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  • Bye
    ByeDecember 09, 2018 10:27
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | Week 0 | Judgement Day
    Spoiler alert!
    JeremyHLikesFood   @JourdanCameBack WE LOVE YOU
    Violet   VioLeT dOeSn'T tRy iN gRoUp GaMeS
    Jace   I love good tv.
    boojess   Why am I Mckenna in this challenge?!
    Trinity2000   Why was Olivia selected, the bitch doesn't even try.
    JourdanCameBack   Pair 3 and pair 7 are iconic the 4 ppl I’m rooting for
    Green   Love all the hate, i’m used to it so keep it coming :)
    Peyton   Also really sucks to see a certain player picked for such a high-stakes game if they're going into the game with someone already blocked. Props to Jake for trying to work it out.
    Peyton   Can't wait to see how this season plays out!!
    #TeamEvan #TeamSkylita #TeamDrew #TeamSammy #TeamTooManyToTag
    Clash   Green it’s sad that you hold grudges and you are so egoistic. #TeamJake #TeamPopular #TeamMax #TeamGabe #TeamEveryoneExceptGreen
    KiwiConnor   damn I rly sound like a twink
    MOTO   @popular and @rvandereb together? Yes. 
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 08, 2018 23:20
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | Official Memory Wall Reveal & Pick To Win Competition
    Spoiler alert!
    Chilltown56   Missed out but good luck everyone!
    devon19   @iiAmySunshine I love you! 
    Clash   maybe if someone had enough brain cells to read they would have not commented someone who was picked 10 minutes before they commented lol 
    Xenia   M2thamax
    Bye   -- CLOSED --
    Patrick71101   Dean :P
    Brittanya   Kiwi! x
    IrishCraic   green plz
    Typo   4real
    nikias   Jeremy
    Avalayne   Kiwi
    Arceus   Devon
    Aaron_A   McKenna 
    Peyton   Devon
    Wadz13   McKenna 
    iiAmySunshine   @Bye, no you're fine. I'm the one who needed to apologize, you were just stating the truth and defending your game's integrity lol! I need to just calm down and look at the brighter side next time lol
    kongowongo   Violet
    AngelOfWater   Heuse1ac 
    mepole   Dswag
    chesskid   Green
    theawesometwin   the person thats lowest on the list that still has as pot open
    PacoP   sammy
    Bye   Thank you Amy, that is actually very appreciated. Apology of course accepted and I'm sorry if I got a little heated from my end as well  @iiAmySunshine
    ExoticSimmer   rvandereb
    DannyT   Drew
    Dolphin_Swag   violet
    KaylaRenee   jeremy pls
    boojess   SAMMY
    Ryguy292   M2thamax
    Alanster   DSwag
    CocoV   popular
    BuyAchair   Wait no Michael :) (m2thamax)
    RobbedGodess   queen popular 
    YourBoy   Evan
    iiAmySunshine   Evan! Also, I wanna take this moment to apologize for my behavior last post as I clearly was just a bitter betty about not being cast! This looks like a great cast and I can't wait to see how it turns out and who wins!
    HKT   @ArcturusDean
    BuyAchair   Heuse
    Jace   Jake
    Nickg24689   4Real
    Clash   Jake 
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 08, 2018 00:45
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | Anti-Virus Ceremony | Part Four
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   I wasn't surprised not being selected. Marc had a lot of applications to go thru and I have no doubt this season will be epic. Just waiting for the virus to attach itself like a leech to Violet, who knows it might improve his personality :)
    joey2121   Aww I love this cast! Good luck yall
    Phoenix723   Denied again :/ good cast though! 
    TJDawgiestyle   If i cant get in with Johnny on production then I'm never making it
    Isbnm   Rip maybe next season!, bring it home KiwiConnor 
    JakeP97   ahhh thank you so much!!
    Chilltown56   Great cast! Rooting for my season three allies and Jake for sure! 
    SuperDoodle   Good luck y’all! Sad i didn’t make it as i really thought this was my only shot to finally play this format, but no worries! Full support!
    iiAmySunshine   @Clash, I would apply next season if my app would even be considered because I put a lot more time and effort JUST IN MY APPLICATION ALONE for people who didn't try that hard to be cast. Yeah, feels great to constantly be crapped on! :D
    Clash   @iiAmySunshine I love you but like casting isn’t a easy process as a host, maybe you will fit the next season even better :)
    ianinator   Naww I wanted to play 
    iiAmySunshine   Well you clearly do act like that given you're mad at it so... What are you talking about girl? LMAO! And I will feel bitter and pressed when people who aren't even active on the site or contribute nothing are cast over me but.. pop off girl, pop off lmao! You WISH you had facts to back up what you said but... you don't. Have a nice day!
    RussellvsRob2019   looks like a great chat! I mean cast- oops
    Cartur   Do we want to address the fact that you cast 1 Team Ugly member but you cast 6 Roblox Chat members?
    Bye   Simply stating facts, you can choose to not believe them. I hope you learn to understand that nothing is ever personal, especially considering some people cast I've had major falling outs with in the past. Perhaps you behave like that, but I'm an adult and I sure as hell don't. I'm not engaging in this if you're going to behave like this so goodbye. Feel free to be bitter and pressed, it's your wasted energy not mine. @iiAmySunshine
    iiAmySunshine   @Bye no I never have because I don't believe in that and honestly, don't try and kiss my butt saying I almost got cast because that's a load of crap! Sorry you can't handle the truth tea I just spilled but... get used to it #ByeToByevivor
    Kaseyxo   : ( sad
    Bye   @iiAmySunshine It is disappointing how ungracious and childish you are being. The fact that you are going around commenting on everything claiming the Hosts are "bias" and that you "deserved" to be cast just displays your immaturity. No one is entitled to anything, and you were very close to being cast both this season and last. Casting is difficult, and I'm sorry you're disappointed. But behaving like this won't get you anywhere. Didn't you used to say if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it at all?
    waterkid6   Great cast!!
    ArcturusDean   Omg! I accept!!!!
    Arceus   Jake who?
    AngelOfWater   Congrats <3 
    KiwiConnor   @Cartur, the roblox chat doesn't exist anymore lol
    Brxan   well :( 
    Cartur   We love the Roblox Chat taking over Byevivor...
    RobbedGodess   #TeamRoblox for the win!
    popular   gl to everyone <3
    iiAmySunshine   We love people only coming back for this getting accepted over an active on this site :)
    Peyton   Awww! Was wishing I could play again but I love this cast nonetheless. Definitely cheering for my boy Evan and Skylita as she’s the only season one representative. Good luck everyone!
    YourBoy   #TeamEvan

    This is so sad

    Gabe is winning btw

    evanw919   FUCK YOU
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 08, 2018 00:30
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | Anti-Virus Ceremony | Part Three
    Spoiler alert!
    Xenia   #TeamMax Hell Yeah!!!
    Trinity2000   Congrats!
    AngelOfWater   Congrats!!! 
    iiAmySunshine   Hopefully I'm cast lol
    Arceus   It's nice to see Gabe get another chance!
    Dolphin_Swag   *cries* BYEVIVOR NEEDS ME IM FABULOUS
    Peyton   Really happy to see Gabe get another shot after being robbed last season!!
    HarleyQuinn   i was really hoping to make the season, but congrats to everybody who did!
    Clash   GABE
    4Real   YESSS im so happy to be back
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 08, 2018 00:15
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | Anti-Virus Ceremony | Part Two
    Spoiler alert!
    Green   This is awesome, thanks for choosing me!!
    Trinity2000   Congrats, even tho Violet has been infected since he was born.
    AngelOfWater   Congrats all :) 
    TJP1122   Particularly happy to watch Olivia and Green, but happy with all four!
    Clash   Dylan iconnnnnn
    rvandereb   omg yasss I accept
    popular   congrats everyone!
    ExoticSimmer   yay! rvan winner. violet too i guess.
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 08, 2018 00:00
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | Anti-Virus Ceremony | Part One
    Spoiler alert!
    Alanster   ugh forgot to apply 
    AngelOfWater   Congrats!!
    TJP1122   Good start. I was right for three of the four so far.
    ExoticSimmer   i can get down wit dis
    popular   omg my wigg.....
    Trinity2000   Congrats!!
    Clash   Skylita is winning but literally love all of them very nice set of 4 <3
    Peyton   Yess! #TeamDrew 
    JeremyHLikesFood   oh thank god i accept
    Kaseyxo   IM QUAKING
    Dolphin_Swag   Hope I’m in it this time! #praying
    Vlatemier   so happy for most of them
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 06, 2018 08:34
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | The Four Idols of the Apocalypse
    Spoiler alert!
    iiAmySunshine   Holy crap! Such a great twist!
    Brxan   shaking
    devon19   Epic! 
    Sammy   accidentally rated four — stupid phone
    Sammy   yesssss
    Chilltown56   This looks awesome!
    Micks   lit
    Trinity2000   GL to all those that applied :)
    RobbedGodess   Interesting, can't wait to see the effect these idols have on Byevivor's I'm sure you are not going easy this season. ;) 
    M2thamax   Looks awesome :)
    popular   oooh pretty
    Mystery   I've never been more excited for a group game in my life!
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 25, 2018 02:00
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | Format Overview, Rules, Prizes & Applications
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   Hopeful application oops
    TJDawgiestyle   1. TJDawgiestyle
    2. TJ
    3. 19
    4. Name: TJ Occupation: Procurer
    5. TJDawgiestyle
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Yes
    9. Most recently, being the sole survivor of my tribe in Champions vs Challengers. I was 9th out of 40 and with every odd stacked against me and every round being another kick to the balls, the fact i made jury means I did something right, atleast according to what others have told me
    10. Some of my favorites include
    I Love Money 3: 12/18
    I Love Money 7: 1/20
    Cube 8: 3rd/12
    Johnnyvivor 8: 3/20
    ZBBUSA: 4/13
    Hierarchy: 5/15
    Tommy's Survivor 3: 7/16
    Vinvivor 2: 8/20
    ZBB11: 15/16
    11. In terms of game, I am providing a brutal sense of reality to every player, and a driving force and motivation to beat out players that'll intimidate some of the best players on this site. Im bringing an uncompromising attitude to take out other players. In terms of character, you'll be seeing that unique all approaches angle in the Confessionals, and an outrageous sense of humor and dare I say comedic timing. I'm a funny ass dude.
    Chat Conversation End
    Type a message...
    waterkid6   Hero Application
    1. Zwooper Username: waterkid6
    2. Name: Spencer
    3. Age: 17
    4. Name Design: Spencer - Student
    5. Skype: supportmain1
    6. Gyazo or alternative: Yep!!
    7. Scores within 24 hours: Of course!
    8. Active in Confessionals/Chats: I love them so of course! 
    9. Shining moment on Zwooper: Two of my best moments came recently! One of which was winning NBB3 because yay public games are my kryptonite so winning it was super nice! The second one is finally reaching blue circle! My goal for sooooo long was to break out of the square world, and so finally reaching my goal is an amazing feeling! 
    10. Why I have unfinished business/why should I return: Unfortunately in my last attempt at being the sole byevivor, I was RUDELY evicted first placing me as 16th... I, and the other 16th placers, didn't even get a chance at all to really play the game. Myself most definitely did not because I was nommed because of a twist and people took that as the reason to vote me out. I'd like another chance to play so I can maybe not get so screwed over by a twist. Maybe only a little so I can perservere :D 
    11. What I will bring that no one else will: I will bring out the grit and drama that no one has ever seen from me before! I plan on tackling this game with my BEST social game while also trying to improve my physical game so that I'm not an easy out in comps. I'm going to give it 100% to prove not only to zwooper, but also to myself that I can be a threat to win games. Anddddd I really redeem myself from last time lol
    Geri   Hopeful Application

    Zwooper Username: Geri
    Name: Geri
    Age: 25
    Name Design: Geri - gift from God
    Skype: horvath.gergobk
    Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative? Yep 
    Can you submit Challenge Scores within a 24-Hour Period if needed? Yes
    Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype Chats? Yes
    What is your shining moment on Zwooper? 3 group game finals in a row (actually in two weeks)
    What Past Group Games have you played in and what did you place? Uhh idk man, there were a couple. I only know I did not really get worse than 5th. NBB season one  6th, AHS allstars  5th, Survivor HevV 2nd, Power Play 1st, Hunger games 5th, and a couple more 
    bestkwarteng   HOPEFUL 
    1. Zwooper Username: @bestkwarteng
    2. Name: Emanuel
    3. Age: 16
    4. What would you like your name design to say? (Name & Occupation): Emanuel & Athlete.
    5. Skype: bestk-zwooper-boss (honestly dont know what i was thinking when i choose this username)
    6. Do you have gyazo or an appropriate alternate: Yes
    7. Can you submit challenges scores within 24 hours if needed?: Yes
    8. Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype chats?: Hell yeah anything you ask, ive been trying to get in your game for long.
    9. What is your shining moment on zwooper?:  My shining moment on zwooper would have to be playing in ZBB14 although i didnt win i still got to play one of the best games on the site.
    10. What Past group games have you played?: The cube, Tommys survivor, Byes drag saga, I LOVE MONEY, The cage, Fannys kings of fashion, The challenge, KM survivor, Egs video game vogue .......
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor that no one else will bring?: Honestly ill just bring ME cause thats the only thing that makes me unique. I honestly want to be given a chance to play in a high calibre game because i like to challenge myself so give me this opportunity.
    Green   H O P E F U L
    1. Zwooper Username: Green
    2. Name: Daniel
    3. Age: 20
    4. What would you like your name design to say? (Name & Occupation): Daniel & Nurse
    5. Skype: zwoopergreen
    6. Do you have gyazo or an appropriate alternate: Yes
    7. Can you submit challenges scores within 24 hours if needed?: Yes
    8. Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype chats?: I will, I need somewhere to vent lmao.
    9. What is your shining moment on zwooper?: My shining moment would have to be making it to the final in The Challenge 6: Fresh Meat with a partner, I really doubted myself! 
    10. What Past group games have you played?: I have a well-organized list on my profile.. but to name my faves; Survivor Maldives, Johnnyvivor, Johnnyvivor 3, The Challenge 2: Dynamic Duos, The Challenge 4: The Duel, The Challenge 6: Fresh Meat, The Chase 2
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor that no one else will bring?: I will bring my passion for a good competitive game to Byevivor. This means many things, I'll compete, fight, and won't give up til I'm eliminated or crowned the sole winner. I don't let my name get dragged through mud. I'm not afraid to defend myself in the game chat either so cross me and i'll put a nail in your coffin ;)
    Nickg24689   Hopeful App
    Zwooper name: Nickg24689
    Name: Nick
    Age: 17
    what do you want your name design to say: Nick the Student
    Skype: You have it I’ll PM you
    Do you  have gyazo: Yes
    Scores within a 24 hr period: Yes 100%
    Active in confessionals: Yes I’ll try my hardest not to forget in all the chaos
    Best Zwooper moment: Definitely one would be when I won that F4 hoh in zbbus when I was all alone in the house and took out a major threat to win the game.
    Previos Games: 
    SJBB4: 1st
    Cage4: 2nd
    ChrisDWa Survivor: 2nd
    ZBBUS: 3rd
    ZBB19: 4th
    CageAS: 9th
    SBBUK3: 12th
    What will you bring: I will bring myself and my unique skillet that will make me go for a nice run in this game like I have so many times before. I think this could be the season for me!

