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TypoJuly 12, 2018 03:13

"A Babe Turns 17!" && "The Cage 7 -- I Made It!"

Hiya guys!! Before I get to my whole "root for me!" blog, I wanted to just take a second to share with you guys that I've now reached the ripe, juicy age of seventeen. It's crazy to think that when I first joined the sight four years ago, I was literally twelve years old. I just wanted to take a moment to mention some of the people that I ended up getting really close with on a personal level, at some point or another:


As for the rest of y'all, I'm sure I'll tag you guys in another blog sooner or later. Don't think I forgot you <3


Also, I'm so HONORED to be able to play in a game like The Cage! I really hope that my luck in The Cage will run a bit further than my luck in ZBB, but who knows, right? Support has been a big big big hinderance to me in the past, so I'm hoping that you all will give me a chance to show that I really am a good player, and I'm not just the hot messy mess that I am anyways.

Wishing the best of luck to my cage-ians, and the best of days to myself tomorrow!



on July 12, 2018 18:00
love and miss you!
on July 12, 2018 15:59

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