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  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 10, 2018 05:56
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 6 | Chaos Is Certainly A Ladder...
    Spoiler alert!
    iiAmySunshine   @ArcturusDean have you wanted out every person thus far then? And I have plenty say as a viewer and WINNER of CMIYC! So I'd drop the tude! Also, it's funny how you've talked more here than in anyone's pm's in the game huh? You're actually delusional if you think you're playing a great game, such as you thought you were playing a great game in ZBB too huh?
    ArcturusDean   Cause whoever said getting nominated against someone we want out is an ineffective strategy?
    ArcturusDean   @iiAmySunshines coasters get by without doing anything. You're implying that Nacho and I aren't making any moves, but you're not in the game so you can't decide whether we are or not.
    iiAmySunshine   @ArcturusDean Then shouldn't your statement be "This season I've focused on surviving votes, rather than carefully analyzing every conversation I have"? Plus, the cast is only keeping you guys because you're not winning and you're just coasting at this point... poor Nacho :(
    ArcturusDean   @iiAmySunshine well I've survived 6 consecutive evictions, so I'd say pretty well
    iiAmySunshine   "This season I've been focused on staying safe, rather than carefully analyzing every conversation I have".... How's that working out for you Dean?
    Wadz13   Ok this season is becoming my favorite honestly :). So good. Anyways, it would be hilarious if dean and nacho were death eaters 
    Loudnesoverload   @Patrick71101 Act 28 better be in the next episode or another boycott will happen. 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 08, 2018 14:59
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 5 | How Gullible Are These People?
    Spoiler alert!
    iiAmySunshine   I don't agree with Ryan saying that it's Nacho's responsibility to start conversations when, as Nacho said, conversation is a two-way street. Sure they've been in the bottom a lot, but I doubt you were someone who put them high so..... don't complain that they're being "used as pawns" or that they've been up so many times lol
    joey2121   This is Bloodlines 2.0 and I’M FUCKING HERE FOR IT
    Arceus   This is so entertaining LOL
    CameronElite   Breeze vs. Joey = GOOD TV
    Peejoit   If you cast Joey and Breeze, it's always gonna be TeamJoey vs. TeamBreeze! I'm here for it! This feels a lot like that season of the Challenge (swap out Jake/Piddu for Aidan/Xenia). That season Pete and I were the friends Joey was annoyed with for voting too passively. Love this rivalry!

    And please, stop with Dean and Nacho. Keep them safe for a week or put them out of their misery.
    ArcturusDean   @ExoticSimmer neither do we
    ExoticSimmer   noah fence, but my hopes of people making big moves in this game are constantly decreasing. why are dean and nacho always in the bottom three? idgi...
    Sassy   Can we talk about how AJ and Xander were the only people to not get the point reduction and still stayed safe? Good shit.
    Jqred    Clash 
    I want Clash out now and McKenna next. Period. 

    This can only be the one and only death eater @Xenia
    Clash   I want Clash out now and McKenna next. Period. 

    This can only be the one and only death eater @Xenia
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 05, 2018 16:11
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 4 | Forget About Your Ego and Think About Our GAME
    Spoiler alert!
    Jqred   Why is the same pussy ass team who has been writing all the confessionals about us so afraid to say who they are? 
    iiAmySunshine   Sounds like a repeat of my season lmao! "They're always on top, need to change it up a bit".... How do you feel knowing that this season is happening like our season @ExoticSimmer and @Helenor2000?
    Sassy   Iconic.
    AngelOfWater   Wait why is my name being brought up in confessionals lol
    waterkid6   I love these episodes and being part of the game <3 great work Patty and TJP 
    ArcturusDean   I hate it when people call us inactive. There are so many other inactive duos that haven't been on the bottom. Smh
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 03, 2018 07:31
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 3 | This Butterbeer Got The Best Of Me
    Spoiler alert!
    Vlatemier   I can name two I made it farther than you in and one where you quit
    JohnTheGreat   wow!!! love this!
    iiAmySunshine   @Vlatemier name a fashion game you've won... I'll wait!
    KiwiConnor   #TeamNZ
    Vlatemier   Because you need fashion sense for that amy
    OhEm0507   these close votes are getting me 
    iiAmySunshine   I AM OFFENDED I WAS NOT ASKED TO BE A JUDGE! *Sobs in pillow* Great episode though and sad to see Boston and Kenya get robbed, but Dean and Nacho going up everyone is funny to me! I guess they found their Nathan early huh?
    ArcturusDean   @TJDawgiestyle true, but we haven't been able to play. We spend all our time trying to keep ourselves safe, but most of the time people just lie to us and put us up as easy votes... We've had to go with the majority every eviction just to stay safe, and then when trustlists start forming nobody wants to tell us who the targets are... Like yes we are playing a bad game, but so are the people not using us when they can.
    TJDawgiestyle   So dean and Nacho don't think yall are playing good games right now
    AngelOfWater   I had a lot of fun during our short stay. Being in two big games at the same time probably didn’t help us too much but I put my all into staying. I’m just glad we went out fighting and doing everything we could to stay 
    JaMarcus_Russell   We all know @joeyc is a deatheater cmon hes a baddie he dont give a fck about wizarding law
    Cartur   sits still looks important
    RussellvsRob2019   Rippponi. Guess I’m rooting for Chris and paquito 
    Patrick71101   Fixed it @Arceus :)
    popular   oop the death eaters are coming for wigs
    Patrick71101   *There should only be 15 votes, my bad there :p
    Arceus   i’m confused. if there are 16 votes then why is it 8-7-0. and readng the votes nacho and dean also got 8?
    ArcturusDean   Isn't nominating us getting old?
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 30, 2018 09:09
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 2 | Does It Look Like We Have Stupid Written Across Our Faces?
    Spoiler alert!
    iiAmySunshine   HOW DARE THEM PEOPLE EXPOSE MY PTW TEAM! Lmao jk jk, but such a close vote! Great game Peyton and Lilly!
    Aidan   @joeyc Was I incorrect? 
    joeyc   Eyes the last two being Aidan and I talking about each other lol. 
    Jace   You guys really had the balls to add that in there, eh?
    JeremyHLikesFood   aj & xander are the opposite of honest and loyal oops
    RussellvsRob2019   #TeamStickyFlaps
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 28, 2018 12:14
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 1 | Run To Our Arms For Warmth, Comfort, and Eventual Demise
    Spoiler alert!
    Wadz13   Mwahahha love these tight votes. Great start to a season 
    Jace   Slytherin not winning that reward challenge will forever be the biggest travesty in this whole series. Past seasons included.

