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  • Bye
    ByeJuly 07, 2017 07:48
    ♕ | Bye's Drag Saga | Season Charts, Statistics & Power Rankings
    Spoiler alert!
    Opal   LipSyncAssasin
    Remix   claps for @KiwiConnor
    SwagSwag   stay shook girls at me being 9th in the power rankings
    0 wins, 1 high, 8 safes, 1 low and 5 lip syncs over 2 seasons, a legend? yes.
    joeyc   Not me having the most comp wins and a perfect season
    HarleyQuinn   LOL me playing the most seasons iconic
    Wcplays   Huh at least I improved in avi making by one placement 

    I just need a little bit more work :p
    Finesse   @Puffs
    Puffs   @Finesse is the power ranking winner? Ermmm, I just don't see it. How about fan favorite? Let's give a round of applause to our fan favorite!

  • Bye
    ByeApril 13, 2017 06:18
    Laganja's Dragggg | The Complete Collection
    Spoiler alert!
    Opal   Did I win Miss Congenuality 
    ianinator   ha! nice season! =D 
  • Bye
    ByeApril 13, 2017 06:04
    Violet's Drag Gag | The Complete Collection
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Aidan   My looks were a mess hunty.
  • Bye
    ByeApril 01, 2017 09:09
    Laganja's Dragggg | Grand Finale | "Yas Gawd!"
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   Great Seasib def applying next time around
    Opal   Congrats you bEtch
    HarleyQuinn   Congratulations Onika I'm so proud of you!
    Electra   nhatz should have gotten 2nd
    I spat out my coffee when I read this.
    Sparkle   Always the maid of honor, never the bride. Great game and congratulations @Joeyc!
    joeyc   Woot!!! Thank you judges for such a fun season... and congrats to @nhatz06 and @Sparkle too. You rock! 
    nhatz06   Congrats Joey. Honestly well deserved. Thanks Marc and judges for a fun game. 
    wildpoppy136   They tried to get him out by giving him the worst starter items but failed each time. He DEFINITELY deserves this. Congrats!!!
    PeterCampbell   Congrats @joeyc!!
    SwagSwag   im shooketh
    Runaways   oop i'm coming back then
    Evilgenious448   Only kept track of this game cause @Puffs was a judge, and I have to say, even tho i know nothing about drag, some of Joey's blogs were actually amazing, just for a design perspective.

    Well deserved win @joeyc
  • Bye
    ByeMarch 20, 2017 11:25
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Eleven | "Of Course Tonight She's Medicatedddd!"
    Spoiler alert!
    Alice   @joeyc has choked in a finale before, what's to say he won't do it again? 
    wildpoppy136   He will win, just give up now
    wildpoppy136   Joey legend
    HarleyQuinn   @Opal I knew you weren't gonna make finals based off how you performed throughout the competition. You seem to think you're a lot better than me for someone who was constantly on the bottom meanwhile I  ROYALLY messed up once this entire season. I proved that I earned my spot in the final 5 and coming back with a vengeance. What did you do the entire season besides submit good lip syncs? Also know that you are getting an invitation to All Stars because someone has to go home first. 
    Opal   @HarleyQuinn
    "Good luck Onika, Betty and Frida! I knew it was gonna come down to us 4 fighting for the 3 spots in finals"

    Did you think it was between you 4 when you were sitting at home week 3 watching me Lipsync for My Legacy?
    HarleyQuinn   Damn! Once again, thanks Marc for having me. I may have gotten 4th again, but honestly I'm proud of the looks I produced this season. I know I'm a look queen and I still have to improve my comedy, but I was glad to be the Comeback Queen and give everybody a run for their money. Good luck Onika, Betty and Frida! I knew it was gonna come down to us 4 fighting for the 3 spots in finals
    joeyc   Thanks judges! 
    Sorry Betty, you just aren't good enough to have your name included with the other finalists.
    km1997   Yas sparkle 
    Frozen   Loved all the challenges, but it's a lot to take in. A lot of amazing avatars, Poison IV should not have gone. Snatch game was terrible, if it takes you a paragraph to be funny then I'm already bored. 
    Alice   LMAO sorry @Opal I just thought your Tribute look was a major downrade from the look you were paying tribute to, and a Tribute piece should be just as good, if not better. I'd raise you to a 4.5 at most. 
    Opal   Didn't think I deserved a 3.5 LMAO

    But over the course of the season deserved top 3 xoxo.

