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  • Peejoit
    PeejoitNovember 19, 2017 04:49
    First time ever! PYN for an honest opinion of you as a person/player :)
    @Sparky44 - Aside from the fact that you just did a post listing your top 600 zwooperoos and I didn't make it, I have a pretty good opinion of you as a ...
    SuperDoodle   Meee
    carterlinke01   Meee
    Shoib   Meee
    hobotree   helloo
    Patrick71101   Me :P
    sharatennis   Lmaooo dooooooo*****
    sharatennis   Doooont me u lilllllll bish
    Peejoit   @Jqred - LImited time playing together but you've always been cool.  For a younger user, not at all annoying. As a player, one of my fave to watch. Absolute savage at times (the backstab at the end of the JoeyP SC was fantastic).  Getting a bad rap now as McKenna's sheep which I think is a bit unfair. I am someone who enjoys playing games with friends too so I'm not sure how you combat that rep, but I see a legit player in you. I do wonder if playing hard in these games will catch up to you but I think you're a good enough player to get through it.
    Jqred   Me ! :)
    iiAmySunshine   Awww thank you lol. I actually do laugh a lot irl, so sorry if it gets annoying lol. Also, thank you for the tip about hosting because I am trying to take all critics in as this is my first time really co-hosting for a big game (never really hosted before).
    ianinator   @Peejoit uhm I dont think im trying to be friends with popular players xD i work with whoever i get along with but thanks!
    Peejoit   @TJP1122 - Very nice kid, and a legit killer of a player. Honestly I'd put you in the discussion of best players on the site currently. There isn't a lot you don't do well. I saw that in Sara/Parrish's game and when I signed up for KMSurvivor at Kenny's request, I told him right away we were getting some revenge but god damn was it hard! :P Fun though going toe to toe with you and Nikias. Legit one of the most fun games I've played in forever. I have a theory that I honestly hope you prove wrong that there is a sweet spot to play ZBB. You have to be known enough to have some support but not be too respected to be a target. I suspect you've blown by the line and that super impressive Byevivor win will hurt you in ZBB, but if anyone could fight passed that big threat label, it's you. Legit can't wait to see you play.

    ​@ianator - We started out together on the site, and even back in those FS days you always used to screw me over right around payout time :P You're a good dude though. In games you have a tendenancy to go really under the radar and sometimes it looks like your'e trying to be friends with popular players more than you wanna win games. You finished SBBUK strong though (minus the short/drunken plea :P) and I really thought it was you vs. Kenny/Me for the title. 
    ​@TheBreeze - I remember when you first joined the site and I arrogantly ignored you in a LS because I thought my alliance of me, Joey, Devon and Clay was enough. Well, you won it. :P As a player you're legit and when it comes to comps, especially those that involve dedication, there probably is no one better on Zwooper. For some reason during ZBB we couldn't connect. It wasn't a negative interaction, just awkward as fuck. But ever since then we've been cool and worked together well.

    @nikias - Super smart and really good at strategy. Just as nice and loyal as a person and really fun to play with. During KMSurvivor you and TJ were worthy adversaries for Pete and I and I thought it was hilarious that even after everything went down I think you were the only one to really understand what Pete and I had been doing that whole time. During SBBUK you and Fanny were our number 1, but I always thought it would come down to a fight between you and Shara if you had to pick between Me/Kenny and Cam/Jam (with Fanny backing us, you backing Cam/Jam). Was that read right, and who would have won the battle between you and Fanny?
    @iiAmySunshine - As a player, we haven't played much so I can't say a ton. On a personal level you've always seemed nice but it is a pet peeve of mine that you end almost every sentence with some variation of lol or a laughing emoji. Shit ain't that funny bro :P I imagine you doing that in real life, and it would just be insufferable :P But no seriously you seem like good people and you speak your mind for your friends, so that's cool. As a host I think you should scale it back a bit in terms of involvement. You tended to be a bit front and center during SBBUK4 and it leads to a real weird dynamic that felt like you were with certain players above others. I'm sure that's not true, but it's an area most hosts avoid.