    PacoP   1. Zwooper Username: PacoP
    2. Name: Paco
    3. Age: 18
    4. What would you like your name design to say? (Name & Occupation): Paco & Taco Enthusiast
    5. Skype: nick_mcchaosking
    6. Do you have gyazo or an appropriate alternate: Yeet
    7. Can you submit challenges scores within 24 hours if needed?: Yeeeeeeeet
    8. Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype chats?: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
    9. What is your shining moment on zwooper?: Winning either The Void or the Weakest Link, Getting nominated for new zwooper user of 2018, or Getting nominated for zwooper user of the month.
    10. What Past group games have you played?: NBB 4TH Chase4 4TH Chase5 4TH Sarvivor 3RD Jessiety 1ST The Weakest Link 1ST Back to Basics 1ST The Void 1ST Survivor Friendship 1ST
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor that no one else will bring?: I will bring a 2018 vibe that most of these oldies can't.. a new zwooper face into the mix..
    Adam   1. Username: Adam (because I like Adam Lambert LMFAO)
    2. Name: Pedro. 
    3. Age: 18.
    4. Name Design: Adam/Crowned Queen.
    5. Skype: wolfspedro
    6. Gyazo: Yes!
    7. Can submit scores in 24 hours? Yes.
    8. Will I be active in my confessional? Yes. I love talking about what's going on in the game. I'm going to love it. 
    9. Shining moment on Zwooper? I believe it was winning a VIP award for voting every day at ZBB, to be honest. I have an account since the beginning of the site, but I stayed a while without getting active on the site. 
    10. What past group games have you participated in and what place? This is the first one I am trying to participate in, even though it is almost impossible to choose (my competitors are well active in groups). 
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor Apocalypse that no other will? Well, I think it's time for you guys to observe how a Brazilian usually plays this game. I am a very flexible player, since I can adapt to any situation within the game and I do not give up what I want. I know it's a hard game, especially since I'm not fluent in your language, but I'm willing to take that crown. Strategy, drama and social game will be included in the menu. 

    Sammy   What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no other will?:  I have tried a whole realm of games and have truly been a fan of what Byevivor has to offer, and I can be one of the most dynamic players this game has ever seen.  I’m ready to do things in this game that I’ve never done before, and I intend on making a splash like no other.  I never give up, I think in a very calculated manner, and make all my decisions with my head.   I understand there are times to step up and take control, but also times to let others take the heat while I sit back working the game in an UTR fashion.  I know I have proved I can succeed in a major game like this.  I’ve matured and improved immensely since I arrived here almost two years ago.  I’ve learned through succeeding in several different group games all the aspects it takes to take on Byevivor head-on, just like I have with any and every other game I’ve ever been a part of.  I am no game bot, I will say what’s on my mind and work the house, just like in Pure, in a way that will crown ME as the winner of Apocalypse.  All you must do is give me the chance, and there’s a 0% chance you’re going to regret your decision.   Let me shine, my dude! I will fight until you tell me I’m evicted and will never give up at any point!  I wish you good luck with casting, but the best of luck will be to my fellow castmates with me in the game (I like this new confidence thing I’m trying).   Good look to all the other applicants and thank you for considering me.

    P.S. -- I thought for a while after the conversation we had, and I 100% believe I have the time to put my all into this.
    Sammy   Hopeful Application

    Zwooper Username: Sammy
    Name: Samuel
    Age: 17
    Name Design: Sammy – Jew Krew
    Skype: live:e4736448b43fe22f
    Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative? Yep – Gyazo and Imgur
    Can you submit Challenge Scores within a 24-Hour Period if needed? Hells yeah I can
    Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype Chats? Confessionals are how I vent.  Without confessionals, my stupid ass gets into fights that provokes my exit from the game.  I love pretending like I’m Gossip Girl when writing in my confessionals, it’s honestly hilarious.  I submit a few good-sized monologues per round.
    What is your shining moment on Zwooper?  Marc, you’re embarrassing me!  I hate to admit it, but I still don’t think I’ve had my shining moment on Zwooper.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done some pretty big things during my time here.  ZBB, The Cage, 100 FS wins, being The Mole in The Mole, etc.  I’ve done amazing in the games I’ve preformed in, but I wouldn’t qualify any of those experiences as my "shining moment".  I’ll be blunt with you, I haven’t had that moment in the two years I’ve been here, and it takes a big person to admit that.  This can and WILL be it, Bye, just give me the chance.
    What Past Group Games have you played in and what did you place?  Performances I’m PROUD of: ZBB19 – 6th , The Cage 7 – 6th, NBB3 – 4th, YANTO7 – 4th, ZAnon Choices – 4th, The Mole – Successfully played as The Mole (never suspected – I basically won)

    Hit the limit -- Part 2 coming @ ya! 
    NInjaTurtleDude   Hero Applications

    Zwooper Username: NinjaTurtleDude
    Name: Ninja
    Age: 19
    What would you like your Name Design to say?
    Ninja - Gay College Dude
    Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative? Yes
    Can you submit Challenge Scores within a 24 Hour Period if needed? Yes
    Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype Chats? Hell yeah!
    What is your shining moment on Zwooper?
    My shining moment was when I was cast to play Byevivor: Atlantis. Is was like the first major group game I have done and it really helped me build a reputation for future group games.
    Why do you have unfinished business in Byevivor and why should you return?
    When I started playing Byevivor: Atlantis, things were going pretty well for me. Unfortunately, I was exterminated after my shitty performance in a fashion round. I deserve to return because I had a lot of potential back then and I can definitely take on this challenge again now that my group game reputation is stronger than before.
    What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no other will?
    I'm gonna come in here and give 250 FUCKIN PERCENT!!!! I never give up! I will fight in this game til my last breath!
    xDimentio   I really want to play this sometime but I just don't have the time in my life right now :c sorry!!
    Timman10   Hero Application
    1: Timman10
    2- Tim
    3- 22
    4- Tim "Mathematician" 
    5- You should have it from the previous time i played the game but Tim Westine
    6- Yes
    7- Absolutely never had that problem the first time I played the game
    8- Absolutely, Im usually not an overly aggresive player in confessionals but your game brings that character out of me as I've never cared enough about a game as much as I did the original Byevivor. 
    9- I think my shining moment was winning season 2 of the Cage in a dominant fashion as pretty much a nobody to the website. 
    10- Everything, two seasons of ZBB, Byevivor the original, two seasons of the cage, the cube. I've played every marquee game on the website and have had relatively good results in everything but ZBB 
    11- I will bring a new style of game, that is more common in ORGs, over the last year leavivng Zwoop for a while I've played a bunch of different styles games and been in many different situations I never experienced here and those are the kind of tactics I'm trying to bring here to byevivor. 
    Swish   Oops accidentally pressed add comment 

    Okay anyway I will bring my social game that I’ve been working so hard on and I’ll bring my underrated gameplay and take people by surprise 
    Swish   Hopeful Application

    1. Zwooper Username: Swish (Originally marmur40)
    2. Name: Marcus
    3. Age: 16
    4. What would you like your name design to say? (Name & Occupation): Marcus & Student
    5. Skype: derfred32 
    6. Do you have gyazo or an appropriate alternate: Yes!
    7. Can you submit challenges scores within 24 hours if needed?: Yep 110%
    8. Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype chats?: of fucking course!!!! You have no idea how much I’ll talk!
    9. What is your shining moment on zwooper?: I think this far my shining moment would have to be winning Tommy’s Survivor 6 as it was a really really stressful game and played a really heroic game, I kept my numbers and played with my head and got the win which was definitely my favourite moment ever, another would be making the concept of the chase, being the main coach for season 1 and then assisting season 2 before I left 
    10. What Past group games have you played?: there is a complete list on my profile however the main ones would be 
    The Cage 4
    The Cage AS
    Tommys Survivor 
    The Cube
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor that no one else will bring?: I will bring my whole 

    Brxan   Hopeful Application

    1. Zwooper Username: Brxan
    2. Name: Bryan
    3. Age: 22
    4. What would you like you name design to say? (Name & Occupation): Bryan & Cafe Worker
    5. Skype:  Frozenshadow09.Tengaged
    6. Do you have gyazo or an appropriate alternate?:  Yes i do! 
    7. Can you submit challenges scores within 24 hours if needed?: I can 100%
    8. Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype Chats?: Yes i will be spilling every ounce of info in my confessionals <3 
    9. What is your Shining Moment on Zwooper?:  Well if it would have to be group game related it would be getting 7th in Wild's Legacies after completely slaying the game competition wise and social wise and then going out due to my power being out for like 3 days LOL, but other than that it would be achieving my goal of sky level through my work in games especially long ones like LS and 24/7
    10. What past group games have you played in?:  Trustfall 3 or 4 one of those, Wild's Legacies, Clash's Big Brother USA, Welcome To Hell, Currently in Slasher, Sing For Your Life, and Tommy's Survivor 8
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no other will?: Dedication and Determination! Even being in multiple games I am able to still perform my best no matter the circumstances I always put my 100% into what i do and I never give up even if the outcome is not looking good. No one will be able to tell me how to play my own game and no one can expect me to sheep them to the end because i play my own game until my fire is put out.
    RobbedGodess   1: RobbedGodess
    2: Shawn
    3: 18
    4: Shawn- Slutty Gay Boy 
    6:Gyazo :D 
    7: Yes! :D
    8: 100% <3 I always try to submit at the least 3 confessionals a day
    9: Winning Byevivior Anonymous Anarchy alongside Justin, winning SBBUK 4, winning Totem 4
    10: The Zwooper Apprentice Season Two: 3rd/16, Totem 4 Winner, SBBUK 4 Winner, 
    11: I have won numerous games in various formats and I believe that my social skills, competitive nature, and experience in multiple formats will make me an interesting player. I have applied and express how badly I have wanted to be a part of this game for a long time now and if there is anyone that is fitting to be on the Hopeful team it's me! Good luck with the casting process I know you will find a stellar cast with or without me! :) 

    Shoib   Group Games I have been in - ZBB1, ZBB16, SJBB5 and Lynettes Survivor 2
    Wcplays   Name Design: Drake "Theater Nerd"
    Sorry really tired when I typed this 
    Phoenix723   4. What would you like your Name Design to say? (Name & Occupation): Phoenix, Astronomer

    Forgot about this one, oops :p

    survivorallstar   HOPEFULL APPLICATION

    Zwooper Username: survivorallstar

    Name: Jacob

    Age: 17

    What would you like your Name Design to say? (Name & Occupation): Jacob, Corn Farmer.

    Skype: Live:jacobknepp

    Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative: Yes, I have Imgur

    Can you submit Challenge Scores within 24 hours if needed? Yes, That is possible for me.

    Will you be active in your confessional and skype chats: Absolutely

    What is your shining moment on Zwooper?:  Being crowned the winner of ZBB19. I had wanted to play for a very long time, and to finally get selected was a dream come true. Making it that far to the end was an incredible experience and it triumphs everything else that I have done on Zwooper.

    What Past Group Games have you played in and what did you place? I have played in quite a few games. ZBB19: Winner, PSBB2: 2nd Place, ILM6: 6th  The Cube 11: 5th

    What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no one else will:  I think I can bring an excellent social game. In almost every game I play I try to utilize my connections that I have established to better my position in the game.I also never half-ass anything and give it my all no matter what. I know that I have to be willing to adapt and improvise to do well in this type of a shifting format, and I think I have what it takes. I also know an unhealthy amount of survivor trivia :P

    Clash   Okay after thinking a lot I’ve decided to apply. 

