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  • Riku1274
    Riku1274January 14, 2018 04:19
    Anyone here from London?
    I am going to schedule my study abroad in London for the summer. I know It is still a ways a way, but I can not stop thinking about it. I have been there ...
    Riku1274   @Icelina I saw that pop up, but it looks like it is right by The Shard. The one I went to was on the other side of River Thames. Also it was all out in the open and this one seems to have a roof of sorts?
    Icelina   Borough Market :)
    Riku1274   And does anyone have any idea what food market I’m talking about it was outdoors by tower bridge can’t remember if it was Friday or the weekend, but it was early afternoon. 
    Riku1274   @wildpoppy136 thanks and probably May-June actually, but I have an option for July-August as well. 
    4Real   wow one person almost got SHOT in paris we might as well close france!
    angeloxpo   england is my city
    wildpoppy136   by summer do you mean june/early july or late july/august??? either way, make sure you have an oyster card that is topped up with at least £5, avoid central ldn on weekends (unless you're vising during late july/august, then it'll be crowded all the time), and you'll see 'roadmen' everywhere --  it's normal :)
    cosmicbliss   Go to Paris. You could be shot anywhere tbh. Congrats on the studying abroad. It will be amazing! Also, @Kezzie is from London.
    Riku1274   @joey2121 the paris was optional, but wow sorry to hear maybe I should reconsider taking that detour. 
    joey2121   My own personal experience was 1. The Brexit process is ehh you prolly wont know. 2. Paris isn't safe, and I almost got shot at an airport. 3. Go to Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, the best restaurant I went to in London. Amazing.
    joeyc   My son @SwagSwag lives there. 
  • TotalDramaDiva
    TotalDramaDivaJanuary 14, 2018 04:17
    Divas Drag Race Ep 1. "Yessss the earlier the better"
    (from best to worst)
    4Real   if only we could read the episodes
    SwagSwag   I SUBMITTED AN AVATAR. I quit this is a fucking trainwreck
    motomoto99   I submitted an avatar, and I am not doing this elimination.
    coolKat   Yes I agree with all below comments
    Patrick71101   Really great episode, but yes, just tweak the text color. Other than that love it 
    TotalDramaDiva   ATTENTION: JOHHNY (Anne Ti- Depressent) & Moto (Dixie Normous), submited there looks but in the wrong place so I missed them, They will be safe from elimination.
    jasonthesurvivor   hard to read
    Micks   The pink text on the rainbow background is kind of hard to read imo
    JourdanCameBack   cant read the critiqued but ok
    johnnyscott1127   I submitted an avatar, and I am not doing this elimination.
    JeremyHLikesFood   was it that obvious that it was my first time doing drag asugbjdkasiohfjiowh
  • jbeaudry3
    jbeaudry3January 14, 2018 04:07
    The Chase - Please plus 5 to make me go from the bottom to the top
    AndreHoward   go sexy 
    jbeaudry3   @McQuire - love you !
    McQuire   hi :D
    Jaws123   ummmm Josh, not all thanks 
    jbeaudry3   @BostonRobby - Thank you !
    BostonRobby   Good luck!!
  • Player2014
    Player2014January 14, 2018 04:00
    Trustfall Rebooted: Season 2 | Round 4 Eviction | My Sins Keep On Coming
    Spoiler alert!
    johnnyscott1127   The most robbed of all time
    ExoticSimmer   robbed omg :((
  • Riot
    RiotJanuary 14, 2018 03:24
    I'm so upset with myself :(
    To much school work, but my internet on my computer was fucking up, and then I got taken out of @superherotommy's game ...
    1 comment
    KiwiConnor   Karmas got its kiss mwah
  • JourdanCameBack
    JourdanCameBackJanuary 14, 2018 02:13
    The Chase: Begging for your votes
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   I would if you were my Pick To Win  
    Mystery   Boo you. 
    JeremyHLikesFood   queen slay me
  • Loudnesoverload
    LoudnesoverloadJanuary 14, 2018 02:10
    PYN and +5

    If you +5 this amazing post I will put something random when I think of you.

