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  • Icelina
    IcelinaApril 13, 2018 13:16
    Happy Friday The 13th
    Spoiler alert!
  • NoahSalvatore
    NoahSalvatoreApril 13, 2018 13:09
    Dearest Johnathon...
    To my partner of crime of many years, many calls... and many things I regret ever participating in with you, such as that season of ZBB12.
    Icelina   @devon19 OMG! Hey dude!
    NoahSalvatore   @devon19 You’re just as great my man!
    devon19   Noah, you are great! Love you both 
    Icelina   Aw! Yay! Congrats you two! #FlopSwimmer
  • Big_Brother_Fan
    Big_Brother_FanApril 13, 2018 11:28
    Skype question..
    Whenever I go to log onto Skype (through my laptop) it says an internal error occured. Any idea what I can do to ...
    1 comment
    Icelina   Try Web Skype.
  • ArcturusDean
    ArcturusDeanApril 13, 2018 10:24
    DBB4 || Episode 8 "Ding Dong The B*tch is Dead"
    Spoiler alert!
  • Z_Rob
    Z_RobApril 13, 2018 10:04
    whoever z_phillip is
    you really suck at survival. You screwed over me and you and i knew it would happen. Can't wait to find out who you really are. u sure act like phillip ...
    Z_Russell   Z_Malcolm 
    @Trinity2000 omg go away LOL.
    Z_Malcolm   @Trinity2000 omg go away LOL.
    Z_Candice   I shouldn’t feel bad that you are out, more so Phillip. I tried helping you and Troyzan’s game, but it’s fine I was an easy target to get votes on. 
    Trinity2000   Those 4 were so busy eating Ozzy's shit, literally
    Trinity2000   Phillip, Jefra, Malcom and Candice are dumb as hell
    Z_Russell   I mean true. phillip done fucked up
    Z_Rob   Z_russell I can hardly say that Phillip was actually good at the game when he got himself voted out and got someone else voted out that was willing to save him. And I also wouldn't feel too safe if I were u ;). I knew once I was ousted I was 90% sure I was going right after. Unlucky for me cause I knew you, rus and ozzy are a f2. Only a dummy couldn't see that neither of you have ever thrown each other under the bus. A sure clear sign of a f2 
    Z_Russell   Oof me when phillip wasnt my closest allies.
    Look guys its a game, both of uall made it far and are good at the game 
    Z_Rob   @z_Phillip funny how he was ur closest ally yet the vote was 5-1. So much for him protecting u
    Z_Phillip   And Russel was my closest ally so betraying him while he was trying to save me wasn’t on my agenda 
    Z_Phillip   It would have been 3-3 and honestly I didn’t want algo to decide if I left, also would have just went back to them and made f3.
    Z_Russell   Yikes
    Z_Troyzan   @Z_Phillip, You were not going anywhere if you would have flipped and not ratted out.
    Z_Phillip   Lol I was going home no matter what so I didn’t really care at that point lol
    Arceus   Stealth*
    Arceus   Phillip, the king of Stealh-R-Us
  • Doc
    DocApril 13, 2018 06:53
    I'm DankDrake
    Ban me
    Micks   lmfao you played your own group game jdjdjsjsknfmss
    DankDrake   I can confirm this is true. Ban me.
  • Aaron_A
    Aaron_AApril 13, 2018 05:58
  • DramaKing2010
    DramaKing2010April 13, 2018 05:43

    Hey there Zwooper!

    I will be hosting a fashion game that is a semi-sequel to my first go-around (I say semi because I ...

