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  • Trishy
    TrishyOctober 22, 2018 18:56
    3 spaces in filling long survival.
    Join for a fast start!
  • SuperDoodle
    SuperDoodleOctober 22, 2018 15:41
    Lukes' Survivor Allstars: Meet the Cast!
    This time, I throw my hat in the ring!
    Sammy   YAYYY
    AngelOfWater   Omg so excited!! 
    ArcturusDean   I see Thomas in the thumbnail! Already can tell this is going to be a great season without watching the video yet
  • ZwooperOscars
    ZwooperOscarsOctober 22, 2018 15:06
    Have you sent in your list of nominees yet?
    Just a reminder, you have until 23rd October (that's tomorrow) to send in your choices of who you would like to see nominated. Here is a link to all the ...
    JeremyHLikesFood   i cant wait to accept my nominations in every category!!!!! #letsgo #maga #zwoopersfinest #bros #supercool #teamjeremy
    Trishy   You don't need to be friends with the account to message them @Vlatemier
    Vlatemier   accept my fr so I can send you my list 
  • WildDawg1948
    WildDawg1948October 22, 2018 15:03
    Spoiler alert!
  • Niglesh
    NigleshOctober 22, 2018 12:56
    Comment for an avatar rate Highly SELECTIVE. .. ...
    wwxcrunner1   Sure.
    Brittanya   Me! 
    google9   MOI
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyOctober 22, 2018 08:42
    YOURVIVOR | Episode Two: "I'm Just Aco Now Because My PP Is Gone"
    Spoiler alert!
    witlof66   LOL I only just realised why " YOUR " was written in capitals each time, :)
    YourBoy   @iiAmySunshine well technically he only voted for Google, but he also received a self vote due to a punishment he received when idol searching. But still an icon nonetheless.
    iiAmySunshine   So Wadz voted google AND himself? Shook! What an icon!
    Wadz13   **Sharpens Machete**
    AngelOfWater   Great episode! 
    Geri   Dude, this episode is iconic
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherOctober 22, 2018 08:05
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | Week 9 | ZBB Takeover - Day 3 | Extermination
    Spoiler alert!
    johnnyscott1127      popular 

