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  • Electra
    ElectraFebruary 15, 2019 03:34
    SwagSwag   omg i cant believe y'all didnt know i could do whistle notes
    Puffs   You'll never hit that note fat ass
  • Puffs
    PuffsFebruary 15, 2019 03:06
    ILM9: Final Thoughts
    Spoiler alert!
    Sammy   APOCALYPSE!!!!
    Bye   You're too good for this world, we don't deserve you 
  • CaityB1975
    CaityB1975February 15, 2019 02:18
    New Prize Idea
    Spoiler alert!
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97February 15, 2019 01:48
    $ | I Love Money 9: Reloaded | FINALE
    Spoiler alert!
    Aidan   TL;DR version of Peter's essay: I was better at meaningless flash games and I like to make up convenient excuses
    PeterCampbell   To be honest, I absolutely love Noah and I do think he played an amazing game, and is one of the best players on the site imo. But for those who may have not been able to follow the season, we all had the same opportunity at the beginning of the game to compete in an endurance-style team captain challenge, in order to win safety and pick the first person on your team (it was chain style pick). I personally spent 13.5 hours on that competition to ensure that I won and was able to influence the beginning of the game, and Noah spent 5 minutes (these are the exact times not estimations). On top of that, Noah was on my team in the first round, and the first challenge was the fast survival challenge. Some members of our team got a lot of points, Noah scored a 2. A big reason Tyler and I decided to work with Sarah/Richie/Evan was because of how hard they worked in the group immunity challenges, why would we work with people who weren't going to help keep our whole team safe? Yes Noah did fight out of a tough situation, but it was a tough situation that he put himself in. I think if he had given just a little more effort to the challenges at the beginning of the game, he wouldn't have been in such a bad place to begin with. Thank you all for showing interest in the game, and thank you so much for the congratulations! Love you guys 
    JaMarcus_Russell   Damn guys just let Peter have his moment. Great season all around both noah and peter were so deserving, shoutout to Peter tho well earned man
    klelijah   MY MAN! welcome to the winner's circle peter! <3
    jbeaudry3   @PeterCampbell you played good man puffs just played a really good game for the position she was in 
    Aidan   #PuffsWasRobbed
    PeterCampbell   Zwooper public.. *coughteamprettycough* lol it’s cool though I’m enjoying the attention 
    Puffs   I can’t help it if the Zwooper public, my fellow finalist and the host of the game thinks that I was robbed xoxo
    Werk   This game was AMAZING <3
    Madskie00017   Congrats Peter !!!
    exploremedora   You have to laugh at some of these commentors who didn't read the episodes or the plea's and had no idea what is going on, but are putting their two cents in anyway.
    PeterCampbell   thanks everyone, you guys are all so nice and supportive!
    SwagSwag   i didnt read any of the episodes but i just know noah and werk were robbed
    jbeaudry3   um wtf we love a pressed jury
    joeyc   Sorry Peter, but Noah 100% deserved to win. He had to fight for his spot the ENTIRE game, and bitterness is what caused him not to win. 
    08SaraR   CoNgRaTs Peterrrrrrrr!!! :D
    YourBoy   Best physical game? That's a first LOL. Gotta say I did play my best physical game I ever have. Thank you @JakeP97 and @Clash for such an AMAZING game and experience I will never forget.
    TJDawgiestyle   the gentleman's club
    popular   LMFAOOO omg the jury was so ugly but i guess they needed to help peter take his mind off of his um... rough... relationship :) happy valentines day ❤️❤️❤️
    AngelOfWater   Omg congrats Peter!!!! I’m so proud of you!! You killed it 
    Patrick71101   Grats Peter!!! :D
    Rival   #NOTMYWINNER
    Vlatemier   Congrats Peter! So happy for you 
    Allen   okay WOW. I wasn't given biggest flop AND noah didn't win? this is cancelled. #BoycottILM
    ExoticSimmer   puffs deserved better...
    Brittany101   Let it be known he is #NOTMYWINNER
    Violet   YAY PUFFS WON!! WOW his poor mind
    Runaways   Puffs was so robbed, I'm so sorry that this had to happen.
  • Allen
    AllenFebruary 15, 2019 01:31
    Pop Songs Chart Game
    Spoiler alert!
    TheChanelOberlin   A$AP ROCKY - Ridin'
    Magestic   Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
    coolKat   Halsey - Without Me
    Cartur   C’mon - Kesha
    ArcturusDean   I completely misread this lmao. Thought we were making our own artist name. I wanna be P!nk
    KiwiConnor   Slayyter - Mine
    ArcturusDean   Madame Double Dee
  • SpartanX
    SpartanXFebruary 15, 2019 01:30
    ZwooperMadness | The Finale Vote is Here!
    +5 and cast your final vote for one of our Final Two!