    Possibly the biggest "what if" in Zwooper history. Oh, the humanity.
    Chilltown56   Good work on these episodes!  Really wish I would have had time to play this one!
    Sassy   Thanks for having me, but Neme and TJ were ROBBED.
    xDimentio   Robbed.
    PacoP   Uh oh
    doobee   Oof robbed 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 26, 2018 00:31
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Pick To Win
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   CLOSED 
    pantherking21   Alan and Dolphin
    Alanster   Rude.
    Taekwondo10   Arc and Ncolston!
    JustDance   Define and waterkid :)
    Patrick71101   Picks Remaining :

    Alanster & Dolphin_Swag - 2
    ArcturusDean & ncolston2001 - 1
    DefineConfusion & waterkid6 - 1
    ak47man   Awesome cast
    ak47man   Lilly and Peyton
    Vlatemier   Loudness and wilddawg 
    boojess   Swish and Buy
    Wadz13   water kid
    boojess   Jaws and Connor!
    corey12345   @BuyAchair & @Swish
    xDimentio   TJ and Neme
    doobee   FML TJ and Neme
    doobee   Jared and Mckenna 
    Dolphin_Swag   I was the 100th points hehe
    Chilltown56   Bostonrob and paco
    Gurgs   Loudness and AJ
    iiAmySunshine   Aaron and McQuire <3
    ExoticSimmer   mckenna and jared
    HKT   @Jaws123 & @KiwiConnor
    Patrick71101   *Nate opted for Clash/Jace via Discord :p
    TJDawgiestyle   Matching outfits dont mean shit to anyone apparently
    Avalayne   boston and paco
    nikias   peyton lily 
    Patrick71101   @Nates_great there can be two per duo, would you like Clash/Jace or Tj/Neme? :P
    Nates_great   neme and tj
    Nates_great   clash and jace
    mepole   Clash and Jace
    joey2121   Joey and Aidan
    JaMarcus_Russell   Jon and David <3
    Joss   Mcquire & Aaron_a
    Sassy   @Connor & @heuse1ac
    cmgorilla   @AngelOfWater & @BostonRobby
    Arceus   adian and joey
    evanw919   Connor and drew!
    DannyT   Jaws and kiwi
    kongowongo   Dean and Nacho
    @AngelOfWater & @BostonRobby
    Brxan   @TheBreeze & @Xenia
    FlareonGamer   Breeze and Xenia
    KaylaRenee   @JonJ and @Nightgem677 <3
    OhNoPotato   jared and mckenna : D
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 12, 2018 01:26
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Special Announcement ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Spoiler alert!
    ak47man   Why r those literally th coolest thing ever??
    Gurgs   @iiAmySunshine phat mood 
    iiAmySunshine   I feel personally attacked not getting a custom background for my season!
    Cartur   Those backgrounds 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 10, 2018 04:51
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Applications, Format, Twists, Dates, Prizes and More :)
    Spoiler alert!
    evanw919   Hello! If you have come here to apply for the legendary game, CMIYC, I hate to say it, but it's too late. However, there are plenty of other amazing group games to apply for, such as Champions! Champions is also in it's 4th season, and I'm sure you would thoroughly enjoy the game! Here is a link to applications! :)

    Hope to see you soon!
    Patrick71101   Applications are now closed! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    SwagSwag   Names: @SwagSwag - George and @Electra - Patty

    Discords: SwagSwag#9124 and sososkinny #0636

    How Did the two of you meet? We meet in the roblox chat probably and idk why but he chose me to be his irrelevant duo. we live!! i never knew who bailey was so i didn't know who i was talking to was well known on zwooper, only the best zwooperoos for me hehe

    why would you like to enter the wizarding world together? well im actually from england and electra is obsessed with everything british, including me

    one Harry Potter house that doesn't fit either of us: i'd say gryffindor because we don't have any of the gryffindor qualities: daring, nerve, and chivalry. and we have a lack of respect from the zwooper people.

    Would you like to be death eaters: well Electra has been known to eat old guy's sticks so i guess that he's been longing to be a death eater but that's not the life for me so no?
    PurplePony13   Withdrawing our application 
    ExoticSimmer   Names: @ExoticSimmer || Gavin, @boojess || Jess
    Discord(s):  Gavin#3722 and  boojess#2831
    How Did the Two of You Meet?: That was waaaaaaay too long ago... but it was love at first sight.'
    Why Would You Like to Enter the Wizarding World Together?: We are both very well-rounded players whose time in this game fell way too short... we both played as the villainous roles in our season and together, I think we are unstoppable.
    One Harry Potter House that doesn't fit either of us: Hufflepuff - We are both strategic, logical, risky... and maybe somewhat, just a little bit evil... but only a little. ;)
    Would you like to be Death Eaters?: um yes, duh.

    PacoP   Names: @PacoP - Paco @BostonRob524 - Chris

    Discord: Chaos#8313 <- Paco Chris -> BostonRob524#0377

    How we met: Playing fast survival way back when. (My camp is cleaner) Probably around 6 months ago.

    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: We are both pretty competitive and it's shown in our history in games so it would be awesome to finally work together in a game. We would be a very interesting duo that could definitely go deep in the game. I also feel like casting us would be a pretty cool story because we both were originally planning to play the game with other people and everything happens for a reason so maybe this was meant to be.

