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  • xoElectraxo
    xoElectraxoJanuary 23, 2018 20:03
    Odd topic however might as well ask,
    Does anyone know what a good proper sleeping schedule is? I honestly have one of the worst sleeping schedules i know and i feel like i could have so much ...
    Electra   i work second shift too it's really hard to go to bed at a normal time I feel your struggies
    xFalsify   " I slept yesterday from 12am to 7pm"  yikes gurl that's 19 hours
    Sassy   Getting Up, Literally - Waking up is easy, but getting out of bed can be really difficult sometimes. Staying in bed and hitting that snooze button every morning does not help your body get used to waking up in the mornings. If you use your phone to set an alarm, set it before bed and put it on the other side of the room before you lay down. Not only does this keep you from browsing your phone late at night instead of sleeping, it will also force you to get up to turn it off, starting your day off by getting your body moving right away. Take Power Naps - If you know you have a late shift one night, try to schedule a quick nap during the day to prepare yourself for it. 45 minutes is a great amount of time for a power nap, it'll recharge your metaphorical batteries, give you a midday boost of energy, and won't make you feel too tired to continue on with the rest of your day.
    Hope these can help you out a little bit!
    Sassy   (two-part comment because character limits are a thing...)

    In my experience, sleeping schedules can be hard to stick to, especially when work/school starts to get in the way. I would say focus less on getting yourself to bed at the same time every night as that can lead to even more stress and focus more on making sure that the sleep you are getting is deep and restful.

    Here are some tips that might help you out: Blue light filters - Look for apps for your electronic devices that will slowly take out the blue light over the course of the day. The blue light has a similar effect on your brain to sunlight, which gets your circadian rhythms thrown out of whack. For my computer, I use f.lux and on my phone, I use an app called Twilight.  Both have been really helpful in not only helping with sleeping patterns but also putting less strain on my eyes/brain. Guided Meditation - I've been a huge fan of the Headspace app for about the last year now. It's really great for relaxing at the end of the day and helping fall asleep easier.
    JeremyHLikesFood   i agree with @Parrish101. the more consistent your sleep is, the more energy youll have
    Parrish101   Sleep @ 1:30am and wake up 8 hours later. Just so you can ensure you can be consistent for when you sleep and wake up. The more you change when you go to sleep or when you wake up, the more tired you’ll be. 
    ianinator   Forget the word after
    ianinator   yea, turn off the wifi after at night xD
  • JourdanCameBack
    JourdanCameBackJanuary 23, 2018 19:43
    thinking about making a vlog today
    suggestions on what i should do? songs to do covers of???? comment!!!!
    Icelina   talk about how loudnes spells LIAR wrong
    Loudnesoverload   Talk about how Icelina is a lier, Make a cover on I will remember you By Sarah Mclachlan. and also mention how great this site is. 
  • Jay
    JayJanuary 23, 2018 19:40
    GBB | Day 6 | Nominated for 9th | + PARODY POST
    Spoiler alert!
    Jay   Thank you!!
    JohnTheGreat   Saved
    ChrisDWa   This is legendary - Saved!
    TJP1122   Saved!
    Patrick71101   I very heavily disagree with that @Finesse, but this is legendary and this man deserves to be saved  
    pantherking21   SAVE FREDDY!!!!
    Jay   Thanks @ivix16 :)
    Dzięki @Krysstian :D
    @Finesse 100% I agree with that :P
    @ianinator cuz they fear me, ask the castmates, however, I dont think you will get any other logical answer :L