    @Parrish101 - We haven't played many games together but I know you're a legit player from watching you play games. Any interactions we've had have been awesome and you've always been a gentleman. A great host too and I think your game should be considered one of the best on Zwooper.
    ianinator   Hi 
    TJP1122   I’m very curious!
    nikias   meee
    TheBreeze   sure!
    Parrish101   mee
    iiAmySunshine   Me please <3
    km1997   :)) 
    Riku1274   Me please. 
    JakeP97   memeeeee
    CameronElite   Me tho
    Piddu   ok me
    joeyc   Joseph Philip 
    cmgorilla   me 
    Big_Brother_Fan   I'm horrible for both lmao
    Arceus   The great peej!
    BlueStar1367   me!
    Sparky44   sure 
  • Sparky44
    Sparky44November 19, 2017 04:38
    Spoiler alert!
    08SaraR   gRaTs MyLeS!!! :D
    SwagSwag   you dont like me but grats
    Margaret   Congrats! :D
    dcg786   why am ii in the bottom part? :( 
    angeloxpo   yassss you're catching up to me now
    wildpoppy136   GRATS MY G
    Isbnm   king Myles slay me
    Jqred   Ly Myles :) Congrats! 
    survivorallstar   Who r u?
    TJP1122   Congrats!
    HKT   Congratulations Myles!!!
    Parrish101   Yassss <3 Grats!
    iiAmySunshine   Omg! Congrats buddy! <3
    BlueStar1367   Congrats Myles!
    Jason1runs   grats :))))
    cmgorilla   YASSSS ICONIC <3 Love you Sparky 
    joeyc   You dumb bitch!
    Big_Brother_Fan   Who r u?
    Sparky44   @Bye Might stick around for a bit
    Bye   Congrats! Welcome to the most iconic colour level 
    Arceus   Congrats! Well deserved :P
    Piddu   Grats!
    Patrick71101   Kidding, nice job dude 
    Patrick71101   You forgot me 
  • jbeaudry3
    jbeaudry3November 19, 2017 04:35
    Look it's cmgorilla !!!
    iiAmySunshine   @cmgorilla getting that cry baby edit <3
    Player2014   Lol
    Jason1runs   haha
    cmgorilla   YASS 
  • JohnTheGreat
    JohnTheGreatNovember 19, 2017 04:18
    OmG 2nd in SF247
    it was so stressfull Lol, got nominated lots of times but luck was with me in f3 HOH 
    Arceus   congrats man!
    cmgorilla   congrats on making it to the end
    cmgorilla   I wouldn't! I would like to see SF247!! :D
    Underdog101   I would like to see another f24/7
  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 19, 2017 04:00
    SF247 #15 - Lucky last!
    The password is 1209291514066. Remember to join via the RED Join Private button. 
    Last one of the night so have fun!
    Jason1runs   oh noooooo @Piddu I voted alan
    joeyc   Host another one bitch
    Piddu   You evicted me and the same people you saved, evicted you @Jason1Runs !
    Jason1runs   all my allies betrayed me how sad :(
    Piddu   Fuck man they gave me 13th!
    JakeP97   blinks
    jbeaudry3   omg iconic yes i dont work sundays 
    Z_Moderation   No it just filled very quickly so you were unfortunately too slow sorry. There will be more games tomorrow!
    AndreHoward   You could not join the game. Password did not match any game.
    JakeP97   not working 
    jbeaudry3   have fun 
    Underdog101   It wasn't working for me :/
    AndreHoward   my will not work
    Underdog101   Can non-VIP no longer play?
  • Riku1274
    Riku1274November 19, 2017 03:58
    Best skype game ever!
    if some of you have never played Lucas's Skype games I highly recommend them as they are the best! I just won a big brother game and even if I would ...
    Riku1274   fixed it just saw only lucas on friends list my bad.
    Sparky44   lucasmaximo is a rat
    JohnTheGreat   Yeah hes awesome host
    cmgorilla   He's @LucasRoose
  • jbeaudry3
    jbeaudry3November 19, 2017 03:55
    Fml I'm never going to get the chance to play one of these fast 24/7s
    why cant vip just work ugh redjsjsjs fml 
    jbeaudry3   i always work friday and saturday or i would have had time to gain chips ugh leaves the site 
    Sparky44   me,,,
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 19, 2017 03:34
    Hunger Games F2 Plea: There's Blood On My Hands
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   Thank you Blue!!!
