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  • Runaways
    RunawaysAugust 16, 2018 16:40
    RIP Aretha Franklin
    Ugh, I didn't want her to die :(
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  • joey2121
    joey2121August 16, 2018 15:55
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.
    Spoiler alert!
    joey2121   Born in 1942.
    Trinity2000   The source I got it from said 72, leave it to the media to have discrepancies.
    a07strand   @Trinity2000 Detroit Free Press says she died at 76.
    Sassy   I've been listening to her music since I heard the news and just trying to not start sobbing.
    Trinity2000   Actually she was 72 Joey, she will always be the Queen of Soul.
  • cupcake
    cupcakeAugust 16, 2018 14:24
    The world just lost an ICON! :(
    Spoiler alert!
    a07strand   Blown away, R.I.P Aretha
    Sassy   I am truly heartbroken about this one.
    CDogBro   NOOOOOOO
    Ryguy292   : (
  • Trishy
    TrishyAugust 16, 2018 12:47
    New Designs... (Tasters)
    Here are some samples of the designs uploaded today. 

    M2thamax   Amazing as always @Trishy < 3
    Puffs   These are stunning
    4Real   yes rockstar hair pls
    Vin014   @doobee I vote yes! Like the Vanessa hair 
    McQuire   tasty
    doobee   I think you should release a Rockstar Custom into shops 
    Clash   @Evilgenious448 We need to buy it for our female avatar :P
    carterlinke01   Beautiful 
    Evilgenious448   @Clash the 3rd one with thing is wife material for our arab avatars LMAO
    4Real   cute
  • Sayyora
    SayyoraAugust 16, 2018 12:44
    Spoiler alert!
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  • Z_AnonChoices
    Z_AnonChoicesAugust 16, 2018 10:07
    One more day to apply...
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101August 16, 2018 09:51
    ☠ Catch Me If You Can 3 ☠ | Episode 6: Sunshine... Will You Marry Me? <3
    Spoiler alert!
    Sassy   "Someone had literally just thrown a small lemon at him." I choked on my coffee. Thanks guys.
    BuyAchair   Xander? A threat?
    The cage begs to differ 
  • KiwiConnor
    KiwiConnorAugust 16, 2018 08:17
    The Voice | Finale | Vote Now Poll Closes 5ZT!
    Spoiler alert!
  • BRAYDEN2013
    BRAYDEN2013August 16, 2018 07:52
    If I were to buy
    VIP for someone, would I just give them like my paypal information or tell @Trishy that I'm gonna pay for them ?
    Trishy   At the moment the PayPal links are not working, so the only way to buy VIP for someone is to make the payment from PayPal direct to our email address, once the payment is sent, message me with who the VIP is for and I will upgrade them manually. PM me if you have any further questions.
    Phoenix723   You still shouldn't give out your information
    BRAYDEN2013   LOL, but this person I know is trustworthy anyways x but thanks for the info :) <3 @ArcturusDean
    ArcturusDean   Oooop, don't give anyone your PayPal information... You basically send the money to Trishy, and then tell her what the money is for.
  • Violet
    VioletAugust 16, 2018 04:17
    does anyone play fortnite on ps4
    im tired of playing by myself
    queen1212   tea xbox is way better
    motomoto99   switch to xbox one 
  • ExoticSimmer
    ExoticSimmerAugust 16, 2018 03:42
    The Holy Trinity || Episode 3 || "Happy Birthday, and Goodbye."
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
  • Gideon
    GideonAugust 16, 2018 03:15
    1 more Fast Survival
    Join Fast Survival pls 1 MORE
  • queen1212
    queen1212August 16, 2018 03:10
    Ok so
    im trying to change my skin color to african can someone pls gift me african american hair
  • queen1212
    queen1212August 16, 2018 03:09
    Ok so
    im trying to change my skin color to african can someone pls gift me african american hair
    1 comment
    ArcturusDean   There is free brown hair @queen1212 go to the last pages.
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherAugust 16, 2018 03:00
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestlye   @doobee dawg shut your ass up
    doobee   I wish I could be angry but now that they're accually in the final 5 looking like final 4 I can say I told you so 
    BUT there are only 2 spots in the finale so im excited to see whos gonna make the first move TJ or Ashley cause we know its comming sooner or later
    Ryguy292   fuck off @popular 
    Clash   TJ VETO King and Ashley HOH Queen. 
    ArcturusDean   Either Ashley or TJ need to win this game, or I'll be mad :/
    doobee   This is so sad
    Vlatemier   boston galds;jldkj
    Ryguy292   STFU BR. 
    BostonRobby   Hmmm, looks like CryGuy292 is getting ready for one of his signature tantrums. Hopefully POV is b*tching contest, then you will be 100% safe!!
    neme81   It’s like people are just ignoring the targets in this game. Boring!!!!!! Next season please!!!!
    Aaron_A   @Nickg24689 and @Ryguy292 just win something lol.I honestly do hope one of you gets veto.  And yeah really sad that Austin and DSwag targeted the wrong people
    Nickg24689   Huh it’s almost like I tried convincing players in power for several rounds but I can’t win anything @Micks so they wanted the strong players with no allies left.. they knew I was after them before and that’s why I’ve seen the block... oh well can only move forward 