    Hero application 
    Name: Clash
    Age: 16
    What would you like your name design to say? Clash, Robbed Legend
    Skype: Clash4war1997 
    Do you have Gyazo? Yes sir. 
    Can you submit scores within 24 hour period if needed? Yep. 
    Will you be active in your confessional and skype chats: yes 
    What is your shining moment on zwooper? People calling me zbb Winner lol
    Why do you have unfinished business and should return? Okay many of these people have gotten out because of their own fault, I won’t say I didn’t got out because of my own fault I indeed did but I got out in a round where I couldn’t do anything to survive and save my ass, you have seen how hardcore I tried to win after having target on my back and went so far almost won, ugh won’t go that far but I tried! The apprentice round still hunts me in my dreams and I think this time I can definitely improve myself :)
    What will you bring to Byevivor Apocalypse that no other will? I will bring what a host needs. I am a very unique person I fight with people and the next second they are my close ally and plant fake fights, blindside people and act innocent. And even after doing all this I make far in games. I know what to do and when. 
    SwagSwag   Hero Application:
    Username: SwagSwag
    Name: George
    Age: 19
    What would you like your Name Design to say?: George/Surrogate Mother
    Skype: zwooper.swag
    Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative? Idk what that is but i can get it?
    Can you submit challenge scores within a 24 hour period? yes
    Will you be active in Confessional and Skype Chats? yes, as always
    What is your shining moment on Zwooper?: When I came 4th in ZBB5/getting cast for ZBB10, when I won Johnny and Nick's Challenge Cutthroat, Winning two long survivals and getting to blue level in 4 years. So just a few shining moments that many wouldn't consider big feats but to me I always play games to have fun and winning is a bonus. Yes i didn't win ZBB5, I can't remember who did but I'm just glad that I got to the end (almost).
    Why do you have unfinished business in Byevivor and why should you return?: Because I was actually playing alright until I was voted out in a dog eat dog round when I got a faster time than Doodle but sadly got a penalty for an incorrect answer, losing by less than 30 seconds. I definately proved myself last time in Atlantis but this time I need to be able to show that I can take it all the way. My highlight from Atlantis was in round 2 when I spearheaded the Breeze vote due to our prior rivalries.
    Before, I wasn't able to give the game the versatility that it required but now I know I can.
    What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no other will?: As our Lord and Savior, Monique Heart, would say - I'm a production. Every single game I always give what the public wants and my edgic will be OTTP5 from start to finish so I would love to be the hero that everyone knows that I am. I bring mess, I bring drama and I bring the show, all of which makes me the hero that deserves a second shot at the crown. 
    Micks   Hero Application:

    Username: Micks
    Name: Michael
    Age: 17
    What would you like your Name Design to say?: Michael/Literal God
    Skype: Micks_Zwooper
    Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative? yes
    Can you submit challenge scores within a 24 hour period? yes
    Will you be active in Confessional and Skype Chats? yes
    What is your shining moment on Zwooper?: My shining moement would be winning The Wild, because of the 3 group games I've won, that was the most fun, and it was a challenge based game, and I alwas though of myself as more of a strategic plaer rather than physical.
    Why do you have unfinished business in Byevivor and why should you return?: In my season of Byevivor I got last place, and I know I'm a much better player than that. The round I got out in was The Quest, and the safety challenge for getting the most last places came down to PocketRocket and I, and after spending all day getting lasts, I wasn't able to keep up with him because I ran out of chips and couldn't join numbers games as frequently as he could. HOWEVER, Pocket and I made a deal to save eachother no matter who won, so I should have been fine right? Well Pocket broke our to save Trinity over me. And to put more salt in the wound, the reason he broke our deal was because I never messaged him after I won, and I didn't message him because the message I sent him actually didn't send because my service at work was terrible lol. So overall a few unfortunate events and dumb mistakes by me lead me to go out wayy too early, and I know that had I made it past that round I would have done so well, but now I need the chance to prove it to everyone else.
    What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no other will?: I think in general I'm a lot less emotional than most people, which in normal life is kind of a bad thing, but when playing a game like this it really lets me make decisions that are best for me without worrying about who I'm friends with and who will be mad at me. Also I think just because I got last in Byevivor: Genesis, I'll probably have the smallest ego going in, which could definitely be an advantage. The Hopefuls will all think this is their game to win, and the other Heros all most likely lasted long enough to see themself as robbed or something like, but I'm not gonna go in as if I already have the game won, but rather like I need to do whatever I can to prevent myself from being a loser again.
    ozzy1817   Name: Ozzy1817
    age: 20
    what would you like your name design to say: name and occipation 
    skype: ozzy18171
    do you have gyazoor an appropriate alternative: no
    can you submit challenge scores in a 24 hour period if needed : yes
    will you be active in your confessional and skype chats: yes
    what is your shining moment on zwooper: in 247 made final 4 and got voted out by 1-1
    why do you have unfinished business in byevivor and why should you return?: no
    what will you bring to byevivor apocalypse that no other will : i will bring the heat and put up a good fight 
    BuyAchair   Hopeful Application:

    1. Zwooper username: BuyaChair
    Name: Ari
    Age: 14
    Name Design: Ari - Chair salesman 
    Skype: Fountainmass
    I have Imgur :)
    7. Yes, my summer break starts when the game starts, so its a match!
    8. Yes
    9. I think I honestly have quite a bit, but my main one was the cage 6, or Tommy Survivor, for the cage it was where I pretty much controlled the game and played one of the biggest villain games the whole season, making big moves that barely puts myself off the block! TS6 was where I played a mean game and i was in the middle of the 2 majority alliances, and i pulled off an epic blindside which took out 2 members of the "Favorites" alliance, and secured myself to the end getting 2nd place, the cage though, wasn't so lucky, and got 7th.
    The cage 6: 7th place
    CMIYC2: 2nd place
    TS6: Fans vs Favourites: 2nd Place
    Trustfall 4: 5th Place
    AHS4: 3rd
    SBBUK4: 7th
    Champions: 8/7th but im taking 7th dx
    Survivor Honduras: 2nd
    EBB2: 5th
    11. A social game nobody can beat, and a winner that will be remembered ;)
    Phoenix723   Hero Application
    1. Zwooper Username: Phoenix723
    2. Name: Aiden
    3. Age: 15
    4. What would you like your Name Design to say? (Name & Occupation):
    5. Skype (PM If You Prefer): live:aidenschue723
    6. Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative?: I have Imgur, so yes
    7. Can you submit challenge scores in a 24 hour period if needed?: Yes
    8. Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype Chats?: Yes
    9. What is your shining moment on Zwooper?: 
    10. Why do you have unfinished business in Byevivor and why should you return?: In season 1, I was so excited to play when it was revealed that I was put in the cast. I feel like I was an underdog back then and I wanted to do so much and to go very far in the game but that didn't happen. My gameplay was sloppy and bad back then and that led to my demise. My style of gameplay has really developed and has gotten much better since season 1. I have unfinished business with Byevivor because I didn't do what I wanted to do in the game and I was eliminated so early. I should return so I can do what I wanted to do in season 1 and become one of the immortals.
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no other will?: Determination and drive. I did terribly in season 1 and I need to redeem myself and recover from that failure. I'm going to fight much harder and play much better than I did two years ago.
    ujmlkio   Hopeful Application
    1. Username - Ujmlkio
    2. Name - Ujmlkio
    3. Age- 16
    4. Name Design - Ujmlkio - Student
    5. Skype -
    6. Yes I have Gyazo
    7. Yes
    8. Definently
    9.Being a contestant on the fourth season of The Cage
    10. Dolphin Swag's Big Brother 1 - 4th Place; The Cage 4 -6th Place; The WIld 3 -12th.
    11. An undying desire to play the game as well as the ability to shut up in certain scenarios.
    SuperDoodle   1. Username: SuperDoodle
    2. Name: Taylor
    3. Age: 21
    4. Name Design? Doodle. Student.
    5. Skype: super.doodle2
    6. Does imgur work? I can screenshot my scores if thats what this means.
    7. Of course!
    8. I'll be super active. This lines up perfectly with my winter break, so there will be no funny business this time around.
    9. My shining moment on Zwooper was winning ZBB16 and being ranked the best ZBB Winner. 
    10. I have unfinished business because I was eliminated after a dumbass mistake of my own doing. I forgot to submit my vote (and would have been safe and set to coast if I submitted). I wasn't nearly active enough, and that game remains my biggest regret in my Zwooper career. I was a staple of this franchise when it was a Survival Choices series, and I'd love to redeem myself. 
    11. I have the ability to game with the best of the best, and I can also bring a lot of character to the show. I am my feistiest when I'm in group games, and you can expect conflict and plot from me. 
    Shoib   1. Username : Shoib
    2. Age : 21
    3. Name: Shoib
    4. Name design: Shoib - Banker
    5. Skype  shoibzwoper
    6. Gyazo: Yes
    7.Submit challenge scores on time? Absolutely
    8. Active in confessionals and skypechats? Yes
    9. What is my shining moment on zwooper: Making it to the top 5 of ZBB twice despite the fact I had a huge target on my back in both games. ZBB1 is still to this day the best group game I have ever been a part of.
    11. What will I bring to Byevivor that nobody else will?: I am a fucking KING, I think I have one of the most diverse and unpredictable playstyles on the whole site and need to tick Byevivor off my list of games I need to play
    Dswag   Hero application

    1. Username : Dswag
    2. Age : 19
    3. Name: Dylan
    4. Name design: Dylan- Hypochondiac
    5. Skype
    6. Gyazo: Yes
    7.Submit challenge scores on time? Absolutely
    8. Active in confessionals and skypechats? Of course!
    9.  What is my shining moment on zwooper: Not even being a suckass id say my game in ZBBUS1 or my first byevivor season. lthough i may not have been SHINING in those games I wasa huge theat and had a lot of fun
    10. Why do I have unfunished business with byevivor and why I should return: From day 1 I saw Alice's domination of the game coming from a mile away. So from about week 3 on I started to try and build an army to take her down. However, I didn't think McKenna would throw me under the bus to her, especially when I attempted to save her ass like 2 rounds prior. However,I'm not completly lacking self awareness so I know that this was not the only downfall in my game.. There's many things I think I could've handled beter or things I could have tried just a bit harder in and i think those 3 things kinda led to my demisel the first time around. Plus, you even said it yourself, you thought iI was gonna make f3.By default that means F7 was way too soon, so I fit the description!
    11. What will I bring to Byevivor that nobody else will?:  You already know it's my one of a kind personality and my dynamic gameplay. I have the mindset that any negative in a game like this can be turned into a positive and I don't very many people have the ability to do that besides me.

    popular   oops i see some all star applicants.... let the losers shine for once!
    ianinator   oh I forgot one more question
    Can you submit challenge scores within a 24 hour period if needed: Yes
    JeremyHLikesFood   oh also i was the first (i think) person in byevivor HISTORY to will a trident to someone else because i was elimmed before i got to use it,,, and if that doesn't show that i left too soon, i don't know what does
    JeremyHLikesFood   hero app!!

    zwooper username: @JeremyHLikesFood
    name: jeremy
    age: 16
    what would you like your name design to say? Jeremy - Crime Scene Investigator (or csi if that's too long)
    skype: jeremyhlikesfood
    do you have gyazo or an appropriate alternative? yep!!
    can you submit challenge scores within a 24 hour time period if needed? yes, my schedule has literally nothing big on it for the entirety of winter & spring, so i'm ready for some ACTION
    will you be active in your confessional and skype chats? LMFAOOOO.... ask johnny about my zbb confessionals : )
    what is your shining moment on zwooper? my shining moment is yanto6. all the cards lined up: i won comps when i needed to, made moves, formed bonds with people, didn't burn bridges with the cast (that's a big one), took risks, and won the game. i'm really proud of that because i played what i think is the perfect game, and it was my first big group game victory.
    why do you have unfinished business in byevivor and why should you return? i have unfinished business because my exit in atlantis was one of my worst group game eliminations ever.... and i've played around 50 of them. in the third round, i was partnered with tommy, and due to the different timezones it didn't work out. in the elimination challenge, i worked my tail off all day, but came short by about 3 points and 45 seconds. it really sucked getting out after only 3 rounds and not even making jury, and i've been itching for a chance to return ever since. i need to return to right my byevivor wrongs and show everyone that my gameplay has evolved, just like the virus.
    what will you bring to byevivor: apocalypse that no other will? i'll bring myself. i know literally every other person has said some version of that, but i'm unlike anyone else on zwooper. i'm social, entertaining, smart, funny, dedicated, and have a bit of an ego. i'll fight tooth and nail to the end and i'm willing to put myself through anything to get me the win.

    ps: if you want me to use grammar in the actual game or wherever if it's easier for episodes then so be it
    ianinator   Hero Application
    Zwooper Username: @ianinator
    Name: Ian
    Age: 21
    What would your like you name design to say? Name: Ian. Occupation: Certified Public Accountant
    Skype: ian.gee10
    Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative: Yes and Yes
    Will you be active in your confessional and skype chats? Yes
    What is your shining moment on zwooper: I don’t really have much but probably playing ZBB and placing 3rd which isn’t the best but my best.
    Why do you have unfinished business in Byevivor and why should you return: I feel like when I played in the first season, I did OK. I was against people who have past relationships that I wish I knew and despite that, I placed 8th and played the best game I could. I took the game seriously which was evident as I pushed myself to do well in challenges. I won them when I needed to until I got eliminated. My downfall was that I was not as aware as I should have and was not socially with other housemates and also trusted people I thought I could trust. Also I was so focused in targeting certain people that I was not able to see the bigger picture which ended my time in the game. Even though I haven’t played any big group games in so long to build up my reputation to be called a hero, I want to return to this game because this is definitely one of the better games I have played in this site and also to show how much I have grown as a person and as a player. AND also to enjoy the game more this time around. I know I am not the typical “returnee” but I would like to give it a go once again. =)
    What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypes that no other will? I think what I will bring to the competition this time around that no other will is the new version of myself. I feel like, over time, I have grown so much and I'm ready to surprise people that I am forced to be reckoned with and also treat more people with kindness. 
    devon19   Hero Application

    1. Zwooper Username: devon19
    2. Name: Devon
    3. Age: 34
    4. Name Design: Devon/Old Guy
    5. Skype: devonthedad
    6. Gyazo: installed and ready to go!
    7. Challenge Scores: In the words of the infamous JaRule, Always on time
    8. Active in Confessionals/Chats: I will be up in there all day every day!
    9. Shining moment on Zwooper: This is a tough one, I still think it has to be my breakout in ZBB6. I really came out of nowhere to perform really admirably for being a relative unknown and then becoming a mainstay for several years. Of course, I love making vlogs to bring smiles to people faces, so a lot of people remember me for those. (Will definitely have a few of these!)
    10. Why I have unfinished business and why should I return: My battle with Byevivor goes back to the origin story, what you could call the Episode 1 of the Byevivor series. My first ever real game on Zwooper, I got fifth but really thought I should have gone farther. Then we have Atlantis, I really tried to play more of an upfront and out there game. With so many great palyers I lasted for quite awhile, but was taken out by a friendly ally who thought I was just too big a threat (Love you Noah!). I have come so close every time I have played this game and I want to come back to not only Byevivor, but also my first game in a long time. I have been waiting for a game to really challenge me and I think this is it!
    11. What I will bring that no one else will: I bring a lot to the table in every game. I always give it my 100% effort to what I feel will get me far in any game I play. I have learned over time that one strategy might work for some time, but that you really have to adapt your gameplay to ensure you are safe and in a good position. I feel I have the adaptibility to outplay any other player in the game. I also  pride myself on a social game that I feel is one of my best assets as well. Most of all I will bring every effort to win this game, gloves off I want to win!
    BostonRob524   Hopeful Application

    1. Zwooper Username | BostonRob524
    2. Name | Chris
    3. Age | 18
    4. What would you like you name design to say? (Name & Occupation) | Chris | Shift Manager
    5. Skype | ginger_chris2
    6. Do you have gyazo or an appropriate alternate? | Yes!
    7. Can you submit challenges scores within 24 hours if needed? | Most Definitely!
    8. Will you be active in your Confessional and Skype Chats? | Yes! Gonna spill all of the TEA!
    9. What is your Shining Moment on Zwooper? | My shining moment on Zwooper, probably isnt what you would expect because it isnt all that memorable but it was definitely an amazing moment regardless! I participated in The Cage 2, Survived 3 Nominations, and went on to just barely get 2nd Place by 9%! Its a very shining moment too me!
    10. What past group games have you played in? | Johnnyvivor 5 - 1st , The Cage 2 - 2nd , PSBB 2 - 9th , The Cube 3 - 9th, The Cube 12 - 9th , ZBB 9 - 15th
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no other will? I will bring a mixture of Social, Strategic, and physical play! I will time out each move precisely and in an order that gets who I want out when I want them out, lining me up for an easy victory path! I've applied to all 4 of the previous Season and can understand being turned down but I really feel like this is the time, to put me in there and let me show you just how hardcore I can play! I make the bonds to be able to make the moves, when I want and I bring the physicality into play when I would like to use a power to my advantage to again make deals and progress my game even further than it already was!
    Joss   Hopeful application'

    Username: Joss

    Name: Joss

    Age: 18

    Name tag: Joss - Student

    Skype: live:redsoxfan520.joss

    Do you have Gyazo: yes.

