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Big_Brother_FanDecember 07, 2017 02:10

A Week of Survivor || Format, Rules, Dates, Prizes and Applications

( Memory wall credit to @Taekwondo10 , thank you so much smileyyes )

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on December 11, 2017 09:57
Name: Rohan
Skype: coolroh21
Do I promise to do all the stuff?: yes
Timezone: GMT +8
What Will I bring to the game?:i will bring my amazing gameplay socially and physically ;) and of course entertainment for the viewers
on December 11, 2017 03:18
Name: Kayla
Skype: You have it <3
I will try to be as active as possible ;D
Timezone: Central
I will absolutely bring my cuteness and that's about it
on December 10, 2017 17:56
Name: Kyle
Skype: None
Do I promise to do all the stuff?: Definitely
Timezone: EST
I will bring a great mental and social game!
on December 10, 2017 04:35
Name: Evan (Aka the real Dan)
Skype: You have it
Do I promise to do all the stuff?: For sure!
Timezone: Est
What Will I bring to the game?: The winner!
on December 09, 2017 18:50
Name: Drew
Skype: You have it
I will send backup things when needed
Timezone: Central
I will brong my bitch attituide and horrible gameplai
on December 08, 2017 03:22
skype:Have none(hope it isn’t required)
Do you promise to send it in ur vote: If it works for my schedule sure
TimeZone:U.S. eastern
What will you bring to the game:A new player to group game who is ready to dominate and show ppl who is boss:) That is all I will say, I won’t reveal my strategy
on December 07, 2017 21:32
Name: Amra
Skype: Amra Janisilla (live:cb38a5b2a2a3658a)
Do you promise to send in your vote, yada yada: I will make sure too :)
Country/Timezone: estttt
what will you bring to the game that no one else will: A positive attitude no matter what happens and to make sure i have a lot of fun :)
on December 07, 2017 21:20
Name: David
Skype: davidprincipe29
Do you promise to end in your vote, yada yada: Of course
Country/Timezone: Canada/EST
What will you bring to the game nobody else will?: I can sometimes play aggressively and sometimes very calculated, maybe this time I'll bring both and see what happens.
on December 07, 2017 13:59
Name: AJ
Skype: ajbradley1948
Promise to send things in: Definintely yes!
Timezone: EST
What will a bring to the game?: A WILD card that you expect to bring the unexpected :)
on December 07, 2017 09:42
Do I promise to send in my vote, backup vote, and tie breaker challenges: No... OFC
Country + Timezone: Australia, AEST
What will you bring to the game nobody else will?: a guy.. Who sells chairs... Buyachair
on December 07, 2017 05:41
Name: Winter
Do i promise to send everything in: Yes! 100%
Country/Timezone: EST
What will i bring to this game: i'll bring a lot to this game. i may be new but i go hard in everything i do and this will be no different . i will bring determination to your game and i will be in the finale. i can talk to anyone and do whatever i have to do to get me where i need to be. im very adaptive and whatever u throw at me in this game i will be able to handle it.
on December 07, 2017 05:18
Name: TJ
Do I promise to send in my votes and tiebreaker challenges: YES!!!
Country/Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
What will I bring to this game: A Week of Big Brother has a special place in my heart as it was the first group game that I played, and I have to admit that I was quite the All Star in that game finishing 3rd and 2nd in two seasons (robbed both times might I add). I've been trying to cut back on group games, but this during my Christmas break, and I love the idea of testing my Survivor skills in such a short time period and setting. I think I can definitely succeed in this atmosphere while making the game entertaining.
on December 07, 2017 02:17
Name: Patrick
Do I promise to send in my votes and tiebreaker challenges: Of course lol, that's part of playing Survivor.
Country/Timezone: USA, Mountain Time (0zt is 5PM for me)
What will I bring to this game: Hate to boast, but you know I'm a Survivor legend Peyton. This game comes at a perfect time, lining up exactly with my winter break, and so I'll be more active than I would be during pretty much any other week of the entire year. I will slay this game, similar to E&P Choices smiley
on December 07, 2017 02:15
Name: Sam
Do I promise to vote, back-up vote, and send in tiebreaker challenges: Of course, I'm on Winter Break what else am I supposed to do?
Country/Timezone: US/MST (0:00ZT is 5:00 PM)
What will I bring to the game nobody else will: I am the only person who has hosted the Week format before, and I think that gives me an advantage. I know how to build relationships quickly. Also, I am super entertaining, dramatic, and committed to every game I play :D

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