    mila -vs- Madskie00017

    The final vote will be due 23:30 and a ...
    JonJ   Madskie
    iiAmySunshine   Gonna vote for Madskie00017 here aka my twin sister <3 Sorry Mila!
    cupcake   Madskie00017
    ivix16   Mila!
    DannyT   Nadine!
    Trouble   Mila 
    McQuire   Mila (sry Mads)
    Trinity2000   Mila
    a07strand   Madskie00017
    sagiking365   mila
    AgusII   Madskie 
    Nates_great   Nate
    Aaron1121   This is such an iconic final omg! Both of you are so nice and deserve to win, but I will have to go with Madskie
    cheeseman   mila!
    mila   Lol ty madskie :-D.. if I had not been in f2..I would have voted you to win :-)
    Madskie00017   Madskie (but i must say, im honored to be in finals with mila)
    Karthik   Mila
    ujmlkio   MIla
    mila   Mila
    Aaron_A   Mila 
    Joseph_040   Gotta give it to Miss Madskie!
  • Jaws123
    Jaws123February 15, 2019 01:00
    Sarvivor III: Blood Vs Water || Finals Plea
    Spoiler alert!
    YourBoy   I also voted out sugar at final 8 just for the record :p
    Geri   Uhh girl I did not even block you. No idea what you are talking about. 
    JaMarcus_Russell   You slayed this game and deserve this win so bad. Truly flawless gameplay from the legend himself, as expected. Stay fabulous king @Jaws123 
    Bye   Rooting for you, I know you've given this game your all and I hope it pays off! 
    Puffs   If @Jaws123 doesn't win I'm literally ddosing the entire site. Goodluck @Trishy
    boojess   My winner! 
    Violet   sooo proud of you baby! win or lose, i'm thankful to call you mine and i can't wait to see what life has in store for us 
    AngelOfWater   Of course I tagged you wrong :/ lol @Jaws123
    AngelOfWater   I love you @jaws123 you killed this game!!! Super proud and super impressed 
    Aaron_A   You didn’t have an easy ride and had to work hard!I wish you best of luck 
    Aaron_A   My boo made finals!
    McKenna   go jaws
    chesskid   If I was in jury, you'd have my vote to win. You fooled people on our original tribe long enough you weren't ALL THAT (to say the least) in challenges!
  • PacoP
    PacoPFebruary 15, 2019 01:00
    Sarvivor Plea to Win | Redemption
    Spoiler alert!
    jbeaudry3   snatch my wig 
    PacoP   @Jace thanks chief
    Jace   You didn't get 4th in this one, chief. Nicely done!
    Geri   Voting my boy to win, no question needed
    AngelOfWater   Love you like a son @PacoP you know this. Clearly we were at odds in this game for multiple reasons but I saw both of your games and as much as all of @Jaws123 haters want him to lose and won’t see his game for what it is.. he played a killer social game and was never in danger and voted for each person that left in the merge...and played a huge roll in sugar going home instead of gurgs.. saving his duo..  I’m still shook you took him to finals tbh... 
    YourBoy   So proud of you bro. And again sorry about backstabbing you in Sarvivor 2 :p I hope you can finally get the win that you deserve.
    TheChanelOberlin   good luck !!!!
    TheBreeze   Hope to see you pull the win out man. You worked hard and after taking both pleas into consideration you definitely earned it
    Wadz13   I couldn't have asked for a better partner even tho we only played for a single day on the same tribe. You have fought tooth and nail to stay in the game, and I hope you don't get robbed of a win AGAIN. #Waco 
    Nates_great   Paco Taco for the win!
    Aaron_A   Good luck paco I am not in the jury but I can say you played a great game the move in f8 was iconic 
    IrishCraic   I was following this game, and @PacoP move which in my bloody eyes anyway where he got @Cartur to save his ass and thus mistakingly also causes @Cartur to idol outt his duo partner  WAS BLOOSY CLASSIC.....people i Hope in the jury take that into account! Gl @Jaws too! 
    chesskid   That may be true, McKenna, but at the same time, was he not supposed to try and win comps. It's the only way to guarantee safety.
    McKenna   only thing you did was relied on flash games, sorry but voting jaws to win.
  • Icelina
    IcelinaFebruary 15, 2019 00:48
    Transitioning Update
    Spoiler alert!
    TJP1122   Congrats on knowing exactly who you want to be and being someone that many people should look towards for inspiration :)
    iiAmySunshine   Yessss Icelina! I am so happy and proud of you to be who you truly are! It has been a blast watching you grow into the person you are and I am so happy that you have found something new about you and aren't afraid to let it be known and you are sharing your vulnerability with us <3 Much love to you honey! <3
    TheChanelOberlin   happy for u!!! seeing people become who they want to be is so amazing 
    Joss   Congratulations on wanting to finally be happy 
    Icelina   @JourdanCameBack yasss ily girl. 
    @Violet this isn't for attention. 
    Violet   loves myself enough to not have to post blogs like this for attention
    JourdanCameBack   Yaaaas trans club! Message me if you ever want advice or questions etc :) my surgery is next summer !
    Icelina   @Violet omg love yourself bye
    DankDrake   Wear it with pride sis! 
    Violet   im not transphobic baby im f*gphobic..mwah!
    Icelina   @Allen ilysm
    Allen   I'm so happy for you and that you're happy with yourself. I love youuuuu
    Icelina   @Sassy as of right now, they/then. However once I'm fully transitioned then her/she
    Sassy   I'd just like to know what pronouns you want used. He/him? They/them?
    Icelina   @Violet transphobia was never in.
    Icelina   @PacoP LMAO ILY
    @realityobsessed thank you, that truly means a lot.
    @chesskid ily
    PacoP   Underage 
    realityobsessed   Honestly, the pictures aren't scandalous in my eyes. No unnecessary nudity is being shown, and you're being very tasteful and respectful in your transition. Don't let others get you down. 
    chesskid   Yas, you're actually beautiful 
  • realityobsessed
    realityobsessedFebruary 15, 2019 00:13
    Top 101 Favorite Songs Of All Time: Part 2 - Giving the Academy a Raincheck
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   YES at the America song
    08SaraR   Loves that America song!
    realityobsessed   @4Real, you're right, sorry, wishful thinking
    Violet   omg yesss @ it's time,,,, abop
    4Real   zero is NOT a hit
    chesskid   I'm SUPER competitive and play a lot of sports, "Natural" has to be my favorite one of there songs, it get me so excited!
    ArcturusDean   Demons is my favourite imagine dragons song
  • Peyton
    PeytonFebruary 14, 2019 23:52
    thank u, next | chart game | game full x
    oop so i really don't know what to title this besides '' thank u, next chart game '' lmao. 
    4Real   bonus: 7 rings ft 2 chainz
    coolKat   In my head 
    AgusII   bloodline
    Icelina   My fav imagine 
    ujmlkio   bloodline
    Wicky   make up
    chesskid   ghostin
    Gurgs   The BEST song on the album... bad idea
    ArcturusDean   In my head
    Runaways   needy
    TheChanelOberlin   buwyg, im boreddd
    Allen   7 RINGS
    Violet   nasa
    Nates_great   thank u, next
    HarleyQuinn   Fake Smile
  • Mikki_Ali
    Mikki_AliFebruary 14, 2019 23:14
    ⚠️Cool Mom Alert⚠️
    hEy tHeRe pAL!¡ I'm bored and the world hates me and I hate myself, so I'm gonna put my name out here so I can be pOpUlAr, cuz I'm not a ...
    Mikki_Ali   Who's Crazy Rockina lol
    chesskid   Ayyyy, we LOVE a good cool mom 
    Nates_great   Icelina 
    Crazy Rockina vibes
    Icelina   Crazy Rockina vibes
  • Mikki_Ali
    Mikki_AliFebruary 14, 2019 23:10
    Where is my Heart Shaped Pizza.
    Sup Losers, welcome to The Haus of Mikki. This is one of my least favorite days of the year and I'm here to make myself feel better by venting on ...
    Mikki_Ali   No, but I've tried being a snail but it didn't work like I thought it would :/
    Nates_great   But have u ever been a dinasaur? 
  • Nates_great
    Nates_greatFebruary 14, 2019 23:07
    The struggles with being a t-rex on valentines day.
    Spoiler alert!
    DankDrake   The struggle
    CDogBro   #NotYourDino
    PacoP   #NotYourSheep
    Icelina   I spat out my drink
    Allen   I love this. You're my idol.
  • Allen
    AllenFebruary 14, 2019 23:00
    ready for a bombshell?
    Spoiler alert!
    Allen   @Runaways Not news, just setting everything straight... or in this case half straight?
    Runaways   Is this news? Congrats
    Peyton   Omg we can both be annoying ass bisexualsssss
    Icelina   tbqh we been knew. You asked me for nudes 1000000 times. WHo are you me?


