skype: Justin.Chabot21
    what player best describes me? Kathy Hillis from BB12 and Debbie Wanner from Koah Rong
    what can I bring to the game: I have a comedic genious, I am smart and I can easily tell when people lie :)
    Would I want to be a fugitive? honestly it would be a task I know I could easily suceed as.
    Riku1274   I LOVE that movie

    Name: Ryan
    Age: 21
    skype: Riku1277
    what player best describes me? Victoria from BB16
    what can I bring to the game: Riku1274
    Would I want to be a fugitive? Whatever you think. 
    Shoib   Name: Shoib
    Age: 20
    Skype: ShoibZwooper
    Player that describes me: Kevin from Big Brother Canada
    What can you bring to this game: Laid back attitude, my risky plays and my unpredictability.
    Would you want to be a fugitive: You're damn right I would
    Patrick71101   @Big_Brother13, we do use the aspect of concealing one's role from the Mole, however we don't have tests, but rather it depends on your social and srategic game to get you far (and of course there's a strategical and social aspect in the Mole as well, but the way eliminations work are very different). As @carterlinke01 said earlier this is a lot more like Trustfall, although it's not totally like Trustfall because we took aspects from the Mole as well! So although we did draft ideas from others and stuffed them together in our format, it is certainly going to be unique, and quite the journey. Hope to see you two apply! 

    *Please only applications on this post from here and up 
    Big_Brother13   Aka Mole but not the Mole 
    Margaret   Name: Margaret Age: 19 Skype: gosia.Kuprowska What survivor or bb player describes You: tbh I dont know. Im honest and loyal in games but when i have to take care of myself I do this. So Im just unique as myself :))) What can you bring to this game?: I will play to win. I love games when there's no basic format. Ill be social and competitive, active for sure. Im talking a lot in confessionals so also entertaining! Would you want to be a fugitive: sure! I wanna play so doesnt matter if Ill be detective or fugitive! :)
    winter0509   Name: Winter
    What survivor or big brother player describes me: I think im more of a kim. i think im well rounded enough with the social and strategic part of the game.
    What can i bring to this game: i am new to this site but i play hard in everything i do and i promise with me in the season it will be a intresting one.
    Would i want to me a fugitive: It doesn't matter which one you pick me to be i will be at the end ;)
    BuyAchair   Easy win for kuween Ari

    Skype:Fountainmass but you all have it, I think..
    Which survivor or bb player best describes me?: im unique in my own way ;) no one is like me :D but I would like to say Sandra Diaz Twine when it comes to being social? Or Yul.. But not strengh and being a beast at comps.. I am just good at being social :)
    What can I bring into this game?: A winner ;) I can bring paranoia, fights, backstabs and a heck lot of social skills and lies ;) 
    Would I want to be a fugitive?: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I want to test my persuasion skills and my social abilities to escape from tough situations, which i usually do :)

    Cast me!
    McQuire   Name: Michael
    Age: 23
    Skype: you have it
    what survivor or bb player best describes you: to me im a lot like Frank from bbus, im not the greatest player, but i play hard and will always be involved in things.
    what can u bring to this game: what I bring is a fearlessness, i wont be beating around the bush or laying low, i want to be a target and i want to be socially involved.
    would u want to be a fugitive: yes cuz it would present a great challenge that i wouldnt try to hide, but more so make it obv that it could be me. so how i play this game won't change whether i'm a detective or a fugitive. :)
    WildDawg1948   I'm in!
    Name: AJ
    Age: 24
    Skype: you have it
    Player that describes me: Probably similar to Dan Guesling 
    What can I bring to this game: I'm a very social player that loves to have fun. I will also be very active which is music to a host's ears.
    Would I want to be a fugitive?: Definitely yes! 
    carterlinke01   #TrustfallS2

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