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MMMMMAugust 17, 2017 01:19

THE WILD 3 | Episode 5 | "You can choke"

PREVIOUSLY ON THE WILD. Yet another member of the BLUE clan was sent packing as we saw Micks defeat ujmlkio in battle. What will happen tonight?

This one's called Maze Runner. If you are a fan of THE WILD, it should ring a bell.
In this challenge, I will provide you with a Maze in which a bunch of letters are scattered. Your goal is to determine which letters are on the correct path to the exit of the maze. Once you've done so, you'll need to convert the letters in numbers using alphanumerals (a=1 b=2 etc) and add them all together.

TWIST. In this competition, not everyone will play. That's because only 1 representative from each CLAN will participate. You must come to an agreement in your clan chats on who this will be. If you cannot unanimously pick someone, then no one from that clan will play for the hunter title and compass.

TWIST 2. During this competition, there will be a side-comp in which you can earn a COMPASS ADVANTAGE (regardless of if you win hunter)

Here are the CLAN representatives:
BLUE: jasonthesurvivor
RED: km1997
GREEN: Phoenix723
YELLOW: BostonRob524

And here is how they did:

With that, Congratulations jasonthesurvivor on your first hunter title!

jasonthesurvivor, as hunter of the week your clan members and yourself are safe and you must now nominate one of your fellow cast members for BATTLE.

"Ok I thought long and hard about my nomination. I will be nominating... Parrish I'm sorry we really just didn't talk at all this game and to me you are also a threat"

Parrish101, you have been nominated to go into battle. You must now select a player from the rest of the CAST as your challenger. You may select your fellow clan members.

This is a tough decision but I choose….... Phoenix723. Gl <3

Phoenix723, you have been selected as challenger. Luckily for you, you now hold the power to select the battle competition. You will receive the MAP shortly which contains a list of predetermined challenge options.

"I choose 7. The battleship one"

Here are the results:

With that, Parrish101, you have been elimianted from THE WILD. The RED clan just lost its first member.

"just regret myself for ignoring my gut feeling and not using the compass lol, so mad at myself, but oh well. Gl everyone"

"Thanks Parrish. Good game."

Not you. You can choke.

"I’m so happy this has happened. now everyone just needs to make sure kenny, micks and dcg go"

@km1997 | @Phoenix723 | @xDimentio | @joey2121

@BostonRob524 | @whitepartonking | @jasonthesurvivor | @ujmlkio

@Micks | @Runaways | @Parrish101 | @dcg786

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