    Trinity2000   My oh my Joey, your parody was spot on, lol! Gives Joey the tiara :)
    Fanny   Best of luck to my 3 finalists of kings of fashion season  1 <3
  • Bye
    ByeMarch 10, 2017 10:57
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Ten | "Props To You Mawma!"
    Spoiler alert!
    Electra   robbed mama 
    jbeaudry3   robbed queen 
    joeyc    Marc you are full of shit giving me that score. obviously you are clueless as a judge I give you a -10 ranking. I know Terrorism better than anybody on this site. I deserved a 9 at least
    SwagSwag   so the task was to shock and then you get rid of the most shocking?
    i can assure you that jake's design was NOT lazy, he was editting and creating a concept for HOURS. If that's not what you're looking for then obviously his career will continue and be more successful without the prevention of creativity that you, Marc, put upon jake and the other queens.
    JakeP97   erm..,,, y'all just lost your star. And ALSO my description for my look had a POLITICAL REASON behind it, stop editing me to be a RACIST Marc!
    Opal   Trinity2000 
    TBH, Opal should have gone

    Afroditee   we all know either oeyc or nhatz are gonna win this game.
    doobee   I'm offended by jakes outfit lmao
    Trinity2000   TBH, Opal should have gone
  • Bye
    ByeMarch 07, 2017 10:13
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Nine | "I Want The World To Hold My Hand"
    Spoiler alert!
    HarleyQuinn   Lew Lew girl you had TWO chances and still managed to fuck it up. Smh
    wildpoppy136   Joey legend
    JakeP97   giggles
    Electra   sobs
    KiwiConnor   Haha eat it bitch @Electra hehe
    Alice   @Electra pretty much owns 7th Place as far as Drag Saga is concerned
    Literally all 3 times is iconic
    Puffs   You're not getting nudes today  @sharatennis
    Fanny   That is so unfair to @Electra. She pulled a win last week, and had good placements so far, by being safe safe etc, and out of blue she is out. i think she is definetely robbed and didnt deserve that. that 2 from puffs i sooooo wrooong!
  • Bye
    ByeMarch 03, 2017 11:29
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Eight | "I Feel Very Attacked!"
    Spoiler alert!
    SwagSwag    thats just the way it is girlies
    KiwiConnor   ROBBED...
    Remix   sobs....
    HarleyQuinn   Lol I wouldve won if it weren't for my lush fascinator. I honestly thought I'd get read for it being too minimal if I didn't include the flower
    johnnyscott1127   DQ GODESSES    @craycrayaye/@johnnyscott1127

    coolKat   @joeyc being robbed of the win
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 26, 2017 09:52
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Seven | "Did You Or Did You Not Just Come For Me?"
    Spoiler alert!
    johnnyscott1127   @SwagSwag, it's the only thing I LIVE off of

    Opal   am I Kandy Ho yet?
    JakeP97   I'm SICK of being a bottom!
    SwagSwag   Johnny, you're so pathetic. I can't believe that anyone actually cares about tags these days
    johnnyscott1127   @johnnyscott1127 BITCH I WILL TAG MYSELF IN EVERY EPISODE
    nhatz06   Thank you judges!
    Alice   You will be missed Harajuku Queen @Emma

    Emma   I feel like a promise who never went true, I'm sorry, I loved this amazing experience and I will grow with that. Thank you judges.
    HarleyQuinn   Very well done Betty
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 24, 2017 12:15
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Six | "These Legs Are Everything!"
    Spoiler alert!

    Reason #274 why I'm confused as to why Joey thinks he's better than me. 
    Bye   Then I'm glad I won't be a hinderance to you both any longer. Don't let the door hit you on the way out... or do, whatever.

    johnnyscott1127      Finesse 
    Johnny and I serving you rule breaking Willam realness.