    Can you submit challenge scores: Yes of course! 

    Will you be active in confessionals and Skype chats: Yes 100%!

    What is your shining moment on Zwooper: I would say making f2 in fast survival with 0 votes with out any immunity and i would also say i always get far in fs with my #1 friend.

    Past group games: Survivor friendship (currently in)
    Avalayne   Hopeful application

    Username: Avalayne
    Name: Nia
    Age: 19
    Name tag: Nia - Assassin
    Skype: live:6ff25d644587aecf
    Do you have Gyazo: I have Imgur
    Can you submit challenge scores within 24 hours: Yes of course!
    Will you be active in confessionals and Skype chats: Yep, I’ll try to
    What is your shining moment on Zwooper: Winning the 247 anon choices

    Past group games: 

    247 anon choices - Winner
    Survival choices champions vs challengers - 21/40
    Survivor ethos - tied at 13th/16 (got idoled out :/)
    I’m currently in like 5 more group games but they are still in progress so I have no placement yet.

    what will you bring to byevivopr: Unpredictability. I am still trying to develop my gameplay and considering I am not that well known I feel like most people will not know what to expect from me, which can make the game more interesting :)
    Nates_great   Hopeful application 
    1. Nates_great
    2. Nates
    3. 15
    4. Nates, Duck Trainer
    5. Nates_Great
    6. Discord? and i can just get others if needed
    7. of course
    8. yes for sure
    9. I dont feel ive exactly come to it yet. and im still finding my spot. I think this could be the game i do find my shining spot and show to zwooper that this kid can play.
    Yourivor: eps. havent came out (I can pm u what i got)
    NBB3: 3rd
    Wilds legacies 6th
    the Chase: 6th
    Exacution: 6th
    and a bunch more but those are the ones I remember ha.

    11. With all the seasons played I feel I cant bring much new to the table of the game but me. my gameplay is rather unique i feel compared to others, but I couldnt pin one exact thing. all in all I will bring my hardest effort ive ever put in a game. and bring a new winner to the game ;)

    Zwooper Username: greenbay712

    Name: Noah

    Age: 17

    What would you like your Name Design to say?: Noah - Law Student

    Skype: live:bf9889ccf80590ed

    Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative?: I use Windows+PrtSc but I mean I can use whatever. nbd.

    Can you submit challenge scores in a 24 hour period if needed?: duh.

    Will you be active in your confessionals and Skype chats: Now you know DAMN well what the answer to those questions are. (The answer is yes.)

    What is your shining moment on Zwooper?: Playing in Vinvivor 3. I was so close to winning it all, especially after merging down 8-2 and having my only teammate get 10th, getting third was phenomenal for me. I didn't expect to get so close and, if I could have smooth talked just a little bit more, I may have won it all. (This was back when Vinvivor was a respectable series.)

    Past Group Games: Dear god, you're gonna make me list them ALL? Here's a few: Fanny's King's of Fashion, S2 and S4. Violet's Drag Gag. Carter's Drag Race (Top 3). EGVGV & EGATD. ZBB13 (8th), ZBB18 (16th/20), The Cage 7 (4th), Survivor Canada S1 (4th?), S3 (1st), Ben's Survivor (1st), XTVD SC2 (6th), Vinvivor 3 (3rd), JoeyP97 Choices 2(?), and many, many, others.

    What will you bring that no one else will?: Lemme stop you right there, chief. How about instead, I just list what I WON'T bring, because that's a much smaller list. I won't bring a boring-ass attitude. I know I my chances of winning aren't the greatest, so I'm gonna use what little time I may have to make an IMPACT on these people, one way or another. I won't bring my A-game. I'm gonna bring my S-game. A-game gets me fourth, or fifth, or third--I won't settle for that. If I'm gonna invest into a game as consuming as Byevivor is, I guarantee I'm gonna pour everything I have into it to try and win it all. I won't bring this whole "oh I'm gonna play it smart :)" mindset. Byevivor is changing constantly, and walking in thinking you're gonna play smart isn't gonna cut it, as has been proven by countless people consumed by the Virus before. You gotta play crafty. And crafty is my middle name.
    Violet   Hero Application

    1. Zwooper Username: Violet
    2. Name: Jacob
    3. Age: 18
    4. Name Design: Jacob / Gaymer
    5. Skype: fairlycody
    6. Gyazo: yes mama
    7. Challenge Scores: yes im speedy
    8. Active in Confessionals/Chats: yes very much so
    9. Shining moment on Zwooper: omg this is messy.. i would say leaking the keys for zbb10! that was kind of iconic and i still feel bad for it but like not really bc it was iconic. also my zbb18 vlogs were really nice even tho i flopped the game LOL i feel like i had a really nice public game that season unlike my past two!
    10. Why I have unfinished business and why should I return: oh god.. i was so robbed last season. i feel like i should return because i fought sooo hard in my last season. i was always on top of things and making sure that i was in a decent position. when i was up for extermination against the potential returnees, i fought so hard to stay in the game and it paid off. i think my blow up exposing the alliance chat ultimately caused my demise, so i think my unfinished business would be with that lol. i would do things a bit differently in that aspect but i would definitely bring back my determination and my will! i'd love to be given another chance and make it further than i did last time. 
    11. What I will bring that no one else will: i will bring my will and determination of course! but also i think i have a unique gameplay that no one else really has. i'm not extremely strong in any aspect like social, strategy, or strong in comps, but i think i make up for all fo that with my personality. i'm not afraid to call people out and make sure people know that they can't cross me, and i'm not one to sit back and watch the game go by like some people in my last season did.  
    'Hopeful application'
    Username: M2thamax
    Name: Michael
    Age: 32
    Name tag: Max - Tower Blocks King
    Skype: M2thamax
    Do you have Gyazo: yes I do!
    Can you submit challenge scores: Yes of course! Will not miss a single one!
    Will you be active in confessionals and Skype chats: Yes 100%! Any long game, I give it my all and my full detication!
    What is your shining moment on Zwooper: I would say when I won Survivor : New School vs Old School! But me winning Byevivor will obviously top that :)
    Past group games: Survivor New School vs Old School, 1st place! BB 247 choices, 2nd place. Illusion 247 choices, 2nd place. BBAnon's Survival choices, 3rd. Chris's Anon Survival coaches choices, I was the winning coach as both members in the F2 were my players!
    What will you bring to Byevivor Apocalypse: I am a strategic player at all times, but I am social as well, so I feel like I'm able to adapt to anything you throw at me. Any long game I play, I always give it my all, so you won't have to worry about an inactive or a boring player! I have always wanted to play Byevivor after watching the episodes and keeping up with it and always thought it was one of the most entertaining and best games on zwooper! Hope I can get a shot to play it and win :P Thanks :)
    Username: heuse1ac
    Name: Drew
    Age: 29
    Name Tag: Drew - That Tumblr Kid™
    Skype: heuse1ac
    Gyazo: Lightshot, but yes
    Scores in 24 hours period: Yes!
    Confessionals and skype chats: Honestly I will more than likely spend most of that time being mocked by Johnny and Connor and we all know it, but it's really not their fault I'm this beautiful so I don't hold their pettiness against them
    Shining moment so far: Making finals in my ZBB season is honestly a high point for me not just for Zwooper but for my org life in general. I was told by a LOT of people that I had no business being there, it wasn't fair that I was cast, that I was only hurting myself from being eligible for future seasons when I had more of a name, because I was squandering my chance now when no one would support me, so being able to turn that around both in-game and surviving four public votes was a big deal for me.
    Past Group Games: Johnny/Niek's Challenge Series (5th), ZBB17 (2nd), The Cube 13 (1st), The Chase III (2nd)
    What will i bring: I think what I bring to these games is a different mindset and approach to games in general, and a willingness to work out incoming twists, if there's one thing in orgs that I'm truly good at, it's thinking through all the pieces of a twist or a specialty round and finding the ways it can work for me. Plus I know virtually no one, I don't spend a lot of time outside of group games on this site, so if you're trying to cast for diversity in previous LSs and 247s and make sure you're not accidentally casting a pre-made from a season you never followed, I'm a pretty safe bet!
    popular   Hero Application

    1. Zwooper Username: popular
    2. Name: Skylita
    3. Age: 19
    4. Name Design: Skylita - African Royalty
    5. Skype: whimsei (you have it bae ;) )
    6. Gyazo or alternative: i can download it
    7. Scores within 24 hours: yes gorge
    8. Active in Confessionals/Chats: oh yes darling
    9. Shining moment on Zwooper: I WOULD say winning Dragula, which kickstarted my fashion career, made me a household name, and had me design for the most prominent celebrities ( @Puffs @joeyc @Trinity2000 ). However, I think my best moment on Zwooper was this post: (  ) 
    10. Why I have unfinished business/why should I return: Marc, you know damn well you bamboozeled me that first time; casting not only Noah, but Danny too? they were a straight male powerhouse that season, and it was just a huge mess of tomfoolery. Not only was I the reason my tribe lost the first challenge, but I stayed for like 2 more rounds before the white brigade got me gal... my mind was so powerful in that era. I was done so dirty and I want to be put into a cast where nobody fucking hates me so I can at least have a clean slate with this game. ALSO my last memory wall avatar was a fucking mess and I have to reverse the curse sis. 
    11. What I will bring that no one else will: Hopefully some fucking diversity......... literally all these memory walls take me back to the 1920's with the amount of milk plastered in every contestant slot. Besides that, I really want to make the most of my second chance and prove to myself that I've still got it, whether it be through my physical prowess, social game, creole voodoo, or strategic game. I definitely didn't get to show what I could fully do, so this time im shooting up the doomsday device like a bullied white kid with an AR-15. In addition, you're going to need some people to draw GOOD episode titles from, unlike last season.... *looks around*
    Username: chesskid
    Name: Richard
    Age: 22
    Name Tag: Richard - Pro Heart Breaker
    Skype: live:9375f79f507c11ad
    Gyazo or alernative: Yes
    Scores in 24 hours period: Yes
    Ative in confessionals and skype chats: Yes
    Shinning moment so far: It'd have to be one of my 2 F24/7 wins, I've made it to at least f3 in F24/7 8 times.
    Past Group Games: Alot in my irrelevant times, but post me taking a break: NBB3, CJVIVOR, THE VOID, Z_ANON'S 24/7
    What will I will bring that no one else will: A pair of balls. A lot of times in group games people are afraid to make a move, tell a lie, or go for the big guys. I like to keep things interesting and fight for the little guy. 
    YourBoy   Hero Application
    1. Zwooper Username: @YourBoy
    2. Name: Richie
    3. Age: 25
    4. Name Design: Richie - Pizza Enthusiast
    5. Skype: Richie | YourBoy
    6. Gyazo or alternative: yes
    7. Scores within 24 hours: yes
    8. Active in Confessionals/Chats: yes
    9. Shining moment on Zwooper: I feel like I'm experiencing a little deja vu filling out this application LOL. My shining moments include winning the first Survival game I ever played in, winning my first Group Game in "Champions 3"", and winning my first Choices in "Sarvivor: Heroes Vs. Villains."
    10. Why I have unfinished business/why should I return: Going out 16th last season was a tough pill to swallow, especially by the hands of @BostonRobby (yes, I know @boojess nominated me, but it was Boston's move without a doubt). I was the season's MOST SHOCKING early boot, so this time I need to prove I have what it takes to come out on top. I have so much more left to offer and so I hope you deem me worthy of a second chance.
    11. What I will bring that no one else will: My familarity of how the game works having played before, but not being perceived as some huge massive threat to win because of it. It'll be like I'm evenly matched against all these newbies and that's the exact spot I want to be in.
    Trinity2000   Marc, my Byevivor bckgrnd is still MIA :(

    Username: Brazelle
    Name: Brandon
    Age: 23
    Name Tag: Brazelle, Game Changer
    Skype: live:brandonsuzelle
    Gyazo: YES
    Scores in 24 hours period: EASY
    Confessionals and skype chats: ONLY the very best
    Shinning moment so far: I havent been here a month yet but i am nearing 50 FS wins, i have proved myself as smart and competitive player hence me being cast on both Champions v Challengers and Saints v Sinners within my first 3 weeks here. so if that doesnt prove a hopeful can make things happen then i dont know what will.
    Past Group Games: Champions v Challengers. Sinners v Saints
    Wht will i bring: Hard work and determination but im not here to get mixed up in mindless fights, im here to play and slay, bring bold moves ,make plays that most would be too tentative to start or initiate.