    ugh i love my skylita queen
    boojess   @Dolphin_Swag  Still don't know what I ever done to you on a personal level for you not to like me btw (I saw the Discord messages) but stay pressed?
    Vlatemier   OMG IM A WINNER BABY
    Violet   king jaws
    iiAmySunshine   Are you kidding me? This is exactly why Public games shouldn’t be a thing in general because people vote based off personal feelings rather than whoever is actually playing the best game! @Mystery please get a life because every time you’re evicted from a game for personal reasons, you get mad but you just did the same to Jess? Don’t be a hypocrite boo boo, if you do something to someone, expect it to be done to you! I am actually DISGUSTED with zwooper a decision! Someone must’ve done a lot of spamming huh?
    johnnyscott1127   @JaMarcus_Russell, I agree. Too many public games. The gameplay is less of a determining factor and there's a lot of elements of a normal game that are taken away when the public has the final say..... THIS is a prime example imo
    Sassy   I could cry.
    JaMarcus_Russell   The fact everyone is losing their minds over this is exactly why s Zwooper needs a public game break lol, also kinda shocked she didnt deserve this.
    Cartur   WOOO even though I didn’t evict her I’m still happy to see she left 
    Wadz13   Wait a minute!?! Wait what??
    AngelOfWater   This is a classic zbb1 situation(how I left zbb1) where her support split their votes between the other people and didn’t pick one target to actually keep her safe. But literally those that did vote to evict her it wasn’t a personal decision for most.. it was because she made the mistake of using her power on Boston. 
    Patrick71101   :( 
    Mystery   @Peyton Then that means there's 20 people she could've been more kind to. Thanks for proving my point ;)
    TJP1122   Ummmm... what?!?!
    Peyton   @Mystery I’m willing to bet there were at LEAST 20 other people who voted for Jess. At LEAST. So, if you want to take credit make sure you’re taking less than 5% of it
    Mystery   @boojess One vote determined you went home. ONE! Let that sink in. If you treated me better in the past, I wouldn't have voted you and BOOM, you'd be safe. So damn right I am enjoying this
    ArcturusDean   Jess :((((
    WildDawg1948   Zwooper public got this one wrong.
    evanw919   And then there was one
    johnnyscott1127   I'm actually shook.
    Dolphin_Swag   Great game Jess! Sorry it happened that way. :( 
    RussellvsRob2019   Terrible awful and utterly disgusting. Stop voting on personal and start voting on the game. Jess was robbed
    KiwiConnor   aw gg Jess idk how you left this vote Jaws and Gavin are my PTWs now
    boojess   @Mystery oh fuck off you creep :) 
    Peyton   This actually makes me want to puke.
    Mystery   Confetti cannons explode one after another and the whole town parties all night long
    Sammy   Patooey :(
    jasonthesurvivor   So upset damn she could have won 
  • svsfbrfrbetgb
    svsfbrfrbetgbOctober 22, 2018 05:38
    Why This Person deserves to be on ZBB in November
    Spoiler alert!
    ianinator   @Sammy no you dont some people leave the site and only comes back for zbb and get casted!
    McKenna   @Footystar21 you could say that again
    Sammy   In my opinion, you gotta earn it through activity on the site and through showing you’ve matured from when you started.
    Footystar21   @Mystery    What do you mean "used to be"  ??   You still are arrogant.
    Geri   Dswag   Wow what a great post to read from the person on my tribe in long survival Lmao
    Dswag   Wow what a great post to read from the person on my tribe in long survival
    Mystery   I used to be like you. Cocky and arrogant is not what gets you cast for ZBB. 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherOctober 22, 2018 05:35
    ✠ | Byevivor: Infected | ZBB Takeover | Have you voted yet?
    With only a few short hours to go the vote is VERY close.
    With 4 housemates on the block, the votes ...
    These reminders would be much more interesting if we could get the actual standing as well. (Without names ofc)

    Geri   These reminders would be much more interesting if we could get the actual standing as well. (Without names ofc)
  • croatia
    croatiaOctober 22, 2018 03:50
    who remembers when i slayed ZBB22 or whatever and was the predicted first boot but then was literally the LAST UNNOMMED in my season playing with a bunch of ...
    dcg786   i love the energy. 
    4Real   oh yes ma'am
    MOTO   u are persistant, i'll give u that
    Jaws123   I remember
  • Phoenix723
    Phoenix723October 22, 2018 01:28
    NBB | Nominated for 8th | It seems like everyone in this game is a liar and a rat..
    Spoiler alert!
    Phoenix723   1. Nominated Paco and Nate this round, going against what everyone thought of me being Paco's sheep
    2. Went after you (taek)
    3. Ratted you out to Spencer
    that's just for this round, *prepares to be attacked*
    Taekwondo10   @Phoenix723 care to explain moves you've made on your own?
    Phoenix723   @Taekwondo10 Care to explain how I'm not playing my own game? 
    Taekwondo10   it sounds like you never had the numbers to get me up, whereas the numbers were there the whole time to get you up. you haven't put yourself in any power position, so when powerful players begin to dwindle were left in the position of association with them. first with sarah, then with paco. so you're right that being friends/allies with them has hurt you, but you're not right that you're playing your own game..
    waterkid6   You got caught up in lies and there’s no way we would vote with you and your lies. So your title is basically describing your game play.
    Sammy   issa joke buddy
    Phoenix723   @Sammy Wait what? I barely even read your plea tbh so idk how I would've stolen the "theme". I just made a plea, I didn't steal your idea or anything. smh
    DankDrake   Good luck dude!
    Sammy   You literally stole the theme to my last plea >:( be original 
    Phoenix723   "Yea evicted." love you too bb 
    McKenna   Mmm I see this plea as you working with paco, youre not sheeping him even though hes probably going to win this game... and no information about what you are doing
    Yea evicted.
  • Crazyrockina
    CrazyrockinaOctober 22, 2018 00:57
    ERROR 500
    Need More Candle 
    3 people havent joined the BoTZ Server 
  • McKenna
    McKennaOctober 22, 2018 00:36
    Last day to apply for 6 month vip prize
  • DankDrake
    DankDrakeOctober 22, 2018 00:36
    NBB3: Nommed for 8th- So...funny thing...
    Well everyone, I done been nommed for 8th. Last time you saw me, I was evicted??? Yeah, I lost to a spammer (not cool btw). ...
    Clash   Saved!
    McKenna   Saved <3
    DankDrake   @PacoP I love how you're trying to make it seem like you're running the game. That was the last of your 9 lives dude. You're gonna touch the block a lot more now that your idol is gone
    PacoP   I'm here nominated because of an idol play, actually. My allies and I had the majority to send Paco and Nate in. Paco saved Nate with an idol and A POWER OF VETO IN A BBUK/SURVIVOR HYBRID SAVED PACO. 
  • svsfbrfrbetgb
    svsfbrfrbetgbOctober 22, 2018 00:12
    Ignore this
    Ignore this
  • DankDrake
    DankDrakeOctober 21, 2018 23:31
    My mood in NBB3
    Spoiler alert!
    Phoenix723   my mood this entire game
    waterkid6   Directed right back at you ;)
    DankDrake   @waterkid16 this is also directed towards you y'know