    House that doesn't fit: Hufflepuff

    Would you like to be death-eaters: Hellz yes
    Joss   Names: Joss and Jojo (@Vivacious )

    Discord: Sokimsurvivor.Hayden1 / Jojo1369 #0866

    How we met: me and jojo met on tengaged, and we reconnected mostly on skype tho 

    Why would you like to enter the wizarding word together: Because jojo is legit the only person i know who can handle me and is a good strategic & psychal player, while i am a social butterfly 

    House that doesn't fit: hufflepuff does not suit us

    Would you like to be death-eaters: tbh yes because not alot of people said yes so why the F**k not
    PacoP   Drake can no longer play... Well shit
    Sammy   Names: Sammy and Aiden (@Phoenix723)
    Discord: Sammy#6812 and phoenix723#2765
    How we met:  Honestly, I don't know if I'll be able to recall the first time we ever met, but I've know about Aiden since my earlier days on this.  I've grown to know him over the many group games we've played together, and I know he's a really cool guy.  I don't think we've ever truly worked together, so I think this will be an interesting adventure, and I promise we won't dissappoint.  
    Why:  I think Aiden and I complement each other a lot in terms of style of playing, but at the same time we share similarities that will give us the leg up over other duos.  We are both logical and very strategic.  We both know how to play good social games, but we approach it differently.  I won't say how because I know other applicants are looking at this!  If given the chance to play, you will not regret it. Good look to all the other applicants and thank you for considering us. 
    House that doesn't fit: I think it's safe to say we aren't Gryffindor.  I don't see either of us playing super virtuous games, nor do I see us making sacrifices that risk ourselves.  I won't see we are total Syltherin, I'd like to say Ravenclaw for sure.  
    Death-Eaters: Both of us agree that we will take what you will give us.  If you think we work to be that duo, we will gladly accept and it play the role to the best of our abilities.
    Aaron_A   Names: Aaron and Michael 
    Discord: Aaron_A#9746 and McQuire#8263

    How did the two of you meet: The memory is locked away. What can be spoken is that once there was angst and now there is spanx.
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding word together: Michael and I's intuition is complimentary. Your school is an ethereal dwelling for us to proceed with our affairs. We will conjure distinctive spells with Michael's bravado and my vigilance. He and I share similar intent yet a different execution. 
    One Harry Potter house that doesn't fit either of you: The blue one. As a rebelious pair, it might be difficult to acquiesce with the belonging to a house. We have an affinity for courage and benevolence. Naturally, when you're a grade-A dropout, Revenclaw is perhaps out of the equation. We would rather disgrace Gryffindor by joining forces with them, at first. 
    Would you like to be death-eaters: The both of us have read about them. Either role would be superb and we do not roam with caution. 
    Helenor1000   It's quite sad to see that so many of you have no idea what these houses are about and what they represent. None of them are "bad". There is no house for "good" or "bad" people. 
    Crazyrockina   @Patrick71101 cast anyone but Breeze and xeniah
    joeyc   I warned you. 
    TheBreeze   Names: Breeze and Xenia

    Discords: TheBreeze#6952 and Xeniah#3628

    How did the two of you meet? We met on Fast Survival Island. At first we fought over coconuts and tried to push each other into the treacherous, shark infested waters. We then came to the realization that we could share whilst both prospering from this strange place we had wound up shipwrecked at. We took the time to get to know each other better and I discovered what a beautiful person she is. Many wonderful conversations and 7 seasons of Game of Thrones binging later, our connection blossomed into the incredible relationship we have today. 

    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together? This is a duos game. We are not just a Zwooper Duo anymore, but a Life one. We are each others rocks outside of here. I am grateful for every moment I spend with her. This is a challenging activity we can take on pooling together our innate strengths. Xen is one of the most intelligent and empathetic individuals I know. I am hard working with a drive that can not be matched when put to the test. We, as a unit, will triumph or go down setting Hogwarts ablaze in the aftermath of giving this our all.

    One Harry Potter House that doesn't suit either of you: We do not identify with Slytherin. There is a certain line we choose to draw regarding how to treat others in a game setting. You’re not going to see us stooping down to any uncivil standard, especially if things are not going our way.

    Would you two like to be Death Eaters? We would instead like to sink our teeth into some Death Eaters and cause their demise.
    joeyc   Breeze if you apply I will make your life a living hell. 
    joeyc   Names: @joeyc & @Aidan
    Discords: joeyc#8985 and aidandee#8118
    How did the two of you meet: Um tbh we were both in Byevivor Bound Together back in the day when it was a choices game. I knew about him because he was funny and he would post iconic blogs. We were on opposite tribes and then we merged together and worked together. His ass wanted to vote me for 5th and I wasn't having it, so I got @JakeP97's thirsty self to vote Aidan with me and gave him 5th. But we have been friends for like 2+ years in TeamPretty. Even though we always threaten to meet up and beat each other's ass! He is the only person on Zwooper who I have added on LinkedIn. We love networking! 
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world togther? We have known each other for a little over two years and have worked both together and against one another and we know exactly what makes the other tic yet understand each other very well. Yet we have never get to show our synergy - we're typically associated with one another but not as a duo (Joey moreso with Jake and Aidan moreso with Noah) but we feel as if we have the perfect synergy with our distinct playing styles in order to win.
    One Harry Potter House that doesn't Fit either of you: HufflePuff f tht bitch @Puffs
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters? Nahhhhhh tysm for the offer
    Mystery   Names: Cameron and Angeleka
    Discords: Awesomeguyrocks#0522 and Angeleka#7415
    How did the two of you meet: We're currently in a group game together and I asked if she'd be my partner and she accepted
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: Because I love the concept of a game with no competitions and Vixen represents everything that I am not. We are a perfect duo because she can be the beauty and I can be the beast so we vibe well together and I think we'll do great if casted
    One Harry Potter House that doesn't suit either of you: HufflePuff doesn't suit either of us
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters? I think the game will be more entertaining if we're not the Death Eaters but it's your choice who is that duo :)


