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MMMMMAugust 24, 2017 19:31

THE WILD 3 | Episode 7 | "I have a feeling I'm gunna win"

ANNOUNCEMENT #2. Furthermore, I need to inform you that whitepartonking has decided to pull himself from the game due to personal reasons.

"There's been too much happening in my personal life for me to devote attention to this. I am very thankful for receiving this opportunity, but I simply cannot do it anymore. I won't be on the site anymore at all. I'm sorry. "

"aw PJ :( Gonna miss you man"

I personally hate to see you go after such a strong start and so little of the season left but I absolutely respect your decision. Wishing you all the best mate.

RESULTS. Here are the results of the hunter challenge:

With that, Congratulations to BostonRob524 on his second hunter title!

BostonRob524, as hunter of the week, you must now nominate one of your fellow competitors to go into battle.

"It's final 6 and this is a hard decision honestly but in a game like this I prefer when people make it a thing to speak to me often especially seeing how the game has a big social factor involved with that being said I have to nominate DCG sorry but out of everyone left you have spoken to me the least and thus leaving me with an easier decision."

dcg786, you have been nominated to go into battle. You must now select a player from the rest of the CAST as your challenger. You may select your fellow clan members.

"I chose Jason, sorry buddy i know your my best chance at staying!"

jasonthesurvivor, you have been selected as challenger. Luckily for you, you now hold the power to select the battle competition. You will receive the MAP shortly which contains a list of predetermined challenge options.

"I chose Username Unscramble. I'm honestly so excited for this comp."

Here are the results:

With that, the final member of BLUE clan, jasonthesurvivor has been eliminated. Final words?

"This game has been a roller coaster with ups an downs but unfortunaley this was my final down dcg got me good for him but otherwise game aside I'm happy for everyone else that is still in the game and wish them luck and MMMMM you are a wonderful host! and I hope I get picked for another season of this because this was one of the best games I played"

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@BostonRob524 | @whitepartonking | @jasonthesurvivor | @ujmlkio

@Micks | @Runaways | @Parrish101 | @dcg786

on August 24, 2017 21:47
I don't see Arceus in the username unscramble crying
on August 24, 2017 20:18
it does
on August 24, 2017 19:37
It really does
on August 24, 2017 19:36
This show deserves to be a top blog thanks.

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