    matthewmsloth   this is better than when christ came back from the dead
    Icelina   This looks awesome! Can't wait to win...I mean apply ;)
    DramaKing2010   @CristinaMihaela That is kind of you to say! I hope you are able to apply! And no worry, editing is not a requirement for anything, and lack of editing skills will not skew judging in anyone's detriment =)
    CristinaMihaela   I know for a fact you are talented at fashion :P and I might apply, looks fun :D but well hopefully we wont need to do editing or such stuff xD
    jbeaudry3   @DramaKing2010 - oh no I was completely joking mwama ! I’m sure it’ll be fabulous, I’ll most likely apply as it looks like it’ll be well hosted!
    DramaKing2010   @jbeaudry3 We can totally exist in the same universe! =) My game is played with both male and female avatars, with the players being able to switch genders between tasks. The first iteration was also called "Fashionista" and had some awesome looks from both sides.
    jbeaudry3   @iiAmySunshine - that’s exactly why I’m offended! 
    iiAmySunshine   @jbeaudry3 is it because you know this Fashionista game will beat your Fashionista game? OOP!
    jbeaudry3   I’m offended 
    Puffs   Touch the fashion, change your life.
    Finesse   Everyone needs to apply for this!
    joeyc   DramaKing is here to SAVE avatar games!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101April 13, 2018 05:35
    ☮ Catch Me If You Can 2 ☮ | Episode 12: The Best Con Who Never Conned
    Spoiler alert!
    Jaws123   @km1997 You always talk crap when I'm not around, I'm not even mentioned in this episode at all everything I talk about is strictly game related nothing personal and even peej knows that and dude your the one talking you are one of the most toxic on the site Sit down please! and slide into my dms if you have something to say about me instead of waiting till im gone Say pressed Kenny
    carterlinke01   Peej Robbed 
    JeremyHLikesFood   robbed
    Big_Brother_Fan   Kayla better win
    McQuire   Idk how this cast let a con play them so hard like Kayla did, thats skill u can't teach. Congratts Kayla 
    km1997   Ryan really shouldn’t return to zwooper. A grown man shouldn’t act the way he did. :). 
    The rest who voted Peej are actually brain dead and can’t get their closed minds out of tunnel vision. But you do you. 
    ExoticSimmer   wtf... peej was robbed.
  • ExoticSimmer
    ExoticSimmerApril 13, 2018 04:59
    Brantsteele Big Brother Chart Game (S1) || Sign-Ups for Season 2!
    Spoiler alert!
    ExoticSimmer   filled!
    Icelina   mee <3 All Star Worthy :O
    4Real   meee 
    Big_Brother_Fan   Okay
    Theslayqueenb   Meee
    radjon   me.
    jbeaudry3   @iiAmySunshine - I am offended 

    me again <3
    charliefooty06   me as second chance please
    Footystar21   mee again
    CristinaMihaela   Meeeeee
    Arceus   sign me up 
    iiAmySunshine   Don't understand how I'm a "second chancer" if I got 2nd, but sign me up lol
    McQuire   ill wait til allstars so dont pick me 
    Helenor1000   me       
    Wadz13   Mee?? Again :p
    xFalsify   only cuz you told me to smh
    joeyc   Joey
  • NoahSalvatore
    NoahSalvatoreApril 13, 2018 04:55
    Tsk tsk tsk...
    Let the adventures begin.

  • Puffs
    PuffsApril 13, 2018 03:21
    ZBB All Winners - What would the elimination order be?
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   @GothicZebra win
    KiwiConnor   @TheKid last place
    johnnyscott1127   I just don't think that Gothic or Piddu would make it to 4th or 3rd if the final seven was what they are. I feel Angel Cakes wouldn't come in last, if anything I'd hope the cast would be smart enough to split up Marc/Jake/Christina/Doodle/Andie since there's a very high chance those five wouldn't turn on each other..... if anything they would never turn on Marc, but idk. I think this is relatively accurate. I don't think Christina would win again though. It'd likely go to Jake, Andie, Marc or Doodle. They're the most popular winners and are the most well connected within the cast.
    SuperDoodle   yes
    Alvarovidalpuga   a newer player or an active old player would win, cause zbb is mostly about popularity. another factor would be relationships between people inside the game. so considering that i believe the f3 would be something like cosmic, exotic and bye/doodle/jake
    JeremyHLikesFood   i think you have that wrong i won 13
    TheBreeze   16th - @a07strand
    15th - @wowjj
    14th - @TheKid
    13th - @GothicZebra / @Angel_Cakes
    12th - @Chaz
    11th - @JakeP97
    10th - @AndieJene20
    9th - @Nipple_Berry69
    8th - @SuperDoodle 
    7th - @ExoticSimmer
    6th - @Bye
    5th - @Peejoit
    4th - @MissXtina1985

    3rd Place - @Irish
    2nd Place - @Jamarcus_Russell
    1st Place - @Piddu 
    km1997   Peejoit Piddu Jamarcus would make finals if they gave it their all. Andrew shouldn’t be allowed back. 
    JaMarcus_Russell   18th: Jamercuss
    17th - 2nd: irrelevent 
    1st: Chaz

    17th @Chaz
    16th @GothicZebra & Angel_Cakes (duo)
    15th @ExoticSimmer
    14th @a07strand
    13th @Nipple_Berry69
    ​12th @Irish
    11th @Jamarcus_Russell
    10th @Peejoit
    8th @JakeP97
    7th @AndieJene20
    6th @wowjj
    ​5th @Piddu
    4th @SuperDoodle
    3rd @TheKid
    2nd @cosmicbliss
    ​1st @Bye