    BlueStar1367   You got my vote to win, good luck dude
    Patrick71101   Thanks Arceus 
    Arceus   Good game =]
  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 19, 2017 03:30
    FINAL SF247 Password of the night!
    Spoiler alert!
    Dimples_8889   Thank you. 
    JohnTheGreat   247 but with 1 minute in Day change
    Dimples_8889   Excuse me for my noobness. What is SF247? 
    Jason1runs   oh yeah why not
    Underdog101   sure
    AndreHoward   yess
    JakeP97   yesh
    jbeaudry3   chips!
    jbeaudry3   omg transfer me chils :(
    Alanster   yes
    Rubyninja_Leo   i am going to sleep since its 04:00ZT is litterally 04:00 AM where i live so its kinda the middle of the night for me.
    cmgorilla   YASSS
    Sparky44   YES!
    JohnTheGreat   Or whatever i will be there in 4:00 lol
    JohnTheGreat   Do it before 4:00!
    Arceus   away!
    Piddu   Yes!
  • JohnTheGreat
    JohnTheGreatNovember 19, 2017 03:20
    omg it was fun plz do another one !! 3:30 ??
    Arceus   Thanks for your vote! you left me too soon =[
    Piddu   Yes! It goes so quick
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 19, 2017 03:18
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #7
    Spoiler alert!
    NiQi   So happy, thank you so much <3
    Margaret   Thank you so much Marc, I really appreciate it and Im so happy we will host 2nd season of The Mole. Memory wall is stunning! <3
    Krysstian   Thank u
    Jqred   Omg I can't wait to apply this game 
    Parrish101   Grats y'all <3
    TJP1122   Definitely deserves this! Congrats to you three :)
    Alanster   this game is awesome even though i got last
    Arceus   I'm so happy for those three! One of the best games I've played so far on this site even though I got a 2nd =[
  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 19, 2017 03:00
    Oh fine SF247 #14 - 1 Minute Day Change!
    The password is 1209287341307. Remember to join via the Red Join Private button.
    Hopefully it fills quick, enjoy!
    JohnTheGreat   Anothe one at 3:30!!
    cmgorilla   Can we have one last one at 04:00zt?
    Dog   thanks hun
  • Dog
    DogNovember 19, 2017 02:55
    Rubyninja_Leo   pupper
    Dog   @Sparky44 oof how embarrassing! 
    Sparky44   We have seen this lol
  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 19, 2017 02:40
    One more SF247? If there's enough interest I'll do a password at 3:00ZT.
    Comment interest, need atleast 13 players to comment or it won't go ahead.
    JohnTheGreat   People will join even thou they didnt commented in this post
    Arceus   comment
    Rubyninja_Leo   ooh
    JohnTheGreat   Yess but do it befor 3:00
    Sparky44   sureee
    Piddu   okk
    Runaways   give me chips
    Dog   very much so
    BlueStar1367   yes please
    TheGuy   do it
  • JohnTheGreat
    JohnTheGreatNovember 19, 2017 02:31
    S F247
    plz do another one 1 min DC
    1 comment
  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 19, 2017 02:08
    Bonus 500 Chips for the Winner of the current filling F247 - 7 Minute DC! Filled!
    The password is 1208003156193. Remember to join via the RED Join Private button.
    This additional prize will be transferred to ...
    Sparky44   okay peter
    Runaways   give me chips and i will join lmaooo
    GagaSkis   OML
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 19, 2017 02:06
    I Love Money 8 | FINALE
    Spoiler alert!
    Jqred   @km1997 you and @Shoib convinced him not to vote for me, pretty dumb since you weren't even in the game but okay. Luckily I'm still happy Cameron won.
    SwagSwag   wow what a finale
    sharatennis   LEGEND WINNER !
    JaMarcus_Russell   Congrats Cam. VERY well deserved :)
    km1997   Cameron you really deserved this. The blow by blow you gave really showed how much you wanted it. Deserved it and got it. 
