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  • Allen
    AllenFebruary 07, 2019 05:14
    this is my last post tonight
    but when I wake up and check this, please give me something positive to wake up to <3
    Peyton   you've grown so much as a player and a person on this site, Allen! You've really matured into someone different over the past couple of years. #AllenForZBB20
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Allen   @Spooky - never as iconic as you <3
    @chesskid - tysm! <3
    @KiwiConnor - you too!! 
    @Sammy - We’ll just have to see! gotta beat you tho. :P
    @Bye - Literal icon you’re my inspiration, thank you for this positivity!! <3
    @Rival - king of positivity!
    @SwagSwag - #SwagGang <3
    SwagSwag   Once a swag, always a swag
    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Rival   king of popularity!
    Bye   You're a genuinely very sweet person I think and I hope you wake up to lots and lots of love!

    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Sammy   u iz a king, keep bein a king.  zbb 20 winna? maybe, maybe
    KiwiConnor   ur amazing stay amazing
    chesskid   You are legit one of the most recognizable names on the site, you try to do SO much to improve the site!
    Spooky   i think ur iconic
  • Spooky
    SpookyFebruary 07, 2019 04:43
    OUTBREAK - Episode 3 - Vials, Vials & Vials
    Welcome to the third episode of OUTBREAK!

    Cast : 
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Trishy   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   Can I just say this Memory Wall is so stunning? Good luck, I'm sure this will be another great season!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Mystery   A quit and an inact. Man, so much for a "smooth" season like you said. That's why casting me is a sure bet
  • a07strand
    a07strandFebruary 07, 2019 04:43
    A "Gold Star" Can't shine without Darkness!
    Spoiler alert!
    cupcake   @a07strand I wasn't able to comment on this before when you posted this. But, now I can.  Congrats on achieving this!  You totally deserve it because you are a star!  You are an amazing person and player! Love you!
    craycrayaye   Just now seeing this so I’m a little late but congrats Andrew!
    a07strand   @Sammy - Thanks  [yes]
    @Arceus - I did forget you but I added you  [heart]  You know you're one of my favorites regardless, you've always helped keep me positive! 
    @Bye - Thanks, it truly does mean a lot to hear this from you. Sorry I've been such a hard pill to swallow, I promise to be nothing but positive!
    @Trishy - Thank you! 
    @Xenia - Thanks for all your support and help, you are amazing love <3 
    @Peyton - Thanks man and Thanks for always being around to support me!
    @JaMarcus_Russell - Thanks for such kind words man......You are truly a GOLD STAR yourself!  [heart]
    a07strand   @chesskid - Thanks buddy, it's always a pleasure to play games with you! 
    @Allen - Thanks man, truly appreciate all your support from the time you've arrived!
    @Kezzie - I love you forever and always!
    @Madskie00017 - Thanks, Look forward to getting to know you! 
    @Jace - Thanks buddy ole pal, I appreciate you even tho we don't talk a whole lot! 
    @AngelOfWater - Kenya, You are such an inspiring person and such a great friend to me. I love you and appreciate the kind words! 
    @Zuni - Thanks guuuuuuuuuurl! I love you too 
    @M2Thamax - Thanks man, you kept telling me to be patient, it will come! 
    @08SaraR - Thanks love for believing in me and all the support always! 
    JaMarcus_Russell   Best player I've played with no doubt. Congrats man! <3
    Peyton   Congratulations! Reaching golld star is for sure something to be proud of!
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Xenia   Grats Andrew :)
    Trishy   Congratulations!