    Damn Straight. Me when Joey made my comeback look for me, with a few final tweeks from Ian so Lance and Ianinator couldn't return... Oh well. Ian and I are the real winners here. Making those looks perfect and Ian judging took TIME!
    Finesse   Johnny and I serving you rule breaking Willam realness.
    matthewmsloth   "what ever happened to merle ginsberg??"
    JakeP97   lowest score, i'm such a legend
    SwagSwag   Johnny is such a mess
    Runaways   I'm Runaways and I had something to say, WHORE.
    joeyc   @Runaways You suck give it up
    Runaways   okay since this bitch got eliminated, do a double and bring me back. 3rd in the comeback competition
    johnnyscott1127   ****day
    johnnyscott1127   Miss me getting eliminated from all three games I'm in in one week
    jbeaudry3   Screams 
    Alice   @KiwiConnor Howbowdah
    KiwiConnor   @Alice, cash me outside
    KiwiConnor   oh nvm the neckbeard judge got cut haha karma lmao
    Alice   KiwiConnor 
    did the judge get any consequences tho lol

    We'll they're no longer a judge... what do you think?
    KiwiConnor   did the judge get any consequences tho lol
    angeloxpo   omg wtf
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 21, 2017 07:36
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Five | "This Is Just Too F***ing Much!"
    Spoiler alert!
    Emma   Well, I never disagree with what the judges have to say, because I'm here to grow with the criticism, but @Alice this week don't make sense to me. Talking about the "BG's" when in fact I used one BG in my edit, she should check that in the process. The grey part is part of one Background. A bad choice? Maybe, but not an edit error, the "2" was completely mean, this is disappointing.
    km1997   Werk Lance 
    jbeaudry3   IM SHOOK AT ALICE GIVING OUT A 2
    Isbnm   Poison IV represent the comeback queens
    HarleyQuinn   Omg yasss thank you guys so so much!
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 18, 2017 07:59
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Four | "You're Like A Regular Picasso!"
    Spoiler alert!
    wildpoppy136   Screaming @joeyc
    ArcturusDean   Accidentally rated 4 sorry
    ArcturusDean   I just loved watching that last GiF over and over again.....oh and the episode was great too!
    gothyemo   that  font is so satisfying
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 16, 2017 08:56
    Laganja's Dragggg | C'mon Comeback Competition!
    Spoiler alert!
    HarleyQuinn   Did anyone but me or Johnny do research this week lol
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 15, 2017 05:04
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Three - Part Two | "Can Y'all Get My F***ing Nail?"
    Spoiler alert!
    nhatz06   Good bye my Asian brother :(
    BIGBROFOSHO   im connor calling someone ELSE a troll ok bud
    SwagSwag   GET HER, JOEY!
    KiwiConnor   Why are you a grammar nazi I was just showing support...
    Leave me alone neckbeard
    Finesse   Literacy isn't important? Cool. Stay stupid!
    KiwiConnor   ok but it's not
    Finesse   It is my business. Literacy is important.
    ianinator   Thanks for having me!
    KiwiConnor   @Finesse, I know I am just sad that he left so mind ur own bussiness troll
    Finesse   @KiwiConnor because Joey eliminated him. Did you even read the blog or just look at all the pretty pictures?
    KiwiConnor   wtf y did ian go
    Electra   Joeys just mad because Ian is a better person than he is 
    Isbnm   Ian shouldn't of gone home 
    jbeaudry3   thanks for having me :)
    km1997   okay joey wtf.........
    but that literally sounds like and ian plea lolololololololololololloloolololloo
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 14, 2017 08:18
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Three - Part One | "Can Y'all Get My F***ing Nail?"
    Spoiler alert!
    joeyc   Thank you, Judges!
    Emma   Frustrating.

