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  • DynomiteKid4000
    DynomiteKid4000November 17, 2017 00:13
    SAVE ME!!!!
    If I get nominated please save me! (For SBBUK that is) If you will save me any time I get nominated. Rate this a five. But also I need you to get to know me ...
    1 comment
    Micks   ok this is me
  • wwxcrunner1
    wwxcrunner1November 17, 2017 00:12

    Enjoy it!!
    turkeygoodridge   And through this experience i've learnt how dumb American ads are omg i'm laughing at them
    turkeygoodridge   Holy shit it looks like you're going to have a breakdown
    kkoster001   Now you can come pick me up from school. :D
    kkoster001   YASS DANNY!!! GET THAT PRIZE!
    wwxcrunner1   WHAT ;) 
    RobbedGodess   spoiler alert: Erika wins shoes and beans
    RobbedGodess   bored af rn but lets go watch you win some shit thanks for the link and congrats Danny! :)
    Arceus   I gotta watch it still. Maybe later tonight
  • DynomiteKid4000
    DynomiteKid4000November 17, 2017 00:11
    Apply Today!!!
    1 comment
    Wadz13   I want to apply but it goes through winter break for me, and its a bit to long DX
  • Violet
    VioletNovember 16, 2017 23:34
    Me listening to Reputation for the 15th time
    and still getting shook when Taylor says "I bought this dress just so you could take it off"

    km1997   David find a bridge and jump. 
    davidprincipe29   There's are 2 or 3 good songs, it's such an underwhelming album tbh.
    ExoticSimmer   don’t blame me, i did something bad and new year’s eve are the best!
  • karterkanton
    karterkantonNovember 16, 2017 23:32
    Thot Crush Thursday
    Spoiler alert!
  • Prateek
    PrateekNovember 16, 2017 23:00
    Survivor Fiji Season 2 NOW CASTING!!!
    Hello Again!

    With the huge success from Season 1 and now that i have free time, I have planned to go ahead with a season 2 after a ...

    group games with no skype are awful. noah fence

    group games with no skype are awful. noah fence
    Micks   group games with no skype are awful. noah fence
    Prateek   no skype...everything played on Zwooper
    Stefandabeast   Hey bud no skype right?
    Prateek   I will work on episodes while Season 2 is being played... episodes are definitely going up.
    RobJok   I thought there was going to be episodes..... How was season 1 a success without them?
    Micks   thank god
  • Wadz13
    Wadz13November 16, 2017 23:00
    SUPER BBUK: Help me gods
    In this season of  Super BBUK the theme is fairtytails so ill like to call yall my gods and goddesses since you will ultimetly decide everyones ...
    carterlinke01   You can cal me daddy in the bedroom!
    Wadz13   @Mystery idk wtf im doing i was bored
    Micks   wtf is this
    Mystery   I never cease to question the lengths people will go to look god to the public's eyes. lol
  • joeyc
    joeycNovember 16, 2017 22:30
    Spoiler alert!
    Margaret   This is hilarious, I love it! :D
    TJP1122   This is awesome!!!
    joeyc   @RobbedGodess oh that was all me! :) 
    iiAmySunshine   Omg! Hope to be on next season so that I can get zinged! :D I actually laughed a lot LOL!
    Violet   i wasnt bitching at all i literally said i think zingbot is cringy lol? 
    joeyc   @Violet Butt hurt? You're the one bitching on a post that has absolutely nothing to do with you. 
    ZackT   Amazing! Well thought out by these hosts!
    Violet   zingbot is cringy in general you can kindly step out of the closet so you arent so butthurt all the time.
    Mystery   I love it @joeyc
    SuperDoodle   obsessed
    sharatennis   im actually laughing soo fackiiiing loud!!