    Krysstian   Legend
    Finesse   The people that sit at the "Fancy Table" have a combined IQ that's about the same as 3 grapes.
    ianinator   Dude what the fuck why are you nominated again?!!!!
    Jay   I mentioned #Me? Tho lmao
    Loudnesoverload   Wow no mention of #LoudSomething or #GraniteCounterTops  You really have no idea what went on in the house. Which explains the lies
    Icelina   I am deceased.
  • Green
    GreenJanuary 23, 2018 19:35
    Spoiler alert!
    ivix16   Voting for the winner, whoever stays, he will win
    Jay   Thank you whever decided to save me, my plea:
    eduardo245   You should all be ashamed of yourselves
    Swish   Ugh
    Icelina   @Riot you got that from Reed Kelly stfu
    ianinator   This is the lamest public game ive ever witnessed in my time here on zwooper
    ianinator   This is the lamest public game ive ever witnessed in my time here on zwooper
    Riot   Icelina being renommed is Poetic Justice
    BlueStar1367   Exactly wild lol
    pantherking21   SbBhaKj Dr nsdjjdskkdjdjdjsnsnwbs Now i have to choose one of em!!!!
    WildDawg1948   So that was Icelina's set right?? Since he controls
    superherotommy   Now i just feel like saving icelina again... Hate a renom
    Icelina   The house are all babies.
    Player2014   That was close, whew
  • Loudnesoverload
    LoudnesoverloadJanuary 23, 2018 19:31
    GBB You Did It
    Spoiler alert!
    Icelina   LMFAO
    Finesse   Lier is defined as someone who rests or reclines. An example of a lier is a dog who is often sleepy.
    Icelina   this post is a joke.
    ianinator   Lols
    Loudnesoverload   @Green it was a Joke. LMAO
    Clash4War   #IcelinaSaved
    Green   I hope you are joking. I did not leak anything, I am a legit host don't accuse me of that thank you.
    Icelina   Yup. It was my idea :) I started the orignal set of swish and you, but I changed it as people kept talking and bigger threats arose.
    Loudnesoverload   Icelina where is this proof that it was your idea to nom me. Hunny I was nommed every round except the first 2 rounds. 
    Icelina   Wild, what have you done in the game? NOTHING. hope you liked truth tea.
    WildDawg1948   And Ice still lies lol I can't 
    Icelina   This is really cute, because it was my idea to get you nominated in the first place. Have a lovely day.
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJanuary 23, 2018 19:19
    Random Big Brother Season 6 - Week 11
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   Finally nominated 
    coolKat   I sincerely feel like all the people i evict never leave...
  • Green
    GreenJanuary 23, 2018 19:15
    GBB | Day 6 | EVICTION FOR 10TH
    Spoiler alert!
    Player2014   Rip xander :(
    DankDrake   boi rip my PTW
    Icelina   Great job @Loudnesoverload you did awesome!
    Icelina   thanks everyone!
  • johnnyscott1127
    johnnyscott1127January 23, 2018 18:58
    The Challenge: Fresh Meat Episode 1: "That's a last place team if I've ever seen one."
    Spoiler alert!
    xStqqd   I'm cheering gg or Alice and lilmaq !
    kongowongo   Really impressed with this cast all sticking through this ridiculous challenge. Didn't think there were even further depths of hell yet to be explored.
    Riot   we love a poetic justice episode
    Icelina   great episode! Rooting for Aidan, andrewmg, Electra, Kayla, Ivan and Fanny!
  • Bombonrayo
    BombonrayoJanuary 23, 2018 17:20
    +3 FS
    Pls join FS, only 3 more, it takes a lot of time to fill up...
  • superherotommy
    superherotommyJanuary 23, 2018 15:51
    The X Factor | Round 4 - Bottom 2 Face Off
    Spoiler alert!
    superherotommy   @4Real honey you wish
    4Real   thought u quit
    TJP1122   Oh my god... I can’t believe I survived that. John, you’re abaolutely incredible! Great great job :(
    Clash4War   #IcelinaSaved
    Icelina   You did awesome John!
    jbeaudry3   Go Krysstian baby 
  • AndreHoward
    AndreHowardJanuary 23, 2018 15:17
    Survivor: Brains bs Brawn vs Beauty Applications & Prizes
    So I am going to get a Co host to help me named 
    250 for 1st, 100 2nd, 50 3rd, 100 host favorite 500 plus I could just buy ...
    kongowongo   Check your title spelling again, vs not bs
    DankDrake   Wait why is host favorite more than 1st place? XD
  • Riot
    RiotJanuary 23, 2018 14:20
    Icelina promised me 1k chips on saturday
    that he has owned me for 2 months... and he swore on his Mom's life and my Bubble Butt if I save him in GBB!!!!!
    Clash4War   #IcelinaSaved
    Icelina   #IcelinaSaved
  • Green
    GreenJanuary 23, 2018 14:19
    Icelina vs Loudnesoverload
    Clash4War   #IcelinaSaved
    Icelina   #IcelinaSaved
  • Oliviaxo
    OliviaxoJanuary 23, 2018 11:44
    I won Long Survival on my Birthday <3
    How nice is that winning your first one <3 hope you all have a good day
    Icelina   #IcelinaSaved
    IrishCraic   congrats and happy bday
    Trinity2000   Congrats!! So glad my only ally won :)
    ianinator   Congrats and Happy Birthday @Boylivia !
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 23, 2018 08:02
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 7 Extermination
    Spoiler alert!
    DramaKing2010   Lol my phone corrected Lilith to Linda...Long live Lilith Evangelista!!!
    DramaKing2010   It baffles me how @matthewmsloth is still in this gig, but in a good way. Long live Linda Evangelista!
    Runaways   Why did Nick make it so easy for Matthew when Matthew went in with that item?
    matthewmsloth   HAHAHAHHA HONESTLY TRUE TY MAMA @Puffs and kjsdssdkjsdkjjkskdjf @joeyc my dumb ass didn't even think of that LMAO
    joeyc   I wish Matthew chose a VIP item for Niek
    Puffs   You deserve more credit than that Mattew. You've actually been saving YOURSELF.
    popular   matthew is walking the children in nature
    matthewmsloth   im literally the roxxxy andrews of this competiton LMAO i LOVE IT 
  • Player2014
    Player2014January 23, 2018 04:45
    GBB | The Nitty Gritty
    Spoiler alert!
    BlueStar1367   Is that first gif Scott from HQ
    Icelina   this is really cute. My name did go around and who got your ass in the set??? ME AND JAY
    Jay   #Bullshit ;)
    Jaws123   YEEESSSSS #TeamPlayer <3
    Swish   Thank you for the kind words 
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJanuary 23, 2018 04:33
    Random Big Brother Season 6 - Week 10
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    carterlinke01   These last few votes are literally death to my friends 
  • BostonRobby
    BostonRobbyJanuary 23, 2018 04:21
    Jury Statement for 247 123333 (Part 2)

    Trade went next, then the game picked up a bit.
    I had been talking with Sara for a while at this point, and ...
  • dimboz
    dimbozJanuary 23, 2018 04:20
    Dimboz's final confession
    Hello everyone. Somehow I made it to the finas and i can't belive that! I was on the block so many times!I have never missed a single comp although I ...
  • BostonRobby
    BostonRobbyJanuary 23, 2018 04:18
    Jury Statement for 247 123333

    This has been a really crazy game of 247 and I want to thank each and every one of you for making it so fun! My purpose in this ...
    cosmicbliss   Good luck!
    BostonRobby   Thanks dude!! Much appreciated!!
    M2thamax   Congrats < 333

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