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karterkantonNovember 11, 2017 22:45


Hello ZBB veterans, and welcome to the official application post for ZBBOTT. I am very excited to bring this 24/7 Choices experience to you all. This game will be a journey like no other here on Zwooper that will require a mature, dedicated, and compliant cast. Because of the nature of the format and twists, I am asking that you do not apply for this game if you will not cooperate with things that cannot be set by the game. In more explicit detail, do not do things such as nominating a Houseguest who is granted immunity by Zwooper’s Care Package, disregarding the fact your third nominee must be Zwooper’s nominee, and more (which will be included in a compliance agreement to all players before the game starts). I understand that attempting this is a huge risk and can easily be ruined by people who decide to take the game into their own hands, but I think we have enough mature Zwooperoos on this site to make it happen without any issues.

If you are applying on this blog, you are a ZBB veteran, meaning you have participated in any of the 16 seasons of ZBB.

To apply for ZBBOTT, please fill out the application below. Thank you, and good luck!

Seasons of ZBB Played:
Describe yourself in three words:
What makes you ZBBOTT material?:
How will your game differ here from ZBB being that it’s a completely different format?:

ZBB Non-Veteran Application Post: [link]

on November 19, 2017 22:11
Name: Josh!
Joined?: April 25th, 2016
Seasons of ZBB played?: ZBB13
Describe yourself in 3 words: Outgoing, energetic and strategic !!
What makes you ZBBOT material?: Everyone who has seen me play, especially ZBB sees that I put my ALL into it! I do everything I can to be on the top at all times and I never stop putting myself to work! If I am put into the game I would play with my heart and sole and do everything I could to make it the best experience and take him the win !
How will your game differ here: I will use the competitions more to my benefit and make more level headed choices.
on November 15, 2017 06:35

Name: TheGuy - Stevie
Joined: Aug 30 2017
Season of ZBB: ZBB14
Me in 3 words: Lovable, Goofy, Seductive
What makes you ZBBOTT material: I am a 24/7 boss. I lost track of how many games I have won a while ago. I have pulled off every move imaginable, from successfully voting out the POV holder, to tricking an HOH into accidentally nomming themself, to playing entire casts against each other while I eat popcorn in the middle. I always wish 24/7 had twists so I am very excited and on board for what those twists may bring, and how I can use it to my advantage. My mistake in ZBB was trying to build relationships with loyalty, when no ZBB players return that loyalty! In this game I don't have to be as loyal and I can instantly show trust through the use of HOH or POV.
How will my game differ from ZBB: Completely different gameplay. I am not at the mercy of the masses, instead, I am able to win competitions and overtake others. A lot of ZBB players are close friends which leaves me on the outs, but having comps and twists in the game gives me another option to fight back. Perfect for me because I dont sheep!

Please post when the game will start??

on November 15, 2017 06:30
Name: Daniel
Joined: June 2013
Seasons of ZBB Played: 6
Describe yourself in three words: Eager to play
What makes you ZBBOTT material?: I play for myself and no one else. Im not afraid to make moves even if they’re risky. I am a loyal player to an extent.
How will your game differ here from ZBB being that it’s a completely different format? This game I’d talk to the people I am comfortable with whereas in ZBB you had to try and speak with everyone.
on November 12, 2017 23:28
Name: Amy
Joined: October 26, 2015
Seasons of ZBB Played: 12 (cancelled) & 13 (Placed 3rd)
Describe yourself in three words: Emotional, Bubbly and Flirtatious
What makes you ZBBOTT material?: Because, I am a very social person as you may have seen in ZBB and other games. I have the strategic ability to know when to make a move and when not to and I also have the physicalness to be able to win competitons. I will put my 100% effort into this game, should I be casted.
How will your game differ here from ZBB being that it’s a completely different format?: I will be a lot more social so that way I don't end up on the block. I'll be sure to not make any enemies unless I win HOH, and then nominate the threats. I'm not scared of anyone either so if I need/want you to go up, you're going up and you won't change my mind. I have a mind of my own and I'll use it against everyone
on November 12, 2017 15:44
I will withdraw my application. I do not want to have to nominate who the host chose for me to do
on November 12, 2017 02:01
Name: Justin / @Riot
Joined: August 8th, 2014
Seasons of ZBB Played: 4 and 12
Describe yourself in three words: Fat, Goofy and Messy
What makes you ZBBOTT material?: I'm literally over the top!
How will your game differ here from ZBB being that it’s a completely different format?: I will openly nominate the threats!
on November 12, 2017 01:16
Name: Nehemiah
Joined: December 4, '13
Seasons of ZBB Played: 11 and 16
Describe yourself in three words: Unpredictable, Crazy, Egotistical
What makes you ZBBOTT material?: I mean I am a over the top personality. I always have been. I mean look at season 11 and 16 definitely brought the entertainment those seasons needed.
How will your game differ here from ZBB being that it’s a completely different format?: I think I try to adapt my game every different season jsut due to the foramt of each season being different. So this wouldnt be any different. I'm definitely gonna maybe be more strategical and gather the crazy aspect but all in all I'll just be me.
on November 11, 2017 23:00
Name: Myles
Joined: May 03, 2016
Seasons of ZBB Played: 13
Describe yourself in three words: Amusing, Witty, Emotional
What makes you ZBBOTT material?: I completely flopped ZBB, this is my time to prove I am a good player and win this! I have been crushing these FBB's. With an average placement of around 5 and have won a game.
How will your game differ here from ZBB being that it’s a completely different format?: I have a chance to save myself in times of need with challenges/competitions. I actually don't need to make sets; I can just talk to the HOH and talk voting. Which is much more simple.
on November 11, 2017 22:55
@Cerci ZBBOTT is all returnees and one newbie :)
on November 11, 2017 22:52
Isn't BBOTT all newbies and one returnee?

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