    Big_Brother_Fan   Omfg, best episode yet! xD 
    SwagSwag   im dying!
    joeyc   @Violet It's cringey how much you bitch and complain about Zwooper, but yet you're still here
    Violet   this was so cringy
    NailedIt   <3
  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 16, 2017 22:06
    F247 and FLS plans for this upcoming weekend
    We are planning to have a F247 at 18ZT this saturday and sunday. This will only be the starting point. We are planning to have 1 every hour , if they are ...
    ArcturusDean   Some games at like 0ZT? Or maybe just a F247 since its easier to fill?
    hobotree   21ZT or later would be good
    karterkanton   Here for it
    Runaways   wtf is an F247 i'm wtf
    xStqqd   FLS saturday night :)
    Big_Brother_Fan   I think it'd be nice to play a FLS after all of these F24/7s ahaha. Maybe alternate with the F24/7s and FLS? 
  • SuperDoodle
    SuperDoodleNovember 16, 2017 19:34
    Can I just say
    The first thing that tips me off that someone is lying to me is an overuse of emojis
    Does anyone else notice this? ...
    Sparky44      Piddu 
    When they promise the world and say things like "i will never nom u or come after u"

    Just tag me LMAOOO
    but I agree, I hate emojis.
    Arceus   You’re so dramatic
    SuperDoodle   @Afroditee Snatched
    SuperDoodle   @johnnyscott1127 I tend to do that as well, but things like that tend to tip me off ahead of time.

    Ooh btw I have another--constant, unnecessary double-checking
    Afroditee   You're pretty 
    SuperDoodle   @Shoib because you're the realest
    Shoib   I believe we didn't use many emojis when taking in ZBB
    johnnyscott1127   okay tbh I do some of these things and mean it almost all the time. I kinda play as if everyone is telling me the truth, and then once they prove me otherwise is when I pretend all conversations we've had about trust never happened. 
    km1997   When they reply “yesssssssd” or act like they’re just so on board for everything you’re saying. Or when they screw over x y and z but Expect you to 100% trust them
    Piddu   When they promise the world and say things like "i will never nom u or come after u"
    SwagSwag   when i tell them i love their skirt when in reality it's the ugliest effing skirt i have ever seen
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 16, 2017 19:19
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 9 "It's Time To Dethrone The King"
    Spoiler alert!
    Puffs   "Dethroning the king" I hope you have a good lawyer, bc @sharatennis will be suing your ass.
    TJP1122   I'd honestly be ok with anyone from the remaining six winning this. I want Ed to bring it home for Season 6, but I'm happy with any ending of this season.
    Isbnm   Iconic Ed bringing it home for season 6
    JaMarcus_Russell   Let's go Cam! 3 more rounds
    iiAmySunshine   Honestly, Jayden seemed a little extra when he got nominated (no offense). Anyways #TeamCameron
    exploremedora   DEAD at Jayden's elimination. Bless his soul. I had such a great time playing. Good luck to the rest of the cast!
    johnnyscott1127   WHAT AN EPISODE #TEAMEDUARDO
  • SwagSwag
    SwagSwagNovember 16, 2017 18:30
    PYN for a like and maybe a dislike if youre nasty
    and an overall rating

    @Mystery - I don't really know you but I hear you like to stand your ground ...
    BlueStar1367   me 
    Taekwondo10   me 
    iiAmySunshine   Awwww thank you so much! I absolutely love it when we're in games together because I know I can always count on you... and because you're one of the funniest people I know and one of the best to talk to <3 BUT YOU HAVE ME TRIGGED WITH THAT 9/10! IT'S 10'S ACROSS THE BOARD FOR ME THANK YOU! Lol jk :P <3
    Electra   wish i got a real rating....not a guy btw 
    Piddu   Okay
    Electra   me  
    TheBreeze   Sure
    popular   me baybee
    Arceus   meee
    Vlatemier   meu : 3
    RobbedGodess   I tried being nice to you for the longest time and you were always fucking rude to me and then I tried dishing it back to you and doing what you did to me and that didnt work. Your a fucking dick to me and it sucks because I dont recall doing anything to you to deserve it. Your an asshole.
    RobbedGodess   Well its a good thing you dont know me and the perception you have of me is completely false. :) 
    SuperDoodle   Sure!
    NailedIt   2/10 yet you are evicted before me lol!! It’s ok one day we can play together you’ll love me.... lol
    Shoib   @Shoib - We never talk, your blogs are boring. 3/10