    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   Congratulations! I know we haven't always seen eye to eye but you're definitely one of the best players on Zwooper and should be proud to have achieved so much!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Arceus   you forgot me! jk congratsss
    Sammy   kingy
    08SaraR   CoNgRaTs, that's quite a feat! :D
    M2thamax   Grats!
    Zuni   Yeah!! I love you dearly Andrew  Congrats!!
    AngelOfWater   I love you Andrew  Thanks for always being such an awesome friend!!! You have one of the purest hearts! Congrats :)
    Jace   Nice!
    Madskie00017   LEGEND, GRATS!!!
    Kezzie   Once again congrats loveeeeee <3 You are amazing, love youuuu :D
    Allen   legend
    chesskid   Congrats!
  • JeremyHLikesFood
    JeremyHLikesFoodFebruary 07, 2019 04:39
    goodbyes & thank you
    Spoiler alert!
    jellyjam   Will miss you boo <3
    dylanrush1234   Wow bye man gl gl
    Trishy   Hope to see you back again when you are ready!
    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Cartur   Ugh stan you always Jeremy<3
    4Real   oh she's nasty but a psycho
    Bye   You know there is nothing to apologise to us for. Life always comes first and you know we all love you! Sending you lots of love and remember if you ever want to talk to someone this old hag is always here 
    Rival   i remember i watched you play in a group game a few years ago and you made me laugh so hard! hope you get better!
    Sammy   snap me more now :((  will miss you!  you always helped me to grow and mature on this site and were ALWAYS my #1 supporter, even when I felt I didn't deserve it.
    Patrick71101   luv you Jeremyyy :c
    Spooky   Jeremy! i honestly don't really know you, but from the interactions we had in that big brother game, you seem like a great person. I hope you start feeling better soon. You can always message me on skype :)
    ExoticSimmer   omg noooo! i hope everything works out for you and gets better. best wishes! :-(
    08SaraR   Oh no!! Sorry about what you're dealing with but it WILL get better! Take care!
    Allen   you will forever be my inspiration
    theawesometwin   :( Jeremy 
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 07, 2019 03:35
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 13 | "What's the smartest decision?"
    Spoiler alert!
    Ryguy292   Omg! @Runaways actually made finals in something! I knew supporting this trick would eventually pay off!!! : D
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   You put so much hard work and energy into this game and I can't wait to see who wins!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Maxxy   Love my bar.

    Love you @RussellvsRob2019! #BlueClan for life amen there!
    And thank you for having me back @Wild. One of my favorite series I've ever played. Not going to lie, this loss is going to sting for awhile; I really thought I could win this one, and it sucks being so close and missing out. I had to play a completely different game this time around, but I can't be more proud of it if I tried.

    ExoticSimmer   kenya did that tho.... rip tj.
    08SaraR   Robbed. O_o
    CDogBro   No.
    RussellvsRob2019   TJ robbed. 
    lets remember that he has to do this challenge while being in the cage and occupied with 100000 other things. 100% the best chase player of all time. #BlueClan for life buddy 
    MKtyler23   TJ NOOO D:
  • SurvivorFanGirl
    SurvivorFanGirlFebruary 07, 2019 03:28
    Hey let’s just all move on
    I know tensions are high and people have gotten mad and I like to stay positive cause truly I like each and every one of you on here so let’s forget ...
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   This is a beautiful message!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Madskie00017   i AGREE ... CHEERS TO THAT GURL !
    SurvivorFanGirl   Thanks @Sassy 
    Sassy   Very happily +5d this. All this drama is exhausting, even for those not involved.
  • Joss
    JossFebruary 07, 2019 02:54
    Finally looking like a Sexy Girl
    whoever the anonymous person is ily and mail me <3333333
    1 comment
    Bye   Slay henny, live your best life!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
  • DannyT
    DannyTFebruary 07, 2019 02:30
    The Challenge: Fusion | Memory Wall Reveal + PTW
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   This game looks like it'll be a blast! Such a diverse cast imo 
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   This looks like its going to be epic. Can't wait to see who snatches the win!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    DannyT   CLOSED
    TheBreeze   ALLEN
    JonJ   @Allen can still be picked due to @Aaron1121 being a contestant sksksksksk
    Aaron1121   Allen
    HKT   MKtyler23
    08SaraR   Jelly!
    DannyT   @Allen , @MKtyler23 , and @jellyjam remain
    RobJok   Kongo
    Chilltown56   Mysterygame2
    Cartur   @DannyT oops no I'm not
    Rival   tarnexter
    nikias   clashhh
    Violet   ethan
    DannyT   @Cartur are you changing? You already picked
    Cartur   Clash
    AngelOfWater   Daniel 
    Madskie00017   @Aaron1121 or @MKTYLER ...
    Madskie00017   Loudnessoverload pls