    love is love and I'm so happy you've discovered a piece of you as that's something you'll be able to cherish forever.
  • cheeseman
    cheesemanFebruary 14, 2019 22:59
    extremely long weekend
    Lol so it is thursday and I haven't gone to school at all this week and there is a good chance friday will be off as well because of snowstorms. If that ...
  • chesskid
    chesskidFebruary 14, 2019 22:22
    Just Over A Week Left To Apply
    Checkmate 24/7 Choices: Millennials vs Gen X
  • Z_JeffProbst
    Z_JeffProbstFebruary 14, 2019 22:05
    Zwooper Choices: Survivor Endurance - Day 16
    Spoiler alert!
    IrishCraic   All good, I have been stealing from we evens
    Geri   Even if I constantly cheating on you? :D
    IrishCraic   @Geri  ur still my Valentine
  • Peyton
    PeytonFebruary 14, 2019 21:21
    list updated!

    just in case anyone was wondering (*glares at Miss Runaways*).
    if anyone else wants ...
    Icelina   Peyton OMG don't lose your V Card before me-
    Peyton   @Runaways lets not expose me ty 
    Runaways   lol I wonder how you're "celebrating" I'm shook I'm above Carter but he's ginger...
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 14, 2019 21:07
    Spoiler alert!
    cupcake   And then this proves I didn’t sheep Paco!  If I did, everything between us would have been the same!
    Nates_great   So fun :)
    wwxcrunner1   Me when Sarah voted me out twice...
    Shady Shady Shady
    Icelina   waits for seconds chances 
    RussellvsRob2019   i love you Logo

Spoiler alert!

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