    my blogs are lit boiii
    iiAmySunshine   He boo <3
    RobbedGodess   LMAO ME I cant wait to be ripped to shreds 
    sharatennis   do me babiboo
    Riku1274   Me. 
    km1997   Hii 
    Shoib   moiii
    NailedIt   Lol I ain’t scared ;) 
    JakeP97   me me me
    Mystery   @Mystery lets go
  • sharatennis
    sharatennisNovember 16, 2017 18:02
    Fanny's Kings Of Fashion Season 5 - Week 2 Results - The king...who was UNREAL
    Spoiler alert!
    Frozen   I never got 10's in S3, so to get two tens in one round is awesome :D thank you judges 
    Puffs   I love being a top.
    Arceus   Thanks Gary!!!
    4Real   Vlatemier snapped huh
    jbeaudry3   i had to come back just to comment on how disgusting that avarar is ! 
    back into hiding !!!
    km1997   LMAO @ Josh’s continued obsession with me. It’s cute though. Glad I indirectly drug you out of the wood works. Grammar’s improved, so congrats!!
    jbeaudry3   LMAO KENNYS AVATAR
    Vlatemier   okay first of all mood

    second, if anybody is wondering, i wanted to focus more on the story than the aesthetics of Aka Manto and i thought it was cool that he didnt give his characters a choice in their deaths. i thought that this was also similar with all of the tragic shootings that have happened in the US where it seems no matter where we go we are at risk of being murdered. so in the avatar i did the blue scarf to resemble that the avatar picked the blue toilet paper and he was being killed for it in the comfort of a public place to have a good time.

    good luck to everybody for the next round, and sorry to see you go km!!

    One judge says wings are nice, the other says to lose them. 
    One judge says the champagne is great symbol of victory, the other says to lose it


    sharatennis   PICK TO WIN
    @joeyc - @Sparky44
    @Puffs - @evanw919
    @Evilgenious448 - @Margaret
    @Vlatemier - @TheBreeze
    @kkoster001 - @Patrick71101
    @4Real - @HowLovely
    @carterlinke01 - @riddler7900
    @Riot - @Nicolas
    @ianinator - @Isbnm
    @Wcplays - @nikias
    @m1chael - @Jqred
    @Arceus - @RobJok
    @Frozen - @Piddu 

    14th - @km1997 - @PeterCampbell
    15th - @iiAmySunShine - @Big_Brother_Fan

  • RobbedGodess
    RobbedGodessNovember 16, 2017 17:19
    Thanks For A Great Time <3
    It was an honor to be selected as part of the first ever 24/7 choices and while I might not have played the best game due to my hectic scheduale I did the ...
    NailedIt   I lost my showmance lol
    exploremedora   Love this.
    joeyc   Thanks for playing! 
  • JourdanCameBack
    JourdanCameBackNovember 16, 2017 17:09
    whats a decent
    bubble jungle* score?
    joeyc   A decent score that will put you in the middle of the pack in a normal LS is probably 500,000

    Good players can get 700,000-800,000

    The best get 800,000K+
    JourdanCameBack   @joeyc sorry i meant jungle
    joeyc   Is Bubble Jump a combination of Bubble Jungle and Arrow Jump? 
  • joeyc
    joeycNovember 16, 2017 17:06
    JoeyP97 24/7 Choices | Episode 8 "I Know I'm Going Home So Why Not Cause Some Drama?"
    Spoiler alert!
    JaMarcus_Russell   exploremedora   Me when there's more drama in the comments every week than in the episodes.
    Arceus   Wadz is the winner!!
    ZackT   I didn't know me wanting to prevent a fight was so wrong honestly. You guys can see it how you want.. I know y I did it. I could care less how it comes off. I just wanted to make sure we didnt let the emotions from the game carry out when it was over.... See it how you though
    km1997   Zack i really don’t think you’re getting his point. He never said he was right nor was he in any way trying to show respect. He said he WANTED to come off as rude. You’re trying to make your blocking McKenna paint you in a positive light. And that’s impossible 
    ZackT   Appearently only Supers reasoning for blocking people is right... Okay gotcha.
    SuperDoodle   @Chilltown56 Yes I sure did! ZackT was my campaign manager. 
    @km1997 Yes and I owe every single supporter my eternal loyalty. 
    @ZackT I didn't need an explanation from Wadz, and I got one from stooda, dora, and NailedIt. Their status in my contacts reflects how much I found their reasoning to be legitimate. If your reasoning would've been anything like your reasoning for nominating me, it just would've been a cringeworthy session of you patronizing me. Not interested. 
    km1997   Yeah that was the joke...
    ZackT   Actually I voted Pocket to win ....
    km1997   ZackT was the 64% that voted you to win Doodle. YOU ARE SO UNGRATEFUL!1!1!
    ZackT   When in reality , you blocked everyone who voted for you without giving them a chance to explain why they did it...
    Chilltown56   Wait, did you play in a ZBB, @SuperDoodle?
    ZackT   I could care less what you think Super... I know y I did it , I know at first she might have been really upset. So instead I said I'll wait until she has time to see it was a game move.... I still have Shawn in my friends... I don't go blocking people for no reason. I just wanted to make sure it was a calm conversation and not the adreneline you get after being nommed. Now if you can't see that then I don't know what to say.....You just go around blocking people to be rude I guess.
    SuperDoodle   No I blocked to be rude.
    SuperDoodle   Not sure why we're still so hung up on ZBB.... But again, I wasn't trying to show respect! I'm just calling you out for trying to claim your behavior is respectful when it isn't. 
    ZackT   "I blocked Stooda out of frustration." So you wouldnt say something stupid? I did the opposite. I blocked her so she couldnt say anything until she was calm... She's unblocked and back in my friends :)
    ZackT   You weren't complaining when I was giving you my zbb support..... What about the other houseguest you blocked... Was that because you didn't respect them either? Funny you never gave anyone a chance to explain then come on here commenting about respect.
    SuperDoodle   You lied unnecessarily to me, so I had no interest in continuing our relationship. Blocking someone to "protect your friendship" is bull tbh.
    I blocked Stooda out of frustration. Added her back. Same for Wadz. 
    Blocked NailedIt because she continued to lie to me after the game was over which was enough to show me where she stands with me. 