    Ryguy292   all 3 can't make finals. its cute 
    Micks   It’s almost like I exposed that trio at final 9 and no one targeted them
    Ryguy292   shocking 
  • queen1212
    queen1212August 16, 2018 02:05
    Im done
    queen1212   @clash you fucking mad? youre mad that youre obsessed with me. youre dead to me bitch.
    Clash   @queen1212 Get help lol. You are out of your mind, I am actually laughing at what you are saying and feeling sorry at the same time.
    queen1212   @xeniah @clash  sis you better stfu. clash is a mindless follower and xeniah bitch ik youre mad pressed that i called your dumbass out. youre fucking cringe get the fuck out of here whore.
    Clash   Truly could not have said it any better xeniah!
    xeniah   I asked you to consider being civil and that's your response???? LMAO, what would I be jealous about !!?? Why are you so bitter??? Why do you keep calling yourself a B like it is supposed to compensate for something you lack !? The only thing I am offended by is your lack of understanding and not your unintelligent words. Sigh! #ITried
    queen1212   @ clash first of all bitch i weigh 95 pounds so stfu. second of all who was talking to your dumbass. i am that bitch and i will always be THE bitch. queen is the name hoe. i cana do whatever i want to and if thats such a big problem shut your computer off inbred freak.
    Clash   @queen1212 How about you get a life and stop throwing fit on people because you were voted out in a fs. Stop making blogs about everything. You are one annoying slut oh you are actually a little obese bitch sitting on his computer. Why are you so obsessed with the word obese? Is it because you are obese yourself? 
    queen1212   @xeniah jealousy is a disease hunty get over it obese bitch
    queen1212   wtf i never said anything about you @geri
    Geri   There were literally 3 active people in our FS game and you tried to get rid of one of us without seriously any reason. I'm glad we took you out without any payouts.
    ​And what was your reaction after all this? Geri, fuck you.
    xeniah   You have screwed a lot of people over in games.Now, if they want to do the same to you in games, it's only fair. Unfortunately, in the last few games, people wanted you out coz you screwed them over and I played along since they were my allies/friends. I understand you getting pissed, anyone would,  and I am aware I'd be your target in games together even though I did not have any personal reason to take you out but I still see no reason to not be civil.
    queen1212   @AwesomeLion WOW do you want an award or something
    AwesomeLion   I’m nice that’s working fine for me
    queen1212   also fuck you xeniah next time we're in a game make sure and you best believe you will be my number one target.
    KiwiConnor   my wihg
    Electra   this tea 
    queen1212   My name is queen for a motherfucking reason
    queen1212   @xDimentio tea
    xDimentio   I mean being nice is working out for me, but being nice is super boring, to be honest.
  • cmgorilla
    cmgorillaAugust 16, 2018 01:53
    Coming Soon
    Spoiler alert!
    AwesomeLion   Hope I get picked
    cmgorilla   SaraR get to work mom! <3
    08SaraR   j/k, Chaleb, j/k! :)
    08SaraR   Wait....I'm making the memory wall!? Since when?? o_O
    evanw919   Okay I actually remember having a lot of fun in big brother revenge wayyyyy back in the day. I’ll definitelt consider applying! :)
    xDimentio   Give me my hecking key right now
    dwh   PICK MEEEE!!!!!
    Dolphin_Swag   Can’t wait to be casted! 
  • Electra
    ElectraAugust 16, 2018 01:51
    my bb prediction list
    Spoiler alert!
    Finesse   Isn't Hacker done this week? I thought it was only 2 weeks.
    KiwiConnor   I thought Tyler wanted Haleigh gone asap bc shes smart and was the hacker who put him up. IDK
    Runaways   Haleigh isn't going next week, L6 is zoning in on Scottie/Fessy
    Irishgirl   i agree @Xdimentio
    xDimentio   I fell like, at this point in the game, Haleigh and Tyler have the best chances to win, but if Scottie comes out of the shadows, he could win, too.
    Micks   JC is definitely going to be a bitter juror I think
  • Daisy67pet
    Daisy67petAugust 16, 2018 01:44
    BB20 Prediction List #20-22
    Spoiler alert!
    Helenor1000   Bayleigh would a 100% vote Haleigh.
    Runaways   5-4

    yet no Bayleigh vote, which would be Haleigh??? so...
    Micks   sam is trying to quit the game there is no way she's winning
    Phoenix723   There is no way Sam would win. She's sweet and all (besides basically calling Kaitlyn and Haleigh sluts) but her game is terrible.
    TJP1122   Sam can’t win. Love her and all, but she has no shot.
  • Dolphin_Swag
    Dolphin_SwagAugust 16, 2018 01:31

    whos there?
    carterlinke01   uh no thank you
    Dolphin_Swag   Um i was joking but k
    Sammy   lmao i was just tryna have fun but if you really wanna come for me then step tf up
    Dolphin_Swag   Wow.... the hoes on Zwooper are getting to you... you’re starting to get confused between dreams and reality... you poor thing... YIKES!
    hayden1   Lol
    Sammy   Sorry I already won both of those Logo

Spoiler alert!

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