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TheBreezeMay 16, 2018 20:06

BS 24/7 Choices | Episode 3 "We Love A Good Blackmail!"

Previously on BS Choices...

The winner of the 2nd HOH was Clash
Clash nomminated Nates_great, Wadz13, & xeniah for Eviction
M2thamax won POV and saved xeniah
Wadz13 was evicted in a vote of 6-5

Main Chat
@Wadz13 : Well it was a nice game while it lasted. Guys battle it out. The fact that clash said “these 3 ppl are safe” should give you guys an indicator. Hopefully you guy make an interesting season
@Clash : Um sis aren’t you evicted?


Winner of the 3rd HOH competition with an incredible score of 1198 in Jelly Drop...


Main Chat
@Arceus : can't wait for Breeze to get voted out
@Arceus : oh wait this isn't my confessional :X
@M2thamax : shots fired lol
@Gurgs : Welp when u message arceus at 10am and he talks on here at 5pm and still doesn’t reply
@Arceus : sorry wasnt really on skype
@Gurgs : Well there is still time to chat if you want


Arceus has decided to nominate...

@Brady , @TJP1122 , & @xeniah

Receiving a random veto in a luck competition is...


Congrats you hold all the power this round!

The votes are in!


TJP1122 has received... 1 vote to evict


xeniah has received... 3 votes to evict


Brady has received... 6 votes to evict


Will the veto change the result?


Arceus has used the POV on xeniah


This means @Brady you have been evicted from the BS House by a vote of 6-3-1

Please take your plunger and leave. frown

Brady was a member of #TeamSara

Had a close call on that first vote, seemed to be an uphill battle from there on out. Thank you for playing man!

#BSChoices #247Choices #BS247Choices

on May 16, 2018 20:43
my score compared to the others LOL
on May 16, 2018 20:42
on May 16, 2018 20:37

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