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dcg786February 04, 2018 18:33


This is a survivor choices!!!

Last time on DCG survivor,
It was a Final showdown between @CristinaMihaela and @a07strand of the title of DCGSurvivor 2 winner
@a07strand won it all in an epic battle.
This season is all about The top dogs and underdogs.
Who will come out on top?
There is only one way to find out!!

SEASON 1- @JeremyHLikesFood

SEASON 2- @a07strand

SEASON 3- ???

Top Dog- Someone who is ranked high and is controling the votes each round
Under Dog- A player who is low ranked and is usually in the back of the game

1st place- 1/2 year VIP
2nd 1000 chips in gifts
3rd place 500 chips in gifts
Everyone- Custum BG

Apps close March 10th
Game Starts March 14th

Zwooper Rank-
Will you send confessionals-
Top Dog or Under Dog and why-
What makes you stand out-


on February 24, 2018 18:47
Zwooper Rank ; 151 (I got into the top 80 on my old account tho, cries)
Skype ; big_brother_fan.123
Will I send confessionals ; yes
Top Dog or Under Dog ; I would say I'm an underdog. While I do like control and power, I sadly seem to abuse it and it bites me in the ass soon after I gain it. This is also why I have set to win either a Choices or Group Game lmao (another quality underdogs tend to have). As well as this many people do overlook me as a player since (not going to lie) I usually flop. Also, while my rank isn't terrible it isn't the best either. I am never casted as a ''main threat'' but one of the wildcards or underdogs who will for sure create drama.
What makes you stand out ; My DRAMA! You know how much drama I come with. Each and every game I play in I am the main source of drama. I can promise you that you cast me I will be in at least 80% of the fights / arguments. I stand up for my opinion, and I won't backdown from it. I will not go out without letting all hell break loose :D
on February 23, 2018 07:17
Zwooper Rank- 34
Skype- josh.beaudry3
Will you send confessionals- Girl ... Who else am I going to rant too?
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Top dog because I always work my hardest to come out on top even with a huge bullseye on my back...
What makes you stand out- The fact that I am able to easily persuade people’s minds and fight to the finish.
on February 17, 2018 23:16
Zwooper Rank- 167
Skype- tjpzwooper
Will you send confessionals- As often as my schedule allows me to.
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- I can be seen as either; I think I probably play the underdog role much more than I do the top dog role; at least that's how I won Byevivor.
What makes you stand out- I think my social game does. I can play a game where my social game makes me seem like both the underdog and the top dog at the same time.
on February 16, 2018 07:37
Zwooper Rank- 277 :D
Skype- you should have it
Will you send confessionals- if they’re needed then yeah I willl
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- hmm neutral because you have your good moments and your bad moments
What makes you stand out- the fact that I’m me and I have things that most people don’t have or like about me, whatever they are,
on February 14, 2018 13:52
Stole muh theme cheeky
on February 09, 2018 16:46
Zwooper Rank - 376
Skype - survivorfan1904 /Evan
Confesional - Confessionals are iconic. I will be sending atleast one a day, if I can.
TD or UD - I'm an underdog. No one knows who I am, no one gives a shit about me, and no one expects me to stab them in their fat backs.
What makes me stand out? - I'm not here to be peaceful with everyone. I'm here to start drama and make it far. I'm the full package! No one else has selected me for their group games, so I'm hoping that you get the honor of hosting me in your game!
on February 09, 2018 16:39
Zwooper Rank: 60
Skype: live:stevenw02525
Will you send confessionals: For sure!
Top Dog or Under Dog and why: Top Dog, I'm on the top 5 pages in rankings and im not afraid to make any moves. I do whatever I need to in order to get far, and thats what I would plan on doing in this one.
What makes you stand out: I never go down without a fight. I love survival choices and always give them my all, and at the same time bring drama with me. I would be social, strategic, and smart. Im very active on here and skype so that would never be a problem, and I know I have what it takes to win this.
on February 08, 2018 19:03
Zwooper Rank- 306
Skype- ryanssb123
Will you send confessionals- yes ofcourse ;)
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Im going to say Topdog simply because most people that have applied have said underdog even when they know there not.
What makes you stand out-I am a very social/strategic individual, I am very intuitive and can read people well which I use to my advanatge in group games, I was in DCG season 2 and would love another chance to play the game :)
on February 08, 2018 13:57

Zwooper Rank: 418
Skype: Icelina Zwooper
Will you send confessionals: yes!