    Isbnm   Hopeful application 
    Username: Isbnm
    Name: Brodie
    Age: 17
    name tag: Brodie, pornaholic
    Skype: Kingmomo45
    do you have Gyazo: yes
    can you submit challenge scores: of course I can I have no life
    will you be a give in confessionals and Skype chats: yes I love talking and being herd.
    What is your shining moment on Zwooper: winning my first LS (only took me 4 years)
    past group games: to many some examples are ILM 6 3rd, MBB 4th 
    what will you bring to byevivor apocalypse: a fun nature a social game and a great commitment to the game. Also a kiwi accent
    Trinity2000   Heroes!!!
    1. Trinity2000
    2. Becca
    3. 49+
    4. Trinity Goddess
    5. ZombieDeer
    6. I have imgur
    7. Yes I can
    8. Yes, I will be active in the Skype chats and I will put more effort in sending confessionals for your amusement
    9. I've have shown the public I can play a strong inn group games, ie Clash's Big Brother (I placed 3rd)
    10. When I played my season people didn't take me seriously. I'm like a diamond in the rough, besides you host the most iconic game on Zwooper!
    11. I am one of a kind, after 3 years more players are starting to see how multi dimensional I am
    JennaCyde   Hopeful Application:
    1. Zwooper Name: JennaCyde
    .2. Human Name: Victor
    3. Age: 31 
    4. Human Name: Victor Former Child
    5. Sykpe name: live:victorjizzholes
    6. Gyazo, Imgur I've got it it all and a hat.
    7. I see no reason why I couldn't
    8. Will I be active in Confessionals and Skype Chat? Does Melania Trump always look like she's calculating a tip? Yes Yes a hundred times Yes!
    9. What is my shining Zwooper moment?: Coming soon in Byevivor ;)
    10. I've applied for a few group games but no one has taken the chance to let me shine and I know I can win
    11. I will bring wisdom that age gives a person, Intellect, I'm an unknown under tested quanity in this game and because of this I will either go far and shine or burn out in a blaze of glory on a level none of this other hopeful applicants could hope to achieve.
    Mystery   Hopeful Application

    1.) Mystery

    2.) Cameron

    3.) 20

    4.) Cameron. Marketing Specialist


    6.) I do indeed have Gyazo

    7.) Absolutely. I'm here to play hard and fair.

    8.)  I 100% will be

    9.) Shining moment would have to be getting nominated for best 24/7 player. Someone saw my gameplay and thought I was one of the top players and that truly made it all feel worth it.

    10.) There's a lot to name so here is my wardrobe of Backgrounds to show all of what I have played.

    11.) I can outhink most people. The worst conditions in a game is where I thrive. My final 2 and I are nominated in 24/7 together, I find a way to get us both to the next day. You need someone who's a comp beast and loyal, I'm your guy. No other person can match my loyalty. I am one of the most analytical people on the site and I've been applying for this game for awhile and I think the Apocalypse themed season is where I will outshine all others. I know you didn't cast me because of my history of cheating but this is the holy grail of group games and I wouldn't dare jeopardize my chance to win this game. Not only am I only Hopeful, I am confident in my abilities. I'm here and I am ready to dominate this season and survive the Apocalypse. 
    rvandereb   oh and I'm dumb too, applying as hopeful!
    rvandereb   rvandereb Olivia 19 Livvy, Realtor rvandereb Imgur? For sure Definitely, I love doing confessionals and you just know I'll be at the centre of the drama until I go home... (or win obvi) Getting into ZBB All Stars! Byevivor - Bound Together: 8th | Johnnyvivor 3: 6th | The Cube 2: 4th | The Cube All Stars: 12th | I Love Money 5: 6th | I Love Money All Stars: 20th | ZBB13: 10th | ZBB16 - All Stars: 9th, and I can't remember the rest. I will bring a competitive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to win! I really haven't played a group game since ZBB All Stars where I dramatically flopped and placed 9th. I want to see if I still have what it takes to win these games and I think I'll be really fun in the cast. While I'm a lot more matured since I last played a game of yours, I'm still very dramatic and confrontive and if anyone crosses me, they will regret it. I think I'll add a layer to this game that no one else can, so cast me!
    joey2121   Hopeful Application
    1. joey2121
    2. Joey
    3. Age: 20
    4. Joey| Chef
    5. live:d09da9e06f61a88e
    6. I do have Gyazo
    7. I absolutely can
    8. I absolutely will, I can deliver witty dialogue, a sharp tongue, and a bright spot on a game of this magnitude. I know I can be a really funny guy when given the opportunity.
    9. My shining moment on Zwooper was winning a jury battle back on The Chase: All Stars with a broken Discord
    10. The Chase: All Stars, 6th| The Chase 2, 8th|The Cage 6| 9th place| ZBB17, 12th Place The Cube 13, 6th Place
    11. What I can bring to Byevivor: Apocolypse is a bright, positive mind with a cunning strategic thought process. I will put in 100% effort in ALL of the challenges, and what I can do is bring such a positive vibe to a very intense game. I’ve applied since season 3, and I really want this. I want this very, very, badly. I would kill to win this.
    JakeP97   oh im dumb af, applying as a hopeful 
    JakeP97   Zwooper Username: JakeP97
    Name: Jake
    Age: 21
    Name Design: Jake - Programmer
    Skype: technicaljake
    Yes I have gyazo.
    Yes I will send scores on time.
    Yes I will send confessionals of me having full on breakdowns (I will also vlog them now that I don't look like a whale)
    Shinning Moment: Winning ZBB10 of course, after that it was a fast decline into obscurity!
    Group Games: I had a list of them on my profile but I accidentally erased it whoops. But I’ve played in many group games and won a few too (High School, The Cube, & Endurance) There was also that game that I made you cry and beg me to take you to the final 2 because I am that bitch.
    What will you bring? You know that I’m a cutthroat, psychotic, overemotional Twink whenever I play games seriously. Expect the same excellence you saw when I won Byevivor 2 and a half year ago. 


    Also, I know I haven’t played many games on Zwooper or have been that active in general, but if cast just know that I will of course give this game my all! It’ll start when my semester ends so I need something to keep me entertained over winter break. ;)
    McKenna   Heroes!!!
    1. McKenna
    2. McKenna
    3. 18
    4. McKenna , Icon (If u cant do icon then student please :D)
    5. stoodpinee
    6. I do have gyazo
    7. Yes I can
    8. Yes, my rants in confessionals are amazing, not only will you get entertainment but usually I take out my anger in confessionals so you will get to see how I feel about most of the other players 
    9. I've had a good amount, I used to be the "Queen of FLS" because of how hot I did in such a short amount of time. I also have won 5 LS games in a row. Also, ILM8 I had a very successful run and ran the game almost the whole time, unluckily finishing the game in 4th place because of stupid CameronElite (jk love u).
    10. When I played my season I had no breathing room, all the players were with Alice and I couldn't get in the position to be the one in charge. I wasn't playing to follow the leader of just blend in the crowd like most of the cast did, therefore I went after Alice and tried to flip players in the process. Sadly, no one would do it which led to most of their downfall down the road. I should return because I fight so hard and I want to fight for this game again, I had so much fire in this game and I didn't give up till you told me I was evicted (twice actually oops). I fought to get back in the game in the first place, stayed up till 3 AM on a school night, originally was going to pull an all nighter that night but I missed one of the thingies oops.
    11. I have a huge strategic and social game, but what you get with the whole package is my entertainment with drama. I try and use drama affectively in a good way. When I stir up the pot it will always have a reason. I also have a bit of a temper, so I can get bitchy at times and call out people if I think it's necessary.

    Overall Marc, I hope you give me this second chance to play and I seriously will not let you down. I am active and I love playing your games, I have played a few of ur anonymous choices and even one of your byevivor seasons and I had my name in each every one of those games. I was never irrelevant in any of them, I always had something to say in the game or had something to do. Cast me and I will be active, and I will make this game my #1 Priority.

    If I don't get in, of course I will follow the season and I wish you the best of luck! <3

    ~*~*~*~*~The prettiest hopeful ever to apply~*~*~*~*~*

    1.Zwooper Username: Kaseyxo
    2.Name: Kasey
    3.Age: 16
    4.Name Design: Kasey, Thicc Queen
    5.Skype: live:ratmianfierce (the cringe jumped out)
    6.Gyazo: Always had and always will have
    7.Challenge Scores Within 24 hours: Absolutley 
    8.Confessionals: Yes hun Ill always be spilling T and talking about my game
    9.Shining Moment: Honestly this question is a little difficult to answer especially being who I am. Ive only recently hit the scene as a premier thicc goddess and ive been trying to leave my mark in whatever I apply for and I feel like I fufill it in some kind of way but I dont feel like ive properly had a standout look at me iconic type of moment as of right now I reckon my shining moment is being downright iconic and getting 2nd in my 3rd group game.
    10.Group Games: Bad Zwoops All Star Battle 3: 8 / 20 (Got It To Alot of Fights with The person running the game) The Cube 13: 10/16 (Got into to many fights in general) The Void 1: 2/16 (ROBBAGE AT ITS FINEST)
    11.What Will You Bring:  I Kaseyxo will bring not only my thiccness and my iconicness, I will bring the drive and the passion that I bring to any group game on this site. My competitve fierce nature that doesnt tolerate disresepct or rudeness. My very opinionated self that wont be afriad to call people out on lies and bulls***. Im also like totally funny and have a great sense of humor which allows me to make really iconic quotes <3. So this is what really make me stand out hun bun hope you had fun reading.


    hack_98   Hopeful
    1. hack_98
    2. Jared 
    3. 18
    4. Jared, Student
    5. jared.r.reese
    6. yes
    7. yes
    8. 100%
    9. Prolly ZBB5 szn
    10. havent played in a while, The Cube 1- 1st, BBBazaar- 3rd, ZBB5- 6th, Vinivivor: Open Waters- 6th
    11. An entertaining season, I can contribute to good blogs and chief a lot of challenge wins
    HarleyQuinn   Hopeful Application

    1. Username: HarleyQuinn
    2. Name: Lance
    3. 22
    4. Lance, Drag Queen
    5. harley.queenquinn
    6. I have snipping tool, but will download gyazo if that's what it takes
    7. Yes Gawdt
    8. Very active, more active than you think mawma
    9. My shining moment on zwooper is when I made my callout post of TheKid in ZBB14, twas the vlog heard round the zwoorld.
    10. Bye's Drag Race 4th, TheCube 3rd Place, I can't remember the others but I've been active here and there, and am ready to return with a vengeance
    11. Maybe another iconic callout vlog ;)
    RussellvsRob2019   1. Username: @RussellvsRob2019
    2. Name: Sarah
    3. Age: 17
    4. Name: Sarah Occupation: Winner
    5. Skype: sarahgz2019 (you have it) 
    6. Yes :)
    7. yes i have no life LOL. i live in this database
    8 Yes i love talking to myself 
    9. My shinning moment on zwooper is either winning high school 10, winning illusion choices 2, or being nominated for the lady lizard award. they're all special moments to me for different reasons. High school 10 I'm proud of what I did for myself, and pushing myself hard to work my ass off, win comps, and get the support of the public. Illusions was different because I'm proud of the way I worked with other people, including people I don't usually work with like Richie, Max, and Aaron, and by overcoming the odds to win. And then on a completley seperate note the lena award because of outside of games and realizing the importance of the communtiy and how it has affected me 
    10. HS10- winner, illusion2- Winner, endurance3- winner, the chase 3- 4th, Clash's Big Brother- 4th, and a ton more like who even remembers honestly
    11. Dedication, spirit, and no bullshit. I don't sit down and shut up when someone comes for me or my friends, I have strong opinions and I make them known, and i work hard to achieve my goals & I'll do whatever to make it happen
    KiwiConnor   1. KiwiConnor
    2. Connor
    3. 17
    4. Connor, Student
    5. I’ll PM you I can’t remember it off by heart
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Yes
    9. Winning The Cage 6 was my shining moment on Zwooper
    10. My profile has a list of every group game I’ve played in (that I can remember) and my placements
    11. Experience
    I will bring experience to the table as I have played in MANY group games over the 4 years I’ve been on Zwooper. I also have big boots to fill as the last major game I played was The Cage 6 which I won, this may or may not put an instant target on my back since people have seen that I can play and I’m not a meme. I believe I am deserving candidate and I promise to bring my A game if I was chosen.

    Thank you!
    jellyjam   My gif doesn doesn't work this is homophobia at it's finest

    1. Dolphin_Swag

    2. Allen

    3. 16

    4. Allen - Tea Brewer

    5. bigbrotherfan0563

    6. Yes, I have Imgur which I believe should work fine, but I will be looking to get Gyazo in the coming days.

    7. I'm on Zwooper all the time when I get the chance to log on, and I usually have enough downtime to do challenges and such for games, so competing in challenges with 24 hours is fine for me.

    8. Usually, I'm very active in my confessionals, and I can never stay out of them! I'm a person who likes to say what's on their mind, so I always have something I can talk about in my confessional, especially after a big event happens.

    9. I can't say my shining moment has come yet to be honest with you. I feel like every day I improve on Zwooper, and as the days go by, I'm growing so much as a player and a person. If I were cast, I could say maybe that could be my shining moment because one of my biggest dreams is to play Byevivor, but that may not even be it. After all, it's hard to judge your best moment when you're not even close to done! I would have to say so far one of my biggest moments though would be making it to blue circle. I never thought I would ever get to blue circle, but I did, and it just displays the growth and progress I've made!