    how extra
    KiwiConnor   @joeyc using a gif so he could get higher marks icu
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 12, 2017 04:54
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Two | "This Is My Moment!"
    Spoiler alert!
    wildpoppy136   Joey legend
    jbeaudry3   @HarleyQuinn don't give up :( your look last week was iconic 
    HarleyQuinn   Sorry to disappoint. Guess I have been out of the game too long and really just missed the ball this entire season. Thanks for having me <3 I never seem to give what the judges are looking for so probably my last try at this <3
    Alice   I look at this as your transition week @Electra, you're taking risks and trying to do different things which is a plus in my book. And once you get your consruction perfected(Which I think you can because i've seen you with well put together and polished looks in the past) you could potentially do great things imo. 
    jbeaudry3   @joeyc that is by far the best avatar I have ever seen in this game & ive kept up for various seasons, well done!
    joeyc   Thank you, Judges!
    Electra   work
    Bye   Your idea was actually praised @Electra, it was more the construction of the look that left question marks. You are definitely on the right track though we think!
    Electra   Wtf you said be funny no one but me had a funny idea I would have gone basic if that was what you were looking for 
    BIGBROFOSHO   um electra should have been eliminated he sucks at this 
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 11, 2017 07:56
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week One | "Oh Y'all Wanted A Twist Ay?"
    Spoiler alert!
    nhatz06   Thanks judges XD im not used to being on top, I'm usually a bottom 
    Alice   As an 'expert' you should know there's a broad range of interpretations/representations of witches and witchcraft, right? @ArcturusDean
    I like Chris, wanted him to go far, but his placing in the bottom two this week was just. 
    ArcturusDean   wtf @BostonRob524 had the best avatar imo. And I've been a fantasy expert for the last 10 years. And the top 3 were just appalling. They are not witches, they are like mutants. If this was a freakshow challenge, then they'd deserve the win, but it was specifically a witch, which they do not classify as. 
    Electra   @Remix 
    Electra   miss dee dia getting the filler queen edit *sips tea* 
    ianinator   When youre on top with your bestfriend 
    jbeaudry3   OMG THANK YOU GOD 
  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 08, 2017 09:21
    Laganja's Dragggg | Cast Reveal & Week Zero | "C'mon Season Six, Let's Get Sickening!"
    Spoiler alert!
    johnnyscott1127   RT @Frozen
    Remix   starts sobbing....

    i did it...

    Anne Ti-Depressent @johnnyscott1127 was robbed!
    Your avatar looked like a hooker who woke up on the side on the street, still ready to get freaky. You could have been the Katya Zamolodchikova of this game. Your avatar looked crazy and they're really going to miss out.


    Riot   Potential*
    Riot   I just hate how, I wasn't going to be boring, it was just a bad start. Every queen has a bad week, mine just came way to early. Most queens that stayed have potention to be... boring and that's all they were going to be. I just had a slip, and its my bad. Oh well.
    Riot   @joeyc lol that was the only good read you have had on me.. well played sir.
    HarleyQuinn   Well I tried to do something new and out of my repertoire, but I can see how it's boring. My bad
    Bye   Because none of you know how to spell correctly @Finesse 
    Finesse   @Bye why are editing my critiques? I most definitely would never say "colours."
    PeterCampbell   Lemme hit that #immunityblunt doe..

    Piddu   Lmao what is that JOHNNYSCOTT
    joeyc   Seems like all of @Riot's recoloring worked about as well as him coloring his own hair
    jbeaudry3   Thanks for the constructive criticism!!
    johnnyscott1127   Aw I tried. Thanks for having me! 
    JakeP97   LET'S GET CRIPPLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    angeloxpo   eeek i thought i was leaving
    Vin014   Booooooooooooo @ me not getting a second shot. Otherwise I love the cast. 
    Riot   Me slayed it @Runaways
    Isbnm   sad i wasnt picked but this looks like a fine cast never the less
    ianinator   oh wow! lmfao
    Puffs   Pick it up QWEENZ

  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 03, 2017 06:42
    Laganja's Dragggg | Rules, Prizes & Applications! | CLOSED!
    Spoiler alert!
    Bye   -- CLOSED --

    Stoner Realness Audition Look:
       Give me a break, I have no time lol
    Username: Vin
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Miss Montasoda
    Previous Seasons & Placements: Violet's Drag Gag Tied for last (Unbeliveably robbed) 
    What was your biggest weakness last time? I wanted to tell a story in my look, and got to invested in the story, not the task in hand
    Why do you want to return? I want to return because I was so excited to play last time and to walk in and be sent right back out was so upsetting, then once I had a change to get back in, I was way to busy irl to play. I WANT THIS SHOT AN I WANT IT NOW! Hand me the crownnn
    craycrayaye   ROOKIE APPLICATION
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:
    Username: craycrayaye
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Gayrilla Biscuits
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: I have played in a few going way back... I believe I played in Sohple's, Karmailey's, etc. I also got casted in John Berlac's Project Runway. 
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens?: Miss Lou Sass, Finesse, and Knuckle Krusher
    What will you bring to the competition?: Overwhelming anxiety, the occassional outburst, and style of course. 
    wwxcrunner1   ROOKIE APPLICATION
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:
    Username: wwxcrunner1
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Sh'needza Knapp
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: Top three in first ever Fashion game hosted by guillomueve
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens?   Queen elizabeth the 1st, queen mary the 2nd, and Queen Kate

