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survivorallstarNovember 14, 2017 03:01

SJBB5: Analysis for 15th place

So this season I will be doing an analysis for each week of SJBB, I will also be doing the exit interviews, but Dolan did not answer any of the questions I asked him due to him quitting zwooper.

Each week I will bring on a past SJBB player as a guest to discuss the game and who we think should be evicted, This weeks guest placed 3rd in season 1 and 7th in season 2, @Micks

Micks analysis on the current noms

Mystery: I feel like every game he is in there are a few people that hate him, and although he doesn't do himself any favors, I think a lot of people just jump on the bandwagon of hating him. People need to learn that you don't need to be friends or even allies to take advantage of someone. Mystery will likely go home the first time he is up, so it would be smarter to keep him around for a while as someone you know you can beat.

Tim: From past experience I know tim is a very strategic player, so I'm surprised to see him up this early. I think a lot of the reason he is up is that he is a good player, while a lot of the people in this cast are not nearly asbig of threats.

Riot: After Riot forgot to nom, I wanted him to stay, and I think it was clear Dolan was going, so I don't think spinning the wheel was very smart for him. He knew there was a chance he goes up again, and being up twice in a row this early is not a good look. Plus Based on what I see it doesn't seem like Riot is in a bad position in the house, so the potential reward from the wheel was definitely not worth the risk.

Micks eviction vote: I will be voting to evict Riot. I definitely think Tim has a lot more to offer to the game, and I want to see mystery given a chance to actually play and get past the fact that people feel like they are supposed to hate mystery and target him right away in every game (For the record I hate mystery too, but when he's the first target in every game it's clear the cast isn't being strategic). I also think Riot made a poor decision in spinning the wheel, which could be a sign of poor gameplay in the future.

Predicted eviction: I think Mystery is going just because he is the most hated person on zwooper.

My analysis on the players

Tim: TIm is one of the most strategic players I've ever encountered on Zwooper which is why im a little suprised to see him on the block, I think he may be up because certain people in the cast may find him intimidating, I really enjoyed his first blog so I think he may have a some public support

Mystery: I honestly dont understand why he is up right now, he is one of the most hated players on Zwooper and I think it is pretty obvious he doesnt have much public support, so he would definitely be a good nom for later in the game

Riot: Im a little torn with Justin atm, originally going into round one I was planning on evicting him, however he his plea was much better than Dolan's so I decided to let him have another chance, but he spun the wheel, which I think was a TERRIBLE decision, he is on the block twice in a row in the second round and I feel like hes the easiest person to evict

My eviction vote: I will be evicting @Riot this is very unfortanate and I really thought Justin wouldve made it further but the fact that he forgot to nom and then got nominated coupled with the fact that his plea blog was pretty terrible, makes it hard for me to not evict him, I just feel like Tim and Cam have more to offer than Justin

My prediction vote: I feel like this will be very close between Justin and Cameron, they both had really bad pleas, but mystery is very hated by the public so I will chose him as my predicted eviction

Tim's Plea:
Cam's Plea: [link]
Justin's Plea: [link]

If you were a past SJBB contestant and you would like to be a guest please message me here or on skype, I have several open seats

Good Luck to the nominees!


on November 14, 2017 03:33
Honestly I respect your opinions! I spun the wheel hoping for something good, but I just got the bad end of the straw, if I go home for taking a risk, then so be it!
on November 14, 2017 03:04
Ty @Big_Brother_Fan
on November 14, 2017 03:02
My prediction vote: I feel like this will be very close between Justin and Riot, they both had really bad pleas, but mystery is very hated by the public so I will chose him as my predicted eviction

may wanna change that lol

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