    Also this is for the chase so pls love me :D. #TheChase

    Icelina   Mee
    RobbedGodess   Oh oh me 
    CristinaMihaela   me   
    DankDrake   sure why not
    Micks   me 
    Loudnesoverload   Love you guys. SHOUTOUT to all my Pears 
    IrishCraic   me plz
    Jaws123   Me Me Me :D :D 
    McQuire   make me cry
    BuyAchair   hey 
    superherotommy   done babe
  • michaelfessler
    michaelfesslerJanuary 14, 2018 00:43
    +5 for the Chase
    Spoiler alert!
  • craycrayaye
    craycrayayeJanuary 14, 2018 00:20
    Really Feeling This Right Now
  • WildDawg1948
    WildDawg1948January 14, 2018 00:15
    The Chase | Episode 6 | "My Back is Against the Wall"
    Spoiler alert!
    Jaws123   IKR rip me, I thought I did well at the comp hahaha 
    ArcturusDean   Ryan :((((((
    jbeaudry3   You thought David 
  • Oliviaxo
    OliviaxoJanuary 13, 2018 23:52
    Hey guys
    The queen is here <3
    1 comment
    K2736   Hi :)
  • Runaways
    RunawaysJanuary 13, 2018 23:51
    What do you think Zwooper is doing right?
  • Afroditee
    AfroditeeJanuary 13, 2018 23:21
    Why am I being called a Pedophile
    On Bye Blog? I want it removed i am ofended by those type of lies
    @Trishy @Z_Moderation @Zwooperman
    Puffs   Is there a rule against posting facts?
    SwagSwag   we all know moderation wouldnt have got bye to pull down the blog. 
    joeyc   Oh stfu I said what I said 
    Afroditee   @Bye i was about to call my advogado
    Bye   Idk what you're talking about? The name has been censored this whole time! 
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 13, 2018 23:02
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 6 Extermination | Double Trouble
    Spoiler alert!
    DramaKing2010   Good luck Final 5! Can't wait to see what you ghouls bring next week!
    JeremyHLikesFood   i cant wait for mommy popular to win
  • jasonthesurvivor
    jasonthesurvivorJanuary 13, 2018 22:25
    If yall didnt see last night!
    Spoiler alert!
    jasonthesurvivor   starts in febuary. :)
    Runaways   with 6 other fashion games on Zwooper?
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 13, 2018 21:21
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Endgame Rounds
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    evanw919   Bring home the chips for me Sara :)
  • Z_GroupGames
    Z_GroupGamesJanuary 13, 2018 21:11
    Ideas to Improve Z_GroupGames... (Suggestions are appreciated, prize included)
    Lately for the past two and a half months, I've been thinking about how to build upon Z_GroupGames. I don't mind ...
    exploremedora   I think a good way to help hosts spread awareness is through the Group Game Page advertising for them on the talks and in ads on the site. Players can actually pay in chips to get these ads placed. Their game generates more attention and Zwooper can make money from users advertising their games. The ads can be placed more prominently and can be custom tailored to show off the host and the details of the game.
    Disaacsp   One thing that I noticed is that it’s very hard for new hosts to gain attention, which means that most new hosts fail because lack of applications or people aren’t as interested in the game as with other, more well known hosts (like Bye). I think that in order to solve this problem, zwooper could try to give some sort of reward for players who help new hosts by either playing or following the episodes. There’s a website called board game arena which uses a silmilar system and the way the system works is that if a player helps a new player, they get gift points, and if a player gets enough chip points they can trade them for a 1 month VIP. I think that implementing a similar system that awards experienced players to help new hosts can help new hosts gain their footing, while also providing new great games to the community
    Icelina   Also for very popular games, maybe host little battles for "best hero" or best "villain" and little almost Oscar like structure to get people participating. I'd be happy to help fund if needed!
    Icelina   3 and 5! 
    xoElectraxo   I'm not sure if this will make any different however potentially creating the announcements section as moderation only for genuine announcements affecting Zwooper (therefore creating a 1-2 post announcement section) then creating a scrollable section which you can post your group game / survival choice applications. I just believe that this will be a more viewed section to see what applications are on rather than a monthly update board (Rough drawing of what it should look like in my opinion): ​
    ivix16   OMG also, it isn't about games, but I would like that Survival have anon accounts and that we can play only with anon accounts (when you go in Survival, you pick a character and play with that character) and at the end, chips and points can be added on original account, cause then it will be shown who is really good in playing and who is not
    JeremyHLikesFood   I don't really think most of these things would be too helpful... but I really like the idea of the fifth one. That would be a good way to showcase good games. Maybe there could be subcategories as well (Best Fashion, Best Survivor, Most Original Format, etc.)?
    TJP1122   I think the third and the fifth ideas are spot on. The “move of the week” would easily bring attention to more players on this site and give some recognition without necessarily having to win a game. With 5, it highlights more group games than just listing them and making it monotonous. I think the third part can be a weekly thing whereas the fifth one can just be incorporated into the month updates.
    4Real   thank you it makes it much easier to read