    Xenia   @McQuire
    chesskid   Johnny, if only 1 per person, Sly
    Joss   Loudnessoverload
    SpartanX   Joseph!
    Madskie00017   I STAN for THE CAST!!! AMAAAZZZEEE BALLS !!! 
    Mystery   Johnnyscott
    Sammy   sarah... if only one per... purple pony
    Cartur   Sarah
    evanw919   Drew 
    Typo   oh this is iconic. give me nieklaus
    ChrisDWa   Bailey
    theawesometwin   Kenny (km)
    jasonthesurvivor   TJP
    Nates_great   Wadz
  • jasonthesurvivor
    jasonthesurvivorFebruary 07, 2019 02:28
    Bust Down Barbiana
    Spoiler alert!
    Aaron1121   blueface baby
    Aaron1121   no 
  • charlie33222
    charlie33222February 07, 2019 02:21
    Spoiler alert!
    Jacey   #KCP4LYF
    kongowongo   Dealing with depression can be so difficult, especially without a social outlet, really glad you're able to find some solice here. #KCP4LYF
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Trishy   Congrats Charlie!
    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    CocoV   congrats!!:)
    Gurgs   #KCP4LYF Congrats and ty!!
    SwagSwag   omg thank you so much!! 
    Bye   Congratulations! 

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    bestkwarteng   #KCP4LYF
    jbeaudry3   congrats DUDE :D
    Madskie00017   Oh CHARLIE... WHY CANT YOU BE MINE INSTEAD { LOL } .... 

    MKtyler23   ok but like charlie is kinda cute? but im a dumb gay who thinks everyone is cute cx
    MKtyler23   ILYSM! Entering for @MKtyler23 . Hope i win sis. I need my outfit changed bc im  A MESS. #KCP4LYF
    TJP1122   #KCP4LYF
    Three of the nicest people on this site, no question there!
    Zuni   Congrats Charlie!!! Entering for @Mila, @McQuire and @theawesometwin
    Kezzie   We have both been through a lotttt of shit. I really don't know what I would ever do without you. We are gonna get absolutely smashed when I get home. Only like 21 more days to go...  Congrats on skyyyyyyyyyyy. Love you Charlesssssss <3 

    #KCP4LYF Don't put me in the giveaway, I just wanna do the hastag xD
    McQuire   #KCP4LYF :)
    Patrick71101   YAsssSSSSssssSssssSssssSSssssssSSsssssSSSSssss :DDDD
    SpartanX   #KCP4LYF +5!  
    theawesometwin   okurrrr congrats on Sky! And im entering the giveaway!!
    Mystery   #KCP4LYF +5'd also
    Xenia   Congrats. Entering for Wads13/ Aaron_A/ Trouble #KCP4LYF
    chesskid   #KCP4LYF I +5'd 
    McKenna   #KCP4LYF 

    Joseph_040   I’m sorry you went through all that. But congrats on sky!!!!
    Mystery   Congrats on Sky man. You're close behind me in points
    Typo   you are so CUTE and I love you!! don’t enter me xo
    Rival   <3 
    RussellvsRob2019   you're a LEGEND! IF i win give the VIp to @Aaron_A!
  • SpartanX
    SpartanXFebruary 07, 2019 01:56
    #TCCNA | Top Chef Continents | Prize Announcement | 8 days to apply...
    Spoiler alert!
    SpartanX   Haha, where’s your app @madskie?
    Madskie00017   ooooohhhh EXCITING !!!!!!!!
    Aaron1121   ooooooh exciting
  • Madskie00017
    Madskie00017February 07, 2019 01:11
    Blog#10: Together We Made It !
    Spoiler alert!
    Madskie00017   @Bye: Thanks a lot !  I chose Busta Rhymes coz it does match with the message.... 