    I think that's our disconnect. You do these things and still claim to have respect. I don't believe I've ever done that. 
    SuperDoodle   @ZackT That's the difference. I blocked you because I don't respect you. 
    ZackT   The sad part is I'm not the only one you did it too :(
    ZackT   Super, we had eachother as friends for a while..Gave you my support in ZBB... Then all of a sudden you get evicted and BOOM! friends nomore... Then you come here and comment about respect.... Thats funny
    ZackT   I guess we see things differently Super... You unfriended everyone who voted for you LOL I didn't want McKenna waking up and saying something that might come between us and decided to wait until she would be calm to let her she it was just a game move.... You just unfriended everybody haha
    SuperDoodle   @ZackT Not bad enough to actually treat her like a friend :)
    ZackT   I havent talked fo any jurry memeber besides you, so you claim it was for game... I said I was sorry for your eviction, we had a nice convo then when I messaged you was after laat DC when I nommed McKenna ... You replid right before DC, so I kept that convo going.
    ZackT   Johnny you are claiming I said "You didnt see that comming" when in reality it was me nomming McKenna and nothing to do with Swag... I think everybody saw that comming lol
    johnnyscott1127   Zack bud, I said you mckenna and nailed were a f3 when I was having my final words. Just like every other Big Brother game, people can say whatever the fuck they want on their way out
    ZackT   And to say I'm a coward for blocking McKenna is sooo wrong.. I knew shed be upset and might say something that would prevent us from keeping our relationship outside the game... I felt bad, shes a friend...
    exploremedora   Me when there's more drama in the comments every week than in the episodes.
    ZackT   I didnt know I couldn't apologize for your eviction... I tried to be respectfull. Then outside of the game you told people Me/Nail/McKenna had a f3... So I wrote I bet you didnt see that comming! Like I dont know how you say every DC... Once to apologize and another to see if you were shocked because I thought you had more respect then to make a false claim lol
    km1997   How immature of all of you to treat ZackT this way!1!1!1!1 He’s all about respect and maturity and he’s an overally standup guy!1!1!1!1
    johnnyscott1127   Johnny Out:
    [11/15/17, 11:28:28 AM] Zackary Tessier: Im trully sorry bud :(
    [11/15/17, 12:49:34 PM] ~~Johnny (Host)~~: You’re all good. Just a game, which I didn’t take too seriously to begin with until the day I was nominated. Still a bit surprised you nommed me. You and Tyler were the two people I told myself I was never going to nominate, but there it is I suppose
    [11/15/17, 1:46:18 PM] Zackary Tessier: Thanks Johnny :) means a lot that you will just chalk this up to one game. I did trust you , and tried
    [11/15/17, 1:46:35 PM] Zackary Tessier: Atleast in the fute Ill know you're answer come out like that
    [11/15/17, 1:46:55 PM] Zackary Tessier: To me i just thought you didnt want to tell me what youbwere realling thinking
    [11/15/17, 1:47:27 PM] Zackary Tessier: Omg so many spelling mistakes haha
    [11/15/17, 1:47:54 PM] Zackary Tessier: I have to know this for myself... Did you trully vote Doodle?