    I know it is offtopic but this is really good advice from me llol
    carterlinke01   I like all of these ideas @Parrish101 and if you needed help with any of it I’d be glad to:)
    ivix16   Well, we can have official daily news on Zwooper that will go out every day and we could put there some highlist from episodes from that day, also we can do some interviews with hosts, like news maybe even put videos, I feel like GROUP GAMES in blog category could be updated and could do job like posts, it will look more cooler and I would rather go in one link than in two, so in blog category you can put - PAST GROUP GAMES section, CURRENTLY AIRING, APPLICATIONS FOR GROUP GAMES it will be more useful, also those news can be put in blog categories also, Zwooper have everything needed just need to work better on it and I love every idea from this post
    DankDrake   No to 3 and 5, because then games will try to be super over the top and add too many twists and ruin the gameplay.
    Stefandabeast   Yea I think plays of the week will be a big hit. Maybe Game of the Month would be cool too. I check the group game list every so often myself.  I think it is still good to continue that. Maybe for plays of the week what you could do is have people message you their moves they made in a game/fashion game. I think top ten plays would be cool just like they do in Sportscenter. Like rank them one through ten and then like the top five or so get chips for their moves. A big suggestion would be to improve the messaging system (which I know requires a lot of coding) since some of us don’t have skype. When trying to do group games without skype, it is simply not as good as with like a skype format. This leads to a lot of games being done outside of zwooper. To be more specific on how to improve the messaging system, like make the people removable from messages. So then when people get eliminated from the games, the hosts don’t have to set up a new message with the same people except the one person who got eliminated. Same thing with adding members to a message after it has been sent in case someone was forgotten. Another way to improve messages is to make like some already or something so people know when they have got a new message. Just some suggestions, but I realize it might be too hard.
    DankDrake   I think the monthly list is pretty useless. The latest comments have just been a few random words.

    I think you should do what Daily Zwoop does by saying which episodes are out that day and also providing links to the episodes. That could make you more public and also could help hosts publicize their series more.
    ianinator   Tbh i really dont think this z groupgame thing isnt really working. I barely look at your lists xD
    but hey thats just me so keep it up!!
    pantherking21   I like 3 and yes to #1
    Runaways   No, no. No to group game of the month.
    Micks   personally I don't look at the lists very often, but @ivix16 told me he does, so I'm sure there are others aswell
    ChrisDWa   The group game lists are very helpful, but I just usually go ahead to the applications if I'm looking for a game. The logo idea would be great to add some personality, but also maybe be open to having the host send in a short description of their game for those who don't bother applying for a game just because there's too much info in the apps. This idea is great for hosts who wouldn't normally be able to get a cast together, but most hosts usually do reminders to apply for their game, so many a daily reminder would be too repetitive and would be good to keep it weekly! This is also great for a shoutout to the players and would definitely be fun to read, but maybe for the "great moves" have a host send them in, just so because you will be a third party reading the episodes you wouldn't get most of the details! Being open to giving some ideas and constructive criticism would be great, group games can always improve! For the group game of the month, a prize for the host would be great but also maybe supplying part of the prize (Ex. Host will give 200 chips to a player for PTW, the host's game wins Game of the Month, so then Trishy would then pay 200 chips to the player who wins pick to win I think all of these ideas a great! They'll really help out some hosts who maybe don't want to host because they think it won't go smoothy, these are all ideas that'll help them out!
    Z_GroupGames   @4Real Great suggestion!
    4Real   how about you not type in all italics
    Taekwondo10   I love all those ideas! The only thing that seems unecessary are the daily/weekly posts, but definitely when the plays of the week, group game of the month, and definitely a Zwooper Survey.
    Patrick71101   Personally, I hardly ever check the list of group games, I always have just refered to what's been posted under announcments, but I do think that if you start to do stuff like Plays of the Week and Group Game of the Month a lot of people will tune into that, and if you put that stuff on the same posts as you do the group games I think you'll get a lot more people viewing the list, but that's just in my opinion. Maybe a lot of people do look at the list 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101January 13, 2018 19:06
    ✈ Catch Me If You Can ✈ | Episode 10 | I'm Actually Speechless
    Spoiler alert!
    ArcturusDean   Me when I was the only person (beside Micks) to evict Sara... Fun I know
    JeremyHLikesFood   ok me when sara is obviously winning & they still sheep her... rip micks & gg sara
    Taekwondo10   and also you don't want to seem like an idiot but you forget step 3?? what??
    Taekwondo10   i dont even know what just happened. the 100% chance sara had of winning turned into 200.
    Patrick71101   Thanks for playing Micks!  
    Micks   thank you guys for having me, this was a very fun game
    Runaways   What a dumbass whoever the fuck didn't send Sara home
    ChrisDWa   I'm like actually crying from a screenshot of my comment being posted in the main chat
    mepole   I am very concerned that the plan to get a threat out is missing step 3.
    jbeaudry3   Well that was stupid on the houses part 
    WildDawg1948   How did Sara stay! Fools!!!! Sara, you go girl because you are crushing it! #Iconic
  • DankDrake
    DankDrakeJanuary 13, 2018 18:54
    Pray for me guys
    Spoiler alert!
    JohnTheGreat   I will be praying for you man! 
    Stefandabeast   will do
    Sparky44   false alarm
    DankDrake   Mystery- there gave been more threats in the last month than before, so we're fearing the day it actually happens
    Mystery   So why exactly do you need our prayers if it was a false alarm?
  • Player2014
    Player2014January 13, 2018 18:39
    Spoiler alert!

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