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MMMMMJuly 02, 2017 20:43

THE WILD 2 | Episode 3 | "This game needs a cleaning"

TWIST. You may be wondering why there hasn't been a COMPASS advantage in the game yet. Well, I'm here to tell you that this time around there is compass but not exactly like last season's. This season, it's a BROKEN COMPASS.

Alanster, you have one last shot to impact the game. Who will you give the BROKEN COMPASS to?

"Let's see... I pick Emoji"

Alright, the week's hunter challenge is called Unlucky Jim.
In this challenge, you will need to play Lucky Jim on Zwooper. However, you are not looking for a highscore, you are looking to score as close to 150k as you can.

Here are the results:

kkoster001 and angeloxpo, you are both safe.

Despite being given the BROKEN COMPASS, Congratulations Emoji, you are this week's hunter!

, you came in last place so you will automatically enter THE BATTLE.

"hey ivix, remember last round when you said I'd go home? remember when I PROMISED you'd go home before me? I don't break promises."

Emoji, as hunter of the week, you are first and foremost safe but you also have the crucial task to nominate one of your fellow competitors to go into battle.

"This game needs a cleaning! No more quitters, no more boring people. So I will put my cleaning gloves on and do a maid's job. With that said Survivorfan take your spot in that battle and let the cleaning begin!"

SurvivorFan1121, you must now select a player from the rest of the cast as your CHALLENGER.

"I select smosley. I'm confident I can beat him in the challenge."

"Glad I know where I stand with survivorfan"

smosley1, you know hold the power to pick the battle comp. You will receive THE MAP shortly which contains a list of challenge options to make your decision.

"Let's go with Let's count"

"waits for ivix to go home"

With that, SurvivorFan1121, you have been elimianted from THE WILD.

"I don't know what to say. I'm a dumbass."

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on July 04, 2017 21:11
I just noticed @SurvivorFan1121 is here. =[
on July 02, 2017 23:53
Ivix likes rollercoasters
on July 02, 2017 20:47
Ivix runs therse eliminations

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