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ArceusDecember 07, 2017 02:57

⚔️ | THE CAGE ALL-STARS | Nominated for 11th | I just can't get enough.. of the block.

Hey Zwooper,
Sorry it’s late, I was out doing errands earlier but it’s better to have a little plea out there. :D

It’s me back up again for banishment. I’m not surprised I was nominated once again by a supreme, because that seems like the only way I can be nominated. *chuckles* I haven’t been a house target after day one of people’s failed attempt to get me up for 14th. I guess the wrong person has won supreme whenever I get nominated. lol

Me being up for a 2nd time, does suck but it’s not going to deteriorate my mindset and how I will continue to play this game. I feel like I still have some connections left in the game that will get me far. Those two besides me are the closest duo yet in the game, I don't think letting them escape more evictions is a good idea. I just hope you guys can save me one more time because I rather not let another winner gets saved and win again. It really sucks to be up against these two, but I wish them the best of luck @angeloxpo and @Jqred ! Save me or save them, whatever you guys decides I'm just happy I've gotten this opportunity, but I still want to be here. If I do stay, I have my targets set after this round.

P.S. For me, these supreme comps have me F up tbh. Whenever I get to play, I’m either too slow or my Skype just lags. If I can’t win supreme I have to reconsider another strategy. But I will still continue to try my best though.

Thank you for those who are even supporting me in this game, it means a lot. =]

#TeamArceus #TheCageAS #WarGames

on December 07, 2017 07:58
on December 07, 2017 03:18
Evicted :(
on December 07, 2017 03:00
youre strategy for being safe is to only win supreme comps??? thats very lazy lmao

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