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WcplaysApril 28, 2016 02:00

Survivor Brantsteele Story S2: FINALE VIDEO

The placements, who voted who, and misc. awards are in the description of the video

Grats to the Winner :D

Final 3:
Zach (@pikachu142  )
Finesse (@Finesse )
Eduardo (@eduardo245 )

4th: Timothy (@SuperDoodle )
5th: Anon (@Anonymous_1508 )
6th: Marco (@domarco14 )
7th: Noah (@yswimmer96 )
8th: Harry (@hsb1234 )
9th: Murphy (@Gaming_Murphy )
10th: Alvo (@Alvarovidalpuga )
11th: Madi (@EternalBloss )
------------MERGE + JURY-----------
12th: Marcus (@marmur40 )
13th: Isaiah (@Izzy99 )
14th: Dylan (@imnotsadanymore )
‚Äč----------TILAT DISSOLVES-----------
15th: Joaquin (@joaquint561 )
16th: Chanel (@TruffleButter )
17th: Jaison (@survivorallstar )
18th: Vin (@Vin014 )

on April 28, 2016 03:02

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