    Names: TJ and Neme (@TJDawgiestyle and @neme81)
    Discords: TJDawgiestyle#4719 and Neme81#0936
    How did the two of you meet? Originally it was during ZBB11 before I was tragically sidelined, we later reunited ini ZBBUSA and formed Team Jake Paul and stomped a mudhole in everyone up until the Final 4.
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world togther? Neme wants to enter the wizarding world to experience a great game and live one of his favorite book series. I want to enter the wizardnig world to experience a great game and make fun of everyone who likes Harry Potter. Seriously though, Neme and I are as contrast as you get, hes quiet, underrated, subtle. I'm gung ho, brash, explosive. Those traits are so conflicting that it's a recipe for failure,but we both share one trait that no other duos have; survival instinct, when it looks on the outside like myself and Neme are in a corner we pull out all the stops and make whatever move we can make to stay alive. We did it time and time again in ZBB, we're definitely gonna do it here.
    One Harry Potter House that doesn't suit either of you: Griffin Door
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters? Literally no one else in the applications can give you a straight answer, so we probably shouldn't either.

    DankDrake   Names: Drake (@DankDrake) and Paco (@PacoP)
    Discords: Parzival #7913 and Chaos#8313
    How did the two of you meet?: We met in Vendettas Aside Season 2, where we instantly made a connection and later a final 2. Although we came up short, we were pretty damn strategic and pulled off one of the biggest moves of the season. Since then we've been bois in and out of games.
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together?: Well for one it's the one time Paco doesn't have to worry about me going behind his back XD but at the same time we both thrive in the same areas equally, and when we get in sync strategiclly we might as well be one person. When we were a duo in Vendettas we were always in sync and didn't disagree on a single decision, and I can definitely see that happening again.
    One Harry Potter House that doesn't suit either of you: Hufflepuff
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters?: We're not saying yes, but we're definitely not saying no ;) I wanted to initially as an individual, but this duo thing makes it really all up to you.
    JonJ   Names Jon and Dav ( @Nightgem677 )
    Discords JonJakobsen#8749 and Dav#3314
    How did the two of you meet? We met in my first ever LS, where we aligned after our tribes merged. After that we were cast for some of the same group games, and have always been getting along.
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together? Because we haven’t been in the same game for ages, and it would be fun to try and play like a duo. Our individual gameplay compliment one another well, and we tend to connect with different types of people. Despite the age difference we have become good friends - We work well together, and we can usually agree on what to do in games, which is going to be important here. Dav is also one of the few people who can get through to me when I become an overdramatic bitch, which happens occasionally, oop.
    One Harry Potter House that doesn’t suit either of you No idea; you pick!
     Would you two like to be death eaters? No idea; you pick! 
    BuyAchair   Names: Ari and Marcus
    Discord: Ari#1672 and ItsSwish#6722
    How did the two of you meet? AHA funny story, i said out of the blue "Buy a chair" and it just like... welp, you get the idea, we clicked 
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: Because even though we like, rarely get along, Marcus has been the one who brought me into this community, and well, since im gonna overtake him soon in points, and since im Hogwarts, why not take the guy who started everything for me? Jk ily marcus, but we are 2 seperate players and we play completly different and thats how its so fun to watch, maybe not for us because we fight a shit ton because of our choices, but entertainment wise, it was great. And also since im in top 10 players in CMIYC History, i need to give me little student a lesson or 2 ;)
    One house that doesn't fit: Ravenclaw because that was the most irrelevant out of the 4 groups ;) nah 
    Would you two like to be death eaters? Sorry im in the No Death Eater Allowed community so I must decline that offer!
    FlareonGamer   Names: Flareon and Nathan 
    Discords: FlareonGamer#0229 Natan#8967
    How did the two of you meet?: By having the mutual need of a parter
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: (Flareon) I think it would be fun being put into a duo with someone I don't know well and seeing what happens. (Nathan) I would love to put my skills to the test from my last go around and hopefully take home the win this time.
    One Harry Potter house that doesn’t fit either of you: Gryffindor
    Would you two like to be death eaters: Maybe, maybe not.
    Connor   Names: Connor (@Connor) & Drew (@heuse1ac)
    Discords: Connor#6489 & heuse1ac#4856
    How did the two of you meet?: Once upon a time in the magical world of Tumblr ORGs, young newb Connor entered a game as 1 of 13 Villains while Drew entered as 1 of 13 Heroes. Drew attempted to purify his tribe of villains (post-swap) and Connor was the sole villain left. However, Connor instead pulled an idol given to by a heroic friend to attempt to assassinate mister Drew, but failed. Down the road, Drew and Connor reunited, with Drew playing an idol for his newfound villain BFF and Connor playing an advantage to redo an immunity challenge to give Drew his rightful necklace. However, the friendship was cut short as Connor had to make the unfortunate decision to cut Drew loose at a painful instant tribal council at Final Five (ok tho in my defense he had voted me three times). Since then, they have been inseparable through completely random Snapchats and questionable Britney Spears lip sync videos.
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together?: Drew is a Harry Potter fangirl for one. Two, it's both of our bedroom fantasies to play together in a duos game for once. (Just kidding, it's only Drew's). Connor and Drew are both excited to dip their toes into this format. They think they could be the perfect combination! (or the most tragic...but who cares, good ratings!)
    One house that doesn't fit us: Gryffindor. Daniel might be cute, but we're not some basic vanilla bitches. Both Drew and I identify as Ravenclaw with Slytherin tendencies.
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters?: thank u, next.
    ArcturusDean   Names: Nacho (@ncolston2001) & Dean (@ArcturusDean)
    Discord: Not A Korean Nacho#4542 & arcturusdean#4616
    How did the two of you meet?: A long, long, long time ago, probably in a group game :)
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: Nacho is my best mate and I would happily walk to the pits of hell with him. I want him to experience the magic of CMIYC, with me by his side. The two of us will be unstoppable at conquering our dreams!
    One house that doesn't fit: Gryffindor. Both Nacho and I are Hufflepuffs with Ravenclaw tendencies. So one of those two would best suit us :)
    Would you two like to be death eaters?: We're up for anything!
    Jaws123   Names: Ryan (Jaws123) & Connor (KiwiConnor)  #TeamNZ
    Discord: Jaws123#8145 & connor#5508
    How did the two of you meet? We met kinda years ago on zwooper, played a few games together but havnt been close since, so we are here to represent New Zealand and team up again and show you guys what we got! 
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: Myself and Connor represent 2 different gameplay's. Together we would be either a complete mess or a force to be reckoned with. We both will put our all into the game and really play the best we can. Im also here to really show a different version of me I feel in season 2 I was a big mess and in some cases came across as a bully which wasnt what I wanted. I need to redeem myself and having a partner with me will help me head in the right direction. We are excited to show you what we can do and hopefully cause some damage! 
    One house that doesn't fit: Ravenclaw
    Would you two like to be death eaters? ​I must not tell lies! SO NO get away from us with your dark magic 
    Wadz13   Partner even duh VVVVVVVV
    Wadz13   Names: Sanchez 
    Discord: Wadz13#1321 and idk his
    How did the two of you meet? We actually met in CMIYC 2!! . At first I though he was rather full of himself, but then after Champions 2 we started talking more and our relationship started growing. 
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: Well #1 I will never miss an oppurtunity to play again. Also I think its gonna be interesting having a former con and a former Tourist, the biggest hero and the biggest villain; 2 distinct gameplays that will for sure clash, play as unison. Im like 100% were gonna not agree on things, which should be fun to watch
    One house that doesn't fit: idc
    Would you two like to be death eaters? fuck no
    evanw919   Names: Evan/David (evanw919 and Wadz13)

