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  • TJP1122
    TJP1122November 14, 2017 01:04
    Survival #119636 Final 2 Plea
    Spoiler alert!
    ExoticSimmer   but i guess either one of you is better than willz
    ExoticSimmer   i hope no one wins
    GamerBlitzful   Mines a mess in the ls chat lmaooooo GL :)
    Arceus   GL! 
    So if Connor wins, will he supply himself his own VIP prize? LOL 
    Patrick71101   Great plea!
  • Jqred
    JqredNovember 14, 2017 01:01
    SJBB5 || Fans vs Flops || Episode 3 || Nominations For 15th
    Spoiler alert!
    jbeaudry3   LOL CALEB
    Timman10   I adress everyone to my earlier summary blog, plea blog coming later tonight. 
    Swish   Good Luck nominees blog coming soon 
    Jqred   @Arceus@ianinator oops that right editing it now
    Arceus   You can't provide skype screenshots on here lol
    ianinator   And can you not edit the skype message? Im sure thats still not allowed.
    Big_Brother_Fan   @ianinator yep I know. I'll make a blog later explaining everything
    ianinator   And why are people targeting @Mystery he will unlikely survive his first poll so why not use him for a couple of days 
    ianinator   @Big_Brother_Fan thats not cute acting sassy and all when u know they can come back in the game. 
    GamerBlitzful   Caleb is a slut 
    cmgorilla   When everyone said do Gamer/Mystery like hell they did LOL
    Big_Brother_Fan   Bitch, come for me when you got the numbers @Timman10!
  • JohnTheGreat
    JohnTheGreatNovember 14, 2017 00:41
    @Z_Moderation could u do a FLS??
    Arceus   only on the weekends, but idk if enough would be interested in FLS considering F247 has been poppin lately.
    GagaSkis   that be dandy
  • Timman10
    Timman10November 14, 2017 00:29
    #SJBB5 The Timeline
    Spoiler alert!
    Big_Brother_Fan   Remember this is the mind behind neverbird, he's all over the board and he's proving it today. ~ someone is pressed
    survivorallstar   LMAO you have my support 
    Sparky44   i picked you for my fantasy team! take the win home!
  • Green
    GreenNovember 14, 2017 00:23
    2 Days Left To Apply!
    Prize is 2,500 chips!
  • davidprincipe29
    davidprincipe29November 14, 2017 00:07
    It's #WorldKindnessDay
    So PYN and I'll post something nice about you lovely people. :)

    How sad is it we have to set aside a day to be kind.... should be every day...just sayin' :))

    Nice blog David :)

    JakeP97   Meee
    Taekwondo10   Me ;)
    K2736   Karen 
    BlueStar1367   me!
    ianinator   Funny how you can post a blog and not reply on my private message. Fucking asshole
    davidprincipe29   @Shoib Don’t ever let people talk down on you about Jack Sparrow. He’s the man and you’re the man.
    @angeloxpo I enjoy playing with and against you, dude. You’re an incredibly nice person and I enjoy talking to you.
    @Arceus One of the realest dudes out here and I respect that about you.
    @ExoticSimmer You've been proving yourself to be a force in these games and you’re always such a joy to talk to.
    @evanw919 You’re honestly one of the few people I could actually sit down and have a non game related chat with and I love that about you.
    @Sparky44 One of the best hosts this site has and anyone who has played one of your games can attest to that.
    @ChrisDWa Tbh, I didn’t expect you to be a good host dude haha, but you surprised me big time. :)
    ChrisDWa   Me!
    Sparky44   hey lol
    evanw919   Me!
    ExoticSimmer   me :-)
    Arceus   I was actually thinking of posting something similar, but you beat me to it! 
    angeloxpo   @angeloxpo
    Shoib   Moi
  • evanw919
    evanw919November 13, 2017 23:47
    EP Choices: The Hunger Games | Episode 8 | "Sound the cannons, District 3 is about to be in tears"
    Spoiler alert!
    hobotree   lol @JohnTheGreat how'd ya take such a blurry screenshot
    evanw919   @Sparky44 I copy and pasted LOL
    evanw919   ~ Pick to Win! ~

