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ChrisDWaJanuary 06, 2018 03:36

| ChrisDWa and carterlinke01's Survivor: Season 2 - Reliability | Rules, Format, & Applications |


on January 17, 2018 21:17
Name: Andre
Why do you want to play:Love Survivor
Active: 9.5
How will you use the twist to your advantage?: I will keep the twisit how the twisted effected me to myself
on January 14, 2018 17:26
Name: Jay
Skype: jay1995.zwooper
Why do you want to play: It seems interesting and I want to give it a try.
Active: 8
How will you use the twist to your advantage?: Not sure now, I suppose I will have to wait to decide the best outcomes of the twist.
on January 14, 2018 13:13
@Geri We’re thinking about it!
on January 14, 2018 09:43
Returnees are also welcome?
on January 14, 2018 06:14
Name: Chris
Skype: ginger_chris2
Why do you want to play ?: I just recently came back to zwooper and I wanna see if I still have what it takes to go far in a group game. I will do whatever it takes to get what I want and to progress far in the game and get that end goal of winning!
Activity: 8
How will you use twists and advantages?: I will use them to the best benefit of my game, taking them one at a time, and utilizing them to make my game the best and to benefit me the most. So that i can make it to the end and have played the game good enough to take home the Win!
on January 13, 2018 10:51
Name: Josh
Skype: josh.beaudry3
Why do you want to play ?: I love survivor !! I am also a very strong competitor and never stop fighting and I want to prove my strengths to myself and zwooper.
Activity: 8.5
How will you use twists and advantages?: It all depends on the twist or the advantage I usually form a strong bond with one person and I’d like to know I can share that with that person unless it can harm my game.
on January 12, 2018 04:48
Name: AJ Skype: ajbradley1948 Why do you want to play: I like the concept of saving your vote. Adds a nice new layer to the game How active will you be: when I apply, I always go all in so 9 on my worst days. Use twist to my advantage: it's all about being smart which votes to bank your vote so timing would be key. Or I could be the ultimate WILD card. Never know.
on January 12, 2018 02:10
Why do you want to play?: Im a social butterfly and I know how to make it to the end, with 3/4 survivor games I have played in, I made it to the end.
How will you use twists or advantages?: it depends what position im in, if im in a great position i do it quietly and not too early and not cause much damage, but if im having my back against the wall i will cause as much damage as possible just so i have a chance.
on January 11, 2018 20:40
Name: John
Skype: You have it
Why do you want to play: It seems to be a great game. i was in season 1 and I got 4th so I got robbed. I wanna get my redemption and show one more time that I got what it takes to get far in this game.
Activity: 9/10
How ill you use twist or advantage: I have lots of ways to use a twist or advantage. I can use it to take my enemy out or a strong player secretly without telling anyone. I pretty love doing sometimes blindsides :)
on January 10, 2018 17:02
Name: Ashlyn
Skype: cutieeekawaii
Why do you want to play? I'm a very social player, I suck at challenges but I never go down without a fight, I never surrender quitting is never a option for me, if you quit than you aren't a true contender in my opinion.
Activity: 8/10
How willl u use the twist to ur advantage? I could try to pretend to someone I didn't get the code than they try to vote against me, if I have the votes my way it will be an amazing blindside
on January 10, 2018 13:39
Name: Jayden
Skype: pantherking21
Why do you want to play? Cuz I like the twist
Activity: 10
How will I ise the twist: Cast me to find out ;)
on January 10, 2018 01:45
Name: Michael
Skype: mepole1
Why do you want to play? I want to play because I quite enjoy the twist you've presented, and from what I saw in your first season, this is a well hosted game that I think will be very fun.
How Active will you be (1-10)?: 8/10
How will you use this Twist to your Advantage: The way I would use it is to swing votes in my favour. Most people are going to look to the long term, bank as many votes as possible early on, which makes blindsides a lot easier.
on January 09, 2018 01:59

Name: Dav
Skype: ya have it
Why duz u wunt to play?: cuz I played in the 1st season and it was pretty fun.. except for the part getting voted out with two idolz. Also the new twist will make it more interesting.
How active will u be?: 8/1O
How will u use the twist to ur advantage?: imma try to just save up as many votes as I can, and I wont use them unless I rlly need to. So I would use them if me or one of my close allies wus in danger, or maybe to blindside anyone who seems threatening enough to meh game.