    Discords: You should have both!

    How did we meet: We met in this one game called Catch Me if You Can 2, idk if you’ve heard of it? It was pretty cool, but after he played in Champions 2, I let him become a co host, and we’ve become super close since then! (Literally, the Evan Wadz Patrick TJ Fortnite squad NEEDS to happen)

    Why we would like to enter the Wizarding World Together: Because I feel like our games have very similar strengths and weaknesses. We both highlight social game among all other things, and tend to do fairly well in sticky situations. You saw us both in cmiyc2, and know we provide witty, entertaining gameplay. If you cast us, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

    What house doesn’t fit us?: LMAO who the hell actually reads this magic mumbo jumbo?

    Would we like to be death eaters: Not today Satan, not today.
    Alanster   Names: Alan and Allen
    Discords: Alan.ster#8414 HBIC#6475
    How did the two of you meet: Believe or not, but we actually met through zwooper :]
    Why would you like to enter the Wizarding World: Because I’ve been dreaming about this day ever since the apps came out. Don’t know if you remember, but I’ve been applying for at least the past 2 seasons. Plus, I don’t think my partner and I suck to the level that we don’t get cast. Plus rumor has it Harry Potter used to go there.
    One Harry Potter House that doesn’t suit either of you:  SLYTHERIN #TeamGryffindor
    Would you like to be Death Eaters: You know, like Gryffindors, we’re brave. Sometimes to the point of recklessness, so if you need Death Eaters, then hit us up.
    Crazyrockina   Names: Brianna and Omar
    Discords: BriannaBoho#5099 OhEm_13#5516
    How did the two of you meet: In A Fast Survival we have been friends since then
    Why Would you like to enter the Wizarding World: I fucking love Harry Potter im obsessed with it all 7 books are my favorite I have watched all 8 movies over 10,000 times in this world we would probably fight our best and do what's good for the season and stir up all the drama.
    One Harry Potter House that doesn't fit either of you: Gryffindor
    Would you like to be Death Eaters: Obviously never in 1,000 years

    AngelOfWater   Names: Kenya and @BostonRobby
    Discords: AngelOfWater#0548 BostonRobby#6001
    How did the two of you meet: In Sarah's Survival Choices Coaches game, He was my coach but we ultimitaly didn't get to know each other until Byevivor. 
    Why would you like to enter the Wizarding World together: First of all I LOVE Harry Potter and just the idea of this format as well as duos!!! Duo games don't pop up often and it's super exciting! I'd like to play this game with Boston because of our experience in Byevivor, not only did we get to know each other super well on a personal level, we also got to know each other really well on a game level. I feel like after that experience we'd work extremely well together, we also don't tend to have many of the same connections as each other so I think it would bring a great balance over all, we would be very mutually beneficial. Plus being in an intense envirement such as Byevivor, where you really get to see the highs and lows of each other and I think knowing those things will help us be able to overcome obstacles better than those that haven't been through something similar. Plus I really want to test this out, it's going to be so much fun and hey he can't betray me if we're a duo right? lol
    One Harry Potter House that doesn't fit either of you: Hufflepuff
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters: Absolutely not! 
    Avalayne   Names: Nia & Brandon (@brazelle)
    Discords: Avalayne#1645 and brazelle#7994

    How did the two of you meet: We met in fs, we kept playing a lot at the same time so we decided to work together and we found out that we work really well together and have a similar style of gameplay!

    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: This looks like an amazing game and Brandon and I definitely have the potential to make it interesting! We are both competitive social players that give it our all and will try our best to win, and the harry potter theme looks so cool! I’ve also heard a lot of good things about CMIYC and I would love if I can finally get the chance to play! We will not disappoint if you pick us :D

    One Harry Potter house that doesn’t fit either of you: Slytherin
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters: Nah feel like that would put a huge target on our backs and would be hard to do it in duos.
    YourBoy   Names: Richie & Alex (@Sweetkitties9)
    Discords: Richie | YourBoy #8089 & Sweetkitties9 #0340
    How did the two of you meet: the day he came out of our mom’s woohoo (18 years ago to be exact)
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: it’s not so much about the wizarding world (even though I’m a big fan of all the books and movies, my brother is just now starting to watch em) it’s more about CMIYC being the best game on this site so we can’t NOT apply. :p
    One Harry Potter house that doesn’t fit either of you: Ravenclaw
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters: nah I don’t trust my bro to keep a secret LOL
    pantherking21   Names: Jayden and Nate
    Discords: Jayden #8098 and nates_great #1010
    How the two of you met? Chase 4
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: Because we played really well together in Chase and I need someone sane on my side so I dont lose my shit again.
    One Harry Potter house that doesn't fit either of you: Hufflepuff
    Would you two like to be death eaters? Whatever works best for you.
    waterkid6   Edit to my app. We don't wanna be evil death eaters. ty <3
    waterkid6   Names: Spencer and Beard (@DefineConfusion)

    Discords: You should have both of them... I hope at least... 