Top Dog or Under Dog: Unlike people like Ms. KarmaBare who refers to herself as an underdog, I actually suck at LS. I want to prove people that I am a talented and strategic gameplay and there is more to me than just a dramatic person you hate to love.
What makes you stand out: I am probably the most dramatic person on Zwooper.

on February 08, 2018 03:20
Zwooper Rank- 6
Skype- Zombiedeer
Will you send confessionals- yes
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Top Dog. Because I am
What makes you stand out- I do not tolerate sheep like Sweetkitties9

on February 07, 2018 18:40
Zwooper Rank- 109
Skype- no
Will you send confessionals- yes
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Stupid question
What makes you stand out- Me
on February 07, 2018 17:07
Is a skype required in order to be selected?
on February 07, 2018 01:55
Zwooper Rank- currently 609 will decrease tho
Skype- brown926337
Will you send confessionals- yupperz
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Under dog. Everyone comes to me and trusts me. and thats when i stab them in the back
What makes you stand out- Im a princess. I do my part in my alliances and I also make the game a fun place. I also like to expose people in chat. so if you add me you will get some drama
on February 07, 2018 00:33
Zwooper rank: You dont wanna know
Skype: TotalDrama Diva
Will I send confessionals: Ofc
Top or Under? Under dog people have never seen me as a strong competitor in really anything so I really want to show that I got skillz.
What makes me stand out: My beautiful looks my great personailty and I think I will make your cast pop with my fun personality and just lolz comments and stuff.
on February 06, 2018 17:41
Zwooper Rank- 275
Skype- Cameron/Mystery
Will you send confessionals- Of coruse I will
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Underdog. People always underestimate me
What makes you stand out- My personality and my challenge scores
on February 06, 2018 17:34
Zwooper Rank- 763
Skype- yourboy
Will you send confessionals- All day erry day
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- I'm 100% an underdog. I'm always underestimated and I use that to my advantage.
What makes you stand out-Being the worst ever at comps haha but I'm great at making social bonds and advancing myself in the game despite that.
on February 06, 2018 07:52
Zwooper rank: 966
skype: Sweetkitties9
will you send confessionals- I’m active every single game so I will definitely be sending confessionals.
top dog or under dog and why- I feel like I could be considered a under dog, I could also be considered a top dog. it just depends on who I’m playing with. Not to mention that The only 2 Times I’ve gotten the idol, and played it correctly both times. I could be considered either one to be honest.
what makes you stand out- I already know that going into a game, I’m not good at challenges. My weakness is challenges, but relationships are my strength, and the social/strategic element. I’m a really nice/sweet guy, that anyone would drag me to the end, not knowing what I’m capable of (:
on February 06, 2018 04:51
Zwooper Rank- 33
Skype- ginger_chris2
Will you send confessionals- I'll try! :P
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Whichever you think, cause there are times I am really underestimated and am the underdog, and there are times where I could be classified as the Top Dog! wink
What makes you stand out- My Ginger Hair, and my Lucky Jim Scores! cool
on February 06, 2018 04:05
Zwooper Rank- 511
Will you send confessionals- I know how frustrating it can be to host when people dont send confesionals so ill definetly send some.
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- It really depends on the cast Im with. When I come into a Survivor game I try to suss people out on their personality traits. If there is a cast that is super hard core and flip floppy I could definelty see myself being a Top Dog, but if its a hard core steady game then it really depends on which side I land on. So i would say Im more of a Top Dog.
What makes you stand out- When I play a game I try to believe im in the real Survivor, so im playing for a Million dollors. I only have 1 shot so im going to try my hardest and think of every part of the game. I think that a lot of people dont have as much knowledge as the game as me(not trying to be rude) in the sense that having Emotional Knowledge of players and having Logical conversatios with people can come fairly natural. I try to base my gameplay on Tessa(AU Survivor) with a hint of Cirie Fields.