    George Out:
    [11/16/17, 1:34:11 AM] Zackary Tessier: I bet you didnt see that coming lol
    [11/16/17, 10:19:13 AM] ~~Johnny (Host)~~: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Shawn Out:
    [11/16/17, 11:43:05 AM] Zackary Tessier: Ibtried for McKenna lol
    [11/16/17, 11:43:11 AM] Zackary Tessier: She won POV
    [11/16/17, 11:43:19 AM] Zackary Tessier: I shot, missed lol
    [11/16/17, 11:49:30 AM] ~~Johnny (Host)~~: Yikes

    Every Day Change since I've left the game, you have messaged me trying to either butter me up or let me know that you had some kind of impact in what you just did. I am failing to understand how this is a lie?
    SuperDoodle   @ZackT Not wanting to argue with someone and hash things out is a sign of disrespect, not respect!
    Peejoit   @SuperDoodle ain't wrong @ZackT. Blocking McKenna makes it look like you were afraid to face the consequences of your actions and if I'm in the jury, it might cost you my vote. Good luck though, still time to turn it around. :)
    ZackT   You claimed when you left Me/McKenna/Nail were a f3 , so I messaged you saying 'I bet you didnt see that coming" ... Anybody who wants to see can ask me for a screenshot to prove how mich you lie LOL
    ZackT   What are you talking about Johnny? I messaged you once saying 'I bet you didnt see that comming" ... Every round though right? Lol
    ZackT   Why would I want to fight with someone I respect Super? If that what you do then fine, but thats not me
    johnnyscott1127   ZackT has messaged me after every day change I've been out asking me to acknowledge what happened in the game and how he took a part in it. That's VERY poor jury management my friend. You should not be contacting jurors to talk about gameplay because 1. It just annoys us (particularly me), and 2. It makes us not give a shit about your final speech.

    SuperDoodle   I’m referring to avoiding an argument as cowardly. And I never said the game was boring—just that it is BLEAK. 
    ZackT   And call me a coward? Let's see I've nommed you/Johnny/Nic/McKenna/Chill/Shawn but that's all coward moves right? Lol
    ZackT   Ummm Super , I cleaely stateted why I blocked her, I didn't want to have an arguement! But thinking that... Just because you left eaely doesn't make this game boring LOL
    SuperDoodle   We love a coward
    SuperDoodle   LOL @ Zack claiming to be emotionally distraught about nomming Stooda and then blocking her! If that was true, he would've wanted to talk it out

    Unfortunately this seems to be the last episode I can handle ! Really hoping the two people I'm rooting for can somehow pull this out !
    Piddu   Why you guys giving nailedit a bad edit.
    Peejoit   This was fun! Hoping that Gary and McKenna find a way here.
    NailedIt   @km1907 LOL why the hate LORD lol
    km1997   Fucking yas Gary! Send NaildIt out PLEASE!
    joeyc   @RobbedGodess Peep the gif under your eviction now! 
  • yswimmer96
    yswimmer96November 16, 2017 16:30

    1 comment
  • wwxcrunner1
    wwxcrunner1November 16, 2017 15:58
    Spoiler Post for TPIR (Discussion)
    Spoiler alert!
    wwxcrunner1   Yes I did!!!
    Mystery   YOU WON A CAR
    Mystery   Daniel*
    Mystery   Are you Danny?
    kongowongo   Wish I could watch it now but don't have TV, will have to wait until it comes out on their website.
    Wcplays   Well I cant watch it im on school :*
    wwxcrunner1   It is on right now on CBS for eastern!!!
    angeloxpo   do u have a video of it
  • yswimmer96
    yswimmer96November 16, 2017 15:53
    Time to support my boy!
    @wwxcrunner1, you already slayed us last year as @Password, hope you win bigger! #TPiR #SequesterFam
    1 comment
    wwxcrunner1   6 freaking minutes
  • GirlBye32
    GirlBye32November 16, 2017 15:04
    ~ SBBUK: Thank you's and Hate you's
    Spoiler alert!

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