    How the two of you met: We met through a Minecraft community like 4-5 years ago! We've been together through highs and lows and many 12+ hour Skype calls (in which I typically fell asleep on mic oops). 

    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: I've heard many good things about this game, so I'm really excited to potentially get to play in a season! Define mainly wants to play because she is a Harry Potter addict (trust me she talks about it all the time). I mean we're super close, and both fairly competitive so I think we could do really well in this game environment. 

    One Harry Potter house that doesn’t fit either of you: Neither of us are slytherins

    Would you two like to be death eaters: Erm. Maybe? Not 100% though! 

    Names: Xander & AJ
    Discords: you have them How the two of you met: We met when the chase S1 was casted, and have been talking ever since then
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: Because without the other, we couldn't move forward. We could try to run through the wall into Platform 9 3/4 but the portal wouldn't let us through.
    One Harry Potter house that doesn’t fit either of you: Gryffindor because they are lame
    Would you two like to be death eaters: Whatever you think is best for us :Smiling Imp: :Frog:

    Nathanswag9   Looking for a fellow Hufflepuff!
    PM me!
    McKenna   Names: Kenna and Jared
    Discords: U have them brother
    How the two of you met: Minecraft!
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: Because we are the greatest duo of all fucking time and we will win this game!
    One Harry Potter house that doesn't fit either of you: Idk what Harry Potter shit is, so you probably know what I fit into more then I do, so you just pick for us.
    Why you two would like to be death eaters: I would rather not because I feel like we will be targeted in the first place
    McKenna   Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: We're still petty about the last game we were in together because someone decided to backstab us. (you know who you are)

    looks at patrick
    PurplePony13   Names: Annie & Danny (start calling me Annie and I will kill you)
    Discords: you have them
    How the two of you met: We met when I was first born 14 years, 17 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes ago. I would say we know each other pretty well.
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: We're still petty about the last game we were in together because someone decided to backstab us. (you know who you are)
    One Harry Potter house that doesn’t fit either of you: Slytherin
    Would you two like to be death eaters: Nah that would be to hard in duos
    Avalayne   wow this looks awesome :0 Time to find a partner
    Clash   Names: Clash & Jace
    Discords: Clash#9790 & #Jace6266
    How did the two of you meet: Well we met on a group call but after that we were cast for the cage together and we developed a really strong friendship which will last outside of zwooper as well and forever. 
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: We played the cage together and slayed it controlled the game made it to finals but unfortunately got screwed by bitter jury. We slay in every game whether it’s a group game, LS or fs. 
    One Harry Potter house that doesn’t fit either of you: Hufflepuff doesn’t fit either of us. 
    Would you two like to be death eaters: Why not. 
    Alanster   #Gryffindor
    Helenor1000   I'm shaking :000
    ak47man   Names: ak47man and irishgirl
    Discords: ak47man15 #5866 and irishgirl #3123
    How did the two of you meet: We first met on Freakshow Survivor 4 where we never really got super close, but we always respected each other’s gameplay. After that we started to respect each other more and someone ( u know who u r) brought us back together again. 
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: We would like to enter together because we decided we respected each other’s gameplay so much that we decided to team up. We think that it’s our time to shine and that we just need the chance, and then we can finally prove that we r more than what other people think. 
    One Harry Potter house that doesnt fit either of you: Slytherin. Irishgirl and I are both Hufflepuffs, so we both like people and will be loyal, while trying our hardest to win. 
    Patrick71101   @Gurgs I am so so so sorry, I swore I had put something about it above but I just totally forgot to; sadly we’re not allowing winners into this season, just due to that fact that AllStars is right around the corner and you, Kayla, & Amy all have very much secured your spots in that if you want them :P. Thank you so much everything you do and have done for this game, but sadly you are gonna have to wait just one more season to slay once more ;). Sorry again, completely my fault for not including that 
    Gurgs   Oh sorry... one house that doesn't fit either of us: We aint no ravenclaws. Any other of the houses can hit us up... Ravenclaw can get to steppin
    Gurgs   Names: George and Runaways
    Dicords: Gurgs#2554 & Runaways#0889
    How did the two of you meet? I guess just through games on Zwooper. We sorta talked a lot more when we played in the Cage together.
    Why do we want to play together? As you know, I am a beast at this game. I love this game so much and think this is one of the best on Zwooper. I am desperate to play again, and not miss a season ;) I think Runaways also after playing S3 whats his shot at redemption. We are both strong player who would stop at nothing to win. We're both active, we're both feisty and we would both bring the house down. You won't regret casting us...
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters? No thanks, kinda didn't work out for me last season so.... XD
    joey2121   Also, Jeremy and I dont wanna be death eaters
    Peyton   Names: Peyton & Lilly (@Lilly831)
    Dicords: Peyton#7672 & Lilly#2129
    How did the two of you meet? Uh no clue lmfao. Lilly says she thinks fast survival, but irdk. We've known each other for three years or so though!
    Why do we want to play together? I've been trying to apply for the past two seasons, but either I was away or something came up. Now that I don't have as much coming up I think I finally have a chance to play and not totally flop! I've been waiting for a duos game to play with Lilly as I really admire her and her gameplay. If we add my strategic abilities with her social abilities I think we can really slay this shit.
    One house that doesn't fit either of us: Ravenclaw, people don't give us the credit we deserve at times and often times people underestimate us!
    Would you two like to be Death Eaters? We don't care, whatever works.
    joey2121   Names: joey2121 and JeremyHLikesFood
    Discords: joey2121 #8875 and Jeremythephat #7334
    How did the two of you meet: We first met on Zwoovivor where Jeremy voted me out first. From there, we competed on The Cage 6, where Jeremy outlasted me. After that, we actually became friendly with each other.
    Why would you like to enter the wizarding world together: we’ve been friends for a while and made sure neither one of us went insane, but we wanna see how we would do TOGETHER in a game. Also, redemption is on my mind. I am a broken record, but redemption is what I seek in this game.
    One Harry Potter house that doesnt fit either of you: Slytherin. Although Jeremy has won a group game, he did it while being friendly and nice. I have never won a group game and I hope THIS is the one.
    JeremyHLikesFood   lol remember the double eviction kicking my butt
    Peyton   Okay I know nothing about Harry Potter or the houses though. LMAO
    Aaron_A   Oh my god I love everything about this format!!!!Lemme find the partner 
    RussellvsRob2019   Names: Ed&Sarah (@RussellvsRob2019//@eduardo245) Discord: @RussellvsRob2019-#1033 and @eduardo245- #7533 How we met: probably in fast survival. We’ve been best friends for like four years though so who cares how we started, I love how we are now Why we wanna play together: well ed and I are truly an amazing team. The last game we played together was HS10 and we came in first and third (ed was robbed by the public of final 2). Regardless, we compliment each other so well because he can connect with the people who I can’t always connect with and I can connect with the people he can’t connect with. But most importantly, we have this amazing connection with each other of absolute trust and no doubt. Not ever. Also Ed’s coming to NY when this game is starting up and we’re meeting up for the first time and we want an iconic excuse to make a vlog together House that doesn’t fit either of us: I mean I’ll say huffellpuff but we are slytherin mike we just are Death eaters? Ed and I ?? Crushing dreams?? Ofc 
    ArcturusDean   Fellow Hufflepuffs hit me up! :)
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 04, 2018 02:03
    ϟ Coming Soon...
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   @SurvivorFanGirl it's going to be a duos game!!!
    SurvivorFanGirl   Wait am I the only one to noticed there are teams I-
    SurvivorFanGirl   Wtf let me back in I’m not missing out on my favorite book series read I think three times now jebwjwhehskanbs!!!,!!,!.!!!!!​ [angry]
    [angry] [angry] [angry]
    Taekwondo10   best game on Zwooper hands down
    ExoticSimmer   @xFalsify
    ExoticSimmer   you nominated and evicted me in 24/7... idk if i can forgive that. ;(
    xFalsify   @ExoticSimmer just brOKE MY HEART. 
    Sammy   me me me
    BuyAchair   Returnees? o.o
    Patrick71101   /me sobs
    iiAmySunshine   Hufflepuff all the way!
    evanw919   My name is Patrick and I like hosting at the same time Evan was planning on hosting and not playing champions for the 4th time
    Lacey   Ok, this looks amazing! 