    D I S T R I C T 
    O N E

    @Lilly831 ~ @pantherking21
    @CristinaMihaela ~ @iiAmySunshine

    D I S T R I C T 
    T W O

    @BlueStar1367 ~ @xDimentio
    @BuyAchair ~ @riddler7900

    D I S T R I C T 
    T H R E E

    @Alanster ~ @HKT

    D I S T R I C T 
    F O U R

    @HollyMolly34 ~ @ExoticSimmer
    @Geri ~ @joeyc

    D I S T R I C T 
    S E V E N

    @TJP1122 ~ @gothyemo
    @Patrick71101 ~ @Arceus

    D I S T R I C T 
    E I G H T

    @davidprincipe29 ~ @ChrisDWa
    @WildDawg1948 ~ @McQuire

    D I S T R I C T 
    N I N E

    @JohnTheGreat ~ @kongowongo

    D I S T R I C T 
    T E N

    @carterlinke01 ~ @Parrish101

    T H E
    F A L L E N

    14th: @Nightgem677 ~ @xStqqd - District 10
    15th: @Theslayqueenb ~ @Violet - District 5
    16th: @ArcturusDean ~ @hobotree - District 3
    17th: @cmgorilla ~ @Jumanji - District 6
    18th: @Riot ~ @RobbedGodess - District 9
    19th: @dcg786 ~ @Swish - District 5
    20th: @Player2014 ~ @Chilltown56 - District 6
    Sparky44   canons, like the camera?
  • Figgy
    FiggyNovember 13, 2017 23:30
    algo hates me
    i could of ...
    Figgy   who pissed in ur cereal? jeez
    Jqred   You are so dumb lol you never wouldve won either way you are a horrible player.
    Figgy   amy, it was a 3-3 vote when John left. The game would of been flipped had Jxred left. Me @ you trying to start drama
    4Real   so does the rest of zwooper
    iiAmySunshine   It was a 3-1 vote though?
  • brookie
    brookieNovember 13, 2017 23:14
    teacher of the year award goes to me
    pulled an all-nighter last night, so I literally took a 30 minute power nap at my desk during lunch LOLLLLLLLLLL