    10. My past group game experience is a lot. I played in The Cage 4 back when I was still newer to the site, but I got last place. :( I played in some other small games like Phoenix's BB and Doodle's 24/7 loudmouths (though I don't know if that one counts) where I made awesome progress and didn't get first boot which was pretty good for me. Recently I've done so much better getting 11th in YANTO 7 (I was doing great until I was just shy of safety by 2 points and got eliminated by one vote D:) and also becoming the runner up of Trustfall 4 to one of the best strategic players on the site, and even WINNING cmgorilla's Big Brother Revenge where I won 6 competitions and was revenge nominated 4 times and nominated 6 times overall survivng each time to make it to the finale to win!

    11. I think because I have improved so much I have this sort of new hope for myself as a player. I feel like I have this fire now that's burning brighter than the sun! I think I have so much positivity and improvement in myself that can give me a way to get very far or even win the whole thing! I believe that the fire I've ignited inside of me is different than that of others and something unique in me that will provide for a very interesting game!

    Didn't think you would be back so soon Marc! Glad to see you're around! 

    jellyjam   Hopeful Applications
    1. Zwooper Username: jellyjam
    2.: Tony
    3. Age: 15
    4: What would you like your design name to say? (Namw and Occupation: Tony~ A Iconic Bitch
    5: Skype:
    6:Do you have Gyazo or an appropriate alternative: Mhm
    7. Can you submit Challenge Scores within a 24 Hour Period if needed: Of course hun.
    8. Will you be active in your Cofessional and Skype Chats: Sis I already installed a juice bar in my confessional, wanna drink heuheu.
    9. What is your shining moment on Zwooper: Winning Trustfall: Celebrity Edition, one of the best games I'll probably ever play. Whew Meryl Streep is that bitch.
    10. What past Group Games have you particiapted in annd what did you place: Mmkay I haven't played that many and two of the ones I played in got cancelled but my most memorable are...
    Trustfall ~ 1st
    High School ~ 7th
    YANTO ~ 11th
    and more I totally forgot eek.
    11. What will you bring to Byevivor: Apocalypse that no other will: Unpredictability, most of these hoes on this site don't know who I am and I love that heuheu. No one really knows how I play or how I think or act in various predicaments so I'll use that to my advantage. I'm also very outspoken which may or may not be a bad thing in this game and I have been told that my social game is iconic. Of course you're always going to lack in one area in any kind of game, but I think I'll use that to my advantage and come up with many possibilities in order to win this if I get in mmkay.

    Stream and buy Waves by Normani on all different platforms, muah,

    <iframe src="" width="480" height="360" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>

    doobee   doobee
    Name: Josh Occupation: Drug Dealer 
    Of Course 
    Yes but fair warning they will be messy yet entertaining just ask the ZBBUS staff

    I geuss my proformance in Johnny's The Challenge 3 It was my first game where people realised I am not just a noob fill in which is ironicly the reason why I was casted. But my favorite moment on zwooper is in ZBBUS I survived a 6-4 vote and won the following HOH and POV I just wish I could of done more with my power.

    Johnny's The Challnge 3 - 13th (Last round before finale)
    ZBBUS - 9th 
    ZBB - 12th 
    Vinvivor 4 - 1st 
    Vinvivor All-Stars - 10th 
    Sarvivor Hero's vs Villians - 17th 
    5 LS wins
    1 24/7 win 

    What I will bring to Byevivor that no one else will is my enthusiasm. One thing anyone who hosted me can tell you I can get really involved in these games somtimes a little too much and I end up making a fool out of myself, But somtimes it works to my benefit and I can cause huge power shifts. Im not particularly the most warm and kind hearted person infact im a bit sarcastic but I do have the ability to strategicly map out my own or someone elses next move and can create a False or TRUE sense of security for people who may not feel safe. I think im well rounded player who you would enjoy see playing in the rat race shit show we like to call BYEVIVOR.

    also I love you @Bye continue your drag saga please c:
    davidprincipe29   1. davidprincipe29
    2. David
    3. 23
    4. David - Musician
    5. davidprincipe29
    6. I do
    7. 100%, absolutely
    8. You bet your arse I will
    9. I have 3 that I hold dear. Winning my first group game called 3%, because I was the underdog by the time jury started, I was constantly targeted and somehow managed to garner a few jury votes and take home the win. My 2nd best shining moment was making the finals of The Chase All-Stars. I am the only player in Chase history to make the final 3 twice and to have made it to 2nd place made me feel just really good about myself as a player and what I can push myself to do when my back's against the wall. And finally, in Yourvivor S1, I placed 8th, but I managed to find TWO hidden immunity idols and TWO advantages, both of which I played correctly. Just shows I know when not to waste advantages/idols and when to play them at the right time and for the right people.
    10. The Chase All-Stars (2nd), YANTO (Seasons 2, All-Stars and 7), 3 seasons of Nachovivor, The Cage S7 (9th), various Survivor Choices, Yourvivor S1 (8th)
    11. I'm gonna a whole lot of ballsy moves and risk-taking. I'm not a player who's gonna lay down and watch as other players build up their resumes for the jury. I'm there to win and if I gotta step on some toes to get what I want, I'm gonna do that.
    JourdanCameBack   1) JourdanCameBack
    2) Jourdan 
    3) 16
    4) Name is Jourdan, Occupation is DIVA
    5) i’m gonna PM you it after i send my application :)
    6) Yes i do
    7) YES I most definitely will
    8) Yes i will
    9) I haven’t had the most graceful time here on Zwooper. i’ve been a crazy bitch since beta. I’ve had a few.. MOMENTS on zwooper. are they shining? ehhh.... maybe! i was the first person chat banned oooops, i was constantly involved in drama with a few select people for the course of about 2 years, i played the first anon skype game hosted on Zwooper! and of course my worst moment was very recent.. getting 14th in ZBB after my vote didn’t send in.. it may be suicide mentioning that in my application but you know it happened, everyone knows it happened. not at all proud of it. 
    10) as i just mentioned, 14th in ZBB Pure of course. i got 4th in The Chase season 1. i’ve played lots of anon games, my best i’ve done in survival anon is 3rd! and my best zbb anon is 5th. would’ve survived if it weren’t for my alliance member forgetting to vote ;)  i’m relatively new to group games
    11) Redemption. after my recent screw up in the other major group game i want to work my ass off to prove myself and prove i can win a game. after trying so freaking hard to get into ZBB and leaving that way it was so embarrassing i won’t leave any other way than being the winner. i want this so bad. i won’t to be the winner so bad. i feel like i want this more than anyone on this website.
    Sammy   Def applying!!!
    Chilltown56   So pumped for this! I can’t wait to see what this season has in store. If you are even on the fence about this game, just apply. It’s the most fun and greatest experience you can get on this site!
    ArcturusDean   1. @ArcturusDean
    2. Name: Dean
    3. Age: 19
    4. Name Design: Dean - Writer
    5. Skype: arcturusdean
    6. yep
    7. yep
    8. yep
    9. My most well known, shining moment, is making finals of Zwoovivor. I'm particularly proud of this moment because @Puffs and everyone else was shocked that I contributed to the strategy of the game and not the drama. I even believe I would have won, if I had not been involved in a twist in the premerge..

    Also currently in the top 7 of ZBB19.

    11. I'm someone who adapts to the other players and the game. I have the benefit of people not being able to predict how I will play. I'm really active, and still fresh off of ZBB (it'll be over before this starts), my body will be programmed to staying up long hours to do challenges and participate in social strategy 24/7.
    Runaways   Okay, for everyone acting like I didn't spend 2 hours on that damn puzzle to fight for my chance in the game...I'm applying for this
    Jaws123   SCREAMS!!!
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 06, 2018 06:14
    ◑ | Byevivor: Apocalypse | Season 5 Sneak Peek
    Spoiler alert!
    JakeP97   i think its time for me to win again 
    ak47man   I want in right now!!!!
    NoahSalvatore   I’m ready to go insane all over again and tell people it’s because of a Virus.
    Sassy   Oof.
    SuperDoodle   I still regret completely blowing my chances in my first byevivor
    Icelina   Yass
    Dolphin_Swag   This is just so iconic I can’t wait to apply!
    Brittanya   This turned my blood into nuclear battery acid! Will be keeping my eye out for further announcements! 
    Sammy   step away y’all i already won 
    Trinity2000   EPIC BYEVIVOR!! I'm applying
    Mystery   Fuck YES @Bye

    Now I wait

    Xenia     M2thamax
    I am so applying :)
    ArcturusDean   I'm hopeful that I will get chosen this season!
    Dswag   NUT
    doobee   SAWS OFF HEELS
    BIGBROFOSHO   If you look past almost every single thing I said and did in season one I think I’d qualify as a hero!!
    joey2121   I’m absolutely shaking.
    M2thamax   I am so applying :)
    AngelOfWater   Amazing! 
    Alanster   omg yas I’m obsessed
    Violet   iconic
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 05, 2018 03:25
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Post Game Biohazard & Hall of Fame Update
    Spoiler alert!
    boojess   I'd like to thank the Academy, my mother, and my lack of judgement for these awards! Couldn't do it without you guys. Thank you!
    Sammy   I’m ready to be crowned the season five champ ;)
    BIGBROFOSHO   AWARDS? I demand an announcement giving out awards for season 1 I want ALL of them. But I digress, amazing season, per usual, congrats again to Johnny and anyone else who got an award on this blog <3 
    DankDrake   Loves how Our Whole Side Is Gone is just ghe finalists and it went silent LOL
    Puffs   I hate Johnnyscott, but congrats sis because you EARNED IT!
    evanw919   The Plastics was the only alliance that mattered
    Bye   - SOLE BYEVIVOR -

    @johnnyscott1127 | @WildDawg1948 & @TJDawgiestyle

    - RUNNER-UP -

    @craycrayaye | @Dswag & @Sparkle


    @Sassy | @McQuire & @TJP1122

    - JURY -

    4TH | @BostonRobby | @Brxan & @Jqred
    5TH | @Jaws123 | @HKT & @Alanster
    6TH | @ExoticSimmer | @greenbay712 & @Trinity2000
    7TH | @boojess | @Patrick71101 & @CES4826
    8TH | @Clash | @xeniah & @iiAmySunshine
    9TH | @AngelOfWater | @Alice & @Nickg24689
    10TH | @Violet | @FlareonGamer & @MOTO
    11TH | @evanw919 | @Wadz13 & @Peyton
    12TH | @4Real | @Vlatemier & @PeterCampbell


    13TH | @ImperfectTexas6 | @TheBreeze & @wwxcrunner1
    14TH | @Runaways | @PacoP & @Jace
    16TH | @matthewmsloth | @DannyT & @Footystar21
    16TH | @YourBoy | @mepole & @Connor
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 04, 2018 22:13
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Grand Finale | And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    Xenia   Congratulations @johnnyscott1127 !!
    eduardo245   REALLY FEELING THIS RIGHT NOW. Congrats Johnny :)
    McKenna   Amazing!
    McQuire   what a great game time for therapy
    Chilltown56   Congrats Johnny! You played an amazing game!
    Wadz13   Great winner great season :). 
    TJDawgiestyle   What did the pick 6 to wins get again, whatever it was it wasn't 5 worth it
    SuperDoodle   I was Johnny the whole time. Thanks to everyone for congratulating me on my big win
    Emma   Congrats Johnny!
    johnnyscott1127   I was on four separate google hangouts with the 40 people I recruited to help me through the amazing race leg and i still came in 3rd how legendary 
    JaMarcus_Russell   Wtf same @SuperDoodle,i made a johnny suit and made his vlog for him
    Icelina   @SuperDoodle KDMXMXMS
    @Peyton Unan1mous*
    SuperDoodle   I posed as Johnny and completed the Amazing Race Leg for him
    Peyton    Congrats Johnny! Amazing gameplay.. nearly won with a unanimous vote :D
    turkeygoodridge   i was on call with johnny in the amazing race leg
    WildDawg1948   YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats Johnny!
    SuperDoodle   I gave Johnny tips on how to do the amazing race leg
    doobee   I never knew how much entertainment I could get just by reading a post on zwooper congrats @johnnyscott1127 and thank you @Bye please never stop hosting.
    Clash   Johnny did this. Also congrats Ashley and Sassy you both also did a great job 
    johnnyscott1127   @Violet @evanw1919 @BIGBROFOSHO @AngelOfWater @RussellvsRob2019 @Sammy @JaMarcus_Russell @Patrick71101 @TheBreeze @TJP1122 @Peejoit THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG VNJDFKLSNVJDFKLNLVJKNDFLJKVNDF

    @Connor fight me bitch I'm a legend and you're NOT

    @Trishy thank you so much!! I'm happy I've gotten to host alongside you, and now win a big Zwooper game again. It's been great being able to play!

    And lastly @Bye:
    Thank you to my bestest friend for hosting this game, begging me to apply and then letting me  verbally beat the living fuck out of you for 43 days and continuing the trend of your best friend in the cast winning the game, especially TJ winning season 2 over Noah!!!!! I think that you are amazing and I cannot wait to deny returning for All Stars!
    Icelina   Congrats my favorite “straight” ginger on pulling out this W! Like @Trishy said this season has been one of the best if not the best hosted on Zwooper! I hope I’ll be able to play Byevivor soon! Congrats all 3 of you and a huge thank you to @Bye!
    YourBoy   Gooooooo Johnny!
    Peejoit   Congrats Johnny! Well played. And congrats on a great season, Marc.
    Trishy   This game has probably been one of the best, if not the best ever hosted on Zwooper.. Yes there has been drama.. boy, has there been drama.. but let's  not take away from our winner, and the finalists. Please don't bring anything other than congratulations to them here.  