    Puffs   @KeshaRose is a legend
    JourdanCameBack   i think. TheKid may do a bit better 
    and Wowjj makes it a little farther
    And Andie would win in that final3

    but solid placements
    Big_Brother_Fan   Oop, honestly KeshaRose needs to win ZBB: Second Chances III
    Puffs   That'd be me @xFalsify
    xFalsify   i'd also love to see a season with just first boots though LOL but then somebody's ZBB resume would have to be two last-places. xDD
    Big_Brother_Fan   Not saying it's a TERRIBLE ranking but Exotic should be able to survive at least one nomination, unless if it's up against Bye or Doodle. I feel like he'd get around 10th. And like Sparky said JJ wouldn't get 12th lol. I'd say 16th..
    Puffs   I put Exotic lower bc the cast might target him since he's the most recent winner and has fresh public support compared to the rest of them.
    xFalsify   I definitely think Gavin would do better. then again, i'm biased. :-)
    Puffs   Oop I put him at 12th bc I think that the cast would be saving him as a shield due to his lack of public support, and then the first time he went up he'd be evicted.
    Big_Brother_Fan   Honestly, no. I feel like Exotic would get way farther than you put him.. same with JaMarcus. Also I doubt Piddu would make it that far again.. same with Bye and Doodle sadly. I can see the winner being Cosmic though..
    Sparky44   @Puffs I wasn't disagreeing with your placements, I was just making a statement. Also wowjj would go earlier lol
    Puffs   They would get iced out at some point and then renommed over and over again until they got eliminated.
    Puffs   @Sparky44 they would get far bc they are really great players, but I seriously doubt a cast this smart and competitivewould let them get to the finale bc they all had strong public support in the seasons that they won and would win that final poll easily. 
    Sparky44   7th - @Bye (she's cursed)
    6th - @SuperDoodle
    5th - @JakeP97
    4th - @Piddu

    the best four players on zwooper?
  • WooHoo
    WooHooApril 13, 2018 03:04
    Well guys
    the bitch is back in the house
    DynomiteKid4000   HooHoo?
    Electra   queen bitch
    joeyc   Idk who u r but i love the nicki gifz
    Micks   WooHoo!
    cmgorilla    Heyyy <3
  • Neptune
    NeptuneApril 13, 2018 03:02
    It’s time for an update trishy (+5 so She’ll See)
    Spoiler alert!
    Puffs   The site's actually more active now than it was however many months ago.
    joeyc   There was never 3-5 Fast survivals happening at once lmao. 
    Sparky44   I haven't heard anyone say this before.
  • Typhon
    TyphonApril 13, 2018 02:48
    I hope you all have a awful day

    Sparky44   je me suis pas le Typhon
    Vlatemier   thank you soy much
    survivorallstar   Fuck you @Sparky44
  • Neptune
    NeptuneApril 13, 2018 02:26
    Call anyone?
  • Big_Brother_Fan
    Big_Brother_FanApril 13, 2018 01:06
    BBCAN... oml
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    RussellvsRob2019   ofc it was a mess it's canada 
  • XOnikkibellaXO
    XOnikkibellaXOApril 13, 2018 00:54
    Super Fast 247? + 5
  • WildDawg1948
    WildDawg1948April 13, 2018 00:44
    Wild's Legacies | Episodes 5 and 6 | "It's not my fault everyone wants a F2 with me."
    Spoiler alert!
    Sparky44   this twist would never work... it's obviously gonna end the person of your choice
    WildDawg1948   That twist was designed more so when multiple people are on the block (e.g. people tie for last, double eviction, event caused by a Legacy Power). Plus there are several Legacy Powers in play that can neutralize the ability. Each power in the game has several checks and balances. It's just whether or not you have the power to implement those checks and balances. Wadz is a great example of this because Aaron was going to Mimic the force fields power but Wadz was able to negate the ability. There are also other Powers in play that can work aorund the Force Fields but I'm not at liberty to say what they are at this moment :P
    JeremyHLikesFood   ok the force field teist was poorly thought out bc its an instant eviction for whoever is next to you and thats like p unfair for micks
    Arceus   YES GO @YourBoy!!!
    hungergames101   good episode! 
    Big_Brother_Fan   Crazy episode! Going to apply again next season
    Micks   sots being taken out by a poorly thought out advantage
    Loudnesoverload   YASSS A DOUBLE EPISODE
  • Allaska
    AllaskaApril 13, 2018 00:39
    i miss u guys, kisses from Brazil
    iiAmySunshine   Omg hi Allaska! Pretty sure we never talked but you're an ICON! <3
    XOnikkibellaXO   omg queeen
    Electra   my goddess has returned
    Neptune   Cute <{ Logo

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