on February 06, 2018 03:12
will this be run on skype or zwooper?
on February 06, 2018 02:45
on February 06, 2018 02:20
Zwooper Rank- 210 (currently)
Skype- JasonTheSurvivor v2
Will you send confessionals- Sure!
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- I'd say for me underdog because I dont think zwooper really knows what I got yet
What makes you stand out- My personality/gameplay
on February 06, 2018 01:47
Zwooper Rank- 138
Skype- I have 2, oreo270 or I can pm my other one
Will you send confessionals- yes I will
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Underdog because even though I am a decent rank I haven't been around for 2-3 years but I will be active. As well as I'm not very physical
What makes you stand out- I stand out because I'm shy but will do crazy things like when I went skydiving at age 16
on February 06, 2018 00:58
Zwooper Rank- 68th
Skype- disneydanny17
Will you send confessionals- Yes
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- i would consider myself a top dog ive been here for 4 years, done most that you can do on the site.
What makes you stand out- I won a car on the Price is Right
on February 06, 2018 00:47
Zwooper Rank- 9th
Skype- you have it
Will you send confessionals- yes i will try
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- i would consider myself a top dog ive been here for 4 years, done most that you can do on the site.
What makes you stand out- i stand out because i always bring drama with everything i do. it follows me.
on February 06, 2018 00:23
Zwooper Rank - 162
Skype - Michael Beatch
Will you send confessional's - Everyday I will post a paragraph discussing my strategy and game choices.
Top Dog or Under Dog and why - Top dog; I usually begin a game an underdog and build alliances and become a top dog along the way through social game. Every game presents different challenges, however I usually play as a top dog. I want the destiny in my own hands and I embrace the challenge of what it takes to be in that position.
What makes you stand out - I'm a player people love to hate because my methods for success will piss off at least 1 or 2 people. Also how hard I play, even my greatest enemy in the game would admitt he talks to me as much as his closest ally.
on February 06, 2018 00:18
Zwooper Rank- 9+10
Skype- GaymerBlitzful
Will you send confessionals- I usually say yes but I dont end up sending shit :) I'll try first couple of rounds and then give in unless things get juicy.
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Top Dog due to rank, however my gameplay revolves more around the under dog setting. List me as whichever team needs filling once you cast me kiss
What makes you stand out- Well 50% (2 out of 4 lmao) of my survival wins have been from choices so I clearly do something right when I'm casted in them. What makes me stand out is defiantly my challenge performance however after my break I'm shit with half the challenges so maybe you'll see another side of me? who knows.
on February 05, 2018 21:33
Zwooper Rank- 565
Skype- sam fetgatter
Will you send confessionals- Always, amd I'll make sure they're iconic and fun.
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- I'm a top dog, I win many games and I'm known as this huge strategic threat, which paints a huge target on my back, yet I use my control to make sure i don't go home. I'm fair, but I'm also not afraid to send you home before you have the chnace to process what went down. I'm a developing super social-strategist, and will make sure there is not a dull moment.
What makes you stand out - I'm known as a great strategist, known for being successful in taking out some of the biggest Zwooper threats. I'm able to turn numbers against a tribe, using my social skills to persuade others to vote with me. And I'm not afraid to start drama and to fight back. In the words of Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine, "I can get loud too, what the f**k?!?!" No doubt, i will bring an aggresive and smart gameplay to this game not commonly seen, and will make things interesting.
on February 05, 2018 19:06
Zwooper Rank - 5th
Skype - karmabare14
I suck at sending confessionals, but I guess i could attempt them
I am an underdog regardless of my rank. I am not close to many people on this site the way I used to be. I barely ever play the long survival games, maybe the odd f/s here and there.
Probably me being 5th makes me stand out