    Congratulations @johnnyscott1127 and thankyou to @Bye for hosting this amazing game on Zwooper... 
    TJP1122   Congrats Johnny! A very deserving person to join the club :)
    theawesometwin   Great Season! Loved all the parts that I decided not to skip over
    TheBreeze   Huge congrats Johnny!
    Bye   Calling someone a bully versus claiming someone is bipolar are very different things? The drama on the previous blog I don't condone either, but you were the one that brought it here to THIS blog. I'm not here for the petty shit, or to argue with you. If you don't see a difference or understand, then I have nothing else to say.
    Patrick71101   *And welcome to the club Ashley :P
    Patrick71101   Grats Johnny!!! :D
    RussellvsRob2019   oh but calling Boston a bully and comparing him to a domestic abuser is fine? Sure marc, your rules, right? 
    Bye   Sarah if you're just going to personally attack people, please kindly leave. Disagreements are one thing, but you're now crossing the line and I've had enough quite frankly of this drama clogging up my blogs. Just go away and let the drama die instead of bringing it to the forefront once again for no real reason at all and ruining what should be a HAPPY blog.
    RussellvsRob2019   @BIGBROFOSHO Firstly, boston isn't a bully. if anyone's a user it's ashley. She used him for weeks, asked him to apply to this game, used him for emotional support for goddamn weeks and then turned on him. Anyways, i don't know where i tried to be her friend because I have enough bipolar in my life to not deal with that bullshit anymore, i did it for months thank you very much. Kevin I'm honestly so surprised you've been able to do it for years. Even boston, who i swear is the most patient person, couldn't handle it. I have my friends and I don't care for your opinions about them or the basis of our friendship. I dont think Boston was right at all @JaMarcus_Russell, but Ashley wasn't right either, and for her to be the victim in all of this is preposterous. And guess what @Sassy, at least B can own up to his mistakes instead of denying they happened. but ok
    BIGBROFOSHO   @RussellvsRob2019 your favorite bully wasn’t exterminated for cheating either so I don’t know why you’re mad. Anyways, you’re so back and forth with Ashley I swear I’ve seen you up her literal ass crack trying to be her friend and the next day you’re shitting on her cause it’s cool. Pick a side girly and stop being mad that people like her effortlessly and you’ve continuously had to fight for attention on this site using every trick in the book. 
    Sassy   @RussellvsRob2019 Funny how Ashley was "robbed of being exterminated for cheating" and Robby "worked his ass off for weeks and it doesn't define his character or gameplay."

    But go off sis.
    JaMarcus_Russell   @RussellvsRob2019 stop starting unnecessry shit bc u cant handle the fact that people are on Ashley's side and not Boston's.. Congrats Johnny and all f3, pleas were amazing loved every ep of this whole season.
    RussellvsRob2019   great job johnny, could not be happier you pulled this out. 
    RussellvsRob2019   Ashley was robbed of being exterminated for cheating @BIGBROFOSHO but go off sis
    Sammy   Congrats! Great season, Marc
    BIGBROFOSHO   Me and Ashley are SO cute as Byevivor runner-ups tho <3
    AngelOfWater   Congratulations Johnny!!! 
    BIGBROFOSHO   Another great season Marc, congratulations to Johnny but Ashley was robbed :( 
    Connor   Kimmy, Daniel, and I will happily accept king Sassy into the 3rd place club!
    but boi oh boi im shaking to see what happens to johnny's ego now, phew!
    Sassy   Me tagging @Marc when I meant @Bye. rip.
    evanw919   Congeats Johnny! More impressed by our fortnite dub tho...
    Sassy   Thank you @Marc for being the greatest host this site has ever seen.
    Violet   sassy robbed of second place but yay johnny! 
    Runaways   well at least i lost to the winner, i'm technically just like second place
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 03, 2018 06:29
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 12 | "Dug His Own Grave"
    Spoiler alert!
    JakeP97   OH and Johnny keep my name out of your rat mouth. Ashley ftw!
    JakeP97   this drama... i love money is shaking
    McQuire   Hopefully what happened in this episode passes on so it no longer gets the attention it doesn't deserve. Looking forward to who pulls out the byevivor win.
    Helenor1000   Couldn't have said better @iiAmySunshine <33 

    One mistake does not make someone a bad person or a creep! We all have made mistakes and none should judge others based on 1 game. 

    iiAmySunshine   Why are we all bashing each other over a game? It’s not that deep boos! I personally don’t see where Boston was a terrible person. Do I think he was in the right for his... meltdown? No, but we’ve all had meltdowns before and while his may have been a more explosive one and toxic one, it doesn’t make him a bad person on the outside of this game, but a terrible game player for what he said/did! I don’t think anything personal needs to be said from either side! I think we should see this as what it is for a that is a game, so whatever actions you have in a game or anything you say should stay within that game and if things become personal (which I didn’t see in this episode), then you have a right to be upset about it, but personally attacking others isn’t acceptable no matter what! I do agree with Peej about how it was disgusting to try and take someone down who clearly tried helping out a friend, but I also agree with Boston when he says that you shouldn’t equate game behavior to something so serious! I like Boston and while we have played games and he can tend to get a little nasty in them, I don’t care because I know as a person he truly cares for people and is there for them! Sorry for my long comment lmao! I’m just trying to stop the argument going on! Wasn’t trying to be rude in anyway to anyone though!
    evanw919   Looks like I should have won May User of the Month huh
    doobee   Cheating is not okay no matter what.... 
    Peejoit   I have exactly as much knowledge as you signed up for, I read the episode. And the gaslighting thing was a separate sentence from the one before. But that’s what you do. You try to dig into every little thing to make it look like you have a point. I get it. I’ve seen peeps like you a million times. Credibility points? Attention from the public? When I wanted those things, I kept my opinion to myself. I made no enemies and it was a big reason I won ZBB. If I cared I wouldn’t call you out. You’re here trying to look like the hero when you did something shitty. Don’t act like you’re taking responsibility. Most of us see through that.

    As a human, I urge you to think about your behavior and try to be better. As a more honest human, I don’t really care if you ever change the way you are either way. I think you are a creep. I’m sure you and your friends think I’m an asshole. I’m cool with that. If your ego needs to get the last word? Feel free. 

    BostonRobby   "I’ve seen Ashley blindly defend your shit behavior before."

    Ashley can make her own choices, so you acting like she is unable to do so is absurd. And really, me calling you weird after you already said it constitutes gaslighting? Maybe you need to look up the term, because you seem a touch confused. 

    I said something about a game, in a Skype chat. It literally only pertained to the game and rules that were broken. I cheated, I was rude and I displayed poor judgement. Maybe I should not be cast for games. All of that is reasonable, you are just looking for credibility points by acting like the moral police and completely misrepresenting a situation you have 0 knowledge about. 
    Peejoit   I don’t buy that for a second. I’ve seen Ashley blindly defend your shit behavior before. What BigBro said is dead on. Manipulative bully. Don’t agree? Good for you. And calling my behavior weird while I’m talking about what a weirdo you are? Turn it around and make them think it’s all their fault? Literal Abuser 101. Keep gaslighting your peeps and living the dream budday! 
    BostonRobby   @Peejoit  It wasn't my intent to cause pain, I was frustrated and the truth came pouring out. Her intent was not friendship either, it was keeping a useful ally in the game, not that the intent of cheating actually matters. But regardless, you are entitled to your opinion. However, saying that an inconvenient admission of truth is violent in any way, shape or form is just weird honestly. 
    Icelina   @BostonRobby don't apply for ZBB19 I need a better chance of making it. Thanks ily.
    BostonRobby   @JaMarcus_Russell  What?! Not being grateful enough that Ashley helped me cheat in no way amounts to emotional abuse. That doesn't even make a bit of sense. Ashley could have let me get 5th, just like I could have refused the help. We both made mistakes and I accept the majority of the blame. Stop exaggerating the situation. 
    Peejoit   You are right, it’s a game on the Internet. What you did wasn’t a game move. It was an attempt to hurt someone who tried to help you.  I don’t care if she was wrong to do it, her intention was friendship and yours was to cause pain. Legit abusive behavior. You offended? Good. Think about your behavior and change. I don’t think you will, because I think it’s who you are. But I’m just some guy on the Internet  who thinks you’re a creepy little bitch. If you don’t feel that way? Cool. Go be happy with yourself.

    @Helenor1000 - You’re seeking for MY attention. And you got it! Congrats! Here’s a tag for you baby gurrrrrrrrrrrlllllll
    JaMarcus_Russell   Abusive doesnt always mean violence, thats not what @Peejoit meant and y'all are missing the point. I can tell u straight up from experience mentally abusive people can be much worse. Hitting a woman is obviously never ok, but i would argue screwing over ur friend for absolutely no reason after they fought to save u, bc ashley couldve just let u die f5 she didnt have to help u. She put herself in danger by helping u so that u could keep playing, then u do her so dirty is fkn disgusting sorry peej is rigjt.
    Helenor1000   @Peejoit what he did was a mistake but you comparing it to violence is disgusting. Stop seeking for attention
    BostonRobby   Criticism and anger are warrented, but this was just something I blurted out in the midst of an argument. Not like it was a plan to wait and expose the cheating scheme, but regardless, it potentially ruined all of my credibility in games permanently. I take responsibility for what I did and accept the consequences, HOWEVER, @Peejoit equating this to actual violence is horrifying. It's a game on the internet. And in a moment of frustration and bitterness I exposed a mutual mistake that was far from private information, but rather an actual violation of clearly established rules. If you want to say I should be banned from all games or something, whatevever, but don't exaggerate the situation in order to score easy points with the public. 
    YourBoy   Wow so shook. Can’t wait to see how this thing ends! #TeamJohnny
    JeremyHLikesFood   yikes boston is disgusting
    WildDawg1948   Completely agree with TJP1122 100%. 

    Also, my respect for Boston has significantly lowered. Not only did he cheat, but also waited till FINAL TRIBAL just to try to bring Ashley down with him when things weren't going his way. That's a new form of low. 

    Congrats to the final 3! You all deserve it! Of course rooting for my PTW Johnny! You got this man!
    HowLovely   RUN ASHLEY
    Peejoit   This was awful to read (not the episode, Marc is the GOAT host/episode writer). The attempt to get Ashley kicked off was so wormy. Vibes of an abusive boyfriend who blackmails with nudes if you try to leave. Be careful ladies (or gentlemen), violence comes next. Avoid creeps like this.

    On a better note, Congrats finalists! Congrats Bye on another awesome game! Now jury do the right thing and give us the winner ... nay, the HERO, we deserve and cast your vote for @Sassy. Thanksssss!
    Patrick71101   Awesome final 3; good luck y'all :P
    jasonthesurvivor   #TeamSassy
    Icelina   SHOOK two casting directors of ZBBUSA and the winner of ZBBUSA #ZBBUSAFINALE
    doobee   #Justice4Jaws 
    TJP1122   Hey, if Ashley cheated, it wasn’t during the Amazing Race, but her score on that final challenge. Nobody was supposed to beat me. That was my claim to fame! 
    Just kidding obviously, congrats @craycrayaye for a beyond amazing score and showing the jury how badly you wanted to be here. Congrats also to @Sassy and @johnnyscott1127 for making the finals (and Ash too). I know how much both of you put into this game, so I’m so excited to see you both here and can’t wait to read pleas!
    I’ve kept quiet on the whole situation about Boston cheating since I heard about it, and I understand people make mistakes, but I think it’s an injustice to everyone to make it seem like it’s ok that it happened. I hope Boston can learn from it and move on, but the idea that everyone has cheated before and has made a similar mistake is far from the truth. I hope this is a humbling lesson @BostonRobby. Anyone who has every played with me knows that I stress the improtance of timing, and that’s exactly the bottom line in this case.
    Helenor1000   @xDimentio are you for real? do you think he cheated just to get 1 more placement? Obviously that was not the case.
    Emma   #TeamJohnny
    xDimentio   Boston cheated on a comp so that he could get just one more placement... The real question: Was it worth it?
    JaMarcus_Russell   Ok this def changed my perspective. Still not a fan of Ashlety tbh i hope Johnny or Sean wins this, i just dont respect cheaters. But in the big picture she was just trying to help out a friend in need, and he completely fucked her over. Thats just gross, gl alll finalists
    ExoticSimmer   ashley made many big mistakes... big yikes.
    Chilltown56   Terrific final 3 and great season overall.  I can't wait to see who wins!
    Peyton   Best episode ever (for the worst reason ever)! All three finalists seemed to have played good games but I think Johnny deserves the win the most, imo!!
    Typo   oh this episode is GOOD good
    KiwiConnor   #Justice4Jaws
    Trinity2000   Very dramatic, 2 thumbs up 
    Finesse   Oh good. My cheating controversy from Laganga's Dragggggg is old news now.
    BIGBROFOSHO   But on the positive side Ashley held her ground very gracefully and has been an undeniable force in all aspects of this game and I hope she wins. <3
    BIGBROFOSHO   Robby is a manipulative, deceitful bully who needs to reevaluate his priorities and think before he speaks.
    Arceus   enjoyable experience*
    Arceus   I'm confused who let these 3 to the finals lmao, but ya'll did it and congrats on a great game! It was an enjoyable to watch from the public view. :)
    PacoP   @BostonRobby why did you wait so long after the comp to come clean?
    BostonRobby   I actually did not question your integrity Marc, or your abilities. I strongly disagreed with one decision. No, I did not find the experience to be an enjoyable one for various reasons, none of which actually involved you specifically. But your game is undeniably well crafted and hosted. Sorry if that distinction was not clear.
    PacoP   JA W S 
    TheBreeze   Dream episode. Best of luck to the Final 3!
    Mystery   @craycrayaye @Sassy

    Bye   - FINALISTS -

    @craycrayaye | @Dswag & @Sparkle
    @johnnyscott1127 | @WildDawg1948 & @TJDawgiestyle
    @Sassy | @McQuire & @TJP1122

    - JURY -

    4TH | @BostonRobby | @Brxan & @Jqred
    5TH | @Jaws123 | @HKT & @Alanster
    6TH | @ExoticSimmer | @greenbay712 & @Trinity2000
    7TH | @boojess | @Patrick71101 & @CES4826
    8TH | @Clash | @xeniah & @iiAmySunshine
    9TH | @AngelOfWater | @Alice & @Nickg24689
    10TH | @Violet | @FlareonGamer & @MOTO
    11TH | @evanw919 | @Wadz13 & @Peyton
    12TH | @4Real | @Vlatemier & @PeterCampbell


    13TH | @ImperfectTexas6 | @TheBreeze & @wwxcrunner1
    14TH | @Runaways | @PacoP & @Jace
    16TH | @matthewmsloth | @DannyT & @Footystar21
    16TH | @YourBoy | @mepole & @Connor
  • Bye
    ByeOctober 29, 2018 07:09
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 11 | "You're A Sick Bastard"
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   *Iconic final four, but rObBeD :o
    Patrick71101   :( 
    evanw919   And then there were none
    joey2121   Best final four of any group game Ive ever watched.
    SuperDoodle   Why is this final 4 so amazing
    JaMarcus_Russell   Wow im the pit stop huh. Ok @Bye drop ur pants lets do this, I only spit on first dates tho.
    Also the fact its f4 nd Boston and Johnny/Ashley are still here, ngl its been a pretty top heavy game.