    Remix   Stoner Realness Audition Look:
    Username: Remix
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Dee Dia
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: Fashionista
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens?: Sharon Needles, Manila, Katya
    What will you bring to the competition?: UNIQUENESS, DRAMA, AND THE ABILITY TO WIN
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:
    Username: yswimmer96
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): West Vagina
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: College, waking up for my 8am class looking semi-decent.
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? Marc, AndieJene, and Elizabeth II.
    What will you bring to the competition? My total sarcasm, more video confessionals, and probably a hot mess.
    Millionaire   Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: Millionaire 
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Penny Assart
    Previous Seasons & Placements: Violet's Drag Gag - 9th Place
    What was your biggest weakness last time?: I think I was playing at a time in my life when I was really busy and I didn't have much time to dedicate to the game. 
    Why do you want to return?: I want to test myself again. I have been working on my creative skills a lot in the past few months and this game is truly the ultimate test for that. Also the crown looks purty.
    Sparkle   Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: Sparkle
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Frida Slaves
    Previous Seasons & Placements: Willam's Drag Race; 2nd / Pearl's Drag Stroll; 2nd
    What was your biggest weakness last time? Overthinking the finale.
    Why do you want to return? I WANT TO GET MY FUCKING WIN.
    Emma   Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: Emma.
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Luv Uranus.
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: Zero. Nada. My Category is Newbie Queen Realness.
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? Sharon Needles, Miss Fame and Kim Chi.
    What will you bring to the competition? I'm obsessed with everything about Drag Queens and I have a lot of potential with fashion, always flawless, glamorous and beautiful. Everyone knows how much I give to earn my spot in the competitions, I can be everything, I'm sassy, I have atitude, I'm creative and funny, I have something fresh, something new, I'm a brazilian godess ready to serve this game with tropical glam.  
    4Real   Stoner Realness Audition Look:
    Username: 4Real
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Bertha Control
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: Winner of Stupid Fashion 2.0, in Greenbay's fashion dream and millionaire's fashionista until both were cancelled :(
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens?: Sharon Needles, Raven, Adore Delano
    What will you bring to the competition? I love fashion games but whenver I play one, it never seems to finish. I'm a real bad bitch and I'm not afraid to take risks and do whatever it takes to get that crown
    Stoner Realness Audition Look: 
    Username: Allaska
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Kassandra Voodoo
    Previous Seasons & Placements: ​Willam's Drag Race - I don't remember D: // Pearl's Drag Stroll - 4th
    What was your biggest weakness last time? In Willam's Drag Race I was eliminated for not deliver the look in time, so I think this one don't count LOL
    In Pearl's Drag Stroll I was feeling beat out even before the challenge started, I should have believed in myself.
    Why do you want to return? I know I can slay this time, the last time I died in 4th, this time I will stay till the end.
    Typo (soz am on mobie)
    Typo   (LOOK INBOUND) greenbay712. Sweetin Sour. VDG, 11th place. Robbed bc I went pretty instead of drag. I didnt take risks and tried to remain pretty. Bc I wasted my spot getting excited with VIP and it wont happen again!!
    wwxcrunner1   I'll send application I'm soon
    Runaways   LMAO ANGELO 
    angeloxpo   omg me... i had seen that name in your previous season but I forgot about it and thought it was my idea. Changing the name to 'Chitonya Fayce'
    Electra   Stoner Realness Audition Look:
    Username: Electra
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): LuLu 
    Previous Seasons & Placements:
    Season 2 - 7th Place 
    Season 3 - 7th Place
    What was your biggest weakness last time? Not going far enough out of the box. 
    Why do you want to return? I really love fashion games and haven't played one in a while so I am excited to make my return. 
    ianinator   ROOKIE APPLICATION
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: @ianinator
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Clee Torres
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: Karmailey model, KOF, etc.
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? I dont know xD Im applying with no knowledge abt the show
    What will you bring to the competition? hmm, well mostly my avatar group games Ive been using male avatars so this is something new to me. Im not sure what I can bring at this point but I know for sure I will bring my competitiveness into this competition and my drive to win! This is definitely outside of my comfort zone but I like learning new things and understanding what drag is all about !  let me play! Im the true definition of a rookie! xD
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Drag Name (Make It Funny!):Betty Boob
    Previous Fashion Game Experience:Winner Sharatennis' Kings of Fashion S01, Top 5 Dramaking's Fashionista before it got cancelled
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? Haven't watched it much but, Bianca Del Rio, Manila Luzon, Latrice Royale
    What will you bring to the competition? I will be bringing a complete stranger to the competition. I don't know shit about drag, I'm not outspoken,  I don't read or spill "tea" about other users, but I'll try try try to push myself out of my shell to win this game because I LOVE fashion games and will use my creativity and put everything I have into this game. I think I'm really good at taking critiques and using them to fuel me to do better the following rounds and seeing what works and doesn't work.
    Stoner Realness Audition Look: 