    @Coco: Oh thank you sooo much !!!! 
    CocoV   Congrats <3
    Bye   Congratulations & good luck! We love Busta Rhymes 

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Madskie00017   @Exotic Simmer: Im humbled and overwhelmed with your adoration, Thank you for believing in me.... I hope i will get there... Just keep supporting .. DO NOT GIVE UP ON ME.... 
    ExoticSimmer   literal legend <3
    Madskie00017   @McQuire: Zwooperoos like you, gives me strength and inspires me as well....
    McQuire   Inspiration <3
    Madskie00017   @iiamysunshine: I can share what i have,,,, THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR COMPLIMENT...

    @CLASH: please no comments of hating here...... i want safe space for my blogs ..... LIKE NO COMMENTS of any type of hating ..... 
                      thanks for taking time to read my blog... .....
    iiAmySunshine   Love you so much girl! You are so beautiful inside and out and girl... GIMMIE YOUR LOOKS! I'm jealous! Much love girl <3
    Aaron1121   ah sige nadine :)

    thats like all i know haha
    Madskie00017   @aaron 1121: it means fellow filipino!!!! heheheheehe just call me NADINE...
    Aaron1121   oop sorry Madskie I’m Filipino but barely speak so I dont understand haha
    Madskie00017   @Aaron1121: kababayan ??? 

    @Joseph_040: oh YAAAZ ! selfie selfie !!!! 
    Joseph_040   Selfie queen Nadine!
    Aaron1121   are you filipino too
    Mystery   You are the best new player to ever join this site
  • ChrisDWa
    ChrisDWaFebruary 07, 2019 01:00
    ♡❤♡ | MasterChef 2: Love At First Fight | Episode 2 "I'M A WAITER, THIS SHOULD BE PISS EASY"
    Spoiler alert!
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Trishy   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   This is such a creative idea for a game, and you're doing an amazing job with it! 

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Micks   Anteater Yoga just went off

    14th: @pantherking21
    15th: @kongowongo
    #MasterChef2 #LAFF

  • Typo
    TypoFebruary 07, 2019 00:54
    comment something you want from the shop
    I’ll gift someone later on

    everyone is eligible except bostonrob524 since he’s fake and greedy

    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    jbeaudry3   LMAO
    Bye   This is really nice of you!

    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Aaron_A   you forgot to put me as an exception
    doobee   If everyone wants to kiss and ass and forget about a free gift then I would gladly take it 
    Cartur   @BostonRob524 doesn’t need your charity
    RussellvsRob2019   please gift @BostonRob524 whatever he wants
    BostonRob524   Someone is obsessed
    Clash   lol
  • Allen
    AllenFebruary 07, 2019 00:53
    Spoiler alert!
    Trishy   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    SurvivorFanGirl   Opp @Cartur I hope you apply next season so we might get in allstars together haha
    and true you did win sorry Allen
    Cartur   did you watch season 3? i win
  • joeyc
    joeycFebruary 07, 2019 00:46
    4th—> 5th
    Talk about washed up! 
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Trishy   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    SwagSwag   loser!!
    Bye   ​You're an icon either way!

    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Clash   Your mind... is so powerful
  • evanw919
    evanw919February 07, 2019 00:45
    ⚡| Champions 5: Catch Em' All | Pokeballs 13-16
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   Congrats all! Good luck <3 
    Peyton   Fantastic cast! I'll be #TeamGavin and #TeamClash as they're my season three shisturs!
    Can't wait for All Stars 
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   This looks like it is going to be amazing! Sad I couldn't apply because of real life committments but will definitely be following! 