    Chilltown56   Wow that was pretty intense.  This is the one game type I really wish I got to play on my season.  It seems like a ton of fun.
    boojess   Ugh Ryan! WHY? You were my last hope :(
       doobee   Tyler and Angela are winning 

    Dolphin_Swag   Ryan robbed tbh but legit Sean and Ashley SLAY and Boston snapped
    RussellvsRob2019   Woo!!! BOSTON! I told you, take no penalities and you’ll be okay. Few more days babe, I’m SO prpud of you
    doobee   Tyler and Angela are winning 
    Peyton   Tbh I feel like either Johnny or Boston has this in the bag!
    HKT   Sad to see u go so close to the end :( But great game nonetheless! 
    HKT   You put up a good fight!
    M2thamax   Ryan was robbed!
    Alanster   Nooo. Robbed King

    @BostonRobby | @Brxan & @Jqred
    @craycrayaye | @Dswag & @Sparkle
    @johnnyscott1127 | @WildDawg1948 & @TJDawgiestyle
    @Sassy | @McQuire & @TJP1122

    - JURY -

    5TH | @Jaws123 | @HKT & @Alanster
    6TH | @ExoticSimmer | @greenbay712 & @Trinity2000
    7TH | @boojess | @Patrick71101 & @CES4826
    8TH | @Clash | @xeniah & @iiAmySunshine
    9TH | @AngelOfWater | @Alice & @Nickg24689
    10TH | @Violet | @FlareonGamer & @MOTO
    11TH | @evanw919 | @Wadz13 & @Peyton
    12TH | @4Real | @Vlatemier & @PeterCampbell


    13TH | @ImperfectTexas6 | @TheBreeze & @wwxcrunner1
    14TH | @Runaways | @PacoP & @Jace
    16TH | @matthewmsloth | @DannyT & @Footystar21
    16TH | @YourBoy | @mepole & @Connor
  • Bye
    ByeOctober 26, 2018 07:39
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 10 | "It's Been A Wild Ride"
    Spoiler alert!
    popular      Puffs 
    Nieklaus   Tbh is it Johnny who's playing well or Jaws who's playing dumb? Cause really Johnny ain't that smart nnnnnnn
    BIGBROFOSHO   Ashley really is just continuing to prove the fact that she’s the best byevivor player ever huh? Queen.
    Jaws123   HOLY SHIT JOHNNY DID THAT!!!! You guys are so dumb
    johnnyscott1127   Yea you guys are so dumb Johnny's playing an amazing game go Johnny go woooooooooooo
    doobee   Yall can try to make big moves 
    But Johnny has the big moobs 
    You are out matched 
    boojess   RIP Gavin.
    TJDawgiestyle   I hate to say it but Johnny is making yall look fucking stupid
    Vlatemier   Shut up niek who are you to judge anybody on being pressed 
    Nieklaus   Ryan seemed PRESSED
    WildDawg1948   Let's Go Johnny!!!
    TJP1122   I love seeing this format keep coming back!
    Sammy   :’(
    Chilltown56   This week brings back bad memories of losing my number one ally. 
    Puffs   #BringBackSkylita
    Helenor1000   NOO :'( Gavin was robbed!! :'(((( 

    @BostonRobby | @Brxan & @Jqred
    @craycrayaye | @Dswag & @Sparkle
    @Jaws123 | @HKT & @Alanster
    @johnnyscott1127 | @WildDawg1948 & @TJDawgiestyle
    @Sassy | @McQuire & @TJP1122

    - JURY -

    6TH | @ExoticSimmer | @greenbay712 & @Trinity2000
    7TH | @boojess | @Patrick71101 & @CES4826
    8TH | @Clash | @xeniah & @iiAmySunshine
    9TH | @AngelOfWater | @Alice & @Nickg24689
    10TH | @Violet | @FlareonGamer & @MOTO
    11TH | @evanw919 | @Wadz13 & @Peyton
    12TH | @4Real | @Vlatemier & @PeterCampbell


    13TH | @ImperfectTexas6 | @TheBreeze & @wwxcrunner1
    14TH | @Runaways | @PacoP & @Jace
    16TH | @matthewmsloth | @DannyT & @Footystar21
    16TH | @YourBoy | @mepole & @Connor
  • Bye
    ByeOctober 23, 2018 09:09
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 9 - ZBB Uncut | "Bathing In My Victims Blood"
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   If Ashley wins I will shave my head 
    make it happen
    Footystar21   Sassy, jaws and gavin are the ones who look to have a better shot at winning
    evanw919   Yeah only 2 people can win, those 2 people know who they are
    Violet   yessss jaws king! we love an underdog legend <3
    Vlatemier   Jess definitely knew zbb was, puh lease be real
    JaMarcus_Russell   Respect to Jess for sticking to what she believes, but at this point u dont owe anyone anything.
    Peyton   This is sick. But, if Jess had to fall so Gavin can rise and win.. MAYBE we can forgive the public for their terrible decision.
    KiwiConnor   #TeamJawsey
    Alanster   lol nvm
    Alanster   Rip shouldve saved yourself Jess

    @BostonRobby | @Brxan & @Jqred
    @craycrayaye | @Dswag & @Sparkle
    @ExoticSimmer | @greenbay712 & @Trinity2000
    @Jaws123 | @HKT & @Alanster
    @johnnyscott1127 | @WildDawg1948 & @TJDawgiestyle
    @Sassy | @McQuire & @TJP1122

    - JURY -

    7TH | @boojess | @Patrick71101 & @CES4826
    8TH | @Clash | @xeniah & @iiAmySunshine
    9TH | @AngelOfWater | @Alice & @Nickg24689
    10TH | @Violet | @FlareonGamer & @MOTO
    11TH | @evanw919 | @Wadz13 & @Peyton
    12TH | @4Real | @Vlatemier & @PeterCampbell


    13TH | @ImperfectTexas6 | @TheBreeze & @wwxcrunner1
    14TH | @Runaways | @PacoP & @Jace
    16TH | @matthewmsloth | @DannyT & @Footystar21
    16TH | @YourBoy | @mepole & @Connor
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherOctober 22, 2018 08:05
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 9 | ZBB Takeover - Day 3 | Extermination
    Spoiler alert!
    johnnyscott1127      popular 

    ugh i love my skylita queen
    boojess   @Dolphin_Swag  Still don't know what I ever done to you on a personal level for you not to like me btw (I saw the Discord messages) but stay pressed?
    Vlatemier   OMG IM A WINNER BABY
    Violet   king jaws
    iiAmySunshine   Are you kidding me? This is exactly why Public games shouldn’t be a thing in general because people vote based off personal feelings rather than whoever is actually playing the best game! @Mystery please get a life because every time you’re evicted from a game for personal reasons, you get mad but you just did the same to Jess? Don’t be a hypocrite boo boo, if you do something to someone, expect it to be done to you! I am actually DISGUSTED with zwooper a decision! Someone must’ve done a lot of spamming huh?
    johnnyscott1127   @JaMarcus_Russell, I agree. Too many public games. The gameplay is less of a determining factor and there's a lot of elements of a normal game that are taken away when the public has the final say..... THIS is a prime example imo
    Sassy   I could cry.
    JaMarcus_Russell   The fact everyone is losing their minds over this is exactly why s Zwooper needs a public game break lol, also kinda shocked she didnt deserve this.
    Cartur   WOOO even though I didn’t evict her I’m still happy to see she left 
    Wadz13   Wait a minute!?! Wait what??
    AngelOfWater   This is a classic zbb1 situation(how I left zbb1) where her support split their votes between the other people and didn’t pick one target to actually keep her safe. But literally those that did vote to evict her it wasn’t a personal decision for most.. it was because she made the mistake of using her power on Boston. 
    Patrick71101   :( 
    Mystery   @Peyton Then that means there's 20 people she could've been more kind to. Thanks for proving my point ;)
    TJP1122   Ummmm... what?!?!
    Peyton   @Mystery I’m willing to bet there were at LEAST 20 other people who voted for Jess. At LEAST. So, if you want to take credit make sure you’re taking less than 5% of it
    Mystery   @boojess One vote determined you went home. ONE! Let that sink in. If you treated me better in the past, I wouldn't have voted you and BOOM, you'd be safe. So damn right I am enjoying this
    ArcturusDean   Jess :((((
    WildDawg1948   Zwooper public got this one wrong.
    evanw919   And then there was one
    johnnyscott1127   I'm actually shook.
    Dolphin_Swag   Great game Jess! Sorry it happened that way. :( 
    RussellvsRob2019   Terrible awful and utterly disgusting. Stop voting on personal and start voting on the game. Jess was robbed
    KiwiConnor   aw gg Jess idk how you left this vote Jaws and Gavin are my PTWs now
    boojess   @Mystery oh fuck off you creep :) 
    Peyton   This actually makes me want to puke.
    Mystery   Confetti cannons explode one after another and the whole town parties all night long
    Sammy   Patooey :(
    jasonthesurvivor   So upset damn she could have won 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherOctober 21, 2018 08:45
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 9 | ZBB Takeover - Day 2 | Nominations for 7th
    Spoiler alert!
    popular   bye sassy!
    doobee   This is why I love this group game 

    Why are people only looking at this round? I'm looking at every round that has happened thus far and to me, Jess is the only one 100% safe. No offense to the others, but they have been really rocky


    JaMarcus_Russell   BIG TIME PLAYS GAVIN, also Jess wtf were u thinking cmon girl
    TJP1122   Holy hell... reading this blogs... they are all playing so well. Why does this suck so much?
    Chilltown56   I’ll see how the pleas go but I’m leaning towards Jess for basically making her odds of going up greater. 
    4Real   thats not the first time ashley's overdosed
    Peyton   And THIS is why Gavin was my nominee for “best ZBB player ever”. Wow.
    AngelOfWater   @wwxcrunner1 because Ashley used overdose and was removed from this round 
    Helenor1000   because Ashley used infection which saves her from being evicted this week but she can't nom
    Sassy   @wwxcrunner1 Ashley fully removed herself from play this week. She got immunity at the cost of being able to cast nominations.
    wwxcrunner1   Why is there only 6 sets of nominations? Instead of 7?
    Sassy   GL fellow nominees.
    Puffs   I gasped
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherOctober 20, 2018 23:32
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 9 | ZBB Takeover | VIRAL WARNING! INFECTIONS HAVE BEEN UNLEASHED!
    Spoiler alert!
    BIGBROFOSHO   Ashley killing the game, just as I knew she would.
    Aidan   I don't give a fuck about any of this. I just hope I get to evict Johnny's ass
    Chilltown56   Idk about that move by Jess.. so few choices as there are and saving one just puts yourself at greater risk. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. 
    HowLovely   pretty sure one of johnny/gavin is getting da boot
    also i accidentally reported this for abuse so sorry
    RussellvsRob2019   Thanks to Jess for winning Boston the game 
    Arceus   We love the potential nominees. lmao
    JeremyHLikesFood   im so proud
    Vlatemier   That’s such a cop out how lame
    ExoticSimmer   that's not a good thing to make a habit of ashley... ;)
    WildDawg1948   That was foolish 
    Sammy   YES ASHLEY
    AngelOfWater   Completely mind blown.. no words.. just no words..
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherOctober 20, 2018 12:15
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 9 | ZBB Takeover - Day 1
    Spoiler alert!
    boojess   "That is all Houseguests, I wish you the worst of luck."

    AngelOfWater   So excited to see how this plays out! I’m way too addicted to zbb hopefully one day I can play again <3 
    TJP1122   I see the makings of a ZBB: Fans vs. Favorites season! :)
    boojess   @doobee I am totally a gay man.
    Sassy   Cue the anxiety.
    TJDawgiestyle   Ah yes everyone's favorite game ruiner is back
    doobee   I see 6 gay men and 1 Queen
    RussellvsRob2019   Also Gavin’s gonna be the #1 target here. My prediction is the ZBB returnees nom tg (they’d be stupid not to w the 4-3 advantage and Ashley’s power) and nom Jess/Boston 
    RussellvsRob2019   I see 3 ZBB legends bt 
    Sammy   Gavin this is your strong suit, KILL ‘EM!!
    ArcturusDean   "I wish you the worst of luck." Damnnnn gurllll
    Peyton   Four ZBB legends and three Byevivors who have never played.. excited to see how this turns out!
  • Bye
    ByeOctober 20, 2018 11:43
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | **WARNING** DANGER AHEAD! **WARNING**
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   This ZBB week was pretty late lmao! Good luck everyone.. 
    Chilltown56   Oh jeez. This should be fun!
    Sammy   OMG you’re such a good story teller, Marc!

    @boojess | @Patrick71101 & @CES4826
    @BostonRobby | @Brxan & @Jqred
    @craycrayaye | @Dswag & @Sparkle
    @ExoticSimmer | @greenbay712 & @Trinity2000
    @Jaws123 | @HKT & @Alanster
    @johnnyscott1127 | @WildDawg1948 & @TJDawgiestyle
    @Sassy | @McQuire & @TJP1122

    - JURY -

    8TH | @Clash | @xeniah & @iiAmySunshine
    9TH | @AngelOfWater | @Alice & @Nickg24689
    10TH | @Violet | @FlareonGamer & @MOTO
    11TH | @evanw919 | @Wadz13 & @Peyton
    12TH | @4Real | @Vlatemier & @PeterCampbell


    13TH | @ImperfectTexas6 | @TheBreeze & @wwxcrunner1
    14TH | @Runaways | @PacoP & @Jace
    16TH | @matthewmsloth | @DannyT & @Footystar21
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