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km1997December 07, 2017 03:58

SJBB5 - I Made it, I Made it - Plea to win

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Firstly, Id like to thank the Zwooperoos who voted to save me. Very much appreciated and honored I survived such a close vote.
And for the ones who evicted me, well you can stick it where the sun dont shine. :D
Coming into this game, it was filled with wild cards, people I didnt know, or people who have screwed me over in the past or vice versa. So, yes I had jacob/Shoib but 2 allies simply isnt enough in a heavily social based game.
Early on Shoib/Jacob were targets from the get go, and was the first set mentioned of the season. Clearly I wasnt going to do either. I rarely put my neck out on the line, but for my two closest allies, I will. So I started pushing a dcg/Daniel set. I knew if dcg had gone up with either of them theyd most likely be fine. People love nominating dcg, so that caught on, but Peyton made it dcg/jacob and thats the set that happened.
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This is my 4th BBUK type game, and I know how important it is to build Social connections first before you try and make your moves, otherwise you are left with a ton of people who will do anything to stay safe, and that includes nominating you.
So from the start I started building relationships with anyone I could just to feel them out at first. Despite nominating Daniel round 1, I then found he seemed like someone I could trust in the game, so I worked closely with him.
Jon quickly became the guy I trusted the most, and I think we had a huge role in how the game panned out, but we did it for different reasons.
Tim is someone I worked with in the past, but it always seemed to sour down the line. So I knew we could work together for a bit, but I had to strike against him first before he did me.
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Yes I was one of the main people hevily targeting Cristina, but there was definitely a method to this madness.
I clearly had to get her up as many times as possible, cause for some reason you guys had to continue to save her. So I had to rely on death by a 1000 paper cuts.
I nominated her alongside people I either didn't trust, didn't need, or I felt didnt have my best nterest at heart. I was planning on putting her up with Shoib around F9, i knew those were the two biggest public threats and after she took many hits being on the block I really expected Shoib to deliver the final blow.
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All in all, I believe I deserve to win because I played to my strengths, like my social game and making sure to strike at the right time. And i made sure to not let my weaknesses be my down fall, the public for example. I knew I had to go as long as possible without being nominated and I was the last person nominated, along with Jon. Peyton made the mistake of pushing two successful sets round one and two and I helped paint the target on his back for that. To avoid that from happening to me, I was more behind the scenes in what I wanted to do, and I ended up getting at least one of my noms up every round, and there were only 3 or 4 rounds where both didnt go up.
I was the last to use my spin because I knew I wasnt in trouble and wasnt going to be for a while.
I successfully used my advantage of the 5 nom points to help take out Timman. Had i not spun, my number one goes up with 2 people I just screwed over, and I would have been in some deep ish had those 2 came back.

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Jon - Best of luck to you, even though we are fighting for 2nd/3rd. :p. It was a blast meeting you, and you were my number one ally from start to finish. Awesome castmate, and you deserve it as much as anyone.
Shoib - I was very excited to play with you, since we both flopped ZBB. You are still the only person to not screw me over in a game, and that just shows the type of guy you are. You were hilarious, bold, and just fun to play with again. Congrats on the likely win, you really do deserve it.

on December 07, 2017 04:21
Aw, thanks :) Best of luck to you too!

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