on February 05, 2018 15:39
Zwooper Rank - 374
Skype - survivorfan1904
Confessionals - Yes, they're iconic. wink
Top Dog or Underdog - Underdogggg, mainly because I don't have too many strong relationships on zwooper, and also because no one knows me too well!
What makes me stand out? - I love this question because I can answer is so easily! I absolutely LOVE starting drama. I don't take shit from anyone, and if they come for me, they're gone. I show my true colors in group games like this, and I hope that you'll allow me to do that :-)
on February 05, 2018 00:40
zwooper Rank: 562
skype: ETitanic12
will you send confessionals: Yes I love to send confessionals
Top Dog or Under Dog and Why: I bealive i am an under Dog. Im usually totally out of the blue as to what my alliance is voting becuase im at the bottom, and when I do try to change up the game i am voted out emediatly, look at my most recent survivor game i was evicted in. That is a good example
what makes you sand out: I am a very competative player and loyal right too the end, I always make the right moves at the right time when it is needed, and make sure me and my closest alies make it to the end or as far as we can go before they backstab me.
on February 05, 2018 00:31
I'm both
on February 04, 2018 23:13
Zwooper Rank- 1137
Skype- ivix16
Will you send confessionals- Yep, but please notify me
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Under Dog, cause I am not that really prooved on this site, and I didnt win any ls or 247
What makes you stand out- I can make everyone think that I am with them, but poof I play really good social game, even if my ass is out I am trying to get some social points
on February 04, 2018 20:28
what an awful looking game
on February 04, 2018 20:10
Zwooper Rank: 255
Skype: You have it bud :)
Will you send confessionals? Yes! I always do!
Top Dog or Underdog? : I think I am an underdog. I always get far in games without people expecting it and suddenly boom I am in the finals.
What makes you stand out: My super SOCIAL Game, Strategic game and I do whatever it takes to get far in this game.
on February 04, 2018 19:40
Zwooper rank-1454
Yes, i will send confessionals
Underdog or top dog? Why?- I am an underdog because everyone overlooks me until they r evicted by me
What makes me stand out- i don't care about peoples feelings and will do what it takes to win.
on February 04, 2018 19:39
Zwooper Rank- 153
Skype- boojess123
Will you send confessionals- I always do!
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- I would say i'm an underdog. I usually play behind the scenes which gives people the perceptive that I am a floater. I always work my ass off in games to try and end up on the top!
What makes you stand out- Honestly, i'm alittle bit of a wild card when it comes to group games. I'm either going to be super confrontational, everyone's target, or everyone's bestfriend.
on February 04, 2018 19:09
Zwooper Rank- 469
Skype- you have it
Will you send confessionals- I will try to send them every day
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- under dog because I am a game changer
What makes you stand out- My votes are always perfect
on February 04, 2018 18:50
Applications Zwooper Rank- 705
Skype- littlejennyhumphrey
Will you send confessionals- yes
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- im an underdog. nobody ever expects me to succeed, and thats exactly how i win :)
What makes you stand out- i bring fun and drama into a game but im not going to make senseless crap just to be interesting. if someone ticks me off im going to keep quiet for the sake of my game but if i need to call someone out i will. i play smart and im not a hot head unlike the majority of group gamers
on February 04, 2018 18:43
@Nighgem677 yes. if you have any questions pm me on skype.
on February 04, 2018 18:42
Is this an SC?
on February 04, 2018 18:41
Zwooper Rank- 1022
Skype- redskanto331
Will you send confessionals- Yes
Top Dog or Under Dog and why- Underdog. I have never played a group game on zwooper before
What makes you stand out- You do not know what my strategy is gonna be. I am a dark horse, and the results will surprise you.

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