    definitely a first. but ...
    Gemini   it happens to us all girl!!!  those kids are lucky to have you!! <3 
    RobbedGodess   does your school still like shit?? 
  • Ethan000
    Ethan000November 13, 2017 23:01
    I love when people
    Get what they deserve :)
    Jumanji   Accidentally rated 1 sorry!
    Patrick71101   You came down with me :)
  • ArcturusDean
    ArcturusDeanNovember 13, 2017 22:57
    Me when
    My schools "firewall" to stop us accessing innapropriate sites for school (such as facebook), lets me use Zwooper, but not WattPad. Apparently ...
    karterkanton   It's because your school board is woke and knows about the mommy porn that wattpad is full of!
    ExoticSimmer   my school blocked it as well, i find my ways around it though. even though i can GUARENTEE i am the only person at my school who uses it lmao
    Vin014   my school blocked it lol 
    Sparky44      Micks 
    if you actually think zwooper is a popular enough site for a school to go block it ur dum
    Micks   if you actually think zwooper is a popular enough site for a school to go block it ur dum
  • Riot
    RiotNovember 13, 2017 22:34
    Big_Brother_Fan   you'll move up a rank any moment now :) He usually only removes his account for a few hours - few days at the most
    Arceus   dcg removed his account
  • NailedIt
    NailedItNovember 13, 2017 21:27
    Southern Hustle Forever..... Can take me outta Memphis but....
    Spoiler alert!
    NailedIt   @TheBreeze
    WildDawg1948   Memphis always stays in Tennessee??
    NailedIt   Mr Hotlanta TIP
    NailedIt   @MoeMackavelli01 Roots LOL cant change them
  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 13, 2017 21:21
    F247- FULL
    1207729614276    Remember to join via the red Join Private button.
  • Stefandabeast
    StefandabeastNovember 13, 2017 20:32
    EVOLUTIONARY Will Start at 22:00 ZT Tomorrow..and not enough people have confirmed they r in.
    Check ur messages to see the MUST READ/RESPOND message about the game. For those of you who said you wanted to play.
    -IF NOT I can get you in the ...
  • TJP1122
    TJP1122November 13, 2017 18:44
    Goodbye to a Great Friend
    Spoiler alert!
    jbeaudry3      johnnyscott1127 
    L M F A O See him in two days ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    kongowongo   If he is focusing on himself and does follow through then I wish him all the best with his endeavors. However, if the more predictable outcome happens, then just pretend I copied BBFan copying Micks.
    Big_Brother_Fan        Micks   waits for trishy to get a message asking for his account back
    Micks   waits for trishy to get a message asking for his account back
    angeloxpo   @iiAmySunshine he did that in JoeyP97 Choices this summer, and he got his account back 2 days later
    iiAmySunshine   @johnnyscot1127 and @angeloxpo He actually got his account deleted. Try clicking on his name, it won't work
    angeloxpo   I wanna say bye, but this has to be the 5th time he quits in less than a year, so I'm pretty sure he'll be back VERY soon.
    johnnyscott1127   L M F A O See him in two days ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
  • johnnyscott1127
    johnnyscott1127November 13, 2017 18:32
    The Challenge: Bloodlines Episode 5: "Welcome to your Worst Nightmare."
    Spoiler alert!
    corey12345   savage*
    corey12345   Omg that purge was savged congrats on everyone who stayed. 
    johnnyscott1127   Myles didn't you come one round or so away from the final in Cutthroat!?
    Sparky44   @angeloxpo, very true; after what happened in my first season, i didn't see a high chance of performing well again. Along with some incidents I'd like to ignore happened.
    angeloxpo   It was such a fun game, I enjoyed it a lot. What's the hard part about the challenge is that it's not like other reality games. People who play in one season come back again and again and you get to play with the same people many times, and if you do something shady trust me people hold grudges and to make it far in more than one challenge season is something very impressive. Good luck to the people still in the game :)
    johnnyscott1127   Cast:
    @andrewmg97 and @heuse1ac
    @CameronElite and @km1997
    @jakea563 and @sharatennis
    @JakeP97 and @joeyc
    @JimmyJames and @kongowongo
    @King_Canine and @WILLZ14
    @kkoster001 and @Mystery
    @Peejoit and @PeterCampbell
    @Piddu and @TheBreeze
    @waterkid6 and @xStqqd

    11th - @Micks and @survivorallstar
    12th - @Dswag and @Shoib
    13th - @angeloxpo and @Theslayqueenb
    14th - @DanaBa and @rteddyp
    15th - @greenbay712 and @SwagSwag
    16th - @Jace and @karterkanton
    17th - @4Real and @turkeygoodridge
    18th - @popular and @Chrisbreeh
  • Shiniquax
    ShiniquaxNovember 13, 2017 18:28
    The Odyssey || 1000 Chip in Gifts prize and a very GIVING twist!
    Apply for The Odyssey!
    A journey you will never forget!
  • NailedIt
    NailedItNovember 13, 2017 18:08
    Week 2 in the house...... Silence is deafening***
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   @Exploremedora Don’t be coming at her like this!!!!
    NailedIt   *** tells Explore to come hang on hammock lets give rest of the house shit instead LOL
    exploremedora   I was just giving you shit 
    NailedIt   ***hums to myself*****
    NailedIt   UGH storms off to back yard lays in hammock.......****
    JakeP97   NailedIt, STOP SINGING!!
    NailedIt   Might as well make it fun right??? @exploredramedora
    NailedIt   No not appealing Just being funny LOL
    exploremedora   I feel like you're trying to appeal to the public but the public doesn't even vote and has no part in this game lmfao
  • sharatennis
    sharatennisNovember 13, 2017 18:02
    Fanny's Kings Of Fashion Season 5 - Week 1 Results - The king...Who "visited" a city
    Spoiler alert!
    jbeaudry3   Carters avatar <3
    Finesse   These kids with literally nothing on their avi creating resumes getting mad at y'all for your kind and generous critiques. They should consider themselves lucky I'm not a judge cause they'd be shitting bricks reading their critiques.
    Frozen   @ianinator yes this competition is about fashion, but it's also more than that
    But it was a really risky avatar and I had no idea how it would go down so I'm so happy to get 2nd :)
    And Shara got what I was trying to represent straight away. 

