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MMMMMJuly 18, 2017 23:25

THE WILD 2 | Episode 9 | "I let myself get played"

PREVIOUSLY ON THE WILD. Violet earned his first hunter title and by the end of the week, Emoji was sent packing. Tonight, the last hunter challenge is held and the FINAL THREE will be revealed.

This one's called True or False. In this challenge, I will give a statement based on something that has happened this season so far. You will need to tell me if this statement is TRUE or FALSE. After 7 rounds. The person with the most correct answers will win this last hunter challenge. In case of tie, time will be the decider.

Here are the results:

Congratulations mepole on your THIRD hunter title!

"I need to get mepole on my side and get him to put up Noah. It's a really tricky situation honestly because Noah is an ally of mine and he is someone that I have worked to protect in this game. I just want a tough competitor gone for finals.. I kinda made up a lie that the other two are gonna throw mepole in, which he said pushed his decision over the edge."

mepole, as hunter of the week, you must now nominate one of your fellow competitors to go into battle.

"I am going to send in violet.......Ok, changing my choice to greenbay. I heard from someone I trust that he was planning to pull me into the duel, and it works better for myself and kyle if I make this move now."

"​mepole just loves to give me fourth in games huh"

greenbay712, you must now select a player from the rest of the cast as your CHALLENGER.

"I choose violet since Kyle has won 3x"

Violet, you now hold the power to pick the battle comp. You will receive THE MAP shortly which contains a list of challenge options to make your decision.

"hmmm let's do What doesn't belong"

Here are the results:

With that, I'm sorry greenbay712, but you came just short to making finals. You played phenomenal.

"so Kyle ratted me out, how could I be so BLIND. He was fucking leading me on so I wouldn't pick him and then mepole. It's all good, I let myself get played. It just sucks going out knowing that I could've slayed the final comp. Thanks for the opportunity.


"giggles while still being in the game"

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on July 18, 2017 23:42
Love you @km1997
on July 18, 2017 23:35
on July 18, 2017 23:33
Kyle is one of the coolest, nicest, (sexiest, hehe) guys on this site. But he is a ruthless snake.
on July 18, 2017 23:30
Loving this Final 3

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