    Username: Seraph
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Iggy Azalea Banks (two jokes in the music industry combined into one fierce bitch!)
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: currently playing project runway 3 and im doing pretty well
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens?: I've only watched past season 6 but definitely Tatianna, Katya and Chi Chi Devayne
    What will you bring to the competition?: A fun personality and looks that (i hope xD) have never been showcased before
    angeloxpo   ROOKIE APPLICATION
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: @angeloxpo
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!):Dixie Normous
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: Water's Fashion Fiasco (Always been in top 3)
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? Pearl, Kim Chi and Katya
    What will you bring to the competition? I will be bringing my FIERCNESS, dixie is ready to destroy these bitches
    Wcplays   Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    (I just recolored the shop items don't smite me XD)
    Username: wcplays
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): D-Day (;))
    Previous Seasons & Placements:
    Bianca's Drag Hell.... Um i forgot my placement since it was such a huge fucking flop
    What was your biggest weakness last time?
    Two words AVANT GARDE that was my downfall since two out of three challenges i participated in were avant garde where i completely failed however i also got crtiqued for being too simple (and i still do). 
    Why do you want to return?
    I improved much ever since Bianca's Drag Hell, I know how to make huge looks, use even more creativity, and show I can be Bye's Next Drag Superstar. I've become more confident in making looks and I don't need to ask what people think because I'm confident in looks I sent. I think I should be in redemption since I know I can turn my biggest downfall and make it a complete success and make it far in the season.
    Stoner Realness Audition Look: 

    Username: @BostonRob524
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Boobzilla Christain
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: None 
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? Pandora Boxx, Latrice Royale, & Detox
    What will you bring to the competition? I will bring hard work and determination! This will be my first fashion game if I get in, and I promise you if I do make it in I will do my best to do whatever it takes to dish out the best looks that I possibly can to show you how badly I want this! I can show that I can adapt to an unfamiliar game type and try my best to succeed! Thanks for taking your time to read this!  Goodluck casting :P
    Riot   Because, I didn't really get a chance to show myself off*
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: @Riot
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Karen Sharapova
    Previous Seasons & Placements: Alaska's Drag Hieeeeeeeeee (12th Place)
    What was your biggest weakness last time? NOT BEING ABLE TO EDIT MY AVATAR!
    Why do you want to return? Because, I didn't really get to, and I wanna prove I have improved as a drag queen myself!
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: anaconda
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Clah Mydia
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: I've done a few fashion games on zwooper and many rpdr games on roblox
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? April Carrion, Bob TDQ, and Katya
    What will you bring to the competition? I will bring FASHION, SASS, and will ultimately just slay everyone else!

