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ArcturusDeanDecember 07, 2017 10:20

Freakshow Survivor 3: Nightmare Before Christmas SC || The Seventh Victim


on December 07, 2017 15:40
Bad host when he ask me to play yet doesn’t work wait for a response and then tells me it’s first come first serve!! I’m a 4 time winner and reliable choices player l, I’m also active when I apply!! I don’t play unless I plan on winning, all I can say is this game is trash
on December 07, 2017 15:10
On Day 3 Dean changed the rules. Amura was ahead until 3 people did not play comps BUT had the time to post. I wanted to elp Amura but was informed by Dean I could no longer play immunity comps. That should had been established the start, not appear 3 days into the game, so I could not even make up the chips I lost just so your game could start.

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