    jasonthesurvivor   omg yesssss
    ak47man   Looks so good!!!
    DankDrake   I was on another tab, heard the music, and lost my shit. #Gryffindor
    Icelina   Ravenclaw :) smiles in MENSA
    Avalayne   :O Omg this looks awesome!
    ExoticSimmer   helen and i for ravenclaw <333
    Jaws123   SCREAMS
    McKenna   U already know Im in
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101September 14, 2018 09:20
    ★ CMIYC Seasons 1-3 ★ | Hall Of Fame and BTN
    Spoiler alert!
    KaylaRenee   I got gypped smh
    ExoticSimmer   omg yes
    Dolphin_Swag   *waits for CMIYC4*
    JeremyHLikesFood   id love to play again bc i was pushed by a tiebreaking list n a double eviction n my tacos not being good enough :(
    Vlatemier   Most of the people above me.... I’ll keep it at that
    iiAmySunshine   I would love to have a custom card to show my achievement that I am so proud of! Thanks for an amazing game guys!
    CMIYC   All custom cards will be distributed Saturday :D
    boojess   ChrisDWa 
    I have ptsd thanks

    BuyAchair   Top 10?! FUCK YEAH!

    ill take one!
    evanw919   Why does @KaylaRenee always beat me
    YourBoy   I’ll take one
    SurvivorFanGirl   I’m updating my profile soon so sure :)
    Phoenix723   I’d love a card :)
    xDimentio   Sure I want one
    ChrisDWa   I have ptsd thanks
    Jaws123   Love this!!! :) well done guys
    Helenor1000   this is so great :D
    Peyton   oh wow.. so much effort! I love it
    Clash   So talented 
    ArcturusDean   I'd love one Patty. They look amazing!
    Footystar21   Please cast me for season 4 ! :)
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101September 02, 2018 03:21
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    Icelina   SOBS
    Trinity2000   Congrats Amy!!
    ExoticSimmer   loves being saucy and robbed
    BuyAchair   welcome to all stars @iiAmySunshine ;)
    JeremyHLikesFood   OH MY GOD SHE DID THAT
    ArcturusDean   I think my eyes just orgasmed. The best zwooper game and my childhood...uhhjjjjjj
    Vlatemier   YES BINCH
    Dolphin_Swag   *starts writing application for season 4*
    Jqred   Congrats Amy! Also I’d like to add I’ve been pretty impressed with @mepole and what he has done in group games. After many group games that I’ve read he seems to make it to the end in almost every game, so also congrats to him on the runner up. Good season once again, @Patrick71101 & @TJP1122. Can’t wait for season 4. 
    iiAmySunshine   Thank you @Phoenix723 and this was such a fun season to play! I'm really happy to be the winner! Thank you everyone who voted me and even if you didn't, thanks for voting because this game deserves so much public recognition and I encourage everyone who has not played or even those who have played, to apply for next season as the hosts are great and the game is just so much fun!!
    iiAmySunshine   Omg love the song I picked lol <3
    Phoenix723   This was an amazing and it was a blast to be a part of. Patrick and TJ, you two did a great job at hosting this game and it's easily the best game I've played in a while. Congrats Amy.
    Cartur   Cute!
    KaylaRenee   YAY AMYYYY <3 well deserved :)
    Clash   Great season!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 31, 2018 00:04
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Let The Voting Begin!
    Spoiler alert!
    evanw919   Okay but like the charts don’t lie, Amy absolutely KILLED this game!
    evanw919   My meatballs were better vvv
    JeremyHLikesFood   remember my tacos last season ugh a winner
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 30, 2018 10:06
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Episode 13: I'm Not Sure If I Can Pull The Trigger
    Spoiler alert!
    McQuire   idk what Phoenix or Peter did, but Mepole and Amy appear to have done a lot more and either of them appear to deserve the win.
    Helenor1000   @iiAmySunshine @mepole you both have played an amazing game and i can't wait to see one of you winning this game! <3 You killed this game and I'm so honored that I got the opportunity to play with you 2! <333
    Helenor1000   I WAS ROBBED. but  i will reclaim my rightful throne in ALL STARS! <3
    Phoenix723   Besides making that one idiotic, horrible, game ruining move, I want to know why people like Gavin are so against me and Peter. 
    Ricky490   Lol ironically people were complaining about the cast letting the murderers slip by but this is the only cast to cause any early public vote from getting rid of all the murderers lol.
    evanw919   They did it! I’m really torn between Michael and Amy, can’t wait for pleas!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 28, 2018 09:20
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Episode 12: Ya Got Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dumb Over Here...
    Spoiler alert!
