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BostonRobbyJuly 12, 2018 05:20

Jury Statement for Survival #127610

Hello all,

From the outset, I knew this game of Survival was going to be different. For starters it was a milestone game of sorts, my 25th Long Survival. And it provided an opportunity secure a 10th win, which is a mark I have been focused on for a while now.

This game was representative of all 25 in many ways, as it was an exceptionally hard fought game that had a bit of everything. Shifting allegiances, blindsides and some of the most intense merge scrambling I have witnessed in an LS game.

Hopefully this plea adequately conveys my passion for the game, along with my willingness to fight relentlessly for my position in this final 2.

The Amura tribe was dominant in early challenges, winning the first 5. Obviously a relief at first glance, and much better than the alternative, but solidifying social bonds during this phase was perhaps more critical because we were winning. Merging with 7 players, which is eventually what happened, presents its own unique set of problems. Someone always feels the need to make a move, and I felt the target could very easily land on me if I did not have a strong network of communication in place.

I connected with Ashley, Allaska, Aaron and Gurgs early in the game. Ernie was also someone I spoke with frequently, although I was wary of his fearless approach to the game and willingness to make big plays. I had zero doubt that Ernie would pursue me in this game, but I just had to be observant and take a measured approach in gathering information.

As expected, all hell breaks loose at the merge. Trinity, Irish and Vivacious merge from Malosi and of course the initial conversation is to target one of them. Then it becomes known that Ernie is targeting me, so I quietly lead a charge to get him evicted, but then suddenly change course when the vote leaks to too many people. The idol is unaccounted for, and at this moment I believe it has to be held by one of 4 people (Ernie, Irish, Gurgs, Vivacious).

So I coordinate with Gurgs, Ashley, Allaska and Aaron to blindside Shanae. Then I get Trinity on board as insurance. Just before DC, Shanae confronts me and it becomes obviously Aaron has leaked the vote. He was having serious reservations about this move, and conspired with the OT to vote Allaska. Thankfully Allaska stayed in a 5-4-1 vote.

At Final 9 I am obviously wary of Aaron, but need to maintain the connection as much as I can, especially because Ernie is still pushing me as a vote all over the place. At this point I am feeling more confident about Vivacious and Irish being empty handed in terms of the idol. Gurgs was a close ally and said he did not have it, so I was really worried Ernie might have it.

Then my connection with Gurgs paid off as he revealed the idol, and we were free to pursue his ideal target of Irish. I wanted Ernie based on his desire to evict me, but you don't argue or negotiate with the smart guy holding an idol. Irish left in a 4-4-1 and we won Algo because I was paranoid about tie votes in this game so I was teaming up with Ashley and Allaska to quick vote every DC.

My biggest threat, Ernie, left at 8 and I was of course relieved. Although he never actually cast a vote against me, the pursuit was intense every single round. Thankfully Aaron was set on regaining my trust after flipping on the Shane vote and deflected the OT away from me during a lot of these tense votes.

Then the craziest round in any LS I have ever played. Trinity said she was going inactive. Gurgs still has the idol in his pocket and massive abilities in terms of strategic game play. So I coordinate with Allaska and Ashley to seek his eviction instead and give myself more long term control over the game. I literally only tell those two, because votes have been leaking everywhere and this is one of the most dangerous moves I have ever attempted. Because not only do we need to keep the vote quiet, then three of us have to win Algo at DC in case the vote a 6 goes 3-3.

Then the entire plan almost falls apart 90 minutes before DC. Trinity announces she is self evicting and Gurgs suggests we vote her too. So I make a plea about Vivacious being a massive threat, manage to keep his vote on Viv, then win a 3-3-1 because we know Algo is once again on our side.

Vivacious leaves at 6, and while I was thrilled to meet such an intelligent and social person, this was a weight lifted from my shoulders. Trinity, Vivacious, and Aaron all vote Trinity. This was expected, but luckily Operation algo was a success once again and an existential threat to my power in the game was voted out.

Fairly straight forward vote at 5, since myself, Allaska and Ashley have numbers at this point. Trinity is someone I always trust, maybe a bit too much in this game since she flipped back on me, but still a tough vote from that perspective because I always enjoy seeing her in LS and 247.

This brings us to 4. Um, I am simply not going to talk much about this one, as it was confusing and upsetting in a lot of ways. It was tough, I made a decision based on doubt, and optimizing my chances of reaching the final.
So all of the craziness and chaos set up a Final 3 of myself, Aaron and Allaska.

And I finished this game out with the Allaska in the finals. We both worked hard and ultimately we were able to navigate an exceptionally difficult path together.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this plea, along with my play, is worthy of the win. Hope to play with everyone again soon and I will finish up with Jury tributes.


Irish- Great friend who knows me very well and one of the people who can read my moves. Getting you out a 8-9 was critical to my long game. Regardless of whether we are friends or allies though, I always love seeing you in games and its never boring when we play together.

Ernie- Relentless. Plain and simple. You are a force in any game and had me scrambling like crazy to keep myself safe. You always play well and were a huge part of what made this game one to remember.

Gurgs- We talked, but this was a tough one both personally and logistically, but I did feel it gave me tremendous influence and power coming down the final stretch. You are a player I respect immensely and hope we can work together from start to finish really soon.

Vivacious- Great social player with a strong mind for the game. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and the vote at 6 was important to take away time for you to make a game altering move.

Trinity- You were really tricky in this one. LOL. And definitely surprised me by flipping back on the Irish vote. Well played, and great job navigating a tough 3-7 merge.

Ashley- Not sure what to say, but you are great and I appreciate everything. Hope we can continue to chat from time to time.

Aaron- Love ya buddy. Fun game and you were sneaky as hell in this one. Really, really cool to be in the same game as it is always memorable, fun and intense when we play together. Great player and an even better person

on July 12, 2018 15:47
teach me your ways
on July 12, 2018 14:56
teach me your ways
on July 12, 2018 07:41
teach me ur ways
on July 12, 2018 05:24
Good luck!

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