    Stoner Realness Audition Look: - "Have a brownie they said. It will be fun they said. One hour later shes a mess tripping balls in the corner crying" Username: Opal  Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Cher Noble Previous Seasons & Placements: Alaska's Drag...HIEEE! (Opal - 9th Place) What was your biggest weakness last time? My biggest weakness was trying to be too fishy. Especially at the start I wanted to look good and I couldn't really get out of that box and was too scared to take risks. Looking back at the queens who outlasted me, they all went OTT crazy/funny looks and this time round I want to want to take elements from that. I want to still be fishy when needed but I don't want to be boring which is why I think I ended up in the bottom 3 times last time round. Opal was a little swqueek, but Cher is going to NUCLEAR! Why do you want to return? Theres people who do these things so often and are big names because of it. I want to show people that I can fight amoust the big boys and girls. I had so much fun last time I played and I want to get committed to group game again. Also this is probably the best game to play if you are serious about playing and don't want it to be cancelled. So yeah: proving myself, having fun and playing a great formatted game. Those reasons.  ☢☢☢☢☢ #CHERNOBLE2017 ☢☢☢☢☢
    Isbnm   Ohh oops lol total flop moment

    Stoner Realness Audition Look

    Username: JakeP97
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Back Breaker
    Previous Seasons & Placements: Violet's Drag Gag - 13th Place
    What was your biggest weakness last time? My biggest weakness last time was the timing of when I played! I had just started a busy semester and didn't have as much time to make outfits as I thought I would, which is what I think lead to my downfall.
    Why do you want to return? I want to return to PROVE that I CAN BE BYE'S NEXT DRAG SUPERSTAR!!! I have more time this semester to make iconique looks and I will leave everyone shook. I AM READY TO PROVE MYSELF!
    Werk   Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username : Werk
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Nova China
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: None this this is my first-t-t-t f-f-f-sion-n-n-n gameeee
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? Bianca Del Rio, Alyssa Edwards and Kim Chi
    What will you bring to the competition? I will bring my massive ego, my drag realness and my bitch mode! I've also been wanting to play for so long so yeah! Beware bitchs, Nova China is here.

    Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: joeyc
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Onika
    Previous Seasons & Placements: Bianca's Drag Hell | 2nd Place. Violet's Drag Gag | Judge
    What was your biggest weakness last time? Ummm well I didn't really know what I was doing at first, so I guess I would say I started off slow and had some bad looks in my portfolio. I would also say consistency and struggling with themes I didn't really know i.e Avante Garde. Towards the end of the season, I liked having a theme that I could work with and when it came to creating the Last Finale Look I was left a bit lost. 
    Why do you want to return? I won't say I was robbed in my season, because I wasn't, but I feel like I definetly had a shot to win. I want to prove that I can do better than 2nd and join y'all in the Hall Of Fame
    jbeaudry3   Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Ry Lee Smy Lee 
    jbeaudry3   ROOKIE APPLICATION
    Stoner Realness Audition Look:
    Username: jbeaudry3
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): 
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: I haven't played in many Fashion Games, to be honest a lot of them see to flop on zwooper, but I have only heard good things about your fashion games, so I was hoping to try out my first Fashion Game that doesn't flop 
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? Qween Latrice Royale , Jackie Beat & Bianca Del Rio 
    What will you bring to the competition? I am very persistent & competitive, meaning that going into this game I would never give up regardless of how hard the competition is. I am very creative & would always bring a different yet suitable look for the theme we are provided &  will be thinking of new ideas every second & feel like I could really bring a cool new element too this game ! I also feel like it would be sort of a challenge for me since most of the games on zwooper rely on social game & strategy where I feel like this would be a new type of a game that would challenge me & where i would improve as a drag queen
    Bye   @Isbnm You have to use your female avatar :P
    doobee   I would apply but I'm ugly and have a flop male avatar 
    Runaways   Stoner Realness Audition Look:

