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ZBB_DiaryRoomJuly 11, 2018 18:35

ZBB18 Uncut | What You See... Isn't Always The Truth

Hello Zwooper, this is ZBB_DiaryRoom and if you thought I was done for the season... well you had another thing coming.

20 of Zwooper's best graced the ZBB House this season for their Unfinished Business with ZBB. They fought, they cried, they endured some of the biggest twists we’ve ever had, and ultimately @joeyc did what 19 others failed to do and secured the coveted win earning his place in the Hall Of Fame. But have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes? Have those who played been dying to know just how loyal (or unloyal) their allies were? The complexities of ZBB can't be denied, and for the first time in Zwooper history we will be revealing all. The wait is over... officially!


Every episode, this is how involved you were with the round. This is the combination of the Edit and Logic (aka Edgic), which basically shows how much of an impact you had on the game for THAT particular round, and based on your confessionals, alliance chats, nominations, how others spoke about you, etc.

So for starters, 1-5 is the visibility you had during the episode. If you were a 5, you had a BIG impact, 1 was almost no impact whatsoever.
Now…. You’ll see a P, N or M at the end of the Main Note. A P means that people were talking about you in a positive tone, while an N is people talking about you in a negative tone, and an M is mixed. If you have no letter, it means you had no negative or positive tone to you.

OTT - Over the Top - You did something OTT, and something that really wowed everyone or where you REALLY took the reigns on something amazing happening
CP - Complex Player - You had a lot to do with the round, and the driving force behind something happening, and everyone would say you were one of the pinpoint people for that day.

MOR - Middle of the Road - Kinda coasting by through the day, but you were still doing things. You weren’t leading the charge, but you weren’t just sitting around either

UTR - Under the Radar. Your impact on the day was minimal, what you did was unrecognizable, and you didn’t really contribute much.

INV - Invisible.

There is a big Thank You in order to our 20 Housemates as well! This couldn't have been done without them ALL giving their insight throughout the season!

@joeyc | @TJP1122 | @DoctorWho | @TombRaider | @CameronElite | @anaconda | @Sabrina
@JeremyHLikesFood | @wwxcrunner1 | @turkeygoodridge | @Jimmy | @Sparky44 | @croatia
@Violet | @jbeaudry3 | @greenbay712 | @Timman10 | @Avalon | @Green | @Lynette

Note: @johnnyscott1127 worked on these throughout the game, essentially annotating all of our tributes confessionals and thoughts. This is all coming indirectly from the players mouths, and hopefully shows some insight that the viewers don’t normally get to see! And also a huge thank you to @Evilgenious448 (EG) for putting formatting it for us!
We would LOVE feedback. Either PM @johnnyscott1127 on Skype or comment below! Finally, we hope everyone enjoyed the season. ZBB19 is around the corner, and since this seems to be a success for the second season in a row, we will be continuing it, and maybe even something similar for the new ZBBUS that is coming up! We hope to see everyone soon! Thanks to those who took the time to vote, read what Johnny wrote and were involved in the season’s production overall! None of it can be done without the public being so involved in the game. Until next time…


on July 24, 2018 06:17
My 2 episode edgic arc is the stuff dreams are made of
on July 12, 2018 03:18
Look at me go with my CP all season
on July 11, 2018 19:41
Well damn man, this was intense

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