    Also, suck my taint Rvan. Mystery said cameron played better but his reason for voting jqred was actual bs. So go suck on that. 
    jbeaudry3   lmao players robbery
    Alvarovidalpuga   mckenna im not friends with cameron lol
    rvandereb   It's good to know that Shoib and Kenny managed to bully Mystery into voting for Cameron 
    eduardo245   Congrats Cameron 
    km1997   *Cameron yesterday* Kenny you’re actually one of the best ILM players ever. Haha. xD rawr
    Parrish101   Gratssss!
    iiAmySunshine   @xStqqd so Cameron played a terrible game, but you told him that he was winning no matter what? That makes no sense
    xStqqd   @iiAmySunshine , @CameronElite 1. played a terrible game but only reason he won was because all his friends were on the jury (no shade u desereved it cam for sure) and 2nd of all I knew jqred wouldnt win but I had to give him the vote lol.
    Jqred   Congrats Cameron <3 :D
    iiAmySunshine   But YAS TO MY BABY! YOU DID #that <3
    CameronElite   @km1997 Let me have my moment quitter boyyyy!!!
    iiAmySunshine   Wow, McKenna with that bitter vote. We all love us a bitter queen <3
    CameronElite   I'm so very grateful. As someone who wasn't even meant to be in the cast, I tryed my hardest to prove that I belonged. Thank you for the opportunity Jake.
    km1997   Wow. Never thot I’d see a worse winner than JJ. 
    xStqqd   robbed of hosts favorite
    Sparky44   grats cam!!!
  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 19, 2017 01:38
    Long (but still hard) F247- 7 Minute Day Change
    The password is 1208003156193. Remember to join via the RED Join Private button.

    And before you start complaining, I ...
    joeyc   This sexual title 
    Jason1runs   pls join
    Runaways   ugh i need 20 chips
    GagaSkis   *cries*
    Z_Moderation   I'll be nice, let's make it 2:15ZT. If it's filled I'll post a SF247 at 2:30ZT. Spread the word boys, let's fill this game!
    GagaSkis   but there's only 7 people in the waiting room
    Piddu   Yes! You rock my c*** @Z_Moderation !
    Z_Moderation   If the current game fills by 02:00ZT I'll tell you a set time for a SF247 password. Seems fair to me?
    GagaSkis   ughhhhhhh who's in the game? so i can see how many people are in?
    Piddu   So instead of mass refreshing the talks page,  I need to mass refresh the filling 24/7 game...interesting....
    GagaSkis   ://
    Z_Moderation   I won't post a SF247 until the regular game fills so you can all relax for now. 
    GagaSkis   ughhhhhhhh i do want set times, cause then i could miss it, and im soups tired of refreshing
    Piddu   That theory is incorrect.

    If you post at a random time, someone sees it, they message all their friends "join its open" and a big group gets in. If you have a set-time, everyone knows when it it is and it becomes a click race. 
    GagaSkis   AHHHHHHHHH SMART @Z_Moderation
    Z_Moderation   Where's the fun for me in that? Posting at exact times just helps big groups join together, so I'm looking to avoid that. @Piddu 
    GagaSkis   THEY ARE VERY FUN @Z_Moderation
    kongowongo   Well, this was the first one I was actually on time for soooo, I'm gonna bitch anyway =-p
    GagaSkis   TRUE @Piddu
    Piddu   Can you have a set time for when the SF247 will be so we don't have to keep refreshing for 30 mins straight
    Z_Moderation   You should join anyway, they're lots of fun!
    GagaSkis   ohhhhh almost joined but this is 7 minute dc
  • GagaSkis
    GagaSkisNovember 19, 2017 01:30
    Spoiler alert!
    GagaSkis   @cmgorilla YASSSSSSSS
    GagaSkis   @Arceus hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
    Arceus   can't wait to be nominated by you again
    cmgorilla   I keep refreshing so fast waiting lol
    cmgorilla   I support this!
  • Jqred
    JqredNovember 19, 2017 01:23
    SJBB5 || Fans vs Flops || Episode 8 || Eviction for 12th
    Spoiler alert!
    Big_Brother_Fan   YAS! 69%
    queen jenna
    Arceus   69% seems fitting. LOL jk 

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