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    evanw919   @Clash @Mystery No arguing here please
    Clash   I am gay I can say it. Period.
    Mystery   @Clash How you gonna bitch and whine that what I said to you was homophobic and then say the same fucking thing to me? 
    Clash   @Mystery you can bottom for @ActurusDean since he likes your ass so much lmaooo
    Mystery   Be careful casting Clash. He just kicked everyone out of the skype chat because he told me to kill myself so he didn't want people seeing
    Cartur   Cute cast!!
    Cartur   @ArcturusDean sorry Clash is more deserving to return than you?
    Patrick71101   that is one amazingggg cast :D
    ArcturusDean   I didn't mind losing out to those veterans, then I saw Clash... :/ aside from him, the cast looks stellar
    SurvivorFanGirl   Did*
    SurvivorFanGirl   Oof I guess there’s always all stars hopefully I didn’t enough in season three!
    Clash   guess i am not leaving zwooper then ?:?>?:?/
  • evanw919
    evanw919February 07, 2019 00:30
    ⚡| Champions 5: Catch Em' All | Pokeballs 9-12
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   Congrats all! Good luck <3 
    Bye   Amazing additions!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    08SaraR   @Arceus & @ChrisDWa- Go step on some Legos....
    ChrisDWa   Arceus
    eww bye saraR
    Arceus   eww bye saraR
    Rival   i’m i’m i’m shaking thank you!
    Cartur   @Mysterygame2 if you hadn’t cheat in the one zwooper game you’ve played in maybe you would have been cast.
    Micks   oh yes
    08SaraR   Hey, I think that's me!! :o
    Mysterygame2   Congrats! I'll take the fact that I haven't been added on skype as a hint :P
    Aaron1121   so scared
    MKtyler23   congrats to evan! if i dont get in ill be rooting for ya
    Nates_great   Congrats you 4. Prays
  • BostonRob524
    BostonRob524February 07, 2019 00:28
    The Cage | Blog Game | Day 4
    Numbers are starting to dwindle.
    A new Inhabitant takes control.
    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   The graphics are such a cool addition to this!

    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    MKtyler23   sammy, yall really dont like steven : - (
    StevenWisnieski   rip me
    Zuni   Steven
    Zuni   Stupid ass haters
    Rival   steven 
    iiAmySunshine   Steven, sorry bud :(
    Allen   steven
    Clash   violet can go
    AngelOfWater   Steven 
    IrishCraic   Steve sadly
    theawesometwin   Sammy :(
    chesskid   Steven
    Mystery   Steven
    TheBreeze   Steven
    Violet   steven
    BostonRob524   Pick-To-Win
    @BostonRobby | @PacoP
    @Violet | @chesskid
    @BBswag | @08SaraR
    @a07strand | @MKtyler23
    @survivorfan1904 | @Nates_great
    @eduardo245 | @MOTO
    @SpartanX | @Aaron1121
    @sagiking365 | M2thamax
    @Nickg24689 | @jbeaudry3
    @Arceus | @ujmlkio
    @Sammy | @Joseph_040
    @StevenWisnieski | @RussellvsRob2019
    @ArcturusDean | @Mystery
    @Runaways | @AngelOfWater
    @Allen | @jfite9
    @wwxcrunner1 | @NoahSalvatore

    18th -@TheBreeze | @Xenia
    17th - @Zuni | @IrishCraic
  • RussellvsRob2019
    RussellvsRob2019February 07, 2019 00:27
    The Cage 8 || Final Thoughts
    Spoiler alert!
    Trishy   Well played
    #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   You honestly played an incredible game and should be very proud of yourself. Leaving on a high note like this is honestly something a lot of players should take note of. Major props 

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Joseph_040   Legend 
    Clash   pretty disappointed by not getting a tag
    eduardo245   Legend. Better drink the essential water. 
    MKtyler23   me when i wasnt tagged, wipes tears Logo

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