    Personally felt Riot should have gone instead of Amy, Amy's avatar actually had a really nicely put together face
    iiAmySunshine   Also, thank you so much for casting me! I had a blast in my short little stay LOL! Eveyone here is amazing and I can't wait to see what they all pull out!
    iiAmySunshine   I am sorry to all the judges if they think I was lazy or was just doing a "beach boy" look, but I needed to go with something that I believed in and how people actually look from my area. I didn't want to do something that didn't really fit the area I was doing. I am also sorry to have disappointed you judges Hopefully I can come back stonger for another season and avoid a situation like this again. LOL! Good job to the rest of you and good luck to all of you moving foward!
    Riot   Thank you Judges! I will learn from my mistakes!
    ianinator   I cant believe someone would use War as an inspiration 
    thats not even a fashion XD
    Arceus   lol @ me being safe. would choosing the actual bg thay has the bev hills sign help?
    Arceus   Fanny wanna be my girlfriend? 
    sharatennis   @kkoster001 - and i like it when my kings have the courage to repsectfully respond to my critiques. It was just the vibe i got from your avatar. Glad to see that you indeed spend quiet enough time!! 
    Wcplays   @Chilltown56 Hunny thing is you didnt say basic you said represent your city, and I did represent my city with the avatar, yes i agree its up to representation however you still need to have an idea of what fashion concepts are in the city and i can assure you the avatar had new york fashion concepts 
    kkoster001   FYI Mr. Fanny, I did not just submit something. I messed around with avi for a few hours, sent ideas and got feedback, and then finally submitted. So yes it's a little bland, but I at least fit the theme of my city and i'm proud of it. :D 
    Evilgenious448   @Chilltown56 yeah i get your other critiques they make sense, but that comment annoyed me since I made sure to check what main features depicted the city of Atlantica.
    As for you giving me the highest score, that isnt saying much because you're conparing yourself to a judge who happened to not read my submission correctly and completely fucked up my city lol
    Chilltown56   @Evilgenious448 I just looked it up and I see what you are saying about the city, but I still wasn't crazy about how the skin tone fit with the overall look.  I did like your use of underwater filter and fish, though.  Also, I must add I DID give you the highest rating of the judges :)
    Evilgenious448   @Chilltown56 did u get the chance to google Atlantica like I requested? :)
    Chilltown56   @Wcplays that is open to interpretation and the task was to show off your city.  First, I wouldn't know that is New York if I did not have a name attached to it.  Second, it is kind of basic and if you have multiple people doing the same city, then you gotta step it up a bit more.  
    Vlatemier   thank you judges for the constructive criticism! hopefully i can get my score up this upcoming week and good luck to the rest of my competitors! sad to see you go amy : (
    Wcplays   Gary do you even know new york fashion? I agree with the background but the avatar? HELLO?
    Parrish101   Justin shouldve been eliminated too :x not sure how that design managed to earn a 7, no offense...
    m1chael   Japanese fashion is more conservative than Korean? Just write Harajuku in google :P
    Evilgenious448   Do the judges know the difference between Atlantis and Atlantica, because I think they need to rethink their childhood and get educated with the creative works of Walt Disney.

    Gary, literally google image Atlantica and you will see that it is an underwater castle.
    Jake, re-read the city that I submitted because the lost city of Atlantis and the underwater kingdom of Atlantica are very different things lol
    sharatennis   @joeyc


    @joeyc - @Sparky44
    @Puffs - @evanw919
    @Evilgenious448 - @Margaret
    @Vlatemier - @TheBreeze
    @kkoster001 - @Patrick71101
    @4Real - @HowLovely
    @carterlinke01 - @riddler7900
    @Riot - @Nicolas
    @ianinator - @Isbnm
    @Wcplays - @nikias
    @m1chael - @Jqred
    @km1997 - @PeterCampbell
    @Arceus - @RobJok
    @Frozen - @Piddu 

    15th - @iiAmySunhine - @Big_Brother_Fan

    joeyc   I also deserved higher from Fanny and Gary! 
    joeyc   Oh fuck off @jakea563

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