    Ricky490   This is getting intense. As much as Nathan annoyed me being a pawn, I did not expect him to get evicted here. I thought he'd be out at the Final 4 Jury like Bailey said. But hey, this makes more an even more interesting F5. At this point, I don't know who will win. Maybe we might get our first early Public Vote or maybe it'll go all the way to the F2, We'll have to see.
    ArcturusDean   Iconic F5!
    evanw919   If Helen doesn’t go next round, she wins. If she does, it’s gonna be a toss up between Amy and Michael.
    Best of luck!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 26, 2018 07:04
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Episode 11: Gotta Get Some Stains On These Spotless Records
    Spoiler alert!
    Ricky490   Man, I was rooting for Richie this episode. It was such a close vote too. I mean with one murderer left (obviously Helen), they might as well get rid of an inno next ep. I don't know but this is definitely going to be an interesting next few episodes.
    evanw919   I-
    I’M 3/3
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 24, 2018 08:59
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Episode 10: See You In Hell... But I'll Be On The Devil's Throne
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   That is correct @Ricky490 :P
    Ricky490   Also is Helen getting a penalty for not voting?
    Ricky490   Dang, Helen screwed the pooch not voting. But I think that single action just might have shifted the game completely. The murderers were so close to even numbers. Now they left one of their allies out cold. It annoys me a bit that Nathan's still around as an obvious pawn. But it's clear Nathan doesn't have any power despite his moves. Hopefully, this non-vote from Helen shakes the game up.
    evanw919   Xander has me cackling as I’m sneaking looks at my phone during school
    So, thanks for that
    Phoenix723   LMAO XANDER
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 22, 2018 10:53
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Episode 9: *Prays Like Kesha*
    Spoiler alert!
    Ricky490   Ryan definitely had the short end of the stick. I can imagine no being able to have the right connections and being on everybody's shit list. I do think the obvious threats of Amy and Nathan should be dealt with but at the same time, Ryan's eviction was basically inevitable. This is definitely going to be an interesting rest of the season.
    iiAmySunshine   Why am I the only one people talk about when there’s 5 people unnominated and have constantly been high. I wish you guys would stop pointing only me out and point everyone out because it’s unfair to me to be the only one called out....
    Riku1274   @evan919 sorry I’m letting you down not being an icon
    Peejoit   This is just brutal for the viewers at this point. Y’all got three murderers to find and an obvious threat in Amy. You feel like playing yet or nah? CMIYC deserves better gameplay than this! Step up and be worthy of this franchise please.
    evanw919   Welcome to the 9th place club! Only icons allowed!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 20, 2018 08:45
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Episode 8: Ain't Gotta Be Dead To Spill Tea, Coffee, Or Other Beverages
    Spoiler alert!
    Ricky490   Dang, did not see that coming? The two winners eliminated back-to-back. Ryan is definitely floating hard right now. Joey's right. Nathan and Ryan need to get their shit together.
    TJP1122   Oh @JonJ... you are something else, lol.
    evanw919   Not that I don't love the people that are running the game, but, *yawn*
    JonJ   The queen has fallen ;(

    Also, I wanna apologize to @Patrick71101 and his irrel co-host for withdrawing my app for this game. I doubt it would have been this boring if I hadn't.
    However; I do love the irony of a cast nominating the same people over and over, in a game TJ is hosting <3
    Helenor1000   i love how some players are trying to frame me every round in their confessionals
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 19, 2018 00:15
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Episode 7: Better Get Security, Cuz I'm Gonna KittenBlob This House
    Spoiler alert!
    Ricky490   I had a feeling George was the murderer. But he still played a good game considering the massive disadvantages against him. Good game from him. 2 down, 3 to go. 
    ChrisDWa   #TeamMepole
    Alanster   wut didnt like Kayla like... already win? or something
    Vlatemier   Do you think I’m a nasty girl?
    08SaraR   Rip! GJ representing Season 1, Gurgs. Sucks that you went, but they were probably smart to take you out now before you gained too much traction like the first time. :P
    BuyAchair   Kayla make me proud! But im still team Ryan :') 
    evanw919   Me, predicting Gurgs was a murderer in pms to Patrick


    Sammy   Great episode, as always! Logo

Spoiler alert!

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