    Username: Runaways
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Kiz Mias (B-Itch)
    Previous Seasons & Placements: Violet's Drag Gag, where I was rudely booted out and got 17th.
    What was your biggest weakness last time?: LETTING SOMEONE ELSE ELIMINATE ME WHEN I WAS NOT MEANT TO GO THAT WEEK, but this season is my moment.
    Why do you want to return?: I've actually watched Drag Race now and I have a better understanding of it,  I feel like I have grown as a queen and now I have revamped myself as a queen and as a person, so I am ready to butcher the competition and not look hideous this time, I won't take any short cuts and this will be the biggest, the best and the greatest Rudemption this show has ever seen.
    Isbnm   Stoners realness audition look:
    username: Isbnm
    Drag name (make it funny): Dixon cider
    previous season and placement: Violets drag gag 10th place
    what was your biggest weakness last time? I tend to over think my designs and make them become a complete mess
    why do you want to return: last season I placed last but won the returnee comp only to be eliminated straight away so I want to prove I can win and that I can compete and not flop badly so please give me another chance.
    coolKat   I will enjoy watching this season but I dont wanna fail and I don't have VIP whoch is quite difficult for any fashion game
    HarleyQuinn   Username: HarleyQuinn
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Poison Eye V
    Previous Seasons & Placements: WDR 11th, ADH 6th, BDH 4th
    What was your biggest weakness last time?: My biggest weakness last time and every time has definitely always been reading the other queens in funny ways without sounding like a total bitch. I'm 0 for 2 as nobody ever thinks they are even funny and they end up coming off bitter and subpar. I am ready to put the work into my literacy skills and read the house down this time around.
    Why do you want to return?: This is legitimately a game that I enjoy playing and love testing my creativity and also seeing what I can come up with. Also it'd be amazing to feel like I'm a part of something and when I saw that you were finally reviving your game I came out of hiatus (only doing the prize draw beforehand lol). I feel like I can win this game and I want to show my skills. I'm a conceptual queen and want to be the acidity to these other bitches' basicity

    Stoner Realness Look: 

    Oh no, poor Mary Sue has just found her husband of 10 years in bed with the Cabana boy and she doesn't know whether she wants to cry, so she lights up a doobie poolside and gets way higher than she's ever been before. 
    Bye   @gothyemo You don't necessarily need to watch the show as people have made the Finals before having never seen it. If you really want to play there's no harm in applying and giving it a go :)
    Bye   I'm sorry Connor  
    There's always next season! @KiwiConnor
    KiwiConnor   cries....
    KiwiConnor   wait am I not eligible.....I would like to see a manager
    Alice   @KiwiConnor please do so you can be rejected! XD 
    haha too bad you aren't eligible I was expecting to see ur arse compete
    KiwiConnor   @Alice oh BITCH IM APPLYING
    Finesse   @gothyemo, that's why the judges are here to offer critique and constructive criticism.
    gothyemo   I want to play so bad but idk anything asbout drag
    johnnyscott1127   Stoner Realness Audition Look:
    Username: johnnyscott1127
    Drag Name (Make It Funny!): Anne Ti-Depressent
    Previous Fashion Game Experience: I played in Karmabare's fashion game one time, and got 7th out of 24 people, and you tell me it's not a real fashion game, BUT I DID WELL SO BOO YOU!
    Who are your three all time favourite Queens? Definitely Sharea Diarrhea is one of them. The other two is close between Knuckle Crusher and Joey the Drag Queen. #Icons
    What will you bring to the competition? I will bring the will to win. I never really wanted to play this, but I am tired of strategic games, and I am into this game to test myself and see how far I can go. You've already had @jakea563 and @joeyc as the two overly heterosexual men with no fashion sense, and now it's time to throw me into the mix too and see if I can be a dark horse like they were. You know I give it my all in games, and even the opening look I spent 45 minutes on, and that wasn't even being judged! I'll always try to be as unique and creative as possible, and I am known for being a pretty funny, and creative guy, so I would definitely love to make the judges laugh throughout the competition, both with my creativity and my looks ;)
    Alice   Talentless b*tches need not apply xo

    joeymeyers   dang it. it sounds like fun but i dont have female avi oh well. Gl to everyone who makes it in
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 30, 2017 22:50
    Laganja's Dragggg | Custom Background, Crown & Memory Wall Sneak Peek!
    Spoiler alert!
    Opal   Opal will get her ByeVenge
    Werk   Screams I learnt the deathdrop today! 
    KiwiConnor   im horny for 1st
    Electra   Yas gawd I will be there 
    Emma   I can't wait.
    Riot   Trust me Bye, I got so much better at avatars, I would NOT let you down!
    Alice   Can't wait for this XD
    Sparky44   or @craycrayaye
    JakeP97   blaze it! 
    SwagSwag   i hope @Rachel420x is still here, this season is made for her Logo

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