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THE WILD 3 | Episode 6 | "Kenny is a ****"

PREVIOUSLY ON THE WILD. The clan wars continued as red clan lost its first member. Green clan remains intact. What will happen next?

This one's called Connect the dots.
You're probably familiar with the game "Dots". In this challenge, I'm asking you to get the highest score possible against the computer. Good luck!

Here are the results:

Congratulations Micks on your second hunter title of the season!

"The one challenge I win I send in too late. I got drunk, fell asleep and forgot."

Micks, as hunter of the week your clan members and yourself are safe and you must now nominate one of your fellow cast members for BATTLE.

"hmm, I wonder who I should nominate @runaways"

Runaways, you have been nominated to go into battle. You must now select a player from the rest of the CAST as your challenger. You may select your fellow clan members.

"I choose Kenny. If I go out, I'm gonna go out to someone who gives me a challenge"

km1997, you have been selected as challenger. Luckily for you, you now hold the power to select the battle competition. You will receive the MAP shortly which contains a list of predetermined challenge options.

"I pick Fact or Fiction"

Here are the results:

Runaways, sadly you have been eliminated. With that, yellow clan is down to its last member. Final words?

"Kenny is a disfigured ****"

@km1997 | @Phoenix723 | @xDimentio | @joey2121

@BostonRob524 | @whitepartonking | @jasonthesurvivor | @ujmlkio

@Micks | @Runaways | @Parrish101 | @dcg786

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