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Nickg24689February 14, 2018 15:53

My Horror Story (Feel free to read)

Made this 2 years ago... kinda hate it, but maybe some of you will like it! (NOT a true story)

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong

I had always been drawn to the temptation of the ouija board but I had never thought it would actually work. YouTube was full of lies after all. As much as I wanted to try it, I couldn't get my hand on one until my bachelor party when I was 24. My friend had pulled it out and my eyes were locked to it. I couldn't contain myself, I had to play it. I knew I had to play this tonight.

Naturally, I curious to see what would happen and what happened did surprised me. Since I was the only one not drunk I was the one doing the talking. I asked the first question my voice starting to quiver, “A-Anyone here with us? Please indicate yourself on the board!” I announced.The planchette had started to creep towards the ‘yes’ causing many to exchange glances. “you're moving it,” someone would accuse followed by a lot of “no I’m not!”

I took a deep breath, ready to ask the next question. “What is your name?” And what came out of this question chilled me to the bone. The planchette moved to the Z to the O to Z to O again.

It read ZOZO.

Research had never prepared me for this. I should have just ended it before people caught on.

I was clearly not the only one alarmed by this. Everyone let out a gasp, most letting go of the planchette and backing away from the board. “Wait! Stop!” I called after but they didn’t listen to a thing I said. Some knew this wasn’t good and already knew what it was including me. They made a mistake backing away from the board. The planchette began to move again. ZOZO, who seemed to be restless, came to a strange topic. He said he wanted someone. My friends followed up with asking who. We were all terrified of what was to come. With incredible speed ZOZO spelt out one small word.


Her? What did this evil demonic entity mean by her? We decided to end it thinking this entity was very confused and we were all starting to get a bit frightened.

At around midnight when everyone had left, I had pulled out my phone to charge it when I saw a text from my fiance that read, “I’m sorry for your loss”. This text was sent at around 11:30 PM. I quickly texted back asking who had died? After no response I went to bed brushing it off as a miss click in her contacts or something of the sort.

When I woke up the next morning, I flicked on the TV while preparing my breakfast. thinking of the wedding in which would happen at sundown. What was on the news shocked me to the core. My fiance had been killed in a car crash on the way home from her friend's house. A hit and run. According to the police report the crash had happened a 10:30 PM the previous night. Even more surprising is there seemed to be no indication of any other car in which she could have hit. No paint, no metal, no glass… nothing at all. It was as if she hit something invisible.

Never use an ouija board.

on February 14, 2018 15:57
I love me a good luigi board story cheeky
on February 14, 2018 15:55
Ik it's valentines day and its weird timing, but I'm feeling spontaneous!
Hope you liked it!

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