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JqredNovember 15, 2017 00:45

SJBB5 || Fans vs Flops || Wheel Spins #2

smileyWelcome back to SJBB5smiley

Last time we saw @Mystery , @Timman10 & @Violet nominated.

With the crazy twist of the wheel many people decided to use it to see if they could get an advantage.

This week 4 people spun the wheel.

I will reveal what each player got.

@Player2014 spun first and he got...

3% Off The Eviction Vote Taken Off One Of The Nominees And Put On Another

With this advantage, Daniel gets to choose one of the nominees on the block for next round to take off 3% of their eviction vote and add it onto another nominee of his choosing.

@Timman10 spun next and he got...

Loses Nominations For Next Round

If Tim survives this eviction, the next nomination round he goes into he will not have the power to nominate and will have to rely on others if he does not want to go on the block.

@CristinaMihaela spun next and she got...

Veto And Replace

Cristina has the power to remove one of the current nominees from the block and replace that nominee with another player. She can only use this next round or not use it at all.

@JonJ was the last one to spin today and he spun...

Can Only Make 1 Nomination Instead Of 2

In the next nomination round, instead of naming two players to nom, Jon will only have the power to nominate one player.

Reminder: Everyone left in the cast has spun the wheel besides @Shoib , @km1997 & @GamerBlitzful. The rest of you can't spin for the rest of the game now and the people who spun today have 1 automatic nomination point tacked onto them for next round. @Brittany101 also still has automatic safety for 1 more round.

Remaining Things You Can Spin
Releases A Secret Guest Into The House
5 Nomination Points Distribution
Killer Nomination

Eviction post in 15 minutes!!!

@Big_Brother_Fan | @BostonRob524 | @Brittany101 | @cmgorilla
@GamerBlitzful | @Mystery | @Swish

@CristinaMihaela | @JonJ | @km1997 | @Player2014
@Riot | @Shoib | @Timman10 | @Violet

16th: @dcg786


on November 15, 2017 00:57
@Parrish101 .. twists.. more like ways to rig without being caught! #SJBBExposedParty
on November 15, 2017 00:53
Damn, so many different twists unleashed and its only Week 2-3 lol
on November 15, 2017 00:50
I’m ready for the secret guest jk
on November 15, 2017 00:46
Ugh.... lol

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