on January 08, 2018 23:17
Name: Jaxxie
Skype: TotalDrama Diva
Why I wanna play: Well I was eliminated first 4 on every survivor I have ever played in which is lame of me. I am always active but like idek whatever
Activity: 9
Advantage: Well I love the twist and I plan to fly under the radar and collect lots of votes and blindside some bitches.
on January 07, 2018 21:30
... (i posted by accident) - continued: 'I will use the twist to my advantage by enticing others to' want to use their votes instead of banking them for later.
on January 07, 2018 21:29
Name: McQuire
Skype: you have it
I was voted off early on season 1 and would like to redeem myself, as you both know I like to play a very driven, determined and polerizing game. Being targetted is something I enjoy but this season if i'm elligable you will get a different side from me that is less controlling and less seeking of power.
10/10 for activity
I will use the twist to my advantage by enticing others to
on January 07, 2018 21:04
Name: Justin / @Riot
Skype: Justin.Chabot21
I want to play because I know I am a sickening player. I am smart, I am sneaky and I will prove to y'all that I am a king at what I do, and this is what I do best.
I'll be 8.5/10!
This twist will be a interesting one. I'd love to see this happen! :) and see if I can use it to my advantage!
on January 07, 2018 20:58
Name: Brofesser. Skype: Brofesser Bro. Why do you want to play ? Because I’m dying to play a good survivor play and will give it my all. I’m always active. How will I use the twist to my advantage? I will use to beat everyone else and collect my chips
on January 07, 2018 16:13
Name: David
Skype: davidprincipe29
I want to play because my game was cut short in Adaptability, when I was on a roll, however the tribe swap screwed me up, and I want a 2nd chance.
I'll be 10000/10 active, best believe that.
I'll use this twist to my advantage in any way I can, it will all depend on other players as well.
on January 06, 2018 23:46
@DynomiteKid4000 Carter and I rotated posting episodes so you may have only seen a few from me but he posted some as well. But we weren’t making much progress on them and the costed a lot of time to make because they included many chats and weren’t getting many reads, so we cut them short to start with this season. Since our chip prize from Bye has an expiration date, we thought we’d start! :)
on January 06, 2018 23:30
Name: Drew
Why I want to play: I want to show everyone how nasty I can actually get and I'm not always the nice guy I seem to be...
Actve: 7
Twist: Idk yet... My strategy is a secret...
on January 06, 2018 23:26
Wait you've only released one ep.1 of the first one... I'm going to apply because it looks great. Wiah I applied to the first one because it had three tribes :( I don't know why but I always love three tribes better than two and four better than three, is that weird?
on January 06, 2018 16:16
ok this looks really cool i might apply
on January 06, 2018 15:22
Name: Nacho
Skype: Im Nacho Daddy
Why?: I wanna get back in the groove of playing group games and survivor is one i havent done since i returned so this would be a cool experience.
How Active?: 9/10
How will i use the twist to my advantage?: A voting twist is a bit odd, but it could be used to secure myself a spot further in the game due to me having multiple votes.
on January 06, 2018 11:26
Name: Ivan
Skype: ivix16
Why do you want to play?: I haven’t played a survivor game in a while and I am currently not in either group games so I could just try and put my all effort in this one
How active will you be (1-10)?: 8,5 - due to my fucking school and 15 subjects in there
How will you use the twist to your advantage?: Well voting twist is interesting, because we can backdoor a lot of people with that twist, telling them that they are safe and that they are in our alliance and that they need to save the vote for next round but actually vote those people off, and it is really great for drama causes and everything like that...Also I love Exile Island that twist is amazing, can't wait to start, I hope I am gonna be casted
on January 06, 2018 06:16
Name: Nestor
Skype: nestorarc99
Why do you want to play?: I haven’t played a survivor game in a while and find this twist interesting.
How active will you be (1-10)?: 8
How will you use the twist to your advantage?: I don’t know how i’ll play with this twist yet it all depends on what kind of players are casted.
on January 06, 2018 06:08
stick with* oof puffin typing gets me everytime
on January 06, 2018 06:07
@Alanster that was Adaptability, I thought I would stil it the -ability part :D
on January 06, 2018 06:01
WASNT that the name of the first season...
on January 06, 2018 05:17
Skype: you know
Why do you want to play?: cause seems fun
How active will you be (1-10)?: 8ish
How will you use the twist to your advantage?:and why shld i tell you?DAVID
on January 06, 2018 05:05
Name: Marcus
Skype: you have it
Why do you want to play?: I haven’t played a survivor game since Tommy’s Survivor and I genuinely want to keep my strong game up
You know me Carter and you know how I play and it works even if it’s cunty I have my ways and they work and I would love to get back out there also um were was my invite for season 1
How active will you be: 9/10
How will you use the twist to your advantage: Cast me and you’ll see

I swear on all my Chips you’re looking at the future winner
on January 06, 2018 04:15
Name: Jess
Skype: boojess123
Why do you want to play?: I like the format and it'd be cool to play another group game and probably flop.
How active will you be (1-10)?: 8/10
How will you use the twist to your advantage?: I have no idea yet. Guess we will all have to wait and see.
on January 06, 2018 03:52
Name: Cameron
Skype: Cameron/Mystery
Why do you want to play?: I want to play because this actually looks interesting and I like the twist
How active will you be (1-10)?: 9/10
How will you use the twist to your advantage?: I'd always vote and never save up my votes
on January 06, 2018 03:44
Name: Xander
Skype: brown926337
Why?: Seems fun and the twist provides so many different strategies. it would be fun to expierence them.
active: 8.6
Twist: I would save my votes but not a bunch. maybe just 2 or 3 then use all of them in one vote

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