    @PacoP this actually has nothing to do with you
    PacoP   paco did that
    waterkid6   This is an accurate representation of my feelings.
  • KiwiConnor
    KiwiConnorOctober 21, 2018 23:27
    Describe my gameplay/give me tips and i'll do the same!
    Spoiler alert!
    4Real   ur awful at roblox
    Wadz13   AMANDuhhhhhhh
    Vlatemier   Girl you don’t give a fuck about games LMAO
    JeremyHLikesFood   ur so underrated bc ur FUNNY, ya know?? but ur really really SMART and SOCIAL and perfect,,, no tips bc you did uh great??
    KiwiConnor   @Wadz13 who were you in that game?
    Wadz13   Loved playing with you Philip even tho I was an inactive looser. Anyways even when I was active I saw your gameplay premerge being very good. Riding the middle up until merge. Idk much else but in that game you rocked 
  • Taekwondo10
    Taekwondo10October 21, 2018 21:23
    comparing the remaining nbb3 houseguests to bb20 players
    Spoiler alert!
    PacoP   This is the most false thing I've ever heard.

    Haleigh and Fessy did absolutely nothing right in BB20

    Guess who is off the block due to a sick idol play and winning a veto

    Nate and I

    McKenna   @chesskid true
    chesskid   @McKenna yea, except now Paco's getting in hot water, Tyler only got caught by people after they left the game
    McKenna   and I love spencer but what Liv has been telling me about this game, he is def not tyler id fit that as paco
    DankDrake   @theawesometwin you're Swaggy C my dude
    DankDrake   I'm with CDog here. Idk how I'm Angela, but I could maybe see myself as Brett
    theawesometwin   omg yes taek is def kaycee
    sammy is tota;lly rockstar 
    paco is not haliehg
    phoenix is not jc
    livieee is ehh kinda sam
    nate is def faysal who am i??
    Sammy   what does that make you? steve?
    CDogBro   I love how this is so true, and you would probably be kaycee, and instead drake would probably brett. CAN I PLEASE BE SCOTTIE
    Phoenix723   I refuse to be compared to JC 
  • realityobsessed
    realityobsessedOctober 21, 2018 21:07
    Big Brother CANADA - Season 2, Weeks 5 & 6 Review
    Spoiler alert!
  • popular
    popularOctober 21, 2018 20:05
    did anyone participate in pogo community day
    idk most of the users are fat and out of shape so i guess im not expecting much but if you did what was your best catch & how was your ...
    JeremyHLikesFood   yep got me a real good chorizo
    Aidan   this is like when nickeloden and disney would shut off their channel for a few hours and be like "go play outside"
    Dswag    xFalsify 
    i rly thought this post was about huh
    xFalsify   i rly thought this post was about huh
    Vlatemier